Mase & A$AP Rocky On MTV's "RapFix Live"

Mase and A$AP Rocky chop it up with Sway Calloway.

Mase and A$AP Rocky are the latest to hit the set of MTV's "RapFix Live" with Sway Calloway.

Mase is in the house to talk about his recent return to music, most likely discussing everything from a possible new album to his collaborations with Kanye West and Wale.

A$AP Rocky is speaking about working with Skrillex for LongLiveA$AP and grabbing Rihanna's behind during an awards show.

Check the live stream below.

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  • Anonymous


  • Sensaye

    That whole preacher shit was a facade. Mase got ran out of NY. Honestly, I always thought he was a nice MC. I liked Harlem World and I thought Double Up was underrated and dope. It's despicable to be a preacher, then come back a couple years later talkin' about stabbin' niggas and fuckin' bitches. But be real, the rap game is full of despicable motherfuckers that will do anything for a dollar any way, so he's no worse than the rest of these niggas. If he was at liberty to tell the story of the shit that happened behind the scenes in the early Bad boy days it would be interesting to hear. But he won't speak on that shit. It's still too soon.

  • Anonymous

    is this the video where hes wearing a dress?

  • marlo stansfield

    Ma$e is a fuckin clown & a hypocrite. I'm 31yrs old so I can remember his 1st joint "Harlem World". That shit was hot back in 97-98 but nigga I'm gettin tired of ur clown ass jumpin in & out of the game. U ain't 1 of the greatest 2 eva touch dat MIC so u ain't got it like dat my dude. What the fuck cud unpossibly have 2 talk about that the public can relate 2 today? Not a damn thang. Get lost.

    • maercbuipoljkjjjjhjjhhjhjhjjhhjhjhjjh


    • Anonymous

      yea Harlem World was the first album I ever copped. Double Up wasn't as good, but he lost mad street cred for getting out the game to become a preacher. He'll never rebound and he might as well just give it up.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga didn't start no designer trend lol or ripped jeans

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