LAPD Apologizes For Releasing Notorious B.I.G. Autopsy Report

The LAPD apologizes to the Notorious B.I.G.'s family after releasing his autopsy report.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives have issued an apology to the family of the Notorious B.I.G. for not warning them prior to the release of the rapper's autopsy report.

The report was made public more than 15 years after Biggie died after a drive-by shooting.

According to USA Today, detectives intended to notify the Brooklyn emcee's family, but the report was released prematurely "due to an administrative error."

The LAPD released the following statement:

Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family (Friday) night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release... Obviously this has been a challenging case for us to solve. We hope that witnesses or other people with information will come forward and give us the clues we need to solve this case.

After the report's release, the Wallace family's attorney criticized the police for releasing the report, and not solving the murder.

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  • Anonymous

    I love how kids in their early 20's seem to know every internal thought that two people that died over 15 years ago had.

  • Anonymous

    "And furthermore BIG was a friend of Pacs prior to the studio shooting" With respect to one's opinion, you don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about lol It's public knowledge that after Hit em Up Biggie and Pac's friendship was strained. The lines were drawn, and as I've already pointed out, Biggie had every reason to want 2pac dead. It was just a matter of doing it so he didn't look like a suspect, but problem was he knew who was behind it thus making him just as expendable.

  • Anonymous

    "NOW "QUOTEMAN" KNOWS WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR BIGGIE & PAC'S DEATH" I know. I know. Once again I've introduced your bitch ass to verifiable facts while you sit at your desk rifling off these corny, PG-13 comebacks.

  • Anonymous

    "BIG had somthing to do with pac's death" Read Kading's book. In it he talks about how when Pac got shot outside that studio, he took an elevator back up to where Diddy, Biggie, Edmund, etc. were at and the look on their faces when they saw Pac was still alive. Biggie had every reason to want Pac gone. Go back and listen to Hit Em Up. Of course Biggie didn't pull the trigger himself, but he knew first hand what was going down. Anyway, Suge and Diddy were behind their meal tickets biting the dust. For Suge it was about money, and for Diddy, it was Biggie knew too much and he couldn't risk him implicating him somewhere down the road.



    • theCool

      BIG had nothing to do with Pac dying. Suge is most definately the reason he died, Snoop straight pointed it out. And furthermore BIG was a friend of Pacs prior to the studio shooting. Diddy might be a trixy little bitch, but Suge is the definition of a crook. Pac and Biggie were victims of the media over glorifying the East Vs West rivalry. In essence, all the attention got the attention of the wrong people and we lost two of the greatest rappers to ever live. People throw their names around a lot, but as cliche as it is, there is a reason. They were the best.

  • Anonymous

    I love it how Big's mother still blames the police. Were you even aware that your son plotted to have 2pac killed? Not saying she shouldn't still grieve, or expect some kind of justice, but the case was closed a long time ago.

    • Anonymous

      your ignorant if you legit think BIG had somthing to do with pac's death. Look into the shit before you claim shit, after you look into it its simple, Pac was leaving death row cuz suge owed him millions, at that point he was there #1 man, Suge knowing he was leaving figured with the beef goiong on if Pac was killed people would assume it was BIG, and what better place to be but in the same car, no one is gunna htink the person next to him would have something to do wit ti. , do some research Suge is the reason why Pac and BIG aint around no more RIP !

  • Rick Ross

    I'm the new Biggie ma niggaz "God Forgives, I Dont" multi platinum n still out selling everybody in the game MMG BOSS

  • So Icy Boi!

    biggie was wack. hip hop is better den ever now. thank you Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz. swag

  • yoloswag

    At least now we got 2chainz!


    "and what they don't know will show in the autopsy" - Everyday Struggle

  • poetic assasin

    What was the point in releasing it? why is there always an error when it comes to black peoples information being released without proper sign off?

  • Conspiracy

    Diddy Dr Dre Suge and Jay Z are responsible for both 2pac and bigs death. They had the most to gain from it, so much $, and Jay-Z became king of NY and very successful. Also with them out the game, you've seen the slow and steady deterioration of hip hop.

    • dj nemesis

      last time i checked p diddy wasnt a 90s baby...neither was lil jon...they made hip-hop deteriate

    • Anonymous

      Id love to hear what dre and jay made out the suges broke as fuck..and theres alot of info that points to NOI but please keep ur uninformed oppinions coming.

    • Anonymous

      True it's us 90s babies who helped with the deterioration of conscious hip hop .. However in my opinion if Big and Pac were still with us a lot of the popular fake gangster rappers would have got pulled up on the fact that what they claim they are is fake . Their was a time right or wrong that to be talking about doing dirt you really had to have lived that life for your story to even be accepted .. Now hip hop is all smoke and mirrors with clever marketing

    • Anonymous

      yes yes yes we all know the story! but to imply that the hip hop ship would still be sailing to glory in 2012 if biggie & pac were still here is whimsical at best; they weren't keeping it afloat alone and I personally infer that hip hops conscious deterioration in the early 2000's started at the root of this generations (90's babies) family and moral fundamental erosion; if you disillusion the youth you disillusion the future creators...

  • Anonymous

    bout to load up adobe audtion and make a swimming pools X biggie smalls blend. what classic big acapella should i use?

    • dj nemesis

      ^notorious thugs is probably the only one thatll fit...its the only one i remember of him spitten at 70-80 bpm

    • Alex

      Use which ever one is closest in tempo to Swimming Pools. Biggie usually spit on stuff in the 90 bpm range but there should be a couple acapellas close to the 70-80 bpm range, like Notorious Thugs maybe.

  • Anonymous

    We all know the Bloods got em.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like horse shit !!!!!!!!

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