Pusha T Announces Album Title & Release Date

Pusha T provides the first details on his solo debut on G.O.O.D. Music.

Pusha T has made his mark in his relatively short time on Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint after being featured on prominent singles like "Mercy" and "Don't Like."

Now, Pusha T is ready to drop his solo debut on G.O.O.D., reports RapRadar.

Pusha announced during a performance at Best Buy theater the the title of his album will be My Name is My Name. 

The Virginia emcee also revealed that the record will drop in early 2013.

The Clipse member additionally gave a status update on his Wrath of Caine mixtape, saying that it would drop before the end of the year.

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  • Gus_Medellin

    Fuck all these trolls hating on you... You spit real shit, your 80's/90's verse are correct luv that shit.. back when the business was the shit!!(plata o plumo) Luv your title keep them coming brother!!!

  • w h o k n o w s


  • Flexin

    Pusha T F.Y.I Dissing Wayne and Drake wont make you go gold... #Just ask Lil b the based god

  • Jubilee

    If you are questioning the title then you probably don't know what it means.

  • Anonymous

    Or - A better name for you is, "Minimum Wage Troll".

  • Anonymous

    "Tip's last two solo records were both well received" They also went wood. Pusha would be easier to market to the mainstream since most people are already familiar with The Clipse.

  • Anonymous

    my name is my name?? wtf bitch

  • My Name Is My Name tracklist

    1. Still in Vegas (produced by Nottz) 2. Hail Mary (produced by Kanye West) 3. Hate It or Love It (feat. Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West) 4. Freedom (feat. Pharrell) (produced by The Neptunes) 5. Loose Cannon (produced by Hit-Boy) 6. Drunk Bitch (feat. Big Sean) (produced by Hit-Boy) 7. Celebrity (feat. Teyana Taylor) (produced by Boi-1-da) 8. Hip-Hop (produced by Shawty Redd) 9. My Dream (produced by Kanye West) 10. Down and Out (feat. Andre 3000) (produced by Lee Major) 11. High (feat. The-Dream and Cyhi tha Prynce) (produced by Lifted) 12. I'm Ready (feat. Raekwon) (produced by Bangladesh) 13. Halcyon (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (produced by DJ Toomp) 14. Biterz (feat. 50 Cent) (produced by Shawty Redd) 15. Glory (produced by T-Minus) Deluxe 16. Pain (feat. Future) (produced by Kanye West) 17. New God Flow (feat. Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West) 18. Two Shots (produced by Lifted)

  • So Icy Boi!

    My Name is My Name. how original u lame ass nigga. and u diss Lil Wayne? his Carter series are da most creative thing in hip hop. you cant reach dat level hoe. fuck Pusha T and errbody who likes em. swag

  • frenchhill


  • blackula

    release DATE: early 2013. The best day of the year...smh.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think that if these two releases even come out when claimed, that it's gonna be like the Slaughterhouse ordeal all over again? A hot mixtape to get a buzz followed by a trying to be a commercial success flop album and neither release is even played a week after they drop.... It's obvious the mixtape is gonna be bar for bar much better than the album, the album is going to be a dumbed down knock off of the mixtape and it's going to try birth a few hits while the mixtape aims to secure him as a good emcee. There's no doubt, Pusha is good at what he does, he's got the flow and the bars, he's just not the total package when it comes to being a commercial success.... why do you think they needed two guys to get Clipse off the ground?

  • James

    YES!!!! Been anticipating this debut for over a year. He's consistently had the best features throughout 2011/12 Albums gonna be sick.

  • Anonymous

    Thats not a release date. Nowhere in there was there a release date. but besides that, Pusha has never been wack (at least not to my knowledge). But he actually has more pressure on him for this album than some people realize. for one he has to show that he can make an album without his brother. second, he has to show that he doesnt need to mention YMCMB to keep peoples attention and third, he has to put out the classic that his fanboys have been screaming he would. Otherwise, all these slick shots hes been throwin at Wayne and Drake are just gonna be ammo they can use against him if they decide to go at him. (Wayne may have a couple good bars if he can get his head out his ass, and if drake goes back to his Comeback Season days, pusas gonna have his feelings hurt)

    • Anonymous

      you tell me why hes concerned about wayne and drake? He JUST dissed them again on Ludacris new song less than 48hours ago.

    • clevelandchief

      Why would Pusha T be oncerned about Wayne or Drake? Wayne's albums suck compared to his own mixtapes. Drakes albums are all but R&B albums. Pusha T's delivery with rap is consistent he does not have to reach too far to get a solid project under his belt. His mix tapes were basically albums imo...



  • jerryc

    Also who do you like i'd love to know. YMCB? You realize that DRake and Wayne have ghostwriters and they appeal to mass amounts of women? Is that what's good to you? Is that what you look for in rap? Singing? LAme metaphors? Dont be a follower son..wisen up. If pushas metaphors and lines are a little too complicated for you and your female or follower friends then I am truly sorry for you. Truthfully you should be banned from a hip hop website with those kinds of tastes. This site is for hip hop heads not some follower who thinks Rick Ross, Gucci, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa are king

    • ^

      Wow. You're a dumb YMCMB stan. People hate YMCMB because they're wack, plain and simple. Nothing you said aside from the first sentence is true. Just because they're successful doesn't mean they're good. Remember, quality over quantity.

    • Anonymous

      1. This site is for hip hop heads, trolls, and 13year olds that think they know hip hop lol 2. The whole Drake and Wayne have ghostwriters is something that people that dont like them, made up. Fact: When Juve and BG were both dissin wayne and baby, they were both asked has anyone ever written for wayne and BOTH of them said theyve never seen anyone write for him. Drake on the other hand, has never had anyone ghost write for him. The closest he came to having a ghost writer is when he took a line from waynes song My Nigga and used it on Best I Ever Had. Truthfully speaking the only reason YMCMB gets so much hate is because they are actually getting plaques. They are getting radio spins. They are winning. Despite how you feel about them, those are facts. Now is everyone on YMCMB making major hits? no. You just have Wayne, Nicki, Drake, and Tyga. But at the same time Miami heat have Bosh, Wade, and Lebron yet they still have a championship. And continuing on my last statement, YMCMB is only hated because they are winning. And to prove my point, lets look at another group. Soulja Boys SODMG. All them niggas is garbage and theres a lot of them but guess what? no one brings them up on every article because they arent winning. But who do people bring up every article when its not even about them? YMCMB

  • angelicaza47O

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  • angelicazander47O

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  • Somebody Else

    Curren$y use to say "My name is my name" all the damn time at the end of all his songs so fuck this unoriginal ass nigga

    • Chris o

      "my name is my name" Marlo - the Wire. That is where it comes from.

    • Cudder

      come on dude that's so irrelevant it ain't funny. guess what Currensy probly read that shit off someone else, who probably read that off someone else. you sound like a hater

  • Logik4

    So u forgot that Pusha T was on Big Sean and Kanye's albums? Please if you are gonna be an asshole be an informed asshole

  • dentaldamboy

    Early 2013 is not a release date. Pusha T doesn't have a solo album in the works. He doesn't even have a mixtape in the works. He's incapable of generating buzz without name-dropping YMCMB. Kanye didn't sign Pusha T so he could be a solo artist. He signed Pusha to bring a new sound to GOOD music albums. Notice how you barely see Pusha on other GOOD music albums? Notice how Common, Big Sean, 2 Chainz never shout Pusha T out? He doesn't fit in to the crew. No one is riding with him. Kanye makes sure that Pusha T fulfills his contractual obligations, and thats it. Sorry, to all of you dickriders, but there will be no Pusha T solo album.

    • chillin

      @ Anonymous: I thought you were specifically referring to my point about how many people are fans or like their music on facebook when you brought up the straw man argument. I do think that's telling though, given the lack of commercial Top 40 exposure the Tip has had over the years. People who grew up in 90's and 00's still ride with Tip and are loyal and will buy whatever he puts out whether it's more "indie" at this point. That's impressive along with the accolades. Clipse have less than 100,000 people who even like them on facebook and Pusha T as a solo artist has less than that. I don't see Pusha T having that impressive a solo career, irrespective of whether or not he's a good emcee. Also I suppose part of my argument stems from the fact that I am one of those people who grew up on Tribe and still check for anything he's apart of. The music that he's been a part of speaks for itself. Some people don't require being visible though to sell records because they have a core base they have developed after dropping timeless music on multiple occasions. Usually those people are perceived to be solid artists. Pusha's on a lot of other people's songs and has been for the past few years--that doesn't necessarily translate into a strong solo career (or people being devoted fans of your music). Often that involves being perceived as a good "artist"...at least in terms of having people check for you over decades, even when you aren't in the limelight. I think it's fair to question that especially considering he's on a label with people who can hold their own and are considered "good artists" like Kanye, Tip, John Legend and Common. That's all I'm really trying to say.

    • Anonymous

      Using Q-Tip's merits as an artist as your main point in an argument about commercial viability is a straw man argument. Also, you kinda made my point here. Pusha is on TV. He is on the radio. And people like us are talking about him on the internet. He's the hotter artist in the mainstream right now. He's not megastar hot, but he's visible, which is more than you can say for Q-Tip. I feel like you think this is discussion of who deserves the limelight and not who, in reality, is getting it. Also, HHNF is plenty without Pharrell's, albeit excellent, production. Malice and Pusha were no slouches on the mic.

    • chillin

      Pusha has been surrounded by high profile people (Pharrell and Kanye) anybody? He should be commercially viable. But he isn't that commercially viable on his own or with Clipse. How is that a straw man argument? You can be fans of artists on facebook. As a solo artist and as a group (ATCQ vs. Clipse) Q-Tip tops Pusha in the number of people who like them. It ain't a scientific poll, but given the fact the Pusha has been all over BET and MTV the past decade and Q-Tip hasn't that says something. Here's the difference Q-Tip hasn't had major commercial backing since his first solo album in the late 90's. He isn't even played on BET or MTV, doesn't do guest verses and people still buy his albums. Also HHNF is nothing without Pharrell's production...the follow-up was wack compared to HHNF, in part because Pharrell didn't produce the whole album. Pusha doesn't do anything new. Crack raps get stale unless you're the crack rapper of the moment or your name is Jay-Z. Pusha ain't the it crack rapper of the moment and won't be. Finally, you don't think people would be hyped for a Kanye and Q-Tip collabo? Or a new Common and Tip collabo? 15 year old White girls won't but A LOT of people would be all over that. In other words, Q-Tip has demonstrated that he can do his own thing and make money and be respected as an artist making Jazz, Funk, hip-hop records that don't get ANY heavy rotation whatsoever. If he is now with Common and Kanye in the limelight what is that going to knock down his own established brand? Pusha hasn't demonstrated that he is a viable solo artist yet. Let's wait and see.

    • Anonymous

      So I use HHNF purely as an example of the love that critics have for Push and you talk about its commercial failings. Then I give solid evidence that Push is the more visible and therefore commercially viable artist and you just go on a rant about how Q-Tip is the more well-rounded artist.. an argument that I never sought to contradict. Then you say that Q-Tip is more well-liked on Facebook? What does that even mean? Can you substantiate that? Then you have the gall to arrogant say "REST MY CASE." Look up the terms "straw man" and "anecdotal evidence" then learn how to argue, junior.

    • Anonymous

      But youre quality doesnt always mean commercial success. Ab Souls Control System is a masterpiece but it didnt sell anything. Soulja Boys first album went platinum. Phontes album hasnt even broken 150k but rick ross is almost gold. Carter 4 damn near went platinum in a week but Good Kid Madd City is only gold. Do you get what im saying? Just because you have grammys or make superb albums doesnt mean that youre always going to sell. Its all about marketability and out of the two, Pusha is more marketable. In todays climate, Pusha would definitely outsell Qtip.

    • chillin

      How much did hell hath no fury sell and how much did the renaissance sell? HHNF is a great record, but Pusha is way less talented an artist than Tip. Yes Pusha has a better flow and is wittier, but he's not artistically on Tip's level. You're forgetting dude also produces and collaborates with actual artists who play instruments and well respected artists like Norah Jones. Renaissance got grammy nominations before so has John Legend. See how much more liked ATCQ, Q-Tip & John Legend are on facebook vs. Pusha T or the Clipse. EXACTLY. I REST MY CASE.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Pusha T said he was putting out an album, but some random asshole on the internet said he wasn't, so I guess it isn't happening. Oh well. Also, you mean to tell me that Kanye only signed Push to improve the sound of an album when the sole intention of that album was to promote the artists on the album? What kind of backwards-ass logic is that? And to the guy who said Q-Tip is more commercially viable than Pusha T, this isn't 1992. Who's been on a platinum single this year? Who's had more high-profile guest verses? Love Tip, but to say he's more commercially viable than Push is absurd. Finally, regarding the critical acclaim issue.. little album called Hell Hath No Fury.. people seemed to kinda like it.

    • jerryc

      And I'd hope he leaves good. When you say hes least marketable that really means shit to me and it should mean jack shit to you. The majority of the people in this world are dumbass followers. They dont know what good music is...they just like whatever is pushed on their ears. They have no opinion of their own.

    • chillin

      I agree with dentaldamboy. Tip and John Legend are also more viable. They get critical acclaim (grammy award nominations) and sell a few hundred thousand. They appeal to a large portion of Common's demographic. Tip's last two solo records were both well received. That's not to say that Pusha isn't a decent emcee, I do however question his viability as a solo artist relative to everybody else.

    • dentaldamboy

      I'm saying that Pusha T is the least marketable member of GOOD music and that he's actually not part of the crew, just on the label.

    • Anonymous

      So what are you saying? that pusha is the weakest link on GOOD? cus i think his album is definitely next in line on the label.

    • Say What?

      Cool story bro!

  • flexxxxxxxxxxxxx

    a g.o.o.d album actually worth copping.. (other than Ye obv)

  • Anonymous

    A better title would be "Never Again Platinum".

  • Austin

    FIRST. pusha got bars. cant fuc*ing wait.

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