Joe Budden Kicks Out Concert Attendee Following A Comment They Made On Twitter

Joe Budden asks security to escort a concertgoer out of his show following a series of ill comments they made via Twitter.

A concertgoer in Oakland, California was unexpectedly escorted out of a Joe Budden show yesterday (November 28) after Tweeting about how “dead” it was at the New Jersey rapper’s concert. reports that the woman, who was attending the show with a friend, sent numerous Tweets expressing her disinterest with seeing Budden perform.

She even went so far as to post a picture of a package of NoDoz caffeine tablets on her Twitter page along with the caption, “For the Budden concert tonight.”

Budden somehow discovered the less than enthusiastic Tweets and reportedly informed security that he would not perform unless the woman was escorted from the venue.

"So we are upstairs at VIP [and the] security asks me if I'm Paige," said the woman via Twitter, according to "I said, 'yes.' And they say 'Joe Budden wants you out. I feel flattered though, they said they showed my twitter picture and found me in the club."

The Slaughterhouse spitter has yet to respond to the incident via Twitter or through any other public outlet.

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  • Krumb

    Joe buddens one sensitive ass dude. someone throw dude a kleenex real quick.

  • slaughterhouse


  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden is a true G for this move. No need for a hoodrat to talk shyt about the concert she wanted to attend. Budden pulled her ho card nicely.

    • Anonymous

      hell yeah. why that stupid bitch talkin shit if she paid to go? especially tweeting that before the concert even starts. that bitch is dumb as fuck

  • linda.strub5O

    upto I looked at the paycheck for $4497, I be certain brother woz like they say actually making money parttime on there computar.. there best friend has done this 4 only about 16 months and resantly paid the morgage on there home and bought a great new Acura. I went here..

    • Anonymous

      Nigga you must be on Jesus smack.

    • Lincoln

      Linda I know your a respectable adult. I really appreciate you posting this information here considering that most the people who comment here are not doing anything constructive here anyway. I know this isn't the first time you've posted on the site. I've seen some of your other post from before to. I'll be honest. The first time I saw your post I touched myself. My balls got so wet!! That was the moment I knew that you were different from every one else here. I also knew that I would one day penetrate you preferably in a garden or place of worship. I have been practicing on warm fruits. I want your labia Linda. I want the walls the, clitoris and if that's not enough your soul, your bowling tickets, your food and your cable. Lets go somewhere away from these idiots on this site concerned with rapper album sales and how rich their favorite rappers are when pussy is the last streak of humanity and goodness left in the world to chase after. Make a baby with me Linda. Make 10 babies with me.

  • Vigil

    This dude's got more people blocked on Twitter than people going to his concerts

  • Anonymous

    Both acting like Diva's, but that chick must have been embarrassed and walking away tugging at her weave, chewing her gum horse-hay status like " dis nigga ain't shit anyways, I don't even like his music". Bitch then why are you there??

  • Hip Hop Fan

    This makes no sense to me at all. Why pay for tickets to Joes show if you only going to make fun of him and have a bad time. It makes no sense spending money and then getting ready to go to a show to talk smack. Some people have no common sense, but how Joe knew while he was performing is another question that needs answering

  • Maxi pad ass dudes on here.

    ya'll want to talk about how emotional Joe Budden is but why are ya'll on her catching feels and using exclamation marks to make your point....I mean isn't that emotional. Joe Budden did a boss move. Niggas real quick to call another nigga emotional or sensitive until some shit comes up that they can't handle and then they're crying to their mama. If the nigga is comfortable expressing his feelings and keeping it real then I can't knock him for that. If you listened to his cd the nigga kept it real and admitted to basically begging Tahiry to take him back...but the thing is how many of you people wouldn't feel bad if you was committed to a female for your years and thought you were going to get married to them? Nigga be faking the funk like it wouldn't affect them but they will be the first one crying to mommie. Now if it was some bitch from the way he was crying about then no...he trippin but it was his bottom bitch so I don't see nothing wrong with the nigga being emotional behind that. At least he picked his self up and stay winning with some bad bitches. How many of ya'll can say that. Stop judging the man dick u fucking faggots and worry about your only shit.

  • Anonymous

    Are we forgetting that Weezy pulled Nicki Minaj from Summer Jam cuz Rosenberg dissed her bullshit ass song starships??? ...and U niggas are givin Joey heat cuz he kicked out one hoe from his concert??? GTFOH lol

    • Jay

      Um no...We excused him for getting punched in the face not doing shit and making a vid with an ice pack, hitting women, exposing women like a bitch, and now looking through twitter and finding the ONE person who was an attractive female that was slandering him. All hip hop heads hate wayne thats different...budden can actually rap but he's a piece of shit faggot bitch

  • crooked eyes

    SSSSSLLLLLAUGHHTTTERRRHHOUUUSSSSEEE! joe buddens is the biggest joke in rap going on a decade. he's been so consistent with his losing. i'm gonna jack off to the pics joe buddens posts of his girl on twitter. he releases the pics so his fans can jack off to them. he's a sick fuck.


    Lmaoo I like his music but, his personal life is just tampons, maxi pads, kotex cortex, ovaries, vagina lips as balls, emotions saturated in estrogen WNBA ESPN Playoff sweat covered in powdered sugar and cotton candy cones. Also, this nigga needs an online intervention lol. He is always online and he needs to log the fuck off. Nigga is 2 tweets away, 3 right clicks on Joe buddens is a bitch post, and 1 email stating nigga why you always crying on ya keyboard away, from Logging Off Of Life with a pink gun to his mouth and pulling the trigger. I see why these video hoes don't stay with him cause its like dating a 12 year old girl who stays on facebook and twitter gossiping. Only time you see or hear negative shit about him it's always on some online shit lol. I mean damn if I ever hear about Joe actually whooping a nigga in real life I would be happy because, he always whooping his keyboard ass trying to curse someone out. Anyway, someone please past this one to that yellow cabbage patch looking with a freeway beard computer love zapp twatter twitter licking ass good rhyming bitchassness in the form of soft baby kangroo fingers and tell him to GET OFF THE NET AND DEAL WITH REAL SHIT OTHER THEN SCREENAMES.

  • Anonymous

    Bitches aint good for shit but suckin dick...and procreation


    Hoe ass nigga can't handle his shit. NIGGA PLEEEEEEASE, now I know why that big ass Tahiry chick left your ass.

  • Nicky D

    I follow Joey on twitter and I swear, he's always replying back to the fuckng haters. Is he insecure or what??

  • Anonymous

    the most sensitive rapper in the game someone give him an award

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck? Over a muthafuckin twitter comment.

  • Anonymous

    lmao, thats jokes. whys she there then? maybe a bit of an overreaction, but she didn't want to see it anyways so whys she complaining?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    someone tweeted that you could fit the whole audience from the joe budden concert in kendrick lamars moms old mini van!

  • Big Dan

    Hey Paige: While this might be the case in the future if artists want to get real testy, for now, you did not violate any preexisting rules and you should look into suing JB and the facility for kicking you out of a concert that you paid for. Its not like you were fighting, consuming illegal stuff, or whatever.

  • Angelo

    This nigga is just a fuckboy ass nigga! Plain & Simple. He's a cornball and I don't listen to cornballs. I don't care if you got lyrics, bars, etc...If you a grown nigga and you got female tendencies I'm not listening to your tunes homie. PERIOD! What type of G parades around the web constantly with different hot women, and gets clowned, dumped & disposed by all of them. I'm not listening to a nigga I wouldn't be cool with in real life. That nigga pisses sitting down

  • Anonymous

    Joey got bodied by a woman lol

  • NoHoz

    if the bitch took enough no doz I'd date rape her at a chris brown concert

  • lol

    duuuun duuuun duuuuuuun dun dun dun duuuuuun. buddens. buddens. buddens, buddens. buddens. buddens, buddens. buddens. buddens, buddens

  • Buddens daddy

    He's a bitch. How u gonna hate on somebody because they being honest and ur concert fuckin sucks? Ain't her fault that niggas music sucks dick. Fuck Joe Burden and his fat ass mama!!! Now start pouting u bitch nigga and have my comment removed.

  • That Nigga

    If Joe keep's paying attention to other niggas opinions, he's heart rate is gonna take him to the grave. He should just forget what they say unless it's constructive criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Some of yall niggas illiterate or just like to come to conclusions. "Budden somehow discovered the less than enthusiastic Tweets and reportedly informed security that he would not perform unless the woman was escorted from the venue." Who says Joe Budden was lookin on twitter himself? Couldn't it be possible that one of the niggas in his crew came across the tweet and told him about that shit? Joe Budden hasnt even spoke on the situation yet so yall niggas dont know how he found out. I don't even really like budden music like that but yall be soundin like some stupid ass niggas

    • triPAUD

      thats true, it coulda been the venue itself or the promoters. What she was sayin actually looks worse on them than it does budden and could have repercussions for them. It actually makes sense that way cause they have reason to be just as offended and what she was saying hurts their bottom line more directly than it does budden.

    • Anonymous

      without blowing it outta proportion? nicca said he wouldnt continue the show unless a girl who was tweeting got removed from the venue hes a diva

    • Anonymous

      It ain't like he went chris brown and flipped out on the bitch. Whether it was some bitch shit or not he handled the situation without blowin it out of proportion. its niggas on here that gettin just as sensitive as they say budden is, like they got kicked out themselves or somethin lmao

    • Anonymous

      either way hes on some bitch shit, its fucking twitter get over it

  • Anonymous

    Is he on the radio? I don't know this guy.

  • fuckabitch

    joe should have made her night and ripped her fat asshole wide open, tweet that hoe

  • chillin

    This actually funny. She should be nominated for player hater of the year. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!

  • Anonymous

    why would you go to see buddens, get vip tickets if you hate him and think hes boring????

  • BP

    there's nothing wrong with this. some bitch is tryna be funny on Twitter, then fuck off if you ain't feelin' it. you ain't cute. always people on Twitter tryna be witty and shit, when she's probably a Chris Brown or YMCMB fan

  • Anonymous

    BasedGod ended Budden's career.

  • Anonymous

    what was this man doing checking for twitter posts about himself during his own concert? fans payed to see this guy perform and hes busy on his phone readin tweeter?

    • Learn how to read

      Where did you learn to read dumbass. The article clearly states that "Budden somehow discovered the less than enthusiastic Tweets". It doesn't mean he sat there reading tweeter. Maybe someone informed him...hell maybe he did sit there b4 his show to tweet his fans. All that matters is he got that dumb bitch on some G shit and told her to go on with that negativity like you fuck boys need to do the same.

    • Anonymous

      He had plenty of time to check Twitter cause there were only 10 people at the concert.

  • Anonymous

    budden was just puttin this hoe out of her apparent misery lol

  • lol

    lol this is funny as hell. Budden just simply had her removed, didn't even reply to her or talk about it, just had her removed and continued with his day lol. Niggas say that's some bitch shit? I say thats some g shit. Not like he went on twitter and went on a stupid twitter rant like chris brown and alot of these other artists

    • datnigga

      It's the fact that he cared so much about what some random bitch thought. It's not that hard to ignore people but Joe is one sensitive ass dude and obviously cares way too much about what EVERYONE thinks about him

  • Nigga can't win

    So just because Joe Budden decided to kick out a troll from HIS concert he is sensitive and a hoe? If I'm going to serve someone some food and all they do is be irrate and disrespect your place of business it is customary to ask their ass to leave. That man has every right to do that. The bitch shouldn't have went to the concert if she felt that way. Same thing with you crab ass niggas. If ya'll don't like the man and feel a certain way about him then way you all on his new story waiting to suck his dick?

  • One

    another rapper I dig getting all sensitive about the internet. people will diss anything and everything on the internet, you rapers gotta man up and not throw fits cause kids diss you online.

  • Anonymous

    Lol Budden is a lame. Great MC, hoe ass nigga.

  • nick

    Joe Budden once again proves he's a little fucking bitch. "Don't act like we won't call Redman and get your address"--Inspectah Deck

  • Anonymous

    if i was her i would sue the shit out of budden and the promoters , ain't nothing wrong with expressing how you feel about a show

  • Anonymous

    hahaha JOE BUDDEN is wack as fuck.... Truth hurts you fucking bitch. SLaughterhouse most overrated group in history

  • Trent

    1) Why did she go then? 2) Why the fuck was she in VIP? 3) WHY DOES THIS FUCKIN BUDDENS GIVE SO MANY SHITS ABOUT TWITTER.?? especially for a guy that allegedally doesn't care.. yeah okay buddy.

  • Anonymous

    She prolly go to ymcmb, french montana, and gucci mane concerts. Bitch prolly don't even know who rakim is lol

  • Buck Dangerous

    If she was sooo bored then why in the hell was she chillin' up in the VIP in the 1st place? Gon' with all that!!

  • B

    lol, Joe is the man, fuck that dumb hoe



  • Anonymous

    Dayam son...a flick of NoDoz...pahahahahahaha...BITCH next time stay home!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People still take NoDoz? That's the real story here.

  • Anonymous

    fair play to the guy. Dumb bitch shouldn't have attended the concert if she wasn't going to enjoy it. I rap myself and I would prefer it if I performed my concerts in front of FANS, not fucks who want to seem cool. Respect.

  • GoReadABook

    Fuckin haters haha this shit is dope. Fuck that dumb bitch. Y'all talking like 'Joe Budden so emotional...' So the fuck what? Little bitches

    • Anonymous

      fucking stans. I fucks with Buddens hard body but niggas can't be blind to the fact that he did some bullshit. And prolly lost a fan doing so.(Paige's boyfriend) Real shit tho Buddens must be on twitter alot if he is doing a show and founds a twit the same night. Thats lame shit. I still fucks with Buddens tho. I give a fuck what a nigga do in his personal life. Unless his personal life contradicts his music. Other then that i leave the gossip to you nerd niggas.

  • nibs

    haha joe budden is such a bitch

  • So Icy Boi!

    Joey is a wack ass rapper but I agree diz time. I would do da same. swag



  • Anonymous

    fuck that bitch... JOEY

  • Anonymous

    Sensitive ass Nigga.

  • datnigga

    Hoe Budden is such a girl. I think he's always been the female in his relationships. What a joke this guy is. So sensitive and emotional. Hey Joseph, are you gonna alert the HHDX staff about me because I'm posting negatively about you? No really, are you gonna tweet them or something? Watch him talk about this incident in his next music. He'll bring up Paige in his song and talk about how he broke his heart so bad on twitter that he had to make her leave. Fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      last Anonymous comment. Its a shame it took 8 comments for someone to figure that out. Fucking online nerd niggas man. Respect to the last anonymous nigga who figured it out. You other niggas are some idiots.

    • Anonymous

      i read she was there with her boyfriend who is a joe budden fan

    • Anonymous

      unless you gettin the ticket free that shit just dumb as hell.

    • Anonymous

      i have went to concerts before to see the opening acts and walked out before the headliners take stage

    • ^^^^^

      Dumb ass comment. Maybe she was there to see someone else? Why would she go to a concert to watch an artist she doesn't like for someone else, and why would she pay to getin? Either she thristy as hell for the dick or just a dumb bitch. She prolly one of those groupie hoes who concert hop to get some dick from celebs. She prolly mad cause joe budden wasn't tryin to fuck.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she was there to see someone else? Who says shes at the club 24/7? Maybe she was there chilling, you don't really know do you? Joe Budden is whiny little girl, bottom line. Not surprised he was a bore to watch perform.

    • Really?

      How lame is it to go to a concert that you don't even care about? I mean, is she such a slut she has nothing better to do than be at a club 24/7?

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