Cassidy Says A Rap Battle With Meek Mill Would Be "Good For Hip Hop"

Cassidy reemphasizes that he has no beef with Meek Mill, says money from a possible battle with the rapper would go to charity.

During an appearance on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning, Philly rapper Cassidy set the record straight in regards to his alleged feud with fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill. Cassidy revealed that he has no beef with Meek Mill and the rap battle he had hoped for was more so due to his competitive nature and confidence as an artist.

The Philadelphia spitter went on to reveal that Meek Mill hasn’t agreed to battle, but if he did Cassidy says a lyrical spat between the two artists would have been beneficial for Hip Hop.

“It’d be good for Hip Hop. Good for everything man. Bring some more excitement to the game,” Cassidy explained. “Not taking nothing away from the dudes that’s rhyming right now, but it’d be beneficial. He don’t wanna do that, you know what I’m saying? You can’t force a man to do something he don’t wanna do so it is what it is.”

Although Cassidy was hoping for a pretty hefty check if the battle were to happen, a check he says sponsors would surely put up for, he shared that the money he would receive would be given to charity and put into other ventures.  

“I want at least like a 100K, but I want to put most of it up for charity,” said the rapper. “I’mma put it in a lot of different areas. It ain’t really for me to eat. I just want to do it with an artist that can pull out that kind of money with me. So the sponsors will definitely put up a lot of bread if me and an artist like that got together and went at it…It’s definitely not a publicity stunt on my behalf. I just felt disrespected a little bit so I thought why not put it in a rhyme and see who really the best.”

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  • Metafortae

    i know what happen the business told cassidy the same thing the business grads told me get with whats current reinvent your self with whats new and come out but the truth is Cassidy needs to battle everyone. If he loses it wouldnt matter id pay to watch push the battles like an album release. Also his album not doing number only means something to labels not fans. We know he's great. - metafortae

    • anonymous

      Cassidy is trash. He ok but don't Matter anymore or ever did. Swiss made you now u begging for anybody to put money behind you. We u ever heard of Cassidy shuting down a city or club and his hottest song has jay on the hook. So wht he has a 7 figure endorsement deal , which means it most likely 6 figures which meek makes in 2 shows. I know because i booked him before. Remember MC Hammer had an endorsement deal , most i go on.

  • Anonymous

    meek mill would smash this lame i dont blame meek for not responding to this lame!

  • Anonymous

    Hope Cassidy smashes on Meek Mill. Honestly, Meek Mill's music sucks and all he does is yell into the microphone. He has the same talent level as Tyga, but the complete opposite style.

  • Anonymous

    The Advocate- intro to nothing THIS RAPPER WILL KILL EM BOTH



  • hhdx law

    You gotta practically have to be a recently dead rapper to get an article on this site without getting hated on in the comments. You should call yourselves the troll pit.

  • Anonymous

    This lil lame rapper needs to sit on down and stop trying to get on

  • Anonymous

    NO THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR HIPHOP! You both average artists who never made a decent album! Being over 30 and still battling is not mature. What you gonna do make jokes about your mama's. Your mama has a fat ass??? IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR HIPHOP IF THE BOTH OF YOU RETIRE!!!!!!!

  • black jesus

    the only thing it would be good for is saving what little career cassidy still has. there is a reason why cassidy is the only person who cares about this battle.

    • Anonymous

      "I am getting tired of rappers talking about what would be good for hip hop" the fuck is u talkin about homie? they never say that they just do it.

    • Big Dan

      THANK YOU! I am getting tired of rappers talking about what would be good for hip hop (usually involves some nonsense beef), especially if they are involved in it. Is the world going to stop for a day, then we all dedicate an hour of our lives to do charity or be kind to the person next to us if Cassidy battles Meek Mill? Cassidy, you are dope, but please get out of here with that nonsense. And while Meek might come with some bs you feel you need to respond to, y'all need to stop with the fake diss records. Meek's got cash, you need it, try to get that battle going and that would be good for Cassidy's pockets, not hip hop. You should be able to mop the floor with Meek and that's a 100 large in your pocket b4 taxes. Hopefully, you (don't) spend it wisely. You need to think about retirement. Your career is all but over.

    • Anonymous

      Was about to say the same thing...dude is washed up.

  • Real _Neggaz_Come_First

    C'mon Meek, act like real negga not like bitch.

  • Donnyson

    No one's fuckin wit Meek now for backin out and bitchin up, Smack organised the venue and put the bread up, Cassidy aggreed, MOOK agreed, then Meek shit his pants and cancelled like a bitch, he calls Cass fake yet signs with a C.O? and thinks niggas gonna respect it? He's never been that hot, AR-AB and Joey Jihad always been better then him

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