Lloyd Banks Announces "Gangsta Grillz" Project Before "Cold Corner 3"

Lloyd Banks adds another release to his slate.

Earlier this week, Lloyd Banks announced that he would be releasing the third installment in his Cold Corner series.

It turns out that Banks has more in store for fans, as he took to Twitter to announce that he would first release a Gangsta Grillz project before Cold Corner 3:

Banks referenced the Gangsta Grillz project back in September, but it appears that it'll be coming out soon.

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  • Hiphop

    Banks is still one of the most consistent in the game! all ya'll who are claiming he ain't shit because of lack of album sales, need to take a step back and slap yourselves. You're all pathetic.. Funny thing is Banks isn't making music with the intentions of earning more $ or gaining a name... Dude has already accomplished what people dream of, and is sitting on close to $20 million to his name. Now tell me why he "needs" to drop an album? what's wrong with him sticking to his word and dropping free dope music. FOH to all the people bringing up album sales and how "G-Unit hasn't been hot since 02'" if you actually listened to music, you'd realize that Banks has been killing it for years and is the reason some of ya'll favorite artist have a day job.

  • Anonymous

    Banks and Guce Mane should have a contest to see who can release the most free mixtapes in 2013.

  • R.I.P G-Unit

    Look at all the stans on here masturbating..You dudes are pathetic..Give it up it isn't 2002..Banks is one of the laziest artists in the game today.His own boss said so...His music is way over-hyped by you dweebs.He fell off years ago.Nothing of substance.Only ones checking for him are the ones who refuse to go of their youth and still think its 2002..This dude thinks dropping mixtapes will get it done in 2012.No cohesion to his music just the same boring flow over amateur beats...fuck outta her with that bullshit..And I'm from the same hood as him and there's a bunch of us that feel that way.No hate just truth...

    • R.I.P G-Unit

      Look at this fucking clown Milehighkid303:some herb white kid from Denver who feels his street cred is based on his Man crush fiddy and anyone in that washed up group.Fall back youngin with your stannery and gay tendencies.Your idols are washed up and it's time take the posters down you emotional bitch.I love how how these pussies always bring Ross into the equation as if not being a fan of 5-0 and his bullshit music automatically makes you a fan of Ross.I'm not a fan of their music cause it's garbage and I don't enter ever thread related to them you homo.That would be you posting and defending these cornballs every chance you get. You aint tough E-thug your laptop just makes you think you are,you lil bitch.Fuck you and whoever wanna listen to informants and pretend gangsters.You

    • jay

      u can say that for 50 and yayo bec there both garbage..but not banks hes a beast and top 7 if not closer with the lyrics...hes a beast cant wait for the mixtapes

    • mike

      if you suck his cock any harder , you will choke! i suggest u take a step back

    • Milehighkid303

      Not as PATHETIC as YOU coming on the site, SEEING a G-Unit affiliate article, and then, COME ON HERE to try and PROVE that these guys are dead. LOL, HOMIE, YOU are just a SMALL part of the fuckery of fanery we have in Hip Hop now. GUESS WHAT....IT WONT STOP FANS like myself from scooping up his, or 50's or Tony's music. YOU SEE THE REAL problem is fuckin clowns like YOU who HATE on other fans FOR THEIR PREFERENCE. I don't fuck with Ross, Wayne and all that bafoonery BUT you also WONT see me traveling to EVERY FUCKING story to spam up the board with WHAT YOU THINK are facts. SO, with that said, save face and go scream and holler to you friends about how you feel about G-Unit you dumb ass......OH n BTW the guy has a platinum plaque, platinum songs, a gold record and PLENTY OF MIXTAPE awards to SHOW his prowess......fall the fuck back herb.


    Banks has a platinum plaque, a gold plaque, platinum singles, gold singles, AND he's crazy with the rhymes/flow...and yall callin him average? FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! last album flopped but was still nice as fuck

  • milehighkid303

    I've been sayin it since he was 19 and runnin with the 134 ALL-Stars HE IS ONE OF THE NICEST MC'S IN THE GAME. PURE HIP HOP FORM FROM SON! Tapes are STILL bumpin'........oh and it's STILL the Unit. Herbs...

  • KillaSeason

    one of the most consistant and hard working artists in this game.. all he should do is start shooting some dope videos to step his promotion game up.. thats the only thing he lacks, cause his last two tapes are straight fire.. still bumpin them! And before any of you starts raging, go chek that.. kid is mad nice

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao. Lloyd Banks cant release an album and he copies Lil Wayne. he flopped 3 timez. swag

  • adam

    same mixtape rapper for the last 8 yrs....he's a decent rapper at best, but one-dimentional. It ain't 2004 anymore. Shit aint gonna cut it.

  • saf11

    we dont care, you average fuck, in the the game for 8 years and still average. keep your dumb mixtape about selling coke and shit. You was never a gangster you phony

  • Anonymous

    lol, seems like somebody woke his motherfuckin ass up

  • Anonymous

    We want 50 we want 50 new music

  • clevelandchief

    After hearing this had to go back and listen to Cold Corner 1,2... More grimmey beats and straight gutta sh*t. Raw rap

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