Joe Budden Discusses "No Love Lost" Details

Joe Budden talks shop about his upcoming album, "No Love Lost."

After announcing earlier this month that his album No Love Lost would have a 2013 release, Joe Budden provided some details about the project.

"Don't expect anything," said Budden to HipHopSince1987. "That's how fans get let down; they start expecting shit. Don't expect shit. Don't put me in whatever box you think I belong."

Budden listed some of the producers featured on the project. "It's a great album. I got Cardiak on there, I got Araab on there. ...A lot of producers on there, a lot of great features."

"Expect good music. You can expect that," he added.

The Slaughterhouse member also discussed the meaning of the album's song title. "That was a very direct message to anybody listening. I'm good. I spent a lot of years beefing, doing stupid shit. Mostly my fault, sometimes other people's fault. I hold myself accountable for all my actions. I'm just happy to be in a creative space. No malice, no ill will."

Watch the interview below:

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