Cee Lo Green Accused Of Drugging Woman With Ecstasy & Sexual Battery

Details emerge in the case surrounding Cee Lo Green and his accuser.

Cee Lo Green has been accused of drugging a woman with ecstasy and then having sex with her.

According to TMZ, an unnamed woman filed a police report against "The Voice" judge and said that she secretly recorded a conversation with the singer where he admits to slipping her a pill and engaging in sex. The woman claims that he put the pill in her drink at a Los Angeles, California restaurant and that she later woke up naked in a bed next to Cee Lo.

The woman says she immediately reported to a local law enforcement agency, who referred the case to the LAPD. Sources who have listened to the recording of Cee Lo's confession say that he references MDMA but does not say he specifically put it in her drink. He said that he thought it would help them have an "exciting time together."

Cee Lo dismisses the claims, saying that if the tape contained his confessions that he would be already under arrest.

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  • E

    i've popped e done molly many times and never have i woken up naked in a bed next to cee lo

  • Anonymous

    I bet Cee Lo's ex wife is thanking God she's no longer married to this tub of pig grease.

  • beyuu

    Dexter is gonna get this guy...lol

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    crackas tryna destroy another black man.

  • Anonymous

    bitched aint shit but hoes n tricks

  • Big Dan

    Hmm. I am quite worried here. It seems all my fellow HHDxers are all experts on date rape drugs. Hope y'all were just searching on the internet because you worried about your boy Ceelo and that's where you got your info from. Fingers crossed and as the man said himself, if it was that open and shut, he would be a guest of LAPD by now. Dude, don't let Hollywood get to your head. Stay away from the bitches. I remember you on I think it was MTV cribs. At the end of the segment, you and your wife were sitting in your garden cuddling and I actually thought, that's nice to see. Now, you may not have raped that girl, but either way, you were hanging out with her. Were was wifey? Don't get caught slipping. As an aside, ain't it funny how life goes. Mr. Ceelo Green, just a few years back was shirtless on Goodie Mobb videos tryna look mean. Ah, for the good old days of hip hop, when the East Coast ran eesh and even the southern songs were all that... what you know about the dirty south?

  • Ill JuJu

    aint no way this is true.. somebody wanted to hurt him personaly

  • jase

    shit stupid any damn way. niggaz need to leave them white boy/girl drugs alone. quit trying to be them. no wonder alot of this hip nhop shit sound electronic and techno now. thats white folks shit. black folks stay embarrassing us. smh...

  • Anonymous

    MDMA does not knock you out, in fact it does the exact opposite and you remember everything. You are in complete control, the only difference is that you're smiling the entire time.

  • Willi_ Lynch_ Hater

    The sad part of the story is...Truth or Not he will lose his Network job over this story. The incident is too controversial for Network Television. Smh, another brother goes out in a blaze of stupidity. Leave them White Devils Alone.

  • Anonymous

    Slip ecstasy? Are you kidding? A cap of MDMA would NOT knock you out, especially combine it with the alcohol and u got a damn good high going (if thats ur thing!). But to say it made her unconsoius? ATleast know what drugs do before you try and milk the system

    • Anonymous

      "He... He slipped a pill of weed in my drink and before I knew it... I was naked in the street biting someone's face off...."

    • Caryn

      THAT'S what I'm sayin...a lil MDMA never knocked ANYONE I know out....if anything they were smiling their a**es off...grinding their teeth and telling everyone they love em!!! Know your drugs!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    This is weird as fuck. I don't think Cee Lo would need to DRUG a bitch to get her in bed. He's probably not that hot but I still don't think he'd go through the trouble of drugging her...

  • doodie333

    well its very clear that bitch is lying cause first of all u dont ever just pass out on MDMA and not rememer anything. its the other way around, you cant fall asleep and u remember about eveyrthing

  • Anonymous

    yeah this sounds like bullshit. mdma isn't a date rape drug. it'd make more sense if she said she was all over him etc, but then she wouldn't have been the same.

  • Enlightened

    Well, I was convinced he was gay. At least this cleared that up.

  • dkl;jaf

    i hope the police are smart enough to realize that MDMA doesn't make you pass out or get memory loss, and nobody would put something that makes you pass out in a E pill either. it's all extra stimulants and such. dumb ass bitch trying to fuck with a guy's life.

  • J

    Must haven been some drunk chick if she drank a whole glass of something with xtc in it. That would taste like pure chemicals

  • Anonymous

    MDMA ain't gunna give you memory loss or nothing. That isn't a date rape drug. Shit'll keep you up not knock you out

  • Anonymous

    lmfao cee lo a predator

  • Big Dan

    Still hoping here - please! Dude went mainstream with that stupid song a couple years ago, then got on the Voice and now this. Did he actually drug her or were they getting high together. Damn, please say it ain't so. How long before he loses his The Voice gig. Goodbye Hollywood. Baby pack the bags, we going back to the ATL

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