Eminem Announces Eighth Studio Album For 2013

Eminem's eighth solo album will be dropping sometime in 2013.

It's hard to believe that Eminem's career will have spanned nearly 20 years by the time his next album drops, but at least fans now know for sure: Eminem's next solo release arrives in 2013.

Eminem has made the announcement with a limited edition baseball hat inspired by the Detroit Tigers.

The hat, pictured below, has the words "World Champion" written on the side, and lists the years Eminem has released an album: 1996 (Infinite), 1999 (The Slim Shady LP), 2000 (The Marshall Mathers LP), 2002 (The Eminem Show), 2004 (Encore), 2009 (Relapse), 2010 (Recovery), and indicates that the next release will be in 2013.

Eminem Baseball Tribute Champ Hat - Home

The hat is available for purchase at Eminem's web store here.

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  • Anonymous

    Trust me, I'm 100 percent black

  • slimAlpha

    http:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=pfopaLfperc

  • Anonymous

    Relapse is one of his best albums your nuts recovery was terrible and so was bad meets evil anything prior to these was dope

  • Andre.CO

    Gotta love all these brothers hating on the white boy. Em is a certified ATG in Hip Hop. 100% Top 10, and Top 5 depending who's doing the rating. His world play is second to none, and currently the only emcee's I see keeping up with Em are Nas and Royce. I love Jay, big fan of his music, but there's no need to see him get Renegaded all over again. Everything was on point with his first 3 albums, Slim Shady LP / Marshall Mathers LP / Eminem Show. I mean he had as good a start to his career, with your first three albums, as anyone could hope for. Encore was still solid, but he had some weak songs on there. Big Weenie, My First Single, Ass Like That, were whack. But tell me he didn't have good tracks like Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Mockingbird, etc. It was still a solid album, with a couple missteps. Relapse was his weakest album in my opinion. It was lyrically on point, as Em always is. But he had some missteps again. Bagpipes From Baghdad, We Made You, Same Song and Dance, and My Mom. But tell me once again, did he not provide dope songs like 3 AM, Deja Vu, Beautiful, and Underground (his slow here sounded very similar to Criminal). Even though he was doing the accent, his lyricism was on point as ever even on songs like Old Times Sake, Medicine Ball, and Must be the Ganja. And the Refill had some dope songs, notably Drop the Bomb On Em and Music Box. Recovery was dope, though there were some poppy joints (Space Bound and Love the Way You Lie). But his lyricism was as solid as ever since the Eminem Show/8 Mile days. Again, tell me Em didn't go in on Seduction, No Love, Almost Famous, Here We Go. Even tracks like Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, Cinderella Man, Not Afraid, 25 to Life, his flow and word play was as good as ever. And how can anyone hate on Going Through Changes and Talkin' 2 Myself??? I mean what emcee admits something like being jealous of Kanye and Wayne (who are NOWHERE NEAR his level now or ever) like that on a song??? Em's always been brutally honest, and no other emcee would admit something like that. Recovery was dope, his best album since Eminem Show. Also people should have peeped Ridaz and Session One, really great bonus Recovery tracks. If I'd had it my way, he should have dropped So bad and WTP from the album and put those two on the main tracklist. And than Bad Meets Evil's Hell The Sequel was dope as hell. Welcome To Hell, Fast Lane, A Kiss, Loud Noises, Echo, Em and Royce both went in. The lyricism and word play on this reminds everyone of why only a select few could f**k with Em rhyme for rhyme. Can't wait for Em's new album. In my opinion, he should get away from the production that was featured on Recovery. Though Recovery was dope, the production was the weakest part of the album.

    • Curtis

      You think Relapse was his weakest cd ? Are you serious?? I still bump that shit everyday. Recovery was worse than encore lol. Couple good songs, thats it.

  • JJ13

    I CAN'T WAIT! No ID, DJ Premier,and Dr. Dre on production with Em's lyricism...! SOOOO EXCITED!

  • SlimShady

    Can't wait. http://lenoxrap.com/music/




    I actually think the guy is really weriod and looks like the guy from jigsaw.... the horr movie.... the old guy who likes killing people.... my friend put up the other post... the only song I like was about SHADY!

  • Ceara


  • Miranda

    OMG I totally LUUV Eminem! Hes so dreamy~

  • Anonymous

    He only sells a lot of records cause WHITE people buy that shit..you mafuckas is the majority..i heard his manager is robbing him blind..

  • Anonymous

    who are this haterz up here sayin eminem sells only becos of white kids, black and white folks buys em cd, he sells becos he is lyricals and there is conviction and element of truth in is music, who told yall hip hop is made for only the streets, it is made for every one bocos hip hop is defined as a way of life. talib kweli, mosdef, nas, common, etc are not street rappers but cautious rappers and lyrical rappers, street anthems is not the only hip hop, get yr facts right whiners

  • The Real Franchise

    Damn the haters came out in full force on this one, everyones entitled to their opinion but if youre black and you say eminem sucks ONLY because hes white, you're the exact same as white trash rednecks calling black people niggers based on their skin tone. The same people that say em fell off cause hes not rhyming about the same nonsense we all loved on the mmlp, would be trashing him if we was rhyming about that same shit for being almost 40 and showing no growth. I guess we already know what the best selling hip hop album of 2013 will be. One thing thats not debatable is that em is the most popular rapper across all demographics of all time, nobody gives a fuck if he doesnt make your top 10, nobody gives a fuck about your top 10. Who buys anything but fitted hats in 2012, em you need better designers for your gear.

  • mikey stax

    yo i hear eminem is getting all his beats for his next album from WWW.YUCBEATS.COM

  • Goodbye Em

    Eminem has been done for so long now all because of his drug problems on the anger management tour no 1 good song since. I have given up on him for a long time it just shows what drugs can do to you!

    • Nah man

      He started his drug problem while making 8 mile, he said he had 16 hour long film secession and he was staying and hour away from where they were shooting so he only had like 6 hours to sleep so someone introduced him to to the drugs he got addicted to to help him sleep, that means he made Lose yourself, 8 Mile, Run Rabbit Run, and parts of the Eminem Show on drugs, he did other drugs before his problem he made My Name Is on E

    • For Real

      been done for so long and yet he still sells over a million every album & is the highest selling rap artist EVER!. Bow down to the G.O.A.T you little hater!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all u suburban wiggers dickridin M&M

  • Anonymous

    damn there's alot of love/hate for Em which is right cuz same thing happens w/Jay,Nas,Pac,Biggie & whoever else is arguably considered da GOAT. I personally think Em is the best & Pac's a close 2. Pac ofcourse has had the biggest impact on the rap culture & they both are at the top of all-time selling but I think where Em beats him is lyrically. They both knew how to put the right emotion into the song to make the listners feel their music(Em learned from Pac)but Em could also be really lyrical while doing this as well. He can do the punchlines,metaphors,multi-syllables & even makes words that dont usually rhyme, rhyme when he raps. As seen on Renegade,Jay had a great verse but when Em came he just took that shit to another level. Rarely if ever,(especially in the early 00s) did any rapper get on a track & outshine Eminem..Pac cud spit but most of it was just pure raw emotion rather than actual bars itself. He aint no scrub but I think Em at his best wud spit the better verse. Impact:Pac Album sales:Em Classic albums:Tie, Pac 3(S4MN,MATW,AEOM) -Em 3(SSLP,MMLP,ES) Lyricism: Em

    • Anonymous

      just seen a couple post & shared my thoughts. Obviously ppl like talkin/debating about who the GOAT is so if u dnt care,dnt reply or post something else. KILLING THE GENRE lol

    • Anonymous

      The point is who cares about an opinion based on who sold the most or who is GOAT? I could have someone like Ghostface Killa as my top MC but has T.I.'s "Trap Musik" as my best album along with "Madvillainy" and has Monch's last album on repeat and thinks Black Thought and CL Smooth are superior MC's and "50 Cent Is The Future" was a heat-rock and Ross is trash but his Maybach Music series is on point musically. You young suburban internet surfing weirdos are KILLING THE GENRE. Let US WHO WERE THERE TELL THE STORIES instead OF YOU trying to summarize a Wikipedia or website article. YOU LOOK FOOLISH DOING IT.



  • HHHH

    i think it will be better than Recovery and Relaspe and probably surprise us with the production a little maybe primo or something, Tech collab or another Jay collab

  • Eminem


  • Anonymous

    AND....you NEVER hear LATINOS complaining, they were THERE. Asians BEEN supporting Hip Hop. "Let's do the math, if I was black, I woulda sold half. I ain't have to graduate from lincoln high school to know that." ^ even HE'S TELLING YOU. You think we can't see that Eminem HIMSELF doesn't like YOU WEIRDOS? He KNEW you would notch this in YOUR SUPREMACY CASE. We have Kane, Kool G Rap, Slick Rick, Melly Mel, Kool Moe Dee, LL, Gang Starr, WE ARE TAKING THE BEASTIE BOYS, EPMD, ATCQ, Cam'Ron, Nas, Jay, CYPRESS HILL, FAT JOE, Cube, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Onyx, MOP, Busta, Roc Marciano, WU-TANG, Mobb Deep, The LOX, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Snoop, Dre, E-40, Eazy, Mac Dre, DJ Quik, The Hieros, etc, AND YOU CAN HAVE EMINEM. WHO DO YOU HAVE BEYOND HIM when you NEVER mention them? I BET you wander into OUR PLAYLIST.

  • Unknown

    I'm not expecting him to drop something like MMLP or Eminem Show, But im sure he can still drop something close. He just needs to let go of the pop collabs and the bunch of corny songs he put on recovery. Add a couple dre beats, a couple of good features With Any of those artists like Royce, Dr. Dre, Tech N9ne, Jay-Z, Nas. Forget about D12 it won't happen if you ask me. Maybe a song with Xzibit even yelawolf or 50 cent would be nice. And there you have a classic. If it is his last album. He should forget the pop collabs and even lil wayne too. He could at least retire with dignity lol

  • Anonymous

    "Eminem's impact is bigger than you think. How many white kids were bumping hip hop before 1998. Think about that. He brought in a whole new aspect to the culture in general. I'm not on this whole, "who's greater than who" bullshit, because it's all opinion. Eminem's impact is worldwide, boundary crosssing, an eye opening." ^ I have already spoke on the likes of you, thus why this conversation has lasted this long. The sentiment is accurate enough for debate. Fans like YOU seem to forget there were WHITE RAPPERS BEFORE 1998. Did you know The Beastie Boys have sold over 30 million records? Did you know Nas FIRST APPEARED on a 3rd Bass song? Yes, TWO WHITE GUYS, who DISSED Vanilla Ice AND MC Hammer. Rick Rubin gets RESPECT. Who cared that EVERLAST, who changed his whole preppy style with his first song "I Got The Knack" to an Irish guy was white when "Jump Around" hit the clubs? MANTRONIX was a producer ahead of his time. Marky Mark SOLD TOO, why don't you all speak about him? Have you NOT heard DEBORAH HARRY in "RAPture" speak of Grandmaster Flash? But Eminem brought all the whites in to rap. GTFOHWTBS. Only thing that happened is rap was on TV getting MAJOR EXPOSURE THEN and YOU were growing up and gravitated to it and saw YOU, in the form of Eminem. WE KNOW this talk you all submit really means "our white rapper is better than 97% of you n****rs". The "trailer trash" goes a long way in Washington state, The Dakotas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona. Oregon, etc. We know Em is skilled, we don't want to f**k with YOU Eminem STANS. And the funny part of this is HE MADE A SONG ABOUT YOU! How were WE "hating" and not listening BUT KNOW WHAT A STAN IS? If ANYTHING, WE REALIZED "he got weirdos following him, they can have him. I'm cool". Also, we hate because of his skin color but yet the majority agree that Nas was right when he said "Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t"? In the words of Schwarz, CUT IT OUT. IT'S YOU WEIRDOS. We have BEEN embracing whites into the music. Special shout to STRETCH ARMSTRONG.

    • Anonymous

      YOU SAID: "How many white kids were bumping hip hop before 1998." and I showed that you were INCORRECT, NOW you say: "White rappers existing before 1998 is completely different from mass amounts of white kids purchasing rap cd's. Like it or not, Em got A LOT of white kids buying rap cd's. To suggest otherwise is just foolish." ^ the Beasties sold over 5 million of "Licensed To Ill" in 1986. UNHEARD OF in RAP MUSIC. Beastie fans are Run DMC and PUBLIC ENEMY FANS. "Walk This Way" featuring Aerosmith didn't have white kids buying A LOT of rap music? Didn't John Connor wear a Public Enemy t-shirt in "Terminator 2"? You probably remember "Fight For Your Right", but WE remember "Slow N Low", "Paul Revere", "Posse In Effect". Beasties performed on Soul Train to prove my point. We ALWAYS show love and haven't been racist, it's YOU who ALWAYS want to make YOURS BETTER. EMINEM DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU. WHY should WE?

    • Anonymous

      White rappers existing before 1998 is completely different from mass amounts of white kids purchasing rap cd's. Like it or not, Em got A LOT of white kids buying rap cd's. To suggest otherwise is just foolish.

  • www.beatsfor20.com

    Such a dope concept...I hope the release doesn't disappoint

  • Unknown

    I can't wait for it to drop. I hope he can deliver a good hip hop album. Recovery had some good songs but was too poppy. With Hell The Sequel he's gotten closer to his roots, but the screaming got annoying. It's as if he tries too hard and it doesn't come naturally. If he can have a flow like on the recent song ``Richard`` with obie trice, it would be perfect.

  • So Icy Boi

    i know this sounds crazy but Da drought 3, no ceilings, carter2 and carter 1 are better than ANYTHING that Em has put out in the last 10 yrs

  • The MG

    Hopefully, it's better than Recovery, which was a good album but suffered from some lackluster production that didn't really fit Em's style. Still looking forward to it. Eminem's top 5 without question.

  • Eminem

    Let's do the math, if I was black, I woulda sold half. I ain't have to graduate from lincoln high school to know that.


    This dumb nigga. I wanna put all you dumb muthafuckas in a line an slap the shit outta you. Biggie, Method Man, Redman, EazyE, Ice Cube, Nas, Game, Pac an A WHOLE BUNCH of other rappers talk bout killing themselves, and a few on the list even rap bout raping women an children along wit other wild crazy shit. Wat you said was bout as the other dumb muthafucka saying "who cares wat the hood thinks." Hiphop fans are the most close an one minded idiots on this earth. If u say anything against their type of rap or rapper these mufuckas cry an rage like bitches on pms. Buy yourself some tampons niggas an enjoy good music regardless of who makes it. ^^^ Co FUCKIN sign.

  • Rute

    " Street rap is rappers like 2Pac, Biggie, jay Z, eaze , gucci, jeezy, rozay, that's shit people wanna hear, not this lyrical spiritual bullshit," Gucci is street? hahahahah. Dumbest thing i read this month.

  • P Diddy

    Ready to die >>>> any Em album

  • Anonymous

    "forever 2Pac, Biggie, Eazy E, Big L" So I'm supposed to believe Easy E was better than Eminem? lol Pac maybe. Biggie had lyrics, but he was too one dimensional, and Big L died before he could prove he was more than just a guy who could rhyme over some sinister beats. Not liking Eminem is your right, but you sound very angry and that's scary cause just don't listen to the guy if his music upsets your bowels this much.

    • Anonymous

      "Eminem has left no impact in anyway" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow

      Eazy-E was a terrible lyricist. He's mostly a legend because of his iconic image and was one of the pioneers for gangsta rap. I'm not even a big fan of Em, but to say Eazy is better is ridiculous.

    • Yessir

      @ImpactHuh, sure he has sold millions of records, but lets look where it all MATTERS, Em has NO street impact, so regardless of how many europeans , and kids from the burbs he connected with, it doesn't mean FUCK! If he have no street impact, how in the hell are you gonna tell me , that this guy is the king? Hip hop started in the streets for fuck sake, and Em is missing the target completely when it comes to the urban community, I get it, he has a MASSIVE suburban following as well as a MASSIVE european following, but hip hop is all about URBAN following and the streets, and that is where EM is lacking the MOST!! How hard is it to understand this dude is missing the target completely!! LMAO! And people got the nerve to call him the greatest when nobody in the true urban street community aren't even listening to him! What kind of impact is that? If anything Em made it worse for hip hop cuz he got a lot of fuckboys ridin his dick that don't know what the fuck they are sayin. The fact of the matter is, Em fell of a LONG time ago, he sells records cuz he's white, he gets talked about all over the net cuz he's white, and his entire fan base consists of fuckboys who are white. I think everybody knows Em is a lyrical dude, but nobody can relate to him in the urban community, I mean nobody, and his shit after Eminem show is completly garbage. What I love the most about Em stans is they got into hip hop when EM arrived!! Before than they didnt give a single fuck about hip hop, but since he came out all of sudden they know what they are talking about, and everything street/urban related is trash? That's like a white person telling a mexican he is making mexican food wrong.. SMH. suburban kids have no say in hip hop,and those are the vast majority of people listening and buying Ems shit and making him more than he is.. I rest my case.

    • Impact Huh?

      Eminem's impact is bigger than you think. How many white kids were bumping hip hop before 1998. Think about that. He brought in a whole new aspect to the culture in general. I'm not on this whole, "who's greater than who" bullshit, because it's all opinion. Eminem's impact is worldwide, boundary crosssing, and eye opening. This suburban kid can't understand real hip hop shit is bullshit too. Based on what? They're incapable of relating to suffering. Life can suck sometimes no matter how easy it is. If someone has a functioning brain, they can probably decipher and appreciate something they can't relate to. I never sold large amounts of crack but I can definitely relate to doing things you have to do to get where you have to go. Quit being a fucking racist. You're the problem with hip hop. Not white kids loving Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      Eazy E>Eminem. Eminem has the technique down i get it, but at the end of the day, IMHO Impact outweights Influence. Eazy E has far bigger impact than Eminem. That is a BIG reason why 2Pac is the king, regardless of how many other dudes beat him at being versatile. At the end of the day I REPEAT ! IMPACT> influence. Eminem has left no impact in anyway the B.i.G , Pac, Eazy E did, Em leaves behind a influence for people to study his rhymes, but what is more important to you? How are rapper affected your life, the impact he had how you could relate? Or how crazy skills and versatility he had? At the end of the day who are you seriously gonna ride with? That's why Pac will forever be the greatest, he left a mark that can't be touched, he made impact on peoples lives, he made a difference in people lives in the streets, people could relate, and he kept it 100% true, same with B.I.G and Eazy. At the end of the day, IMPACT>influence. Eminem is strictly influence, altho kids from the burbs do worship him as God, he just isn't good enough, I understand he is lyrical, but to me, that doesn't cut it.

  • Anonymous

    "Sure he can rap, but calling him the greatest is beyond me. Black people have done what he has done a million and one times" Other than 2pac and Jay Z, name these other people. And just to be clear, were not talking so much sales success, cause many rappers have gone platinum. Were talking about being an overall entertainer. Someone who is embraced on BET as much as MTV. Someone who can take years off, then pop up and go triple platinum. I wouldn't call him the GOAT either, but he's at least in the discussion. Top three if you're judging him solely on his overall skill level and not his skin color which actually worked againsn't him at first. He should have flamed out 2 or 3 albums in, yet he's still here today getting respect from basically everybody. Who cares what the hood thinks? They're still hoping for an MOP comeback lol

    • ^

      Both of you are idiots.

    • Bleaks

      The fuck u mean who cares wat the hood thinks? Muthafucka the hood was the creator of this hip hop u listen to. Fuck outta here. Bitch ass suburban kids these days.

    • Anonymous

      Em had 2 good albums, that's it. The fact is Em gets so much press cuz he is White, and the people that buy his shit are all white. I listen to his shit and I think it's corny as hell. I hear the same people always riding Tech N9nes dick for example, as well as a lot of underground rappers, but I think people are missing the entire point. It's not about how lyrical you are, it's how you connect with the listener, having good beats, and good subject matter. To say fuck the streets is kinda like saying fuck hip hop except "our version of it" and everybody knows the streets is where hip hop started. The biggest problem I think tho is that white people have put there own vanilla swirl on hip hop, and rubbed in in everyones faces, forcing it down the real hip hop communities throats, suburban kids should have no say in what good and bad hip hop is, because the fact of the matter is they never struggled a day in the life , so they will never understand the struggle and the real defintion of hip hop. I dont care how versatile a rapper is, if I ain't feelin him, he's garbage yo, and that's why Em isn't top 10, that's why underground will forever be wack, and street rap will forever dominate the mainstream, bc hip hop IS the streets, and to say other than than u must be out your mind. Eminem fell off a long time ago. But i get it.

  • For Real

    I still listen to Infinite. Em's lyrics and flow on that album are better than most rappers today.

  • Anonymous

    I co-sign u 100%. The only reason gets talked about is because he is a white guy that can rap. Sure he can rap, but calling him the greatest is beyond me. Black people have done what he has done a million and one times......I can't relate to this guy plain and simple, and I find the people constantly bragging about Eminem are white people who never struggled a day in there life, isn't that what hip hop is about? The hip hop game sadly is dominated by white people all over the internet these days, so their is a lot of hype when these super lyrical cats come out, regardless of them having subject matter than is mediocre, hooks, and beats that are mediocre. Im with you on that, the reason Eminem sells is cuz he is white, people can talk all this and that about it's not about race, but if you ask me, that is far from the truth. I will never accept eminem a top 10 rapper, he did have a couple of good albums but the guy fell off a long time ago.

    • Anonymous

      If its because he's white, then why are there no other really successful white rappers? Your argument is flawed.

    • The Real Franchise

      u mad bro? yeah you mad. Why dont you name the rappers who have 3 albums that stack up with MMLP SSLP and TES, cause it would be a short list.

  • SDK


  • Yessir

    Eminem only sells cuz he is white, and only white people can relate to him and actually buy his stuff. Nobody in the streets are bumpin him, hip hop started in the streets, forever 2Pac, Biggie, Eazy E, Big L, that's street rap for u, and the fact remains hood rap still dominates the radio, you dudes can make every excuse in the book to hate on street rap, but the fact is nobody is feelin this wack ass dude except kids from the burbs. I am tired of u white kids from the burbs, talking how Em is the king listen here, I personally give 2 fucks how lyrical eminem is , the fact remains, he doesn't relate to the streets, he has horrible subject matter, horrible hooks, horrible beats, how in the hell are you gonna tell me this dude is the king when he has only had a couple of good albums? White people fucked up the hip hop game i tell ya.. White people come in here disrespect street hip hop, but they got the nerve to say this dude along with a lot of other corny rappers are the best. Here is what I figured out, suburban kids cant relate to REAL hip hop, so they classify anything versatile as "great" , 2Pac wasnt the most lyrical but u wanna know why hes the best? Cuz people could relate, he made impact, he kept it real, and he spoke the truth, his stuff never gets old, he kept it true to the streets, Eminem can never talk that shit cuz he never lived it, nobody gives a fuck how lyrical he is same with all these underground artists, it's straight up trash!!!! Street rap > Suburban rap.. That's the truth!

    • sandy

      ^^^thats more like it

    • djbvax

      I don't get into these dumb ass threads BUT you my friend are disillusioned. Do you even know what Hip Hop is all about? It was designed as an outlet for EVERYONE as a means to stay out of trouble. Here's some other "white people" of note involved in Hip Hop. Lady Pink. she took mad pics of the old school shit you see as history and helped infuse the connection of Blacks and Whites by setting up events at Punk Rock clubs. Arthur Baker. The producer of classics Planet Rock, Looking for the perfect beat and the ENTIRE soundtrack to "Beat Street", Paul C Beat creator/ mentor to Large Professor, Nas, Kool G Rap and others. I could go on but you may not get it. The fact is this. Em is not the first and ONLY white MC. He just happens to have a style people liked. Maybe not you but a lot of people did. I loved Pac but I loved 2pacayplse now Pac not Thug Life Pac. And NO I'm not a white kid from the burbs. Im a black man from a major City where crime and "thuggin" run rampant. There hasn't been a single rapper EVERYONE can relate to because everyone is different. If you don't like Em that's on you but don't act like people who do are only from one area and don't get other shit.

    • Anonymous

      I feel ya bruh on the street rap vs suburban rap. To me em most def fits in the suburban rap category with rappers like Mac Miller , Asher Roth, Tech N9ne (anything underground) Street rap is rappers like 2Pac, Biggie, jay Z, eaze , gucci, jeezy, rozay, that's shit people wanna hear, not this lyrical spiritual bullshit, i mean good for Em he knows how to rap, and his suburban fans buy all his shit, but I think people are missing the whole point, it's about connecting with hood, hip hop started in the hood, people gotta be able to feel that struggle and pain, people gotta be able to hustle and grind to your shit , and with em and other suburban type of lyrical rappers, they just dont have it real talk.

    • Anonymous

      Ur a fucking retard

  • Anonymous

    Nice cant wait for this shit, got YMCMB fans scared as fuck already lol. These mautherfuckers hate to admit Ems the best but when it is all said and done the world will know.


    eminem TALKS ABOUT KILLING HIMSELF and RAPING WOMEN and killing chopping up woman AND KIDS and BEING A PEDOPHILE, EMINEM is trash just like CHUCK NORRIS IS TRASH but the white population refuse's to let them go trying to make them more than what they are... All he does is goes to the studio makes songs and dissing people from his studio then cries about how people hate him because he is white...He is trash just like his label...And trust me im far from a "hater'....

    • Bleaks

      This dumb nigga. I wanna put all you dumb muthafuckas in a line an slap the shit outta you. Biggie, Method Man, Redman, EazyE, Ice Cube, Nas, Game, Pac an A WHOLE BUNCH of other rappers talk bout killing themselves, and a few on the list even rap bout raping women an children along wit other wild crazy shit. Wat you said was bout as the other dumb muthafucka saying "who cares wat the hood thinks." Hiphop fans are the most close an one minded idiots on this earth. If u say anything against their type of rap or rapper these mufuckas cry an rage like bitches on pms. Buy yourself some tampons niggas an enjoy good music regardless of who makes it.

    • Anonymous

      Dude those are just concept tracks, all rappers do that shit you dumb ass. Take your hateful ignorant ass somewhere else Weak ass troll.

  • Ricky Rozay

    too bad Em hasnt made a good album in TEN yrs! his fans are the most loyal but the most delusional. nobody down in ATL or miami playin his shit no mo' Bawse!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    best news i have heard in a long time em is the goat!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem has lost it. I mean he sobered up but lost that edge that drove his music. He straight embarassed himself on the Slaughterhouse album. That was some grade A horse doo. Honestly, he should have just kept going with the movies. By now, he probably would have had half a dozen if not more roles under his belt.

  • remo

    lets get a em & ja rule collab that would be awesome

  • row

    finally.. im definitly gonna buy this, eminem is the best rapper alive today. i just hope he leaves the punch lines alone and doesnt try to string together syllables for 5 minutes like slaughter house. i wanna hear marshal mathers LP type of eminem. clever story telling funny shit not trying to be good, just naturally being incredible

    • MSizzla

      This is so true. Naturally better than anyone else around so let's get him back on a track and tearing shit up!!

  • Anonymous

    Why don't people respect the growth and maturation of an artist? Love what shady does

    • T

      u can be mature with a good sound apollo brown & OC - Tropheys check it out

    • ETK

      it's stupid but for some people, it's all about how dope the first album(s) was/were. Eminem isn't the only victim of this, goes for about 80% of emcees in hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    i'm so ready for snapbacks to go out of style... why does everyone wanna look like mac miller lmao...fitteds are much better.

  • francisco

    i love rap but i hate the fans, all you idiots do is talk shit about the rappers you dont like than appreciate the rappers you do. it makes me sick. anyways i cant wait for the album Em

  • kyle

    recovery was shit dafaq. are people deaf no love was sick and so was wont back down, and cold wind blows . most of u jst jump on the haters band wagon tho i will admit it not his best wrk it is defo not shit

  • Cealix

    lol hip hop has BY FAR the worst fans. I remember back then when all a rapper had to do was have a good flow and keep your head bobbing to be considered dope. Now you have to worry about who produced their track, where the beat came from, what kind of metaphors they use, where they came from, and what other artist likes them. Your favorite artist praised Eminem on Recovery. Quit crying and deal with it.

    • T

      numbers don't matter eminem could put out a country album and go double platinum the albums whack buddy .. how u like listing to pink

    • SDK


    • Cealix

      Please tell me how enjoying a new album (or any album) is a bad thing. And lol @ eminem fucking his career up. Can you even explain what the fuck that means after an artist sold 680k its first week, even after being in hiatus for 5 years? You wanna talk about a fucked up career? Nas' last album hasn't even hit the 400k mark yet. Bigger fanbase = better career I dare you to prove me wrong on that statement.

    • Anonymous

      dre and em rap back n forth fucking classic

    • Anonymous

      you dont even know how good the eminem show is if you like recovery

    • ear for the craft

      why u think the skit on eminem show said this is the best thing i have ever heard... then the quality drop to encore and now relapse and recovery eminem fucked his career up

    • Anonymous

      cealix dont even know what he's talking about probly likes kendicks new album .... if interscope will put out keef cheif with dre's co-sign they would put out a whack eminem album no problem

    • Anonymous

      its cause of the lyrics and they understand they cant rap better ..... its a pop rap album pop singer / conventional singer pop rapper / emcee

    • Sam

      speaking real words

  • SMH

    Im gettin tired of this fag already. All the white people and suburban kids getting there panties all wet. This fuckin clown died out after Eminem shows, lets be honest.

  • former Emfan

    Can't support him anymore. He sold out with Recovery and now I can't respect and support him anymore

  • Wow

    Recovery was a good album in MY opinion, but his old music will always be the best. Hopefullly this next album will be a classic.

  • Anonymous

    would be awesome if he would suprise the world with some oldskool shit like infinite

    • Cudder

      he's not going to. that's what hardcore fans always want, their favorite rapper to go back to their day one shit. 70% of the time.. they won't. because they like to move on, and so should the fans.

  • Angel

    Can't wait for This Recovery was awesome and This one's just gonna be as classic

  • bmoc

    3 years since Recovery? wow

  • ETK

    people gotta realize... that Eminem's fanbase is huge. he doesn't just cater to hip-hop heads, but also to those teenage broads who like to sing Not Afraid or LTWYL whenever they have a bad break with their boyfriend or some BS. this isn't gonna be easy for Em, and so I expect his album to be released in the 2nd half of 2013 due to his perfectionism. and as much as I'd love for Nas, Tech n9ne or Kendrick to be on the album, because of said factors above I doubt it. considering GKMC's success, I would probably bet on Kendrick to get a spot if anything. I don't think it'll be like Recovery thankfully, I hope he shows the same hunger he showed on Hell: the Sequel. on that track w/ Slaughterhouse & skylar grey he said he could spit for 6 hours straight, I hope for some clever shit from Marshall and he better make this one count. oh, and just get Royce on the album, fuck the rest of SH.

  • Anonymous

    as long as its better than that fairy pop bullshit Recovery..fuck that album was awful lol

  • T

    i want the em that did renegades

  • Eye Control

    OMG finally, can't wait. Recovery was the last good rap album, everything after that has been mainly pop. Hard to believe that Em has been in the game since infinity which was almost 20 years ago. Since then, he's sold hundreds of millions of records, put together 2 rap groups, d12 and slaughterhouse, and signed the 2nd best white rapper ever, yellow wolf. There's nothing Eminem can't accomplish, hes the greatest of all time, and I can't imagine how much more records he would have sold if he was black. And plus he's only in his 30s so he definitely has plenty of years in the rap game left and many albums to come. "World Champion" will be the best album of 2013, believe that.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the Tigers just got swept in the WS so I doubt anyone will want to buy this.

  • Anonymous

    bunch of rage yelling shout out meek!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope there is a techn9ne collab

  • stan

    fuck colabos. I'd like hear eminem alone on tracks murdering rap game!

  • Anonymous

    if you a fan of em you would like this joint. kinda how like kendrick is the new generations "nas" type rapper. this wud be em http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR1sRsqFrWY

  • Over opinionated nigga

    Man em seriously needs to consider doing an 'Detroit track'. I know em meet Elzhi when he was younger, and Royce is on his label so it's really just a question about when it will happen.

  • Anonymous

    Black people don't have the internet.

  • Anonymous

    looking forward to it. Marshall shits on your best rapper hope marshall gets kendrick on board

    • ETK

      your punk ass just had to bring race into this

    • Anonymous

      "Marshall shits on your best rapper" ^ translation: "our white guy is better than all of your n*****s" but when you were babies, the Beasties, 3rd Bass & House Of Pain were EMBRACED by us. WHY NOT EMINEM? Because of YOU bigots.

  • Anonymous

    Yes another pop album!! Cant wait.

  • youngsta

    oh great, another eminem album filled with pop trash, just like recovery and the new slaughterhouse album. old ass eminem just needs to retire already. i get it, he sold a lot of records, now just retire before his music gets more embarrassing. take care >>> eminem post-2002.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed this faggot back in 2003. Ja Rule is hip hop's Nostradamus "Em, you claim your mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut. So what's Hailie gonna be when she grows up?" and she really did turn into a "i'm guzzlin' cocks daily" slut.

  • yeaaahh

    Why is it when you're a fan of someone you get called a dick rider?? That shit is annoying! Em is one of the greatest and was my first favorite rapper. So, yeah, I'm excited..

  • Na$ty NaS

    Great fuckin news cannot wait. Hahah people gonna hate on EM just cuz of the skin color and immense success..Keep hatin while this shit goes yet again #1 and multi-platinum and walks away with 1-3 grammys and gets bumped and respected by your favorite rapper. And Recovery was great it was just different ppl judged the whole 20 track album off a fuckin radio rhianna feature...yet jay z, kayne, and nas can collab with the likes of katy perry, tyga, rhianna, rick ross, alisha keyes, beyonce, and also fuck with a lot of pop samples and yall dont say shit...

    • Anonymous

      People don't hate Eminem, they hate you Eminem fans. We know your comment REALLY means "he's great because he outsold all the n*****s". YOU are the ones using skin color, because the BEASTIE BOYS have sold millions and GET RESPECT in the rap community.

  • Hmm

    Nas is 39 Eminem is 40 Look at Nas' L.I.G album, a turnaround in the right direction for him this late in his career, now that's exactly what Em NEEDS to do at this stage in his career or it's curtains for him, drop the "Pop" Rap and make something real, for your trapped in the early 2000's fans.

    • T

      someone lock eminem in his basement and see what he comes out with make him produce all his own shit to

    • T

      no i want somthing real numbers dont mean good music,they mean money

    • lol

      May I remind you sir that Relapse and Recovery both reached #1 and won best rap album and went 2x and 4x platinum respectively?... Ask any of your favorite rappers if eminem is wack and theyll fuckin slap you

  • Fuck Detroit

    It's dickriding time, Stans!!!

  • Anonymous

    Those hats are gay, Eminem is gay, And so is his gay ass pop music he makes now. Eminem show was his last good thing. Dude is washed up.

    • Anonymous

      I bet anon wears trukfit and jeggings

    • ..skkdjfkflks

      You're a fuckin idiot, dude. You obviously have NO FUCKING CLUE what lyricism is and if you do you COULDN'T have listened to encore, relapse, recovery. Name one person that makes better albums than eminem. What other artist makes a complete album? There are few, but do you listen to those guys? prolly not. dumbs.

  • Anonymous

    i hope its relapse lyrics with eminem show flow...cant wait

    • Anonymous

      cause i liked relapse, i thought the lyrics were amazing. the only thing was that annoying accent and flow. just my opinion though

    • Anonymous

      Why would he take a step back like that? Especially when he has publicly stated that relaspe is wack to him now.

  • Anonymous

    all i want is a Em Nas collab

  • Case Closed

    EM you can retire now we have Kendrick Case Closed

  • Man

    Snapbacks seriously? CMon em!

  • jester

    FINALLY MARSHALL HAS COME BACK TO US haha I couldn't help myself Infinite is dope TSSLP what a way to come into the game TMMLP classic no doubt bout it Eminem Show he raised the bar like no other Encore had its moments but didn't live up to the hype Relapse I fuckin loved it his wordplay & concepts caught me off guard Recovery don't sound like a Mathers album its more of a combination We want him back with Dre, Bass Bros, Mel Man, Elizondo & Resto! We don't need features but if hes gonna give us some I want Dre (no mention of Beats) Slaughterhouse (individually) Xzibit (Don't Approach Me & Say My Name you can't fuck with) D12 (we need it) Obie (All ways not new days) Jay & Nas (same song) Red, Meth & Missy (same track) DMX (Go to Sleep) 50 (hate it or love it they got the chemistry) Not all but atleast 3 or 4 from above!!!

  • Yeah

    Finally some real hip hop news!

  • poppa large

    hope it aint wack corny pop shit like recovery was. relapse was dope though.

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day you could only imagine what rapper X and rapper Y could sound like on a co-lab, but they didn't do such things(it would most likely be a let-down), to keep the people interested in the art form, by letting the fans admire the different respective styles of the artists in hip-hop. Today they do collaborate in every damn song, that's why the entire damn industry sounds the same

  • Anonymous

    Stop with all this collabo bull shit. It should be an Eminem album, not a Various Artists album. If I buy Eminem's shit, I want to listen to Eminem, not some other rappers, unless they are Shady residents. The collabo-train wrecked hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    I hope Eminem will release quality with this one. We need that quality back. Back in the day, you didn't even have to ask who produced it, you just knew "THAT'S THE NEW SHIT"


    LIL WAYNE IS A REAL BLOOD, PRO SKATER, GUITAR HERO, AND RAP LEGEND. HE WILL EASILY KILL EMINEM IN ANY SONG BUT EMINEM IS TOO SCARED SINCE LIL WAYNE ALREADY MURKED HIM! FEAR THE LYRICAL MONSTER THAT WE CALL LIL WAYNE, THE REAL BLOOD! I DO IT FOR TRUKFIT! Bitch! Stop talkin' that shit And suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit Okay I fuck a bitch and I'm gone Thats gangsta: Al Capone I make that pussy spit like Bone I'm talkin' 'bout bone, bone, bone bone Im fuckin with French, excuse my French I lose my mind before I lose my bitch Money aint a thing but a chicken wing Bitch I ball like two eyelids YMCM beat that pussy up, stop playin' I make her ass scream and holla like rock bands Im a beast, Im off the leash I am rich like a bitch On my Proactiv shit, pop that pussy like a zit I go by the name Lil Tunechi Your girl is a groupie And nigga, you's a square And I will twist you like in a Rubix Motherfucker I'm on my skateboard Watch me do a trick ho Im 55 but I could six nine Then beat that pussy like Klitschko Its French Montana, fuck Joe Its Weezy F, fuck hoes Its Truk the world Its Truk yo girl Its Trukfit by the truck load, biatch!

    • Anonymous

      Lil wayne is trash and that verse was god awful. Half the stuff didn't even rhyme. I hope you do know that he is one of the worst rappers in the game. Also i guess you never heard the interview when he said eminem will kill anyone in the game and shouldnt be fucked with

  • Anonymous

    1. Look Who's Back (produced by Just Blaze) 2. In The Morning (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Soundwave) 3. Blow (produced by No I.D.) 4. Weapon of Mass Destruction (produced by No I.D.) 5. Breath Away (feat. Royce da 5'9 and Busta Rhymes) (produced by Eminem) 6. Paul Rosenberg (skit) 7. American Psycho (feat. Jhene Aiko and Tech N9ne) (produced by Kanye West) 8. Shooting Star (feat. Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West) 9. Deep Purple (produced by Eminem) 10. Urgent Message (skit) 11. Mission: Impossible (feat. Dr. Dre) (produced by Dr. Dre) 12. Mushroom (produced by Dr. Dre) 13. Bloody Murder (skit) 14. Candy Paint (feat. Nas and Bun B) (produced by T-Minus) 15. Down (produced by Just Blaze) 16. Paul Rosenberg's Back (skit) 17. On Top Of The World (produced by Eminem) 18. Power (feat. Adele) (produced by Kanye West) 19. The Beginning (feat. Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Eminem) Deluxe Edition 20. Dead Bodies (feat. Slaughterhouse) (produced by Eminem) 21. Vibe Killer (produced by Eminem) 22. Call Me Maybe (produced by Eminem)

  • Papa Doc

    I don't know why y'all hate on Eminem so much, he can murder any emcee in a battle. Eminem is one of the few hip hop artists that understands the essence of hip hop. Instead y'all choose to listen to rappers like Wack Flocka and gucci ape, Rappers who admitted to the world that they are whack. How can y'all even compare Hopsin to Eminem??? No wonder hip hop is dead!

    • Ha

      lol papa doc said lupe and nas, thats extremely cliche. Why don't you check out all of black hippy albums and mixtapes that dropped this year. that slaughterhouse album wasnt so great because they were too busy mocking mainstream hiphop instead of droppin some really good shit, their mixtape was better. Niggas who only listen to albums dont get to see the real artists cause the labels tamper with their music. you want real hiphop? look up the mixtapes

    • Anonymous

      You're right, Eminem can murder most MC's in battles, but his music is, aside from some exceptions, flatout terrible and corny as fuck.

    • ....

      "the only good projects out this year are lupe: food and liquor 2, nas: life is good and.. thats about it." No, the only 2 albums YOU'VE liked this year are Lupe's F&L2 & Life Is Good. Like I said before If you're too ignorant to acknowledge them projects then that's YOUR fault NOT hip hop's. If you truly believe that "Hip Hop Is Dead" then go look for another genre to listen to, shit there is plenty of them. Don't be going on Hip Hop websites if it's "dead"... Judging by the amount of effort you put it to look for music you don't know fuck all about how the state of hip hop is.

    • Papa Doc

      the only good projects out this year are lupe: food and liquor 2, nas: life is good and.. thats about it. When is j.cole gon drop another album man, now that's real hip hop, Not this wacka garbage.slaughterhouse's album was garbage man, how could u even mention that album, and this is coming from a former slaughterhouse fan.

    • ....

      You saying shit like "hip hop is dead" is just showing your ignorance. This year we've had projects like good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, Control System, The Heist, Life Is Good, Live from the Underground, 4eva N a Day, R.A.P. Music, On the House, Channel Orange, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them, People Hear What They See, Habits & Contradictions, Trophies, This Generation, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, A Dream Deferred, Key to the Kuffs, welcome to: Our House, REBELutionary, Cancer 4 Cure, Skelethon, The Idea of Beautiful, The Bite Marked Heart, Straight, No Chaser, MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne all come out. If you're too ignorant to acknowledge them projects then that's YOUR fault NOT hip hop's.

  • Eminem - TBA (8th Studio Album)

    1. Curtains Up (skit) 2. I Will Not Lose (Produced by Just Blaze) 3. Problem (Produced by Eminem, co. Jeff Bass) 4. Shadow Boxing (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mel-Man) 5. The Factory (Produced by Mr. Porter) 6. Paul (skit) 7. Run For Your Life (Produced by Eminem, co. Jeff Bass) 8. The God of Rap (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mark Batson) 9. Nothing Remains feat. Royce da 5'9" (Produced by DJ Premier) 10. Ken Kaniff (skit) 11. Do Not Disturb (Produced by No I.D.) 12. I Followed You (Produced by Boi-1da) 13. Skitzo feat. Slaughterhouse (Produced by Eminem, add. Luis Resto) 14. It's The Morning (Produced by Eminem, co. Jeff Bass) 15. Perfect World (Produced by Mr. Porter) 16. Steve Berman (skit) 17. Hunger feat. Nas & Dr. Dre (Produced by Dr. Dre) 18. Dark Space (Produced by Just Blaze) 19. Alpha Omega (The Beginning) (Produced by Eminem, co. Luis Resto) 20. Curtains Close (skit) Deluxe 21. Surgery (Produced by Eminem, co. Luis Resto) 22. Different (Produced by No I.D.) 23. Anti-American Graffiti feat. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf (Produced by DJ Khalil) ^^Something like this would be dope!

  • HopGOAT


    • Anonymous

      Hopsin needs more shit out ...and promotion

    • Lol

      Hopsin is wack and corny as fuck. Don't you ever compare that piece of shit to a legend.

    • Papa Doc

      GTFOH with that nonsense!! HopGoat is clearly still wearing diapers.

    • YouSerious?

      One problem there, chief: Hopsin's whole style sounds like Eminem circa Slim Shady LP. Em's style molded Hopsin's. Hopsin himself has acknowledged the influence Em's had on him. Also, call me when Hopsin talks about some new shit. He's good, but he's not the next face of hip-hop.

  • Game

    corny ass white hoe will release another non classic album this time fucking lil wayne on the cover. yours truly game keep waitin for jesus piece my best classic yet, oh wait i can't rap for shit though. im always to high and fucking my niggas is hard work. i better get shot again and hope dre saves me one more time as i dick ride him on my first 2 albums and secretly want to make love to him. P.S this is david brown a.k.a ( young buck ) can someone lend me some money so i can buy a pack of smokes in prison. i swear i'll pay you back when i make another hit album. ( i joke alot ) my next album is featuring another broke ass rapper in busta rhymes and my producer is dame dash as he needs the money for more meth and to pay his rent on the street corner selling his ass.

  • RC

    Hopefully we'll finally get a Eminem/DJ Premier collabo on this album!! It's the last final frontier at this point in Em's career.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully NAS is on it.

    • Anonymous

      Nicki Minaj? Fuck no.

    • Anonymous

      Nas isn't exactly high on who I'd wanna hear. Kendrick Lamar, Royce, Slaughterhouse, and to stick some (non-Aftermath) out there... Kanye West (both rapping and production), Bun B, Tech N9ne, any Wu-Tang members (and RZA production), Snoop and Nicki Minaj.

    • Pat

      and possibly kendrick lamar, slaughterhouse, yelawolf, e-40, dre, d12, brotha lynch hung, immortal technique, bun-b, twista, xzibit

    • Pat

      word nas is the dope. Lets be real RIGHT NOW- Life is Good > Raw or anything hopsin has put out. Hopsin is just a worse version of early eminem. I'd wanna see a nas collab and a separate tech n9ne collab.

    • Holla

      Well I'm sorry sir but I don't think the same way. Hopsin is enormously overrated in my opinion. NaS needs to be on this album, the man is the G.O.A.T

    • Anonymous

      Uhh no youare crazy I agree with 2nd anonymous Hopsin would be better on a track with EMINEM then NaS. They have the same style when Eminem is doing Slim Shady. And lets be real RIGHT NOW Hopsin is better then NaS (as a rapper not an artist.) That being said im still hoping to hear a NaS/Em collab one day..

    • ASEE

      Hopsin?! wow. you're rather a hopsin feat than fucking NAS?! ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      hell no...i dont wanna hear Nas...i wanna hear Tech N9ne and i wanna hear Slaughterhouse,and maybe Eminem will link up with Hopsin(thats a wishfull thinking)

  • fabdoe

    Next summer maybe? when in 2013 do you guys think he will release it?



  • Eduardo

    Hahaha 2013? Giants won the world series!!! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Shady/AFtermath runs hip hop Dr. Dre|Eminem|50 Cent|Kendrick Lamar|Ab Soul|Royce Da 5'9|Yelawolf etc I mean come on...

  • Anonymous

    Lookin forward to this and A$APs album

  • MR.Yola_Whippin

    oh man 2013 sounds like a good year, imma get a job forsure by then(hopefully),n asap album coms out, nd eminems album coms out too, nd dam ill rock that snapback.

    • Anonymous

      5 yeas ago that hat would have been fitted 5 years later?who knows? tear the bill off i guess, that would look cool.


    hey dx how bout you do some reporting and mention how the money for the hat is for charitiy. On topic I'm excited. Hip-hop is slowly getting better. We had Slaughterhouse, Kendrick, Lupe, and Nas have a good year and keep it alive and next year we get Em.


    Slaughterhouse is probably somewhere sobbing about how they're going to pay back their advance. Idiots should've keep true to themselves as opposed to EM poor beat selection ass.

  • Anonymous


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