Kendrick Lamar On "good kid, m.A.A.d city": "It Ain't A Classic Yet"

Kendrick Lamar says that his Aftermath debut can't be considered a classic - at least not yet.

The world Hip Hop may be in a total and utter tizzy over the release of Kendrick Lamar's studio debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, but there's one emcee out there who doesn't believe the hype: Kendrick Lamar. Now, in a recent interview with Hot 97, the Compton emcee explains why his Aftermath/Interscope album shouldn't be called a classic.

While speaking with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, K. Dot said that he doesn't feel his critically lauded debut LP isn't worthy of being labelled a classic yet, saying that it needs at least decade to marinate. He added that while he's proud of the quality of his effort, he's just happy that he was able to work with a group of people who believed in his vision.

"It ain't a classic yet - it's got to be at least ten years," he said. "Oh yeah, definitely [it's the best I could have made it], just off the fact that I had 100% creative control on it. That's what I most proud of - [having] people that respect what I've been doing prior to me signing a major deal and they wanted to continue that."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • mar500

    french montana > kendrick lamar

  • NiCK

    The dude rite,for us to call this classic we shud wait for 5/10 years. the wen we listern to it that time and still feel it, then thats wen we will say is a classic

  • Shyne

    THE ALBUM IS TRASH!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    Thank you Kendrick! remember when people were saying "cole world" was a classic? who listens to that now? Only time can tell if an album will be a classic or not.

  • Tiego

    Best lp in a long time niggaz dont want to admit that cuz they all want to find flaws in it thats as good as i gets fuccin accept that yall dont want to give anything today classic status because niggaz so stucc in the past time to realise new niggaz is makin NEW CLASSICS illmatic and reasonable doubt got hated on when they release to remeber that shit but yall generation bumped it up when yall got older and we gone do the same so old niggaz gone hate regardless smh

  • Willi

    Ya the albums legit not what i expected but good. I get those lauren hill,outkast,roots feel when I listen to this album. If I never heard of kendrick and this was the first time I heard of him I wouldve never thought he was from the west coast,dudes mad creative and talented though.

    • Anonymous

      Do you live on the West coast? I am in Compton as I type this, and can say this DEFINITELY has a west coast feel to it.

  • Humble Opinion

    the album is great but it doesn't have the westcoast feel to far as westcoast sound is considered i would say Doctor's Advocate was the last best album...K.Dot's got the lyrical skills but he needs to work on his delivery...

  • Anonymous

    i agree with this dude on the 10 year rule to be considered a classic.

  • deezdudes

    look like pure idiots

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK Lamar

    MC Eiht outshined this nigga so beautifully.

  • Anonymous

    If dre signed Kendrick thats GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME

  • Anonymous

    kendrick a dope ass nigga... fuck yall haters

  • Anonymous

    It's not a classic until the people deem it a classic.

  • Well Said

    I think he's right about that. I his album is pretty good. Let's give a couple of years and see what kind of artist he is. if he's going to sellout or keep the creativity and lyricism going, which l doubt when he starts to need to sell records. But he's a humble dude and lm glad he did a lyrical album.

  • 614grind

    This album is some refreshing shit. This reminds me of the Hieroglyphics era on the West Coast. I'm 36 years old and your typical hater of the new shit but THIS is some Golden Era top shelf shit! Salute!!!!

  • Yo

    Based on ETK's logic Future, Gucci Mane, and Roscoe Dash are platinum caliber artists because they get alot of radio play. We're in a generation where most people don't even listen to the radio unless they want to hear gossip or something, I personally never listen to the radio, i plug in my ipod into the auxiliary port. Lot of radio stations show kendrick love and he has songs that play on the radio that aren't even on his album. Kendrick is a platinum caliber artist. He has nice beat selections and he's pretty damn marketable, I mean every other article on this website is about Kendrick Lamar or Black Hippy. Although Kendrick might not got platinum with this album, that doesn't mean he isn't an artist of that caliber. I mean radios are desperate to get people to listen, you can tell cause they play songs like tony montana or at the same damn time lol

    • Anonymous

      FRESH NEWS on HHDX: "Kendrick Lamar Explains How Yo's Comment Shaped His Artistic Vision". Sorry, can't miss the chance. By the way, I absolutely agree with you, especially a radio part. Can't imagine myself listening radio, never did and probably never will. It could be useful as a background noise in the car or at certain work places, but actually turning on just to enjoy it? Seems impossible for me. What I'd like to listen is always depends on my mood, and as somebody with a solid music collection that approach never failed to me. Or sometimes I just throw a few thousand track to the playlist, set shuffle on and just skip what I don't like at the moment. Honestly, I never felt that I need the radio.

  • d-nucks

    Classic is something that stands the TEST OF TIME....its been a fucking day since the album dropped.....of course its not a classic album yet....but HAS GREAT POTENTIAL TO BE.

  • Anonymous

    malone needs help and a life sad bastard

  • Anonymous

    congrats to kendrick haters are bitches.... im glad a young african american like u made it out the hood... respect!!!!! good luck in your career FUCK HATERS

  • Aaron Pettigrew

    it's a classic nigga...i don't care what you say kendrick! lol

  • Malone

    Me and Kendrick have a lot in common. That's why I love him like a brother. We both get crucified proverbially for doing what I can only describe as "God's Work" Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • AK47

    Niggas hate on K. Dot, niggas hate on Em, niggas hate on wayne, niggas hate on ross, niggas hate on Jeezy. Hatin ass niggas always be floodin outta the woodworks lol. These niggas are musicians and entertainers, stop wastin your energy actin angry and hatin on the internet. These rappers dont effect you in any way, they not takin ur money unles you go to they shows or buy they albums. America would be a much better place if niggas focused their hate on congress, which hurtin us real bad.

  • Anonymous

    classic? more like FLOP!

  • fuck off

    good, possibly great album but NOT A CLASSIC BY ANY MEANS half you motherfuckers never listened to a class in your life keep listening to ross and wayne, not that hard to top those guys

    • ETK

      ...if they listened to ross and wayne, they wouldn't like this shit half the people who call Kendrick overrated are part of the shortbus bunch. think about it. people are just gettin too hype man. GKMC is amazing, now let's just wait to see if it'll stand the test of time(it likely will)

    • Anonymous

      nope. it means u listen to waka and soulja boi.

    • fuck you

      just cuss we dont like this shit don't mean we listen ross or wayne......typical butt hurt fan boy

  • Anonymous

    What do y'all see in this cat? No hate but I bought the album n I want my money back

    • no id

      I feel that he should have sold more the first week he said 10 years thats crazy i feel that he's better then most but the hype was to much for him since he's not a scary rap black guy he should have sold more and knocked some cats out the game some of the beats are hard you know that track with mc ehit is crazy he's a victim of the internet instant megs hype he's not going to sell millions of this album but it's decent it's going to be hard for labels to put out any real music if cats like this don't sell i think we are going to hear singing rap for a while longer even 50 cent pushed his album back and all he does is talk the streets i'm just saying money should have turned it up a notch if anybody wants to give me some feedback i will reply back on your opinion

  • Anonymous

    It'll be really sad if this dude doesn't sell more than 750k copies. Can't wait til Ab Soul next album drop I think he's the most creative and lyrical out of the TDE crew, but Kendrick is definitely not far behind as far as skill and creativity goes, but Kendrick goin to receive the most mainstream success. Rappers like Black Hippy, Freddie Gibbs, and Joey Bada$$ are breaths of fresh air to hip hop right now.

    • Anonymous

      well my friend, it just passed 750 thousand...dont u feel stupid? this albums gonna be platinum by summer, if not then by fall. so sit down.

    • ETK

      Kendrick is not a platinum caliber artist. chill. he deserves to go platinum, doesn't mean he's of that caliber. there's a diff. he needs massive airplay to even reach that close. nobody's gonna put anything other than Swimming Pools on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      has an image the public appeals to*

    • Anonymous

      lol dude you sound like the mad rapper or somethin lmao. Since '05 there have been plenty of rappers who have sold 500k-1 mil. Jeezy, Em,Wale, ti, Wayne,rick ross, Drake,Kanye/Jay-Z, i think big sean hit 500k+ idk though. Kendrick is a young rapper who is superb lyrically has an image the public appeals to the masses and he doesn't have any beefs with anybody, plus he rollin with aftermath/interscope. Kendrick is a platinum caliber artist, but there is some truth to what you sayin, but I wouldn't say Kendrick's chances of even reachin 750k are slim to none. But it would be sad though. Wayne could put out garbage and sell a mil, kanye could throw an album jus full of instrumentals and prolly sell more than 500k, and jeezy is a platinum artist but Kendrick might not sell even 500k? thats fucked up for real

    • jerryc

      750,000!!!!! what do you think this is, 05? Rappers dont sell 750 too much nowadays...Hes about to sell 200,000 first week and that was much higher than most anticipated. That means that lyrics sell still if theres quality!!! Got that you punk ass record labels!!!!

  • Seuok720

    Dude is real Humble!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill gon flop hard anyway

  • Anonymous

    i see some angry Lil gayne and officer ricky fans mad that Aftermath got another classic album,

  • Shawn

    Ok its way too soon to be calling this a classic I agree.. But some of you cats is being ridiculous not giving this guy his props. He's a breath of fresh air to the game. Something its been needing for the longest and hopefully it brings in more conscious rappers. Kendrick is arguably the best in hiphop mainstream right now.. I believe section 80 will be a classic way before gkmc but gkmc will shortly follow behind it.

  • Malone

    Hey man whats all this talk I'm hearing about whats classic and what not classic. The rash Malone received on his ball sack that was removed through means of olive oil and ice was classic.. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    not a classic but a dope album

  • The African Observer

    Nah i dont think its a classic, i mean its not even good as Food & Liquor(The first one)

  • Enough already

    Album been out not more than 2 days and buffoons are calling it a classic? LMAO, two days from now on it's not even on your hard drive no more you torrent-munching ringtone morons. Obviously you have no idea about what classic album is. Not necessarily saying it can't be that but this conversation is about 10 years too soon, if not more!

  • Enough already

    WTF? Of course it ain't a classic Ipod generation morons, a classic is something that is more than 7 days old, even the artist himself knew the question was mad dumb. Why is this s--t news, Interscope paying off of this s--t??? Let's see in 15 years if anybody remembers who Kendrick Lamar is, if they do, then it was a classic. Right now it's nothing but another release in the thick s--tfog of way too many underwhelming releases.. I like Kendrick more than most new artists but this classic bulls--t is WAY, WAY, WAY F--KING TOO MUCH.

  • Malone

    "I couldn't live in a world without laughter." Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • pte

    not a classic pliz,do u know hiphop

  • Anonymous

    A classic takes time you dickriding idiots

  • Anonymous

    when Marshall Mathers LP came out i knew it was a classic, When Get Rich or Die Tryin came out i got tha same feelin, as well as 2001, Good Kid M.A.A.D. City gives me tha same feelin, so yea its already a classic

  • Anonymous

    Real talk, how can you call it classic after only been officially released a day, it WILL be considered a classic just not yet...

  • Anonymous

    This shit is a classic Kendrick. You know it, stop being modest.

  • setgecko

    "K. Dot said that he doesn't feel his critically lauded debut LP isn't worthy of being labelled a classic yet" the fuck

  • Anonymous

    Drake fucked up your classic album fool, you should know that pop artist like drake will be forgotten in 2 year and real rappers will be legends.

  • Anonymous

    i am a eminem stan and i would consider this a classic

  • Anonymous

    When Illmatic dropped I knew it was a classic, trust me Kendrick, this IS a classic.

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