Game Speaks On Possible Nicki Minaj Verse For Trey Songz Collaboration

Game is hoping to get Nicki Minaj on a track for his upcoming album "Jesus Piece."

Game most recently unveiled the controversial cover art for his upcoming album Jesus Piece, and he's planning on ruffling feathers with the LP's content. During an interview with, Jayceon Taylor spoke on a cut he has with Trey Songz for which he's hoping to get a Nicki Minaj verse. On the cut, he talks about walking out of the back door of a church and immediately hitting up a strip club.

"Nicki, she hasn't done it yet. I sent it to her. It's a song with me and Trey on it, and I figure like let me reach for Nicki and we got in touch and she said she'll kill it, but she's doing major work making major money," he said. "But she'll get to it. But the song's going to be dope, man. It's basically about walking out of church. It's basically like, walking out of the back door of the church and falling into the front door of a strip club."

The West Coast rapper talked about trying to balance his religion with his nature. The struggle comes across on the song, and Game's already anticipating backlash from the song.

"I want to get the word and I want my belief to be in God, but at the same time, I want to see that ass clap. I don't even know if that's blasphemy or something like that, but a lot of poeple are going to be happy about the album, there's going to be some people who are a little angry about it. But when have I not made people mad?"

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • killah_casp

    has anyone seen games list off top 5 wack rappers what a fukin joke this clown is u put memphis bleek and rass kass on ur list wen ur making club tracks with minaj and drake fake piru maybe u and minaj can share the pole faggot ass rapper fuk you im selling all ur albums.

  • Anonymous

    "It's basically like, walking out of the back door of the church and falling into the front door of a strip club." kind of like you, before rapping you stripper!

  • AYyy

    I don't say this very often, but this guy has sold out. A stupid song with Tyga, Wiz, Wayne and Chris Brown and now Trey Songz and NICKI MINAJ? Come on, Game. Your a Westcoast rapper with a gangster persona, and your music and the people you've worked with has always reflected that. Until now.

  • Malone

    All is lost.... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Game, you're lost.

  • Don Dutch

    Fuck nicki minaj and the bullshit features. A couple tracks with kendrick will do just fine.

  • Malone

    Now a lot of you may know me as that asshole who leaves a lot of space between every comment to the point where no one else can post. I think we got off on the wrong foot. See I'm a nice guy. I pay my taxes on time. I help the old lady downstairs with her groceries. I like animals. I like loose women but most of all I love you all. My job here as a troll here on hiphopdx is to bring the light of love most of you probably haven't seen before. See I honestly believe that no matter how much of you call me a faggot and tell me I should die (suicide usually is the suggestion) deep inside I believe that you all love me too which is why I'm going to continue spreading more joy and love on this site. Thank you all for the time you have spent interacting with me and talking to me. I will never forget it and I will continue doing the good work I've been doing. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Malone

    Wow.. I never thought it would be that bad.. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    * forced collabos

  • Anonymous

    GAME has his chance. He blew it with wack attempts at being commercially viable, and shunned the west coast except when it was used as a gimmick. Instead of using his cache to try to unite the coast, he treated us to albums and mix tapes full forced volcanos to make him look like a bigger star than he was. Kendrick Lamar is here now, he is real, he is relevant, and Game is not.

  • Grow Up

    Love Game. But come on dude, you still believe in "God"? You're a grown man, start acting like one. Grow up and shake this "God" nonsense. Its 2012.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm...seem like his album might sound like a young money/maybach music cluster fuck. I like game, but he been siding with the wrong niggas for a min now.

  • Censored

    believe in Jesus and going to stripclubs at the same time? dude clearly doesn't get it.

  • Anonymous

    he might b doin all dese features n shit but he still goin sellin number 1 albums n is bout to drop his 5th album before 50 cent.. who woulda thought dat would happen in 2005 wen 50 booted his ass lol nobody

  • chickenhawk

    Game a OG in this game.. all i listen to is him, kendrick, and TDE.. and 2pac/ Gucci.. WEST UP

  • Anonymous

    why does this nigga have tracks with trey songz on all of his albums . funny thing is that shit is all skips. no creativity from this cat.

  • Jessica

    This whole album is going to be features. Its like a mixtape. On his last album he had 11 songs with features and only 3 by himself. SMH


    game the best rapper alive..he real..never went all his classic albums..haters begin ur comments..cant deny his #s...

  • Anonymous

    why???? nicki minaj is whack as f**k leave her with the rest of the female bullsh*t hip hop artists

  • Anonymous

    firt he hate jay-z now he back on kanye dick he love dre but talking about cash money he been rapping to long get your bws fam in the game ahah this guy is a clown fo sure

  • hustle812

    this nigga game cant do a song by hisself can he? lol he dope when he is tho but he cant show off his lyrical skills enoug cuz he always got ppl on songs with him and be sounding just like the niggas he be on the songs with yukmouth says that about him on youtube that shits true tho

  • Anonymous

    Game is the whore of the idustry no way this clown walks around talking about top 5 and he a solo artist game has never been a solo artist he just ride the wave of who is popular.

  • Anonymous

    feat feat feat feat feat feat

  • Anonymous

    man this dude will do a track with anyone to sell a record when will rappers learn being a rap prostitute doesnt help your image

  • Anonymous

    Man this guy is so corny all he seem to do is talk about who is on the album trying to get a buzz going i dont wanna hear a game track with some lady gaga wannabee

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