Jaz-O Says He "Bred" Jay-Z & Sauce Money, Responds To Recent Criticism

Jaz-O responds to Sauce Money's recent interview about him and says he "bred" Jay-Z and Sauce Dinero, adding, "You came from me."

It didn't take long for former Jay-Z mentor Jaz-O to respond to Sauce Money, who criticized him recently by calling him  "a piece of shit." Jaz-O phoned in to Forbez DVD Live to share his side of the situation, noting that he doesn't take those words lightly. In his response, Jaz said he would punch Sauce Dinero and explained that he is responding because what Sauce said could affect his career and because "it's personal."

"I'm not a gangsta but I'm gangsta. He's angsta. That's gangsta without the G," Jaz explained. "I would implore him to not think that I'm on this Rap beef shit all the time. Nigga, you's my friend so this shit is personal. I will come and punch you in the face...I'm in Tampa, Florida. I will come to New York to punch this nigga in the face, if need be."

Jaz went on to say that people need to remember that he "bred" Sauce Money and Jay-Z. 

"I'm not responding because it bothers," he clarified. "I'm responding because, number one, that shit is personal because we're personal. Number two, I'm in this business still. You ain't gon' throw my name in the dirt. That goes for Jay[-Z] too, anytime that nigga says something and I hear about it, I'm gonna respond. I don't give a fuck who these niggas are. I bred these niggas. That's what mothafuckas don't understand. I bred these niggas. I don't care how big any mothafucker gets.You came from me. That's the bottom line. That's not even ego trippin'. I'm tellin' the truth. The bottom line is, I'm not takin' shit from none of these niggas. They can take it any way they wanna take it."

Jaz continued, saying he is a "nice guy."

"I'm a nice guy," he added. "Everybody knows I got a big heart but me having a big heart don't mean that I don't have a heart to put niggas down, to punch niggas in they face, to make it pop. Don't talk shit about me and expect me to not respond...I ain't gotta play them games. I just turned 48. Nigga, I feel great." 

Jaz also mentioned that he is writing a book. The full conversation can be heard below. 



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  • Atl2Trill

    Yawns. This old nigga still crying about the same thing year after year. Now I see why he haven't made no progress. Still holding onto the past and not moving. Holding onto bs blocks even better situations from arising.

  • diggin in the crates

    what jay-z said in that nardwuar interview killed everything jaz-o ever said . . .

  • mased

    This bitch azz nigga the one who put business in da streets..now he wanna cry foul...clown azz nigga

  • Anonymous

    Jay offered this guy a contract when RocAFella was just starting, and Jaz laughed at the amount of money Jay offered him...and since then the guy's been regretting his decision and covering up his envy by saying he "made JayZ". Fact is, other than making a few friends for Jay and teaching him a rapstyle that Jay hasn't used since 1995, he has done nothing. Jay created the empire, the songs, the fans, the sales, the money, and the fame. Jaz just a washed up old bitch, talkin bout "punch a nigga in the face" at like 50 years old. Grow the fuck up.

  • harris89

    I feel so bad for this guy. Brought his boy his in the game, was on the come up with him and got involved in some bullshit before he could sign a contract. Now he's old and bitter and a footnote in hip-hop. Pretty much the Walter White of hip-hop without the meth empire. Not taking sides on who's in the right or wrong, but I can't imagine how that shit must feel. God I hope nothing ever happens to me in my life that'll make me like that when I'm older.

  • JJ

    He's angsta, thats like gangsta without the g Thats like something you would hear on a lil wayne song


    New York = Arrogant bitch made niggas L.A. = Thorough niggas Atlanta = Dumb NIGGERS that like to be in the trap Detroit = Broke niggas Chicago = Wanksta niggas Miami = Niggas that say they're rich but in reality they're STARVING New Orleans = Niggas that should've died with Hurricane Katrina

  • IROC

    Jazo need to STFU Period !

  • kennyken

    i'm glad jaz-o spoke his peace. jaz-o's lyric's and his depth in hiphop is too mature for kids to feel. unless they have a old soul. if you want to say old, say it, but you just won't understand the realness he's talking until you get that age...jaz-o's shit sounds waaaaaay better than jigga. jigga can become a billionaire, it doesn't matter, his music sucks a lot of ass now.

    • Nergo Please

      Name your top 5 Jaz-O songs? I bet you cant. He didnt bred this dudes. He might have mentored them but he didnt give them their talent. He had nothing to do with his continued success since 96. Jay-Z is top 5 of all time. Jaz-O not even in the convo!

  • Jay Kid to Fly

    By the way...real gangsters don't do as much talking as he does. He brags and boasts about the glory days and how much he's done for others. If he was that on it he would be where Jay-Z is..not where he was 20 years ago in the Marcey Housing Projects. I'm just saying.

    • Jay Kid 2 Fly

      Lol that is what I expected from you 'Anonymous'. Your opinion means nothing to me. It doesn't bread my pockets or put me into a position of power, however it does bother me that you call yourself a Hip Hop/ Rap fan, but you won't listen to simple reasoning. If you dislike a particular artist thats fine, but you don't have to talk shit because you disagree. P.S. I'm not a homosexual...and even if I were it doesn't matter because at the end of the day my self worth is more than you will ever have in your pockets. Douche Bag!

    • Anonymous

      Yo Jay Kid stfu you Gay-z dick riding faggot!

    • Jay Kid 2 Fly

      If they both came from the same place and Jaz-O actually put Jay-Z on then he was most likely allotted the same opportunities and did not take them. Yes, it is a fact that he did help Jay-Z out, but that doesn't mean he owns Jay-Z or that Jaz owes Jay-Z for the rest of his life. He has to stand on his own two like a grown 48 year old man. By the way...if you read the second paragraph of this story he did say he was a gangsta'. Please read the interview thoroughly before you snap back and call me a fool and a youngin' because you sound pretty foolish and uneducated yourself. And why does this affect you so much? You sound more mad than Jay-O.

    • Anonymous

      jaz o never says his gangstar fool.u got it the wrong way young'un. everyone's is not gonna rich as jay z. its still a fact that there'll be no jay z without jaz o

  • Ummmmm...

    Jaz o did bring jay z in to hip hop that's a fact! Old man knowzzzz!

  • Anonymous

    "but the essence of hiphop is competition and battling" True, but when you're worth hundreds of millions, it becomes about whatever you want it to be, and clearly Jay isn't the same person he was when he was first coming up. How could he be? I think Jaz-O, Beans, etc. are broke, angry and assuming Jay still owes them something.

    • Jay Kid 2 Fly

      I couldn't agree more. I believe that Jaz-O and others are looking for handouts and mentions to get back on the map. Since they are left to their own devices what have they done since parting ways with Jay-Z that is noteworthy? Honestly every single one has hurt feelings and needs to have a seat. Like Sauce Money said.Jay-Z can eat off of himself while the rest are starving whos fault is that?

  • Anonymous

    all u jay z stans should be able to thank jaz o for jay z even jay z thanked him in a disrespectful way in i do it for hip hop. this guy was the one who thought jay z how to write rhymes.

    • Brizz

      Im cosigning Cook on this one, thats exactly what i belive happened here, some stupid pride shit and now hes bitter.

    • Cooc

      Jay z did thank Jaz o in respectful ways, before Jaz o began behaving like a scorned female. Fact: Jaz o did introduce jay z to the game, he did not bring him in though. He did not get him a deal or anything. He just had him around as a hype man. When Jay z, Dames, and biggs started rocafella he offered him a deal, Jaz o refused. Then even after he refused, jay z put money in the mans pockets, but putting him on his songs, either rapping or producing, he gave jaz the opportunity that jaz gave him( go check jay z's early albums). He showd jaz respect. When Jaz came out with a album, Jay was getting big he did some tracks on it. Jay z finding sucess in the game when Jaz o couldn't, was not jay z's fault, he did the only thing he could, he tried to give him a deal, and then he put the man on successful songs. It probably started with Jaz o having to much pride, and not wanting to allow his protege to carry him, he probably wanted to do it on his own, when that didnt work, he became angry and bitter. The only concrete thing i have ever seen or read, that details why jaz o flipped on Jay z is, because jay z did not show up for the video shoot for "Lets go". They are grown ass men and that shit is stupid, Jay was his protege not his bitch, jay was blowing up at the time and trying to make money to spread to the all, and the records show he tried to break bread with Jaz too. And now this dude is almost 50 walking talking about being gangsta and putting hands on people, theres nothing cool about that, its sad. Its why jay quit messing with certain people, a bunch of baby ass dudes, made that he is living there dream. If jaz put the effort into his career as he does downing jay he might make a couple dollars

    • JanusCL

      maybe we would if Jaz-O didn't have to exaggerate his influence on Jay-Z so much!

  • What

    This nigga sound like a father who got a lady pregant then left her alone and when his child grown up and become rich he start talking about that my child he came from me, because they dont want to accept him as their father, sound like an old man crying

  • J.

    Please stop reporting on these irrelevant people in Hip Hop. They talk just to hear themselves be heard... 48 and involved in beef... Go sit down somewhere please...

  • Anonymous

    He put Jay on some forgotten song from 1990 and that means he takes credit for Jay Z? lol Jay made him by letting him produce some of his biggest songs, and even wanted him to sign to Roc-a-fella Records which he refused.

    • EW2003

      Yes Jay-Z has been subliminally been taking shots at all the rappers. He never lost that essence of hip hop for sure. Like on the BP3 on the song Already Home he said, "I taught 'em 'bout fish scale, they want me to fish for them They want me to catch, clean, then cook up a dish for them All of this just for them, oh they got a diss for him They want me to disappear, like it's gon' shit for them They say that I'm in the way and want me to sit with them But what they admitting is, they ain't got shit for him And really the fact is, we not in the same bracket Not in the same league, don't shoot at the same baskets Don't pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches So how am I in the way, what is it I'm missing? Nigga I been missing, nigga I been gone The shit that you just witnessessing, I been on And as for the critics, tell me I don't get it Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it Now these niggas is mad, oh they call me a camel But I mastered the drought, what the fuck, I'm an animal Half man, half mammal, my sign is a Sag This is just what I planned to do, oh, don't be mad

    • speaking4everyone

      Johnnie yea true hip hop is battling and competition, but maybe it's time for hip hop to grow up a little. You can compete by producing the best music, but to respond to every insult is a bit childish. If you look at the big picture, by engaging in silly hood beefs, one can never really make it the next level where Jay is. You quoted 50 cent, he's an example of beef going wrong. He responded to ever MC and what has that gotten him other than less respect and less money. When you are making big moves the last thing you have time for is nonsense; like when I finish law school, I wont be on websites like this explaining this to people like you :)

    • Anonymous

      Jay's flow for the last 5yrs has been a bunch of jabs @ niggas...just most are too dum to comprehend...

    • @johnnie

      what are you talking about? He takes jabs at a lot of people on Watch the Throne as well as his BP3 and BP2 which was a while back. And in the words of Jay "I head mothafuckas say they made Hov, so well make another Hov!"

    • Johnnie

      Whats funny is, jay-Z wont respond to this, like he never does anything else. Im a big Jay fan no homo, but have yall noticed that jay never responds to disses or info about him? All he does is give safe answers. If you notice, when was the last time jay responded to any true diss or real hiphop beef? Now, I understand that Jay is on top of the game with money power and respect, but the essence of hiphop is competition and battling. That doesnt mean he has to respond to EVERY diss or info about him, but damn dude say somehting. Its like 50 Cent said, jay has built a safe representation and environment around him so he doesnt have to put himself in possible destruction. yall feel me? Like He has so many friends in the business and hollywood that he feels hes above all that. Now again I understand from a boss point of view, but look at the essence again people, jay is scared rapper who has built an image of safety. Since the casual fan adores him, he can use that as leverage to not have to respond, and that way he uses his power and influence to put on an image that he doesnt have too cause "hes too big", but in reality he just doesnt want to happen to him what Nas did to him. I know Ill get a lot of backlash form this but a true hiphop head will understand where im comin from. My bad for the typos.

  • Fuck Jaz-O & His Family

    LOL this neega still alive???

  • Anonymous


  • JanusCL

    "I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, "OK so, make another Hov"" (Jay-Z "Lost One")

  • Who the hell is this guy

    Who the fuck is this guy. This nigga trying to coat ride on Jay Z suceess. Thats the problem with all these niggas they jealous because another nigga getting stacks while they stuck in the background like bitches. These niggas need to get on with their lives. Jay stay winning

  • Anonymous

    I never heard of this dude, but he sounds bitter. That's what happens when your career never materializes. Sauce Money is a nobody as well, so maybe both these nobodies should seek help. Maybe go on Dr. Drew and have a good cry.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef in 10 years = Flavor flav

  • chillthrills

    why niggas gotta bring age into it,,,if fuckers disrespects you,,,what cause you an older head you supposed to bow down,,,never that!!,,,,,older niggas if anything have less patients than younger dudes,,,these two dudes are older so fuck it let them air it out,,,,,,fuck it bust his shit,,,niggas gotta get on a dvd to talk shit ,,,,thats the problem with this era,,,,if you bout bout fool,, go see that man handle that B I,,,,,stop tryin to make your self look like you built like that,,,in the media thats that shit i dont like,,media thugs,,,,,,,real recognize real and sauce money is plexyglass foh!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If that photo is recent, Jaz-O looks like he's been soaking in Palmolive

  • Anonymous

    These men are in their 40s and they're still arguing with each other. hahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHHAHA Pimp C asked it best about alot wealthy rappers beefing: "What are you mad about?"

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess Jay-Z is going to respond next. Seriously, all 3 of these guys need to move on. If you;re not going to give the people the full story, there is nothing to talk about. All I see is a bunch of back and forth among Jay, Jaz, and Sauce.

    • AnyMos

      You sound ignorant. If u know Jay-z, then no. He probably won't respond. And there's no back n forth. Did u just stumble into this article n tried to make it sound like u know all about this situation?

  • Greg

    Hmmm? I agree that this beef has gone on too long, however, JAZ-O does have his point. He was the first of this crew to come out on records. Without his getting in back in the day..neither Jay or Sauce Money would have gotten in to easily. That is a fact and both Jay-Z and Sauce Money know this... With that being said, JAZ-O really should stop the nonsense because he made a choice a long time ago which prevented him from getting to the next level. He coulda signed with Rocafella but chose not to. Tale of two cities...Jay-Z mega star and JAZ-O puts out an occasional underground joint. Sauce...still nice but really where is he? In the end, I do not see JAZ-O still beefing about his own choice...but why he is still jawing about these two...Come on SHUN!!

    • Anonymous

      @Shyne's Pe'ots Dude you hit the nail on the head when it comes to Jay-z! I've been a Jay-z fan since I was a kid but his business practices are shady to say the least. I think J Cole will be ok if Jay-z drops him because J Cole is a more self contained artist. He writes and produces 98% of his own songs. Jay Elect on the other hand may be in trouble. Sidenote: Jay Elect can produce but when was the last time that we heard a beat from him? 4 years ago?

    • Shyne's Pe'ots

      As a big fan of Jay I say he made the right move. Jay is really the only successful nigga out the rock when you think about it. Everyone he dealt with from the 90's-early 00's is somewhere in the wind. And as far as Kanye the only reason he became a success is because he refused to let Jay and Dame fuck him over. If you remember right they weren't trying to let the College Dropout drop and he made everything work through his connections and building a buzz. As far as a m.c. I respect Jay,as far as a business man I have more respect,but as someone who I'd do business with...I'd rather go see Romney with a EBT card than fuck with him. Him and Puff are in the same boat when it comes to only caring about themselves and leaching off of other's talent. I'm scared for Jay Elect and J.Cole as far as that goes

  • Anonymous

    Nigga sit yo ass down, before Jay-z lay down those green bucks and get you cleaned up.

  • Anonymous

    This guy doesn't even realize he just proved what Sauce said to be true Sauce Money basically just said you were an asshole as a person, and how do you respond to it"" I BRED NIGGAS, I'LL COME TO NEW YORK AND PUNCH NIGAS RAH RAH RAH!!! Point proven, you are an asshole. If I'm acting like this guy at 48 I hope somebody in my life will have enough humanity in them to kill me and stop me from embarrassing myself further

    • B2thelex

      You're saying Jaz is an asshole because he is standing up for himself? Jaz wasn't saying shit. Sauce comes out of the blue and starts poppin off and you expect Jaz to just lay back and take shit? F that!

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