G.O.O.D. Music's Travi$ Scott Faces Criticism From Former Associate Shane Morris

One of G.O.O.D. Music's newest artists is facing criticism from an old associate who says, "There(TM)s no such thing as loyalty to [Travi$] Scott."

When G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer was released, fans may have been surprised to find Travi$ Scott as a featured guest. Nevertheless, the young rapper/producer has been gaining traction under the label. Still, Shane Morris, an old associate of Travi$, who says he discovered him, recently posted a blog about Scott, claiming that "there is no such thing as loyalty" to the new G.O.O.D. representative. 

"I heard this week Travis Scott signed a 360 deal with Kanye West for $870,000. Am I happy for him? Not at all," Morris writes in his blog. "He might be one of the most purely talented producers and rappers in the industry, but he’s a thief, a liar, and he manipulates what he wants out of people until he’s used them all up. There’s no such thing as loyalty to [Travi$] Scott." 

In his blog, Morris claims to have discovered Scott, linking him up with blog sites, other media outlets and studio time when his name wasn't known. Morris writes about how humble he felt Scott was when they met and says he saw that change as time passed. Morris also alleges that Scott stole sessions from the studio. 

Additionally, Morris goes on to write about an incident where he had a seizure and felt Scott left him stranded in a time of need.

"You want to know what low, grimy motherfucker Travis Scott is? Late one night, we were all down in the Dungeon, up late, having a party. Music was playing, we were all having fun… and then I did what all epileptic people do from time to time: I had a seizure. You know what Travis Scott did? He left. He and his friend Tony left me. I eventually ended up at the hospital that night, but Travis couldn’t be bothered." 

He continues by claiming Scott refused to have him manage his career because of his seizures.  

"If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s use my disability against me, as a reason to say I’m not worthy in my business. Travis Scott is the kind of person who discriminates based upon disability. He steals from the musicians around him. Then, he manipulates people into thinking he did it all on his own."

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  • Travi$ Scotts Uncle

    lol at everyones comments pretending to have known this dude. Classssssssic. Y'all are hilarious.

  • COCA


  • kamm

    shane morris is an idiot why are you people believing him oh my god he tells 15 year old girls to kill themselves please tell me you're not actually listening to him

  • Anonymous

    I don't usually comment on sites like this but I had to. I've known Travis for quite some time. I was in the studio with him and chess even back when they were recording the Cruisin' USA mixtape. Travis got everything done for free. I saw it. Chess paid all the studio bills and Travis even crashed at Chess's house and used his equip. He "borrowed" an $800 MPC midi controller and never gave it back. He went off to LA and left Chess with nothing, even stole things from him. He completely forgot his roots. He won't even answer my texts even though I helped him get props and shoots back in the day. I prefer to stay anonymous but ask anyone close to Travis growin up and they'll tell youall of this is true. He even went to my highschool. Elkins High School down in Mo City, burb of Houston. So I have to say, everything Shane said about him, I honestly agree with. This nigga is a complete asshole. He even raped some underage chick in the movie theater. If the cops had found out, he woulda never been where he's at. All I gotta say is.. Fuck Travis Scott. Never forget your roots.

  • Sunshine

    The Dude gave me the opportunity to be a soundbite on "Sin City." That laugh in the beginning is all me hehe. Really fun experience working with him! When I bought the album, I almost fell out of my seat when I heard myself, I can't tell you how happy I was. It's crazy when you work so hard and things happen unexpectedly. I still thank him, I just wish he could give me a chance to prove myself, i'm gifted. I'm a songwriter. I understand he's doing his thing though.

  • Anonymous

    his name isn't travis scott

  • Jacob

    Travi$ is only 19 niggah, why would he do that shit, bitch niggas need to stop hating, because this whole thing just sounds like someone hating on someone else's success

  • Mo City

    Travis is a known known con man in Houston, do you guys really here yourselves I know Shane,Travis,OG CHE$$,ASAP FERG everyone in this mix up because I was at the studio when these guys recorded what shane is backing up as theft. Travis sat down with OG CHE$$ X ASAP Ferg on November 11 and made this song in hopes that it would launch his career ( this was when OG CHE$$ got the feature with ASAP FERG ( look closely to the video Harlem to Texas.. Travis Scott is in it.. the same night he made the track that he stripped OG CHE$$ X ASAP FERG verse off and sold it to Kanye.. The recorded it at Sunrise Studio in Houston Texas with 7 other people in the studio.. Travis IS A KNOWN LIAR AND CON MAN.. please understand that. Shane im sorry you got the short end of the business stick because I can honestly vouch for everything you posted in your tumlr rant..Next time get paperwork And yeah I can concur Travis is a shitty guy OG CHE$$ was the star of their Group Travis and Jason they put out an amazing mixtape that you wont be able to find now..Why??? because Travis took down the entire mixtape to stop the shine of OG CHE$$ and the songs that are still out he changed to Travis Scott only...Seem fishy??? Well heres the links of the track Travis said OG CHE$$ X ASAP FERG stole from him and links of OG CHE$$ X TRAVIS SCOTT mixtape Crusing USA.. now with these facts and evidence you tell me what you believe.. Here are links to Travis x OG CHE$$ Mixtape Notice how every song fails to mention OG CHE$$ Amazing- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCcL0bUMF54 $tay- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFXk0kk59g4 Compton- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq7o70SsAww Heres the Original track ASAP FERG X OG CHESS X TRAVIS SCOTT sat down and made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyo1aLtMzrU Oh yeah and the complex interview where Travis said he was homeless and OG CHE$$ left him in LA is disproved here with this video shot late 2011.. When will the lies of Travis scott stop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxgW9MGYXGE

  • James Tony

    Travis has been known as a janky ass Mo City nigga in Houston, don't be surprised when you see a Worldstar video with him getting dropped coming to visit his family for the holidays. He basically is doing what Lil' Flip did in the early 2000, he got signed before every other upcoming rapper in his class and did everything in his power to prevent the other good emcees from Houston from getting any shine. Travis has been burning bridges on other young Houston artists, telling guys like Chip and ASAP Ferg to not dude to release already recorded songs and etc and telling blogs not to fuck with certain dudes, mainly his former partner Che$$ but also dudes like Maxo Kream and etc.

    • yo123456789

      fuck maxo kream his crab he gay ima killa kill him fuckin crab Houston tx

    • H-Town Native

      I know exactly what u mean. Heard about em down here even in Alief. Janky ass niggas in houston man I swear. I seen thatFerg and Og Chess shit on twitter. Couldnt believe that shit.

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    Well like the lawyer sitting on the opposite side of the desk would say. TSK, TSK, TSK, next time, when doing business get everything in writing NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE.

  • Shane Morris

    I'm not the only person who had severely negative experiences in my dealings with Travis Scott. Before this was published here, his old friends contacted me and corroborated their side of events. It is the consensus among many people that Travis Scott cut some corners in order to get to where he is, and along the way, he manipulated a lot of people with good intentions. I understand people need to look out for their professional interests, but I feel the standard of being a good and honest human being comes first.

  • menigga

    its crazy how one man no one has heard of can say w/e he wants about an artist and people believe its true just because they want to believe these people are the worst. i wasn't there so i cant say what happened but come on. does that sound like something anyone would do? if it happened then that is shitty and he should apologize but idk. there always seems to be stories like this whenever someone taste fame.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, if you sign a 360 deal your a total fucking idiot. Be better off in the long run doing your own thing Indy. LOL @ the Record label getting a piece of my merchandising, FOH

  • sealittle

    slander. never heard of either of these fools, dont care.

  • Anonymous

    never heard of them but thats some cold shit to leave your man when he seizuring, that shit can be scary

  • Patient Zer0

    I didn't even think the dude was good at all on Good Summer, but if he actually left a guy mid seizure, that's pretty cold

  • g

    i could've sworn travis was signed to grand hustle t.i. starting to promote him and iggy said in an interview he was signed to grand hustle early this year now thats disloyal too

  • Anonymous

    Hey it kinda sounded like he was describing Kanye for a bit there.

  • P Pizzile

    Damn, Travis seems like a low down dirty bastard

    • Anonymous

      lol at all of these people who don't know anything. shane is a bitch and is mad because when he decided to put trav and jason on the blog he expected them to sign a deal..neither were down..shane is a fuck boy and has seizures because of drugs . this is his claim to fame haha ..fuck nigga

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