Machine Gun Kelly Explains Diddy's Initial Reaction To His Debut Album "Lace Up"

Machine Gun Kelly says Diddy didn't understand the anger displayed on his album "Lace Up."

Though Machine Gun Kelly has developed a dedicated following, the he hasn't been well-received by everyone.Notably, MGK's boss, Diddy, expressed some reservations.

"Honestly, man, Puff had got back from Ibiza three days prior to hearing the album," said Kelly on MTV's "RapFix Live."

"People where I'm from don't even know what an Ibiza is; they probably think it's like a fur coat," he added.

Kells explained Diddy's reaction upon hearing the album. "I think when he heard it, his initial reaction was like, 'Damn, why are you so angry?'"

Eventually, Diddy understood where Kelly was coming from. "I ended having dinner with him the other day, and he looked at me like, 'Yo, man, I really love the album.'"

As for Kelly, he has since made progress in his outlook towards life. "I just took a step back and just realized I was angry for so long, but I'm done with that. I think the album gave me some hope in life. It just gave me something to look forward to. I'm more positive now."

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  • q

    why diddy hating on matthew lillard for?

  • Lover Lover Player Boy

    The internet period is killing OUR music - the only reason because other genres don't get hit like ours do is because hip hop revolves around being viral... Can you picture a country music fan illegally downloading their favorite albums?? I can't. Blogs would have to be controlled - downloading sites would have to be obliterated... or the songs have to be unconvertible or incorruptible files tagged to be able to be legally downloaded on the internet. Even if the economy gets better, who knows if hip hop will go platinum again... : /

    • R.Pgh

      I'm pretty sure all genres of music are illegally downloaded. music sales across all genres were around 14.6 Billion in 1999, but only at 6.3 Billion in 2009. It's not just hip hop that has been affected by downloading.

    • Anonymous

      Hip hop isnt selling cause the ARTIST'S have flooded the market with free mixtapes. People really started doing it after 50 Cent blew up thru the mixtapes. Then the "djs" started pushing mixtape websites...MCS started releasing their own "mixtapes" for free to gain attention and BAM. Nobody pays for the albums because they typically suck and they can get the better songs from the mixtapes for free online.

  • Anonymous

    "Everybody flops in hip hop now" Ross and 2 Chainz didn't flop, but I see your point. Downloading kills.

  • Put Bad Boy out of their misery already

    I"d be angry too if I realized my lifelong dream of getting signed only to find out not only am I incapable of making a good album but I'm getting raped by Puff as well.

  • Killalex

    MGK is gonna be even more angry when his album flops and diddy throws his contract into the bushes.

  • 2pac

    Maybe if niggas would put out good albums they would sell. Artist these days dont deserve my money. Artist like 2pac and Eminem and Three 6 Mafia deserve my money.

    • Anonymous

      Stop lying to yourself with that lame excuse. Albums don't sell like back in the day because people have become spoiled by downloading stuff free. There are many hot artist releasing great music, but it doesn't mean it will sell well. When Illmatic dropped, it did OK, but the album didn't go platinum till years later.

  • Anonymous

    the album ain't that bad 3/5...

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "I think when he heard it, his initial reaction was like, 'Damn, why are you so angry?'" Cause MGK knows it's going to flop.

    • Anonymous

      People download illegally of all races, stop talking to stupid racist garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Yea im with n/a i work 60 hours m-f and aint been able to buy a cd in years. Oh yeah and im irish we were in the fields before a black foot touched the us.

    • N/A

      Coming from a white person who works 6 (sometimes 7) days a week, I would like to know where this disposable income is in which you speak of. I've never seen it so I feel left out. Ignorant ass.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think it's really a question of support, in general White people have more disposable income than African Americans....

    • Cole World

      Because black people won't support artist and buy their albums. Instead, They download and burn CD's for all their friends. Notice them white folks CD's are selling because white people don't mind spending 10 bucks on a CD. Our culture is fucked up and we feel like nigga's music is a gift or something.

    • Anonymous

      Everybody flops in hip hop now We're in October and not one rap album has gone platinum all year, the rap game as whole is a flop

  • FuKKK Machine Gun KKKelly

    "People where I'm from don't even know what an Ibiza is; they probably think it's like a fur coat" He talks like he's from Bushwick or some shit.

  • asher1985

    im an mgk fan, some of his songs on youtube before diddy signed him are insane, but this album is straight garbage. only hardcore fans who think he can't put out something bad will disagree with me

    • Anonymous

      The album is good, I dont even like MGK and I still think he's mediocre, but the beats & guest spots he picked all made for a good album I think this is one of the best albums I've heard a wack rapper make it a long time, lol

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