Nicki Minaj Threatens To Knock Out Mariah Carey During "American Idol" Audition Caught On Tape

Nicki Minaj has fighting words for fellow "American Idol" judge Mariah Carey.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey both have reputations for having larger than life personalities - so perhaps it's no surprise that the two would clash as judges on "American Idol."

TMZ reports that during "Idol" auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, Minaj threatened Mariah, saying, "I'm gonna knock you out" to the singer.

Nicki reportedly added, "I told them, I'm not fuckin' putting up with her fuckin' highness over there."

Producers reportedly ended the auditions for the day so that cooler heads could prevail.

A video of the blow-up was caught on camera:

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  • wishworks

    smh sorry i hate dumb shit

  • Wishworks

    Told yall Nikki = Lil Mama. Sure she will get her cash for A.I but in the end that's a severance pay off because she just committed career suicide. You don't throw fits on the air. Unless your name is Charlie Sheen,And he got more money then Nikki will ever see through movies & tv he can do that in get away with it. Mean while she might get Black Balled for being a dumb. Shm



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  • Anonymous

    "You mean a lot of kid viewers" Notice I didn't say kids. Learn how to read dipshit. I said "female viewers". Likely in their teens, maybe early 20's.

  • Anonymous

    "Age 18-49" How many forty year olds watch American Idol you clueless fuck.

  • Anonymous

    "$100 says Nicki doesn't come back for a 2nd season" $200 says neither does Mariah.

  • Anonymous

    "where there is white people, there is child molestation" Guess you never saw Antwone Fisher.

  • Anonymous

    "Nikki in the other hand is not as established as she thinks (nor stable)" Dumb fuck, she's worth $20 million. Has had only 2 albums, 1 of which was platinum, and another gold. She probably tours nonstop, and is already branching off into other things. Mariah Scarey made her money already. She's just existing in the industry right now.

  • Anonymous

    Ratchet hoes do ratchet things. What's Nikki doing on AI if she can't sing? Hell she can't rap either, she's a good performer that means smoke and mirrors are in effect. At least Mariah can sing and has plenty of grammys and plaques so she can act however she wants. Nikki in the other hand is not as established as she thinks (nor stable).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, American Idol has some great lawyers, because this video is no longer available.

  • GoReadABook

    haha she should make a beef track over The Warning



  • Just Here

    It's a Shame that Supposed Role Models act like this; shame on those at BET, and shame on the above for their actions. The N word is close to their actions, in which they can't be offended...

    • Anonymous

      mariah is a pill popping alcoholic and nicki minaj is nicki minaj...what role models are you referring to cuz there are none in the music industry

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucks mariah carey same time with nick cannon, Ja rule is just king of hip hop... PIL2 = CERTIFIED 6X PLATNIUM!!!!!! #SALUTE

  • r.pgh

    is it really a surprise that two self centered cunts are acting self centered?

  • Anonymous

    Put these two hoes in bikinis, in a tub of oil and let them duke it out on the next american idol episode. Either that or jus kick nicki off the show, the bitch is a rapper, not a singer and when she sing her voice sounds extremely agitating. she only been in the game a couple years

  • Anonymous

    no talent gavin bitch

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule got Mariah Carey.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucked Mariah, now he'll fuck Nicki.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule gonna scream murda to Nicki and she's gonna piss her pants

  • Anonymous

    Mariah and Ja rule fucked, that's why Ja's got Mariah's back, Nicki needs to watch out, Ja's gonn go on her ass

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule needs to murder this young money bitch

  • Anonymous

    Mariah Carey got real niggaz behind her back like Ja Rule, Nicki better watch out, 'cause Ja Rule gonn go wild with the crutch again

  • Anonymous

    Mariah Carrey is Ja rule's bitch, Nicki better watch out...

  • Anonymous

    Oh you done fucked up now, Mariah is Ja rule's bitch, now Ja Rule gonn fuck you up

  • Anonymous

    Publicity stunt? I think so. If so, that's really desperate for attention.

  • The_Observer

    Where there is black people, there is fights *smh*


    All ya'll hatin on Wayne, dumb af. No matter which way you look at it he is and always will be the greatest rapper ever, who gives a shit if he went "mainstream" wtf do you want him to do, sell cd's and shit outta his garage or some shit? All you haters go play in the road, dumb asses

  • Anonymous

    mariah is probably mad that nicki, someone who isnt a fucking singer is a judge

  • Fado

    publicity stunt to get ppls attention on Amrtican Idol.

  • scotty_mofo

    we need thses 2 bad bitches in the studio barking at each other. but in hip hop spirit, raw style nicki gon snowball shit by knocking bitches lights out

  • Anonymous

    $100 says Nicki doesn't come back for a 2nd season.

    • Big Dan

      Not only that, why is this bitch trying to mess up that kind of money? Is her ego that big? Jeez! Screaming you're not going to put up with her highness tells me you think you're on a high horse yourself. Stay low, stay humble, try to get at least three seasons in and your great grand kids don't have to work for a living. Matter of fact, their great grand kids won't have to either. That hip hop crap does not work everywhere woman. Plus I'm sure MCs body guards could rough yours up any day. As a matter of fact that's where you're failing. Yeah I'm sure you could take down MC if you got the chance, but that's if you got the chance. MC doesn't raise her hands these days, she's got people to do that for her and you'd be hard pressed to get that close to her. So unless you want to sneak up on her and end up in jail, chill bitch. You went Hollywood on us and now you making big money you wanna go hood rat again? You slipping. They don't watch idol in the hood, so you won't impress anybody with the tough talk.

  • dud

    who the hell Nicki think she is? why dont you just shut the f$%k up and fuck that Ugly Lil Wayne...nigga still call himself lil wayne and he fucken 30s yrs..

  • Meat Man

    Egos aren't the problem. We as men need to stop being lazy and lick the asses of these women thats why they act like this they just want their butt licked so to all the men here rise up and handle this problem with me when your woman is angry just lick her butt if its your friend just lick her butt thats what those two need as well a good clean butt licking so to all men lets be men and do our job

  • Anonymous

    the hood rat nicki need to sell some records before she can even make eye contact with mariah...

  • Anonymous

    "Mariah is not just a great singer she's considered one of the greatet of all time" So was Whitney and look what happened to her. Point being the producers clearly think NM belongs there. She'll bring in alot of female viewers which equals ratings.

  • uhuh

    this was about as nigga of a moment as it gets, nicki minaj should be ashamed

    • Anonymous

      so when black people act ignorant they are niggas? is ignorance some curse exclusive to black people or some shit? what kind of white supremacist bullshit is that? What about when white people act ignorant? Reminds me of Hurricane Katrina when a black person was stealing food from stores they were looting but when a white people were doing the exact same thing they were "looking for food". This is why i stopped using the n-word altogether.

  • RC

    There's low class then there's no class. You can take the rat out the Hood but can't take the Hood out the rat.

  • Kris

    This is why they should have hired Toni Braxton instead of this fad they call Nicki Minaj! You cant have a classy woman and a hoodrat woman on the same program and not expect to have the hoodrat show their ratchness! Toni and Mariah are both class acts and even if they didnt get along, they wouldnt be blowing up in such an embarrassing manner!

  • Anonymous

    Best way to settle this; both Mariah and Nicki in a mud fight with nothing on but bikinis. Tell me you wouldn't watch that.

  • da1

    Unlike Nicki, Mariah actually belongs there. Mariah is not just a great singer she's considered one of the greatet of all time. She's also been in the business for over 20 years. Minaj uses autotune like crazy and just came out with an album two years ago. That bitch fell off already an is already doing reality TV. She's on the wrong show. She needs to be on one of those VH1 reality shows with MC Search or some shit. haha

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Mariah didn't get up and stab Nicki in the throat. That would have topped my day off on a high note, listening to the new Smoke DZA and watching Nicki Minaj get dropped. God that would have been better than Bieber puking on stage!

  • Anonymous

    Nicki being a typical loud mouth bitch runnin her mouth and NOT looking at Mariah. Nicki ain't about that life. She will be fired from idol, besides idol is about singing, Mariah fits better on the show than Nicki

    • Anonymous

      fired? this will just boost ratings. even YOU probably gonna watch that shit now. guaranteed they are goingto include this footage in the show and hype it up a week in advance

  • FuKKK NiKKKi Menage

    Fuck both these hos.

  • Hank Hill

    LOL at the white boy in the middle, must be like a second marriage for him

  • clowj

    nicki minaj looks so incredibly foolish and stupid in this video, what a joke, she should be embarassed

  • Anonymous

    "people do say mariah acts uppity.bout time somebody got on mariah carey" ^ biased AUTOMATICALLY said it's Mariah. Were YOU there to know EXACTLY what transpired, or are YOU just taking Nicki's word for it? @ Nicki Minaj other people think they're the sh** too, can you handle the pressure?

  • Anonymous

    Its well known that Mariah Carey has an eog bigger then the universe, 5 minutes around that bitch & anybody would be ready to knock her out

  • coolport newz

    people do say mariah acts uppity.bout time somebody got on mariah carey

  • Anonymous

    And this is exactly why this piece of trash should not even be on American Idol.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki look silly as hell all mad with pink hair looking like a clown...HILARIOUS. People sposed to take her serious?

  • Rob

    who gives a fk about either one of them

  • 905

    It's unfortunate that people feel the need to act this way.

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