Wale Says The Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Fight Was "Unfortunate," Denies Involvement In Brawl

Wale says he wasn't near the Young Jeezy/Rick Ross fight but adds that it was "unfortunate, to say the least." He also says he had no indication of a feud between MMG and CTE camps.

The feud between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy recently developed into an altercation at the BET Hip Hop Awards. There, both camps were involved in an incident that allegedly included gunshots and arrests. While Wale didn't seem to be involved, he was recently asked to speak about the confrontation by Bootleg Kev due to his alliance with Ross' Maybach Music Group. 

Wale explained that he attended the red carpet for the award show but that he had to leave to perform elsewhere so he was not present for the brawl. 

"I heard about it," he explained. "I didn't know what was true. Everything was happening so fast, I didn't know what was going on... I wasn't nowhere near the whole situation...I really can't call and say what happened or what should have happened. It's unfortunate, to say the least." 

He also shared that he had no real indication that a feud existed between the camps.  

"That ain't something that we sit around and talk about, our relationships with other artists," he said. "We never really talk about nobody but ourselves amongst ourselves. So nobody really knew how deep anything was or how deep nothing is. So, I'm assuming this is something that was just blown out of proportion, for the most part." 

The rest of the interview can be heard below.

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  • Anonymous

    Wale always holds it down http://goo.gl/HnDiA

  • Anonymous

    Wale is smart. Don't say anything. He's making some millions right now. The last thing he needs is cops asking him questions, cause best believe Wale, 50, Ross, Jeezy, whoever won't be the one's getting arrested, or doing time. Shit like this separates the smart one's, from the fucking brain dead one's.

  • JMG

    Wale imo just does not fit in with the whole Rick Ross/MMG movement. This is a dude who made inspirational and street conscious music, now associated with a dude who talks about moving coke all the time. Just not a fit. And you can see that even more with this interview, because Wale does not want to be involved in silly beefs brought on by affiliation. For people calling him pussy...ehh...nevermind...not wasting time trying to say something logical or profound. Dumb niggas will always be dumb niggas...so enjoy...dumb niggas.

  • Something? nah? yes? naaaah...right?

    I notice everytime theres some kinda beef or whatever, and its really not all that big of a deal, you internet cats STILL flood the comment sections of all the websites and you say the absolute dumbest shit imaginable!

  • Anonymous

    who care, let the kill each other like big and pac aslong enm is still alive white boy got rap on lock

  • Anonymous

    This nigga, Wale, is PUSSY. Gunplay got it INNNN.

  • the south shall rise again

    #monkeys smh

  • Anonymous

    Wale a smart dude, but he sounded stupid sayin they didn't know how deep the beef was lol. Always expect the worst when you bring real street shit into the rap game, especially if you rollin with a fake ass nigga. no miami nigga know shit about the real BMF or real GDs.

  • Jose

    This is the only dude on MMG that I can say I like and give props to. Wale seems like a real down to earth dude, plus he spits nice. This dude looks like he's got some good common sense. Props

  • Anonymous

    I think J. Prince, Tony Draper, and Master P need to step up and help end this feud between Ross and Jeezy.

  • Anonymous

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  • nuh uhh

    Next week we'll hear the new Wale ft Jeezy record.

  • Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma Maybach Music

    The Ross/Jeezy beef is baseless, ego maniac nonsense. Bosses should not be this wreckless. Both these camps are under the Def Jam umbrella. Beef slows the money up. Hopefully this is nothing but a media stunt to make rap exciting again otherwise the South is about make the same mistake NY did... mess up their hustle by beefing. Seems like NY is on the mend the South is falling apart. Don't get involved Wale. Continue to use Ross' platform to advance your career. You have potential to keep going.

  • Anonymous

    Politically correct response....Wale should perhaps be a politician.....

  • Anonymous

    Wale the poet was running as fast as he could like a real pussy.

  • Anonymous


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