Kendrick Lamar Brings Out Lupe Fiasco In Chicago, Illinois

Lupe Fiasco appears to perform his new cut "Put Em Up."

Kendrick Lamar surprised audiences yesterday at Chicago, Illinois' Congress Theatre by bringing out Lupe Fiasco for a guest appearance.

During the cameo, Lu announced that he's throwing something called the Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards, and picked K. Dot as the recipient of the Next Big Thing award.

"We doin' something called the Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards," he said of the Samsung-sponsored event. "So we have one award right there, amongst the many, and that award is called the Next Big Thing award. Now, I could give this award to anybody that I want. ... I said out of the many, there's only one guy that I am a fan of, that I think deserves this award. So the Next Big Thing Award goes to my homie Kendrick Lamar."

Lupe then rapped a verse from "Put Em Up." Watch clips from the appearance below (via LupEND).

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