Kendrick Lamar Brings Out Lupe Fiasco In Chicago, Illinois

Lupe Fiasco appears to perform his new cut "Put Em Up."

Kendrick Lamar surprised audiences yesterday at Chicago, Illinois' Congress Theatre by bringing out Lupe Fiasco for a guest appearance.

During the cameo, Lu announced that he's throwing something called the Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards, and picked K. Dot as the recipient of the Next Big Thing award.

"We doin' something called the Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards," he said of the Samsung-sponsored event. "So we have one award right there, amongst the many, and that award is called the Next Big Thing award. Now, I could give this award to anybody that I want. ... I said out of the many, there's only one guy that I am a fan of, that I think deserves this award. So the Next Big Thing Award goes to my homie Kendrick Lamar."

Lupe then rapped a verse from "Put Em Up." Watch clips from the appearance below (via LupEND).

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  • Anonymous

    Backstage, Chief Keef and fifteen of his most felony ridden homies, were waiting for Lupe. Let's just say the emergency room was paid a visit that night.

    • -

      maybe if it was an all ages show i don't think chief keef is legal age and it's kind of hard to use a fake id when ur famous

  • Anonymous

    Videos need to be switched with that said this is dope as fuck.

  • Eye Control

    2 of the most overrated rappers. Ever since Lupe sold out with Lasers, his career has gone down the drain. Didn't even bother to listen to his new album, I could tell with his main singles he was talking about Lamborghinis and Bad bitches, typical rap bullshit. Acts like he knows politics and then calls Obama a terrorist. Right...And as far as Kendrick Lamar, I havent heard much from him, just a couple joints on his control system cd that was alright, nothin special. If you ask me, either one of these dudes should join Slaughterhouse if they wanna remain relevant. Otherwise I'll pass.

    • MadCUzImStylnOnU

      normally i just read, the comments and the back n forths yall get into on here, but the comments made about these guys bein overrated is the most rediculous thing ive heard in a while..and they admittedly dont even listen to most of their music, so how can you have such a concrete opinion if its not based on anything?

    • people can't recognize trolls

      This dude is obviously trolling. haha

    • Atychi

      First off Control System was Ab Soul, not Kendrick. Second, if you understand Lupe's lyrics you'd know that he WASNT talking about "Lamborghinis and Bad Bitches", it was actually quite the opposite; don't just look at the title of a song n act like you know what it's gonna talk about. Lupe's back despite folks tht clearly don't take the time to listen to something real, and Kendrick is the best out rite now, hands down. But clearly you wouldn't know, if you think he did Control System.

    • ^^^This dude stupid

      Lol you stupid as hell

  • Anonymous

    really cool of Kendrick to bring out LUPE! Much Respect!

  • Anonymous

    A lot of talent on that stage in the Chi....what, no one thought to bring out Keef?

  • You Know

    Was a dope show. Ab-soul brought out Twista as well. Best part was as we was leaving the show, Ab and Lupe were just walking cross the street right in front of us, not actin like they a big deal at all.

  • Anonymous

    two of the dopest rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling Lupe in general(way too political for me)but I do respect him Looking forward to October 22nd- Kendric Lamar is so dope, and a breath of fresh air to the game... compton knows how to produce them

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