50 Cent Recalls SoundScan Battle With Kanye West

Five years after placing his "Curtis" against Kanye's "Graduation," 50 Cent reminisces.

Five years ago on September 11, 50 Cent and Kanye West, two of Hip Hop's highest-selling stars, went at it on the SoundScan charts.

Both Fif and Yeezy released their albums on the same day. 50's Curtis and Kanye's Graduation were both highly-anticipated releases, with the former selling 691,000, and the latter moving 957,000 units.

Despite promises that he would retire if he lost, 50 remained in the game, and now reminisces on the "battle."

“At the time, I had a stronger feel for the streets [than Kanye], prior to that competition and trying to compete with each other,” explained Fif in an interview with XXLMag.com.

50 explained, for those who hadn't heard, that there had never been real beef between him and Kanye. “That was just to build energy because Kanye [and I]…we didn’t have no beef at all. You can’t stand that close to someone and take pictures for the cover of Rolling Stone with having beef."

“That was something that we created,” added the Queens emcee. “Obviously, it riled the fans up in every way and the results are always bigger sales than usual. Both of the numbers were bigger than what they would have been [without the competition]. It was just great marketing."

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  • Anonymous

    If you remember then can you remember to retire as well???

  • Anonymous

    The end of 50's career.

  • fofo

    ja rule totally destroyed 50

  • Lol

    Kanye's album may have out sold 50's, but 50's single "I Get Money" out sold both albums sales put together.

  • Anonymous

    Don't be fooled. 50 was and still is bothered by the sales ass whipping given to him by Kanye. It signaled a change in direction for hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule killed this bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    ja rule went wild with the crutch on this nigga in hit factory, straight clapped this bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    ja Rule fucked this nigga up

  • micheal buffon

    Ja Rule is the boss of all bosses!! KNEEL TO THE KING JA!!! 50 aint shit! kanye aint shit! gay z aint shit!! JA RULE FOREVER


    It urks me when rappers don't know when to stop making albums, they're just tarnishing their legacy. I mean come on 50 you don't really need to you have your own record label so you could just concentrate on making that successful instead of the abomination that it is since Sha Money XL left you could still rap by lending verses on your acts albums or maybe even drop a mixtape just for your fans (not forcing them to buy the shit). 50's not the only one. DMX, come on man I've read reviews for Undisputed, you have acting you could take to again or could even choose a career path in preaching or some shit. Xzibit & Ice Cube, you can't rap about street shit anymore and you BOTH have acting to take to. Jay-Z, should've stayed away after The Black Album a dope ass high point to leave on and concentrate on running a record label. There's so many more!

    • ur point?

      Nobody is doing any better right now as far as rap music career goes, so what do they have to lose? Except for DMX they all doing good so obviously they just happen to love what they do. Let's see who's still around from now in 10 years or more.

  • 50 Cent - Street King Immortal

    1. New Day feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys (Produced by Dr. Dre) 2. How Can It Be (Produced by Havoc, co. Magnedo7) 3. The One (Produced by Mr. Porter) 4. Long While (Produced by Just Blaze) 5. Cry Baby feat. Ciara (Produced by DJ Khalil) 6. Black Cream (The Negro Epidemic) feat. Pusha T (Produced by Buckwild) 7. Limelight (Produced by Boi-1da, add. Arthur McArthur) 8. Goodnight & Goodluck (Produced by Scott Storch) 9. U Know feat. Timbaland (Produced by Timbaland, co. Danja) 10. Bitter (Produced by StreetRunner, co. Sarom) 11. Why Cry feat. Eminem (Produced by Dr. Dre, add. Eminem) 12. Stereotypes feat. ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock (Produced by Havoc) 13. Autographs (Produced by Eminem, co. Luis Resto) 14. Stages (Produced by DJ Khalil) Deluxe 15. Parenthood (Produced by Jim Jonsin) 16. Sit/Think/Drink feat. Joell Ortiz (Produced by Needlz) 17. Power Lines feat. Lloyd Banks (Produced by Eminem, add. Luis Resto) 18. Break Ups (Produced by The Alchemist)

  • Just Being Honest

    This should read "50 Cent Recalls The Point Of No Return - Irrelevancy."

  • Interscope

    Basically he's saying that yall are suckas for buying into the manufactured hype.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye won the battle as well as the war. 50 has been irrelevant every since.

  • Sco*

    Nah nigga, you reneged on the bet...Retire already playboy, you lost.....

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule straight caps niggaz... Hottest nigga in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule murdered a whole lot of niggaz back in 2003.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed busta rhymes, d-12, eminem, lil mo, dmx, dr.dre... 50 just didn't have the chance.

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule straight murdered this bitch along with eminem

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed this nigga back in 2003, why don't he recall that?

  • Anonymous

    Why are y'all sayin' 2007 was 50's last good year? 2003 was his last good year since Ja Rule killed him back then

  • Anonymous

    Aight, let's get some Ja Rule comments in here too.

  • Anonymous

    look at this dude mentioning any old and/or irrelevant shit to get him in the news. just take the loss and retire with your millions. when your next album does get released after 20 more delays, it's going to do some embarrassing ass numbers.

  • timo

    So 50 lied to the general public and that's great marketing?

    • hnDox

      Apprantley it is if the public bought into it and it pushed both of their album sells. Say what you want about 50's music but he knows how to make money.

  • no shit

    If you thought it was beef, you are a fucking retard

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Fif this Fif that. The entire industry uses this dumdfucks! Remember Pac vs. Biggie, east coast vs. west coast? Go and look what that did to album sales before and after their deaths. Every since then you just have a bunch of copycats emulating Pac or Big and creating fake beef that's how the industry works now. Listen to Drake's "Light Up" how hov predicted how niggas would be creating fake beef with Drake that's why you gotta respect cats that just make good music and don't need fake beef to sell records. Shame on you COMMON!


    You stupid close-minded motherfuckers listen: 50 Cent is good for Hip-Hop. If you think otherwise you need to re-evaluate your shit ... If you would at least have a valid point and don't babble nonsense all the time. I'm tired of telling you suckas how things go. ...and yeah, the beef with the Fat officer was fabricated, but from the Officer side. Cause Ricky knew that Fif is all about the money and wouldn't let an opportunity to make money slide. Too bad y'all are just consumers who dont relate to "moral values" and let the media mold your opinion ... Ricky raps about another mans life. Fabricating shit until it's too obvious. go ask KRS ONE, fools.

  • Anonymous

    I bet 50 misses those days....HE WILL NEVER SELL CDS like that again.

  • Anonymous

    while the media was getting hyped up jay fif and diddy was recording the forbes remix it was done before the album was released

  • No Shat

    The sheep certainly followed that marketing ploy. 15 years from now we are going to really find out 50 made a side deal with Jay Z to manufacture a "beef" with Rick Ross to get him buzzing. This stuff is as incestuous as hillbillies in Hudson Vally.

  • Anonymous

    to quote rocsi "his album is GA'BAGE, get that new kanye instead!"

  • Anonymous

    50 employs fake beef as marketing strategy and yall have the nerve to call rick ross a fake gangsta. shit is crazy to me

  • Anonymous

    wow what a difference 5 years makes 50 is lucky to hit a 100k first week

  • Deborah

    You know hip hop has gone downhill when they have to fabricate a beef to get attetion. Fiddy, grow up.

    • Anonymous

      thats the problem rappers dont grow up. They are 35 and acting like they 18. Take a look at rock music the stop singing and doing somthing different in the industry or they mature. rappers think that they are the new pablo escobar

  • sup

    graduation album was dope

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent should have retire as promised. that was better for hiphop and his career

  • Anonymous

    Why do you talk about a battle??? It was a set up between 50 and kanye. just to sell records. Talking about keeping it real.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I ain't a thug, how much 2Pac in you you got? - Dr Dre 2pac was real

    • Anonymous

      you do realize over 80% of Gangster rap is coming from guys that wont pull a trigger. Gangster rap has its place in hip hop but everyone isnt a gangster. Thats just the reality of it all. If everyone was then hip hop wouldve died a long time ago because it wouldve been boring cus everyone had the same story. so shut the fuck up and think before you speak

    • Deborah

      Gangsta rap- how about fans supporting REAL hip hop, like Big Daddy Kane etc? It wasn't all about the number of hoes you-claim- that you have...?

  • Anonymous

    That was FIVE YEARS ago? Damn... time flies. I bought both albums though.


    50 what up samideen nichols 215 showing luv wel support ,ithanx being my life peace 215

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