Jay-Z & Will Smith Team Up To Support "Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners" Documentary

Jay-Z and Will Smith team up yet again, this time for a documentary, "Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners."

Actor/rapper Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment is teaming up with Jay-Z's Roc Nation to support the release of Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, directed by Shola Lynch. Overbrook and Roc Nation will now become executive producers of the documentary which will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival, according to Deadline

The documentary comes on the 40th anniversary of the acquital of Angela Davis and chronicles her journey and role in the well documented case. The documentary will feature interviews with her lawyers as well as FBI agents who were on the case and journalists who covered it.  

“We at Overbrook Entertainment are very proud to support this intriguing documentary about the life of Angela Davis. Filmmaker, Shola Lynch has done an incredible job in revealing a piece of American history we thought we all knew,” Jada Pinkett Smith explained in a press release.

Jay-Z also added his feelings about backing the film. 

"Shola Lynch has crafted an intricate and compelling film about Angela Davis," he shared. "Roc Nation is honored to be a part of a creative collective that can present such a riveting story." 

This is not the first time Jay-Z and the Smiths have collaborated on a project like this. The two were a part of the FELA! project as well as the upcoming "Annie" remake, set to star Will's daughter, Willow.   

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  • omar just

    Cointelpro was a war against the black movement in general including Martin Luther King Jr, himself. J Edgar Hoover was a racist who was against integration and used his power as much as he could to stop it. There's a picture that exist that shows Hoover standing side by side with a grand wizard of a local kkk chapter somewhere at a rally. I have the book which shows this picture. As for jay, I would say it's odd for him to do this project when he does business with millionaires and billionaires like Bruce Ratner and that russian guy who was a basketball player i guess in his country. I mean a lot of black people were forced to move to make way for the nets stadium in brooklyn which is where I'm from.

  • hate revolver

    Dream Hampton is somewhere happy as fuck. Sucking on her titties. I guess Jay Z is giving back.

  • Enlightened

    Real Talk 1000, Government is necessary, but it doesn't have to be evil. Go back and read COINTELPRO again. Yes, that is a declaration of war. The Civil Rights Act of 1963? Ha ha ha I say to that. As Malcolm X pointed out, if those so called "acts" were valid, there wouldn't have been anymore need for fighting. Why was MlK still fighting when he was MURDERED in 1968? Because those so-called acts and laws were bullshit and only passed to pacify people. Once the 70's rolled around, the Panthers and other freedom fighters were tired of the bullshit. Laws had been passed but the de facto practices of the "State" had not changed. When the government got more aggressive with them, they got more aggressive as well. If it's ok for the government, who is supposed to BE THE LAW to break it by murdering unarmed civilians, why in the hell is not ok for the civilians to plot to turn the tables on that corrupt government and its agencies? Oh yeah...define freedom fighter? Someone who fights for freedom lol What do you think son? So again I say, hats off to all the freedom fighters who died and were imprisoned for us. The Black race will never see a stronger more dedicated group of people. Salute!

  • Enlightened

    Real Talk 1000, You convieniently left out the part about what the government was doing to the people at that time. The government DECLARED WAR on people who were supposed to be their own people (yeah right). Brutally murdering people like Fred Hampton and countless others. Locking others away on trumped up charges for simply wanting to be "free" and not sitting there begging for it. The freedom fighters and political prisoners are our real heroes. If the government wasn't on that bullshit, drastic action wouldn't have needed to have been taken. Clearly you don't understand who was (is) the villian in that movie and who were (are) the heroes. Assata Shakur, Mutulu Shakur and the rest of the political prisoners for life! The righteous and the real love y'all

    • Real Talk 1000

      *typo, civil rights act passed in 1964, not 1963

    • Real Talk 1000

      Your history is seriously flawed. Define Freedom Fighter. Because your description of proposed events occurred in the 1970's. The Civil Rights Act passed in 1963*. Did they declare war on the People? Strange, because what you forgot to leave out is that white terrorist Communist groups of the 1970's like the Weathermen were committing violent acts and calling for the violent overthrow of the government. As were Communists like Angela Davis. Government is a necessary evil as Thomas Paine said. Unfortunately it is especially necessary when you have extremists committed to establishing emulating the tyrannical Bolshevik State under the guise of equality and utopia. [*by the way the 1964 bill passed thanks to the support of the Republican Party, a party with a rich history of abolition, anti-lynching legislation and Civil Rights; No thanks to the Progressive, Leftist, Segregationist Racist Democratic Party who shot down every single Civil Rights bill up to and including the 1960 version and of which 40% opposed the 1964 version].

    • Anonymous

      now that's real talk.

  • Real Talk 1000

    If you dont know whats what, she is a radical Communist, who called for the violent overthrow of the government and preached her whole life for a socialist dictatorship. Im not throwing around the word Communist, no, literally she was a Presidential candidate for the Communist Party of America, as was her father. [Ironically her father was President Obama's mentor, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, as mentioned in Obama's book]. Im suprised both JayZ or Will Smith would be involved in legitimizing radical, violent, extreme political ideology, they both seem like decent guys.

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