Lecrae "Gravity" Album Stream

The chart-dominating Christian Hip Hop star's sixth solo album featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Novel is available for a free listen by Reach Records.

Reach Records artist Lecrae released his sixth solo album, Gravity. The LP features Big K.R.I.T., Novel and Trip Lee, among others. Producers include Self Scientific's DJ Khalil.

Following this morning's announcement and dates of Lecrae's "Unashamed 2012 Tour: Come Alive" Reach has posted a full free stream of Gravity.

Listen to the full album below.


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  • adam

    how can lecrae make just so many awesome songs? man is he awesome

  • adam

    this is an awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adam

    ya ya lecrae is finally back

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to the Lord for putting spotlight where it belongs. Crae!

  • kharee

    'anonymous' you need to really do some research christian rappers have more soul than anyone specially crae

  • pjung

    real music for the soul

  • Anonymous

    I stopped listening to christian artists because I learned that regular independent artists has more soul and love for fans than they do.Plus they falsely claim to be preachers when they not. If you rapping 90% of the time you are not a minister! God's work is 24/7 not just when you feel like it

    • kharee

      'anonymous' you need to really do some research christian rappers have more soul than anyone specially cra

    • Anonmymous

      Lecrae is a rapper that is a christian, a christian that is a rapper. He has never claimed to be a preacher, he is fully committed to his music and keeps it real with a heart for God and for people to find hope in the message he brings. Do your research before showing your ignorance on a platform like this.

    • Jonathan

      With all due respect, that's kind of an ignorant statement. So you're saying that a rapper has to be rapping 100% of the time to be real? To be a minister of God has many outlets. Music is just one of the many medians through which the Gospel of Jesus can be shared. Whoever taught you "that regular independent artists has more soul and love for fans than they do" has really led you down the wrong path. You're telling me that all the artists that rap about drugs, money, sex and all that sinners lifestyle are really what they claim to be??? If you had any common sense, you would realize that all secular artists are entertainers who have a life outside of the music industry in which they dont do the things they promote in their music and videos. The ones that really take the repercussions are you and me, and all those who think its cool to follow the lifestyle the world promotes. I'm a believer in christ, and i've been listening to christian rap for some time now.I don't ever remember hearing an artist claim that he was a preacher. However, all artists, secular or not, they are a ll preachers. They all preach their own agenda, so then you're telling me that the artist that you listen to isn't a preacher? Everybody preaches something, even you and me. Bottomline, christian artists are human just like me and you, and all the secular artists. The difference between secular and christian is that secular artists on the radio only sing about what the labels want them to sing about. In other words they are slaves to the music industry. Then christian artists on the other hand talk about real life, not the made up plastic world that the world offers. They talk about struggles, family, hope, and above all they do it to glorify the name of Jesus. IDK where you got your facts from, but word to the wise, don't drink the kool-aid that the world offers and dont believe the fallacies that you preach.

    • dre

      i think you need to do your research. crae is on fire for christ. homie done stood outside of clubs getting spit in the face for sharing his faith.

  • Zach

    Feeling this, killer production

  • Jace Muzik

    Dope music. Real talk.

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