Busta Rhymes "Understands" Lil Wayne's Comments Against New York City

Busta Rhymes says that Lil Wayne's incarceration is reason enough for him to dislike the Big Apple.

Earlier this week, Lil Wayne caused a stir when he said that he "flat out" doesn't like New York City, New York, sparking Senator Malcolm A. Smith to demand an apology. After Birdman supported Weezy's comments, YMCMB artist Busta Rhymes says that he "completely understands" his dislike for the Big Apple, stating that his taste for the city most likely turned sour after he was incarcerated for gun possession.

"I can completely understand why he feels that way," he told Hot 97's Angie Martinez. "He did a year in Riker's Island for something that probably you really wasn't guilty of, but because you were who you were, you had to eat that."

He also pointed out his own experience in El Paso, Texas, where he was arrested after a performance several years ago. "Everybody's entitled to their opinion," he said. "It don't mean I don't like the people there, it don't mean I don't like my support, my love, but I don't like El Paso. My experience in El Paso makes me not like it. I haven't done another show there since."

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  • learntoknow

    Busta Rhymes may be seen as traitor by many from his state of birth but he has kids to feed. If his record sales werent enough to keep him on Electra and then J Records (respectively) who is to blame? I got love for NY but I got to call you on your bullshit. A lot of you shit talking back-packing ass niggas in New York buy bootlegs and mix-tapes or you download or rip that shit from a barrowed CD. Guess who makes Hip Hop albums go gold and platinum not yall niggas! It is sold to mostly white teenage girls in the burbs. Makes sense why all that wack shit sells and real Hip Hop is dead. This has been going on sense Black people have been making music in America; Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop and many of you dumb monkey-see, monkey-do niggas still dont have a clue.

  • Anonymous

    lil wanye next 2 pac that made me laugh he aint nothing like 2 pac lil wanye is wack i never been a fan simple as jay nas eminem are top 3 jadakiss styles p fabolous all under rated dr dre done more for rap than wack ass wanye young money have how many members lets see how many drop albums they drop Jay Electronica is better than wanye but as for you saying lil wanye like 2 pac is damm right out of line i dont think pac or big would ever roll wid wanye he aint in same leauge as big pac jay eminem nas and i put fabolous styles p jadakiss over his wack any day of the week

  • Anonymous

    busta is a buster

  • mhki

    buss , you a bitch.....

  • tonystark5151

    F*** Lil Wayne and his garbage ass music, don't come back!!! Don't make money here, corny ass

  • Gamer501

    Asian countries for Asians Black countries for Blacks but White countries for Everybody ? Nobody is flooding Asia with non-asians and telling everybody to 'mix' Nobody is flooding Black countries with non-blacks and telling everybody to 'mix' Every White country,and ONLY White countries are expected to flood themselves with 3rd Worlders and 'assimilate' (inter-marry) to create a mixed up 'blended humanity'. This is nothing but an attempt to Genocide White people. 'Anti-racism' is a codeword for Anti-White

  • Anonymous

    i dont like new york

  • LJofSpades

    Personally, I think Busta should have stayed quiet over this issue - he's signed to Wayne's label. How can he come out in SUPPORT of someone putting down his home state? Nah man.

  • Anonymous

    Busta eating cash money pipe in the mouth and ass.

  • Long Beach Ninja

    I agree with them. I don't like San Jose.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay-Z is without question the Greatest MC Of All Time. Period" That's all you had to type. Not that hip hop book report.

  • da1

    Tell me why when 50 cent said fuck those new york niggas. Noboy made a bg deal about that.

  • Anonymous

    i'm not a human being 2 will probably sell between 500,000-650,000 in it's first week, but nowhere close to platinum.

  • Truth Hurts

    The name of Lil Wayne sure does generate alot of attention. He is a rap star and has been since 1999. Congratulations, to the young man on being on top for so long.

  • JAY Z >>> WEEZY

    Time to end this G.O.A.T. foolishness. In this constant debate about Jay-Z being the best ever I read things like "Nas will destroy Jay-Z" or "Eminem got a better flow than Jay" Those are OPINIONS. When will you fools learn that you can't win a debate with OPINIONS. Every rapper has a different style based on where they are from, the time period in which they were most successful, and their unique personality. We all can go on for days about our personal preferences but in a debate criteria like this is completely IRRELEVANT and automatically BIASED. The only way to win a debate is with cold hard FACTS. And the fact of the matter is that, when you weigh all of the tangible criteria (Sales, Critical Acclaim, Consistency, Longevity, and Impact) Jay-Z makes the strongest case for the G.O.A.T. Eminem has sold nearly twice as much as Jay-Z, and he is Jay's equal when it comes to longevity and impact. But Em lacks the consistency or critical acclaim that Jay-Z has (Im not talkin cult/fanboy classics, Im talkin CERTIFIED classics. XXL/Rolling Stone/Source approved) Eminem is VERY close though. Nas has enjoyed more critical acclaim and more overall respect in the hip-hop community through the years. And he's definitely equal to Jay with longevity and impact. But he hasn't been no where near as much of a consistent presence in hip-hop as Jay has. And he is obviously lacking in the sales department. Lil Wayne just may be the most consistent rapper of all time. He's no slouch when it comes to longevity and impact either. His glaring flaw? In his 12 year career Lil Wayne has yet to drop a truly critically acclaimed classic album (and it can be done in this climate. just look at kanye's discography). Also, contrary to popular beleif, Wayne lacks in the sales department. Sure, Tha Carter III and IV are blockbuster albums, but his OVERALL sales of 10 mil US pale in comparison to Jay-Z's 31 mil. 2pac is a touchy subject. When it comes to impact, pac takes the cake. No other rapper touched the world like 2pac did. He, like Em, has also sold more than Jay and he was very consistent in his time. Sadly, 2pac passed before his time which allowed Jay-Z to surpass him in longevity and critical acclaim. LL Cool J was the prototype for what a G.O.A.T. could be. He has enjoyed the most longevity, and he was fairly consistent, but his sales, acclaim and overall impact are no where near the likes of 2pac, Eminem, and ofcourse Jay-Z. Biggie, Rakim, Common, Snoop, the list goes on. All of these MC's are great but none of them have the total G.O.A.T. package like Jay-Z does. Jay-Z is the 3rd highest selling rapper of all time, and the richest. He's one of the most acclaimed (perhaps only rivaled by his boy Kanye). He dropped multi-platinum albums YEARLY from 96'-03', and he is still going strong today. He's been in the game since 88'. He's impacted hip-hop in countless ways from starting one of the 1st successful MC-owned record labels, to being the 1st non-athlete with a signature shoe, to surpassing the likes of Elvis with #1 albums. Jay-Z is without question the Greatest MC Of All Time. Period. You don't have to listen to him everyday (Im currently on my Kendrick wave). You don't even have to like him. But for goodness sake, RESPECT THE FACTS.

    • Anonymous

      TI is and has been a greater MC than JZ

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ LMAO co-sign

    • HAHA

      Did for you WILLY I think he being too nice with EM lil WAYNE-they dont even belong on the list. Why not throw in Nelly and MC Hammer. JAY is not my fav rapper but clearly he is the most successful rapper of all time. Clearly he hs pushed the bar in countless ways. EM, LIL WAYNE, LL all have been hot and cold in period. Jay been hot Period. Its not really a discussion. My fav top 5, is Nas Jada SP black thought maybe Mos Def or Doom. But don't front Jay legacy-dude been doing his thing. Think about it - who listen to EM in their house? Around their children, in car?? Not black people.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody will read your dickriding ass novel, fuckboi.

    • Willy

      Ummm.. So, the Source's opinion of Eminems albums matters? After the BLATANT disdain from that magazine towards him? You do realize that most album reviewers are "fan-boys" in one way or another right? Critics are often times wrong. Every actual FACT that you made pointed to Eminem being the "G.O.A.T.". Critics OPINIONS of albums are NOT fact. They are OPINIONS. Get what I'm putting down?

    • Arson Wells

      The only G.O.A.T is Cam'Ron. He gets computers putin, and invented the Flow drake and Big Sean were trying to claim ownership of.

    • Anonymous

      do you really thing some one is gonna read this shit???????

    • Nate2g3

      been tellin niggas that for years now, and jay aint even my fav rapper. and wayne just really started seeing that mula roll in after C2 & we kno the rest..........


    People will let this slide I presume but one more stupid comment considering he has fans there will bring trouble.One day Wayne will say I'm a fagget I like it from da back.Than Birdman will say I am a fagget too he a fagget am a fagget LOL

  • anon

    I kno sumbody from ny gone step up n ler thys nygga hav ir come on unc murda papoose n e body plz let thys nigga hav it!

  • anon

    Ym got these niggas TRAINED.bust u a sellour ass nigha

  • Anonymous

    how french montana gonna fuk wit him after he said that? jay better come back with a diss on his next album or w.e

  • Cam'ron

    Not a JayZ fan. . but.. Lil weazy fucking baby think he has more money than JAYZ? Not even weazies 12 year old fans would believe that. Lil Wayne Net Worth: $95 Million Bird Man Net Worth: $115 Million Jay-Z Net Worth : $475 Million just for fun.. his wife Beyonce: $300 Million (she has more than birdman and weazy lol) celebritynetworth. com/ not related: Diddy: $500 M/ Master P: $350 M/ Ice Cube: $100 M/ Dr Dre: $260 M/ Eminem: $120 M/even Justin Beieber has more at $105 Mil

    • Anonymous

      yea 45yr old jz supposed to have more money he started rapping almost 20 yrs ago when he was damn near 30 yrs didnt start making all that money till about 10 yrs ago old lil wayne and the rest of them aint close to 30 and been making money will definitly pass jz when they get in their 40s

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Yo co-sign it's time for us blacks to care about OUR OWN MONEY and stop caring about people that don't even know we're alive.

    • anon

      Who cares. Whats YOUR net worth. Fuk these celebs havn more moneys lyke havn more evil.


    Wayne's going to be remembered as the next 2pac. How can you guys not award him that right? Look how much he has done for hip hop. Hip Hop album sales have been on slow decline, yet Wayne has been the small breath of air keeping it alive and bringing in money by bringing in ATTENTION. Attention is what keeps music or anything else alive. He branches out and does other things than music. He features on other artists of different genres albums. 2Pac would be proud of Wayne if he were still alive and I even believe he would agree to sign to Young Money records and help Wayne build even bigger empire. If Wayne were to die, he WOULD become the same vessel of icon as 2Pac was and still is to this day. Look how many people bite Waynes style same as they did 2pac(Nas, Ja Rule). Yall know its true but are just to afraid to admit it.

    • hellno

      Well first of all this is bs lil wayne will never come anywhere close to tupac. But also I cannot believe this is the real YESSIR. The same one that trolls in all capitals talking about getting fucked in the ass by lil wayne. He actually wrote a real statement with real points! Can't be the real YESSIR.

    • pope

      next 2pac? kill yourself

    • @YESSIR




  • Louisiana Forever

    Louisiana still has your back!!!!! If New York don't love Louisiana, then we don't love them either.

  • Anonymous

    truth is this.......lil wayne doesn't like like politicians, district attorneys and all law enforcement in nyc.......haters need to stop making it something else.

  • tonytoca

    this is whats wrong with the whole hiphop scene in ny right now and why most of he world feels like ny fell off, 10-15 years ago lil wayne would have been ripped apart musically,2012 hardly a word wtf back at him its a sad sad day and im from ny saying this

    • Anonymous

      10-15 yrs ago he didnt get ripped apart musically "bling-bling".... ny was wack back then too hell they let master p killed them

  • I know right

    So basically busta is scared of a midget on a skateboard?

  • Anonymous

    i think im starting to get this rap shit when some one says someshit there actually representing what there fan base believes in

  • Lil Wayne

    Fuck NY and all the ppl that live there.

  • Sensei Eric

    Lil Wayne aint the only one that don't like New York. Remember 9/11? Maybe you guys should change your attitudes, brush your teeth or do something to make people like you more?

  • Anonymous

    fuck new york i like some of the people in city but the white folks running it are on some bullshit. they have drained all the life out of it

    • Anonymous

      White folks probably drained the area you lived at too, don't let me find out you are from New Orleans first anonymous, lol

  • Anonymous

    "Some of us actually love our home and rep that hard" The only thing you rep hard is unemployment.

  • Morpheus

    What If I told you..... "Hello Brooklyn Whats your story, she said she's eating on the run but she ain't Nore She said she's got a man but he ain't worried But baby I'ma have to rob him like Orie She said she love B.I.G. and she likes Tupac And when I said Jay-Z she said it's the Roc I'ma leave it like this like this like that Where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at Have you seen her, and when she tell you something you better believe her She told me she like my new Orleans demeanor And so I said goodbye Katrina and hello Brooklyn Lil Wayne

  • Anonymous

    "his taste for the city most likely turned sour after he was incarcerated for gun possession." MOST LIKELY? So you didn't even consult with Wayne about his comment Bus? You are just assuming because you have Birdman's cock in your hand for checks. Wow. Yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what Wayne should realize is that he is a big influence on people (sad truth) and so when you go out and say something blatant as that, people are going to follow and disagree because of your influence on music, like it or not. Get off that syrup homie if you can't realize that.

    • ETL

      It's damage control for himself since he's signed with Wayne. I'm sure him(Busta), Cory Gunz, Jae Millz, and Nikki are probably in an acward position especially since Wayne himself haven't clarified it himself. He (Wayne) is a grown man so he don't need anybody to talk for him, if that's his true feelings you gotta respect it but he can't cry if the backlash gets too heavy, he's gonna have to take whatever comes to him from it.

  • Fat-Tone

    Too many lames taking this shit serious...smh!All the nigga said was''i don't like New York''...and y'all turds estrogen is up like some buncha school girls.

  • True

    and they're gonna turn on cole too. its just matter of time before he gets to successful for them. or the illuminati rumors come in.

  • Anonymous

    You New York niggas are some butt hurt people. I mean really? I know Wayne haters are usually tight but this is crazy. You sound like a bunch of females. Letting your emotions out over the internet because you get NO shine in real life. He doesn't like New York get over it. Either stop fucking with him, or shut up. Every time you comment on a Lil Wayne article, you're begging the author to write another one. And Wayne fans are even worse. New York niggas are uptight right now, you don't have to defend Wayne in every post. He said the shit himself, get off his dick and let him reap the consequences. These New York niggas don't even got love for their own artists anymore. They turned On Jay, Nas, and DMX. Even if he hadn't said it, it was going to happen eventually. It's like J. Cole said "I came up here to take advantage of that shit ya'll take for granted."

    • anon

      Hey hey ladies ladies! No hair pulling!

    • Anonymous

      Talk greasy? "I don't like New York." Greasy? You're over exaggerating. Stop being a bitch. And get over it, with your over emotional ass.

    • Anonymous

      man, shut the fuck up. Who are you to judge us for taking this shit personal? Some of us actually love our home and rep that shit hard and we aren't going to let some gremlin ass nigga talk greasy about the birthplace of the music that feeds his kids.

  • Busta Rhymes Deserves To Die

    Busta never moved units. His best selling album only sold 1.6 million copies. That would be great today, but that was in the 90's. And co-signing a faggot like Wayne ain't gonna help you move more units. Just admit you fell off and go die in a asylum.

  • Fuck YMCMB

    Lost total respect for Busta Rhymes. You should have hold down your city, yet you're too scared of confronting your pimp Lil Wayne.

    • yup

      Busta act like here was there. You see what happened to Plax ass. Wayne proved his brain power. If you going to say you dont like something, you better be exact in what you don't like.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I mean I understand why he did it, but I lost a little respect for him. If anything, he shouldn't have said anything about it........ "Next Question"

  • Anonymous

    "Its like New York been soft ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings"----JAY-Z

  • PuCho

    This just proves that this nigga is a sell out, he went making a track called "New York Shit" reppin New York to defending the person that disrespected your city. I hate to say it but Busta is YMCMB's bitch now.

  • 357NYC

    point blank say fuck the NYPD not the greatest city on earth you no talent fuck boy..and fuck Busta too and everyone else co-signing and playing this bullshit. And this isnt about a region cause Killer Mike and all TDE stays in rotation but fuck this bullshit, sell out, coonery once and for all!!

    • Anonymous

      Miami is the greatest city in the US, Vegas 2nd, LA 3rd, ATL probably b4 NY no one wants to go to fucked up NY for what? Whats in NY? Seems like everybody leaving NY and moving down south or out west never heard anybody talking bout Im moving to NY

    • 357nyc

      I'm just tired of the bullshit and people cosigning garbage buddy and yeah being a Busta fan since Case of the P.T.A., the shit hurts a bit..All good though, peace

    • aye

      I dont like wayne as an emcee anymore but you sound like your maxi pad is soaking wet bro. mad emotional over something that dont involve u...



    • lol

      its just funny that people actually still like ymcmb. drake and wayne are the only good ones in it, period. wayne has put trash out for a few years now. SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEEEEEEEE

    • anon

      you the gayest dickrider I ever did see, no wonder people take your name and post gay shit. Cause deep down that's what you're really like.

  • ETL

    Everybody making excuses for Lil Wayne except Lil Wayne, so Busta or anybody not named Lil Wayne from his camp making excuses for him is really doing damage control to help themselves. If his feelings about NY were because of his bid, then he can address that himself, he didn't need anybody to speak for him when he said what he said, and if he said and meant and he stands by it then I respect it as long as he's willing to deal with the repercutions that come with that.

  • anonymous

    man, some of ya'll are acting ridiculous just cuz Lil Wayne's name is attached to the story, man doesn't like NY, get over it, it's an opinion, I haven't liked Wayne's music in YEARS, but he's entitled to an opinion that's fairly benign. Is it really that big a deal that he doesn't care for that city?

  • bustaafag

    Busta you been irrelevant and wack for years. And busta is a fag. since spliff dumped his ass, now he's going over to the nigga weezy cuz he know weezy like kissing men.

  • Anonymous

    busta .....there goes your sales for your next bullshit album. where were you born.. in n.o.???

    • VoiceOfReason

      I grew up in VA, where there are plenty of racists around. I got jumped because I was white.....my point? Racism is everywhere. I love VA, but I can't stand a lot of the bitchasses.

    • Anonymous

      are you ten years old you cannot understand what he saying. do you know how fucked up new york is haha i dont like miami they are some racist mother fuckers i will never go back there and thats that.

  • Gangnam style

    busta your a homo get lil waynes, lil wang out of ur mouth

  • Anonymous

    how hell you going charge dude with a gun he didnt even have no gun on i him. no weed on him somebody that was with him had gun. hell i dont know if was even on his same bus as him. haha they dirty that want to promote a gun law by using him. and suppose to love that dirty play haha i dont like his music but i with him fuck new york the people in city some of them are cool but laws are dirty as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    butsa kiss more aSS

  • Smh

    Lost respect for Busta.

  • blackdragon6

    even though i don't like lil wayne i think busta's explanation is apt. this is how bone thugs got in trouble. they had a bad experience in memphis and made some dispariging remarks in Vibe magazine, and that got them in trouble with memphis rappers. although they kinda was out of sight and out of mind to bone who barely noticed them (if at all). keep in mind at the time three 6 mafia was a underground act.

  • spliffstarr

    youtube/lil wayne comes out of the closet at 2011 vma

  • Anonymous

    Duh. Wayne hates NY because they got rid of Jeremy Lin.

  • chillthrills

    question should be why the fuck is busta,,,,label hopping,,,and i can understand the bread,,,but what the fuck,,,nigga,,,,business savvy is suspect,,,should at least be on jays financial level,,, or something,,,,he signed to nigga named birdman,,,hmm,,,thats signed to universal,,,,he could have his own shit illuminating haaaa!!!! da fuck!!!



  • Mike

    Who gives a shit what "Little Wang" thinks!



  • mr say it once

    why the fuck boys care, now yall know each and everyone of yall dont fuck with the cops and know you got areas in your city where the boys be trippen so understand his point and im from N.Y

  • chillthrills


  • Busta wtf

    Busta wack and this just proves it. His dickriding of Wayne stupid as fuck. Though I expected from this nigga who ain't been hit in a minute so he coat tailing Wayne's ass and sucking his dick. It ain't no secret this nigga a down low brow. His fuck buddy spliff and him go back years. Fuck you Busta! New York still where it's at.



    • Duke

      New York is a city, and the city is not alive. In other words cities don't lock people up. Busta don't make sense at all. GTFOH


    Busta Rhymes made a song called "New York Shit", repping it hard and now he's cosigning the nigga that goes against everything that song stood for. This is some clown shit, from Leaders of the New School to this bullshit.

    • zooyork

      I hope Diamond D got paid off that beat too..Busta on that sell out shit

    • Anonymous


  • demon knight

    Fuck that for once that yessir dude's right. NYers act like they aint been shittin on Lil Wayne for years( he's slow, he's ugly af,he makes no sense) and sayin the people that DO rock wit him are gay nd shit mostly everyone I fuck with shits on this nigga . Plus he got locked up here smh he can feel whatever way he want about NY..Y don't y'all go chill with niggas that don't respect u?

  • Bom919

    Finally somebody from NY talking some damn sense. I mean its really NOT a big deal. GTF over it! He did not diss the ppl of New York...ppl are so damn stupid and ridiculous these days smdh.

    • BTMoney

      They're not stupid, they know he didn't diss the people of New York, but they hate it because it's Lil Wayne. If it was Immortal Technique sayin' that, they would co-sign it.

  • Anonymous

    Get off the south dick.



  • Keem

    I group Busta with people like Nelly or Ludacris. He has no real fans and only got by because of his gimmicky style and songs. That's why after all these years he's not a boss with his own shit and he has to keep jumping from crew to crew, following what's hot. The more he talks, the more corny I realize he is...It's pathetic and sad, really.

    • vd

      you're right about everything except including Nelly and Ludacris in the same category. Luda's his own boss and Nelly, although not as big as he once was, is still doing big things here and there. Owning a share in an NBA team is kinda a big deal

    • Rhymes "Niggas" With "Bitches" Is Played In 2012

      @Tyrone You would be relevant too if you dickriding every movement thats poppin for the sake of relavance, Busta ain't no boss, he proved that with the destruction of flipmode. his music is terrible now, he's too old to try to appeal to the kids with his garbage.

    • Real McCoy

      REALEST SHIT ANYONE HAS SAID ABOUT THIS DUDE. Busta Is A Dickrider and it's Obvious He Knows this and is insecure, bol be acting hard because he big, but busta just started showing his true colors #creampuff Busta is a Mason (just like Nas, Jayz, or any other "industry rapper") so you know he only care about one thing: $$$ Fake ass faggot rappers.

    • Tyrone

      So, I take it you are a boss, and you are making lots of money. Busta has been doing it since the 80's. Not many can say that!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Trevor...Go elsewhere with your herpes

    • Anonymous

      Well, honestly I would, its not like he is LL Cool J. You must be on his nuts hard, face it, its his time to hang it up, he should retire now while he is slightly ahead, he is falling fast. Did anybody give a shit about his mixtape other than the features that were on it.

    • Anonymous

      bet you will not say it to his face. SMH

  • Real Talk 100

    PR101: lol if you ask me Busta's girl Sylvia Rhone, head of Universal, sent him to the media to tidy up for Universal's #1 cash cow Lil Wayne.

  • ikeatl

    Busta going out like a buster

  • Busta is a lame bandwagon jumper

    Fuck u Buss..You just lost a lifelong fan cause of that shit you talking.Shufflin for a check you bitch made muhfucka.Watch NY show you what we think of traitors..

  • Anonymous

    i dislike you Busta!

  • Anonymous

    slid off slow busta

  • Capo

    No one gives a f**k about how he feels lol

    • Anonymous

      What else you gonna say Busta? Wayne and Birdman sign your cheques. It's the concept of the house n*gg*, field n*gg*, the house n*gga will sell you up the river

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