Juvenile Says He's Willing To Do Business With YMCMB, Talks Meek Mill's "Ha" Remix

Juvenile says he's willing to do business with YMCMB and talks about the "Ha" remixes by Jay-Z and Meek Mill.

While he was an integral part of the early Cash Money history, Juvenile has been away from the crew for some time. Recently, Juvenile spoke with Sway in the Morning about being willing to sit down and do business with the YMCMB team. He also spoke on the remix Jay-Z made of "Ha" and the newer remix by Meek Mill. 

When asked about the Meek Mill remix, Juvenile said he reached out to make it official. 

"They had a little video on YouTube and I guess his manager remixed the track," he said. "My partners started hitting me up on Twitter. I checked it out. I heard the verse and I said, 'I gotta get in touch.' So I reached out and got in touch with his people." 

He also spoke on an earlier remix by Jay-Z, adding that Jay didn't ask for permission to do the remix but that he felt he didn't need to at the time. 

"Nah. I don't think it was  situation where he needed permission though. I guess he was looking at us the same way we was looking t him. When he did the song, I was like, 'Okay, now I'm really in New York.' I guess with him, it was the same way like, 'Now I'm really in the South.'"

He went on to discuss his stance on the Cash Money matter. 

"I don't look at it like the owe me anything," Juvie said. "They should do an album with me. If we can sit down at the table and work it out, I really don't have a problem doing business with them or nobody. That's why I was so quick to release the rights to 'Back That Azz Up' to Drake. I'm a businessman." 

In the interview, Juvie also added that he has been reaching out to several artists for collaborations including 2 Chainz, French Montana and more. 

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Juve would jump on a Disney Channel soundtrack if he could. Nobody owes you a thing. Didn't you learn that in Magnolia Business 101?

  • Anonymous

    Do we really need these bullshit autoplay political ads? I got 2 playing right now and echoeing all over the place. Turn that shit off hhdx.

  • milehighkid303

    Fuck em Juvie, don't do it fam. You, BG, n Turk are TOO REAL to be mixin' up with these fuckin' rats. I hope he don't comprimise his character for some doe, Juvie and them MADE Cash Money, and Baby n his "son" ran it through mud and made it look cool to be metrosexual.....im out.

  • Burmy

    This should shut up YESSIR, So Icy Boi, and all these other YMCMBrats...at the end of the day, Juvy's a businessman, and he knows working with them would be good for business. Also, his son (Young Juve) is trying to come up, and that would be a good move for him.

  • gilliedakid

    youtube/lil wayne comes out of the closet at 2011 vma

  • Trill Bloc

    Juve should have a rightful place at CM in some capacity due to his history and the potential future investment the label should make in his ability to make several more hit records. Lets get a new juve, wayne, baby, mannie record out!!!

    • jmp_design

      Word. Out of all the people who should have a right hand seat at CM/YMCMB it should be Juve. But instead Baby lets him make it on his own still having to drop records. If anything the new jacks at YMCMB would benefit from Juvenile's party-rap that he likens his style to. Most main stream rap follows the same blueprint anyways...

  • jmp_design

    It's only fitting Juve goes home after all these years. Then again Mannie's not with Cash Money and other than Wayne, Juve would walk in the room and say "who the F are all of you kids?" But on the real, an album produced by Baby, a few Wayne features with some New Jacks on it wouldn't hurt obv..

  • Anonymous

    lol this fucker loser is probably broke and now wants to get some money

    • jmp_design

      Oh so how broke is broke? Broker than your trollin' azz probably is? Ha. Dude will always have more money than 100 of your families combined.

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