New York Senator Demands Apology From Lil Wayne For "I Don't Like New York" Comment

Senator Malcolm A. Smith takes Lil Wayne to task for his recent comments.

Though one might argue that a United States senator should be concerning him or herself with more important matters, Senator Malcolm A. Smith of New York has decided to take time out of his schedule to respond to recent comments by Lil Wayne.

"I take strong exception to the words 'I don't like New York,'" responding to Wayne's recent revelation about his feelings for the city. The Senator, who described himself as "angry," "taken aback," and "shocked" at Wayne's words, held a news conference in Father Duffy Square to demand an apology, according to the New York Times.

Smith opined that Wayne's comment was the result of "a lapse in mental judgment." 

“If you don’t like New York,” said Smith, “you don’t have to come to New York. You don’t have to sell your products here. And perhaps we won’t come to your concerts.”

The Senator erroneously added that Hollis, Queens was "essentially the home and the origin of HIp Hop," despite general agreement that the Bronx holds that distinction.

"New Yorkers are forgiving people," concluded Smith. "We're prepared to forgive Lil Wayne if in fact he makes a sincere apology."

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  • C

    Kanye West says he doesn't like ice cream. Baskin Robins demands apology.

  • Dick B

    Lol, people are so easily offended, if he doesn't like NY he just doesn't like it. Get over it, shouldn't senators be worried about more serious matters anyway? On the part of Lil Wayne it probably wasn't intelligent for him to say what he said, but at least he spoke his mind.

  • Punk Bitch

    everybody says that they hate new jersey or alabama or nebraska but no one cares about that

  • P.Boog

    Hey Slava Kuperstein! As you "erroneously" indicated, Malcolm A. Smith is not a senator of New York. Please proofread and check the validity of your information before posting it up. Especially if you are going to scrutinize what"matters" a "human being" should be concerning him or herself about. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Wayne prefers Miami and rightfully so.

  • Bom919

    How can he demand an apology over that. ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH! And havent you heard of the phrase, you entitled to your own opinion. I mean damn all these New Yorkers are gettin all butt hurt over a small statement he made. Get over it, I dont like New York either alot of ppl dont, its too cold wtf ever. He didnt say he didnt have friends there

    • Punk Ass

      ikr its not even an insult it's just how he feels i'm sure he's the only person in new york that actually took offense from that anyway

  • tonystark5151

    We don't need an apology, he's garbage. His pass to NY is revoked, don't come back and Power 105.1 and Hot97 need to get off his dick, stop playing his music, don't have him headline our concerts, no one wants to see him anyway!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Since when is every NY man and woman a mugger" Try walking through Times Square.

  • Acesun

    Who want to bet money him and birdguy will be making a clearification statement conference?? Their BS careers depend on it, if they don't address the situation and clean up their statement, they will be diggin their own graves, to jump in it later. This is how you get popped skating on your half-pipe Duke. I thought he was retiring, what a way to go out...

  • Acesun

    If I was a senator and some pop prick made a negative statement about my state, I would air him out also. We birthed this HipHop shit and since these country bumpkins been getting their 15 minutes they all smelling themselves, it's time HipHop get back to the real artform. See what happens when you let some corny niggas wearing white-tee night gowns talking about the block is hot, get a lane? He needs to do a concert out here so they can Kennedy him on stage.

  • Sensaye252

    I'm from NY...and I couldn't care less what that little prick thinks about NY. It bothers me more that we have a senator that is actually paying attention to this situation. Its a free country, he's allowed to say he doesnt like NY...and really who gives a fuck? This rap shit is getting more and more ridiculous every day....

  • Busta Rhymes

    So Wayne don't like me then?

  • donnie mac

    "I feel you 100% on this foolish state senator (that's right), which really isn't a senator anyway. He just a local joker." ^ don't forget that there are "pundits" who visit this site... this man has a record of community up before you discredit Black community...a lot of these "opinions" are from non NY residents... "A GOVERNOR is the state leader. A MAYOR is the city's executive officer. A SENATOR is the state's representative to Congress' House of Senate" ^ Bloomberg would need this "local joker" to get laws passed. Hush.

  • Anonymous

    "New Yorkers are forgiving people" Since when do muggers apologize?

  • chillthrills

    how you not like a whole city,,,,say you dont like the cops,,,or the justice system,,,even the traffic,,,these characters never choose their words wisely,,,thats what happens when you dont have knowledge of self,,,,yo just say shit without thinking,,,,then niggas respond like,,fuck you then,,,,,and to the senator nigga can you stop these fucking cops from putting up check points and black communities,,,and stop and frisk,,,,,,cmon fuck what,,,,lil jegging boy talking bout,,,,,,niggas is corny!!!word

  • BklynSkillz


  • forreal

    fuck everything about this. I hope that Senator loses his job. Who the fuck does that???

  • HighlyOpiniated

    Just like a politician to sidesweep important issues affecting the community by going toe-to-toe with a pop star. SMGDH.

    • BklynSkillz

      if u are in da game and from new york weather u put him down on mixtapes collarbate on a little words he doesnt need u and thats hole concept.of the diss..

    • Don J

      I feel you 100% on this foolish state senator (that's right), which really isn't a senator anyway. He just a local joker.

    • Anonymous

      Meanwhile many state politicians are either on vacation, fishing, sitting in the office, on the way to the convention. No important issues are being attended to, like the over 5,000 bills in Congress set to kick start the economy. I would rather the Senator be in the streets than at a country club playing golf because it's vacation time. Now, are you familiar with the Senator's stance on ANY issue, or just this one because it's on this site?

  • gwap

    I like that smith stood up for his state, thats his job, thats what he gets paid to do. Yall cant be mad because he defending his stomping ground. Everybody should of knew that somebody was gone say something about wayne saying fuck NYC he lucky that Nas or Jay didnt put some bars up his ass. But im fucking with senator Smith that niggas real he speaking up for his shit

    • Anonymous

      he didn't stand up for his state. he is a black man and black children aren't getting treated right in NYC.

  • corey

    They are both stupid...Lil Wayne creator of "Hello Brooklyn" is and has always been short on brain cells....And this Senator Smith clearly has too much time on his hands...

    • Anonymous

      i agree with u about this ignorant senator wasting tax payer's money with this fake press conference.

    • Anonymous

      It's actually quite easy to take a train, jump out in Times Square, do a quick press conference and go back to work within an hour. It's called making moves, you should try it sometime.

  • Mr Lol

    Is this bizarro world?

  • X

    Okay this is fucking stupid as hell. I don't care for fag lil wayne. However if he doesn't like new york then fine. Keep it moving. Fuck Senator Smith. When did it all of sudden become a problem where people can't say how they feel, celebrities or not. Who gives a shit. I don't like a lot of the music that comes out of the south or from young money and i'll stand by my words. However nobody is asking me for an apology. Its called an opinion. If wayne was smart he would tell the senator to go fuck himself. Sounds like a publicity stunt is on the rise since this dude ain't making the money that he claims.

    • Anonymous

      "When did it all of sudden become a problem where people can't say how they feel, celebrities or not." "Fuck Senator Smith('s opinion)" ^ we'll wait for you explain this contradiction.......


    The Senator really has no idea about the city he governs if he is retarded enough to think Queens is the birthplace of hip hop culture, it just makes him look as ridiculous as Lil Gayne...


      See? What the hell is happening to this generation. Everyone knows DJ Kool Herc started it in the Bronx in 1973 hosting parties.

    • AllReadyReadBook

      He can very well say that queens was essentially the home and the origin of Hip Hop" as the during the golden era Queens emcee's were everywhere secondly the only reason people say the Bronx invented it is because of the Boogie Down Productions (South Bronx) beef with the Juice crew (Queens)

  • GoReadABook

    Wow. Classic example of American Politics. This man places no more importance on addressing the fuckin trainwreck of issues going on in New York than on making a pop rapper apologize for making a throwaway comment reflecting his opinion

  • GBtha G

    Thas the power of Hip Hop.I dont mean lil wayne iz a playa, hell no! but yeah I think he shud keep his ass outta NY if he dont like the place.But I can neva waste ma money 2 attend a concert.All I'm interested in iz the DOPE music. Now fuck any muthafucka dat disagreez n fuck politics too.

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    what a surprise, a government senator wasting his time on petty issues.

  • Pat

    I don't like or agree with wayne but who gives a fuck really? We don't need senators demanding an apology and shit

  • Yacuba

    Understandable that he doesn't like New York seeing as how he got arrested there and put in prison.

  • Jay

    I'm not a wayne fan but I don't like NYC either, he's entitled to his opinion, who gives a fuck Save 21% on entire order at by entering rep code "APATHY" into the "rep code box" at checkout. No minimum, restrictions or exp date. Use it anytime and tell your friends!

  • Really

    This makes me not like New York even more. Is this a joke, this guy makes this a serious issue? politics need to seperate themselves from hollywood, and such petty issues, but this guy clearly doesnt have the brain to understood what is important.

  • Trent

    Before anyone jumps to conclusion: I am from the south.. NYC is the bomb. I am not sorry.

  • Lmao what

    I dont like Weezy Fucking (literal) Baby but if someone not famous said that nothing would happen lol no-one bumps Lil Gay anymore who cares


    How about you get some funds to fix all those fucked up trains in Manhattan & the 5 boroughs. Signed, A native NY'er

  • Tank

    There is a lot places I don't like, but thats me that doesn't mean you don't have to like it. Everybody is different... I swear people be getting their feeling hurts over some little shit.

  • Tank

    An Apology?? What the F?? If Lil Wayne don't like New York thats his business. Its freedom of speech.... There is people who was born and raise in New York don't even like New York. Tell New York Senator go eat a dick.

  • Anonymous

    new york niggas talk shit about southern states all the time. Why is it a big deal for wayne to say it about new york?

  • 305jp

    Niggas in new York don't even like new York

    • tf

      shut tf up bruh your bitch ass probably wish u was from there and never been there before stop riding waynes dick the nigga fell off u must not like where u from ya fag

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So if you're a famous public figure, you can't express your (otherwise absolutely fair and moderate) opinion on a topic, even if its the truth? Then Lil Wayne should demand a sincere apology from the Senator based on the same principle. YMCMB are forgiving, you know. And if you don't like Wayne's music, you don't have to buy it and go to concerts either. Otherwise prepare for a new track called "Freedom of Speech (Senator Malcolm Smith Diss)", LOL.


    NY people are so sensitive, wtf does it matter if wayne doesnt like NY..The dude is from the south. Im from the south and i know for a fact i wouldnt like NY

    • Trent

      I am from Texas, my friend and I loved the shit out of NYC

    • stevefrench

      seriously, i wonder if 99% of the population is fucking retarded. you're an ignorant idiot man. " i'm from the south, i KNOW i wouldn't like NY." its those kind of narrow-minded uneducated comments that show how this world is really moving backwards. I'm not sayin Wayne was wrong for making his comments (he has been there numerous times, has experienced the city and has every right to comment) but to just jump on that bandwagon either because wayne said it, or because you've never been there, shows an absolute lack of brain power. go read a book

  • DMV

    Fuck New York. Fuck Lil Wayne. Fuck your block, your city, your street, your project. Does that shit really matter you motherfuckers claiming shit dont own no land in either one of them cities. All yall new york niggaz and down south niggaz are ALL lame as fuck. Retarded ass homos.

    • flyboyizhotrod

      really nigga dmv your bitch nigga son if u not from baltimore then u a fraud ass nigga lol ya niggas bitch made soft ass homos lol dc has the highest aids rating and u talking shit tf outta here wit that bruh

  • D-nucks

    really, this senator really does not have more pressing issues to handle? Lil wayne is entitled to not like New York...its his opinion..hell I don't like New Orleans...but i should not have to apologize for it. fuck out of here


    RUN DMC is from Hollis

  • Anonymous

    Senator needs to get a life tbh.

  • Anonymous

    wtf too much politics in rap, weezy sucks so who cares if he doesn't like new york, it's good for new york hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    High crime and strict gun laws!!! (NYC) OUTLAW THE GUNS AND ONLY THE OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS!! (NYC)

  • anon

    Here we go making a comment a rapper said a national headline. Wayne is just sooo relevant.

  • joja

    First: senator, do your job! Second: what about freedom of speech and opinion? This is paradox and mental...

  • yardie

    Wayne is a political figure head,


    Wayne iz a tru blood niggaz be hatin like they did wit my nigga lebron james. y'all wack new york fans will never win. south be winnin. lebron/lil wayne the kings of entertainment. all hail to the kings of ballin n rapin!

  • Anonymous

    what you niggas dont realize is that the more you talk about this nigga the more you immortalize him

  • Weezy's words got power

    You know that your words have power, when a U.S. senator speaks on you. With all of the so called important issues going on like, poverty, healthcare, crime, global terrorism and etc, they worried about Weezy liking one rapper should have that much power.

    • Anonymous

      truth. look no further than the comments on this site and youtube for an illustration of just how much influence wayne has on people's lives.

  • Reala

    Hasnt the senator got better things to do? Unemployment is at an all time high, crime rates are soaring, the economy is in a mess, and rather than address these more important issues, this muthafugger callin press conferences to address a Lil Wayne comment?

  • rick steamboat

    lol after reading all the comments on hip hop sites and how every rap video comment on youtube is about young money and wayne and seeing this story im starting to feel like wayne is a god to all you people. not matter how much you claim he's ggay and that you hate him the truth this niggas RUNS your lives. im sure if he said he doesnt like ice cream next week Ben and jerry would organize an intervention.

  • World War TucK

    Shut the fuck up and gag yourself with a spoon. People are so sensitive these days. People want the freedom of speech, but if someone just state their opinion, they must so remorse for their belief.

  • Anonymous

    so this is what united states senators do...having a press conference because a rapper talked shit???

  • Anonymous

    Don't give a fuck about lil wayne but I'm just sayin... free speech.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne, sexiest rapper of all time He's the reason why I spit this rhyme All niggaz bow down to the God MC Weezy True Blood, Pro Skater, Guitar Hero so easy All you flops better fuck off my nigga Shit on them as Lil Wayne's fame gets bigga Legalize Weed and Gay Marriages today Because me and Lil Wayne are fuckin' gay!

  • Czar

    Wayne said he didnt like New York not the ppl in it, he hates the cops there for being arrested & Paul Rosenberg for disrespecting Nicki Minaj. Young Jeezy hates SC bc them Rednecks & this nigga was born here. These rednecks think they still think they run shyt why the FUCK u think we still got a Confederate Flag down here.. Bottom Line All the NY niggaz thats down here im cool wit, we got different taste in music bt we still show respect. SO FUCK THAT SOFT ASS SENATOR & STOP WASTING TAX DOLLARS & DO UR JOB

  • Acesun

    It would take a country bumpkin from the South to try and shit on the MECCA of Hip Hop Without us, you niggas would still be washing dishes, mowing lawns. GTFOH Duke

  • MMG Uncut

    NYC is dead. Noone's checking form rappers from that shithole anymore. They need senators to defend them now lol cause their rappers too soft and complacent.



  • Anonymous

    I dont like Lil Wayne lately but for real...Fuck New York. Nothing but assholes and dipshits come outta there lately. Step your human game up before you try to correct people senator.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne got arrested and his artist Cory Guns!! smh I'd hate that fucking city too if I was him!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is why journalism is dying. People are more interested in a NY Senator dissing some rapper than the politics going on.

  • Really Though

    Why does this guy care about a lil wayne comment he's being such a shit tiity



  • Niggers!!!!!

    So the Politician are now worried about what a raper says !!!Black people man... the ignorance and disinformation gone bring us back in to slavery ( if we're not already in).Educate yourself bro...always ask yourself this question "who's your real enemy?" this clip and tell me what u think! ""

  • Jnr

    Those who should be apologising are the ones who elected this fool into office.

  • Anonymous

    c'mon is lil wayne's word really that important ? he's just a rapper.

  • Jnr

    What the hell is the world coming to now? A senator has issues with a rapper saying he doesn't like New York and he should apologise, really? Are you going to ask everyone who says they don't like New York to apologise? Haven't you as a senator got better things to do? Wow... Shame on you Senator!

  • You fool

    You must be on that water boo . Licky Licky sucky sucky... China bitch

  • Anonymous

    Wow! you Sound like such a looser...

  • Anonymous

    Sound like a homo comment... What a douch bag! Lol

  • X drop BOMBS like Nagasaki

    Fucc New York....Fucc outta here wit da chit....hip hop started in da WEST. Learn yo chit boi....Fucc Lily Wayne too. Da WEST been G'z...WEST SIIIIIIIDE!

  • T.O.N.Y

    I hope this starts an East Vs South War...It's about time we put an end to these south rappers destroying what we created.

    • Anonymous

      Fuckin dick rider. It is Dunn. I agree with everything else, tho

    • Anonymous

      ^Dumbass argues for the South and uses the word "dunn". Think you meant to say "thun" which is Queensbridge slang. Last time I checked, Queensbridge wasn't in any shitty area of the South that Katrina did or didn't wipe out. Bitch.

    • Anonymous

      nY hiphop has been dead since NAS said so...The south has whipping NY azz for almost 20 years now... where you been at Dunn?

  • HUH


  • Anonymous

    wait ... THEY HELD A PRESS CONFERENCE ? lmao oh my god. This has got to be a fake report.

  • Anonymous

    he doesnt like New York but yet his best artist is a New Yorker

  • grandmums pussy

    You Nigga, just lick my balls..and don't disrespect

  • Anonymous

    Malcolm is just a bitch with a dick... too emotional.. think he needs my dick in his ass buh i ain't doing dat.. his ass stinks af.

  • Anonymous

    So now the Senator wants some fame now... Get ur ass somewhere Malcolm A. Smith Aka. Malcolm ass sucker

  • ETK

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. are you fuckin kidding me!? way to put attention on such an irrelevant comment, you dumbshit "New York are forgiving people" I doubt it if people like him are catchin feelings like that

  • Anonymous

    lmfao what a guy... he was shocked? It ain't a big deal lol. This guy got his emotions worked up

  • 4D

    Malcolm had his heart broken by his idol wayne

  • loso

    Tell the dj's to stop playin that fuck boy ym music , his bitch azz will wake up then...all you bitch azz country niggaz sayin fuck NY,lol you wish you could come to this town....we run this shit period..dont get it fucked up..clown azz bamas

    • MIA4Life

      You calling niggas country but you using southern slang. When did New York niggas start calling people "Fuck boys". Thats originated in MIA but everyone down south says it now. Nobody's worried about NY....and Im not a hater either. Its just ironic that you dissin the south and using our slang

  • ToneKenobi

    This only goes to show how sensitive New Yorkers are. Lol. Big difference between pride and emotions. Hhaha All jokes aside.. The senator is just trying to get support from the youth with this one. No matter the city or state, you're going to hold down your home before you hold down a rapper.

  • FuccthaBRONXX

    Dont doit nigga! weezy f for FUCK NEW YORK

  • Anonymous

    Lets put it this way ... on his last tour he did 50 shows and went to 30 different states.. INCLUDING NEW YORK. He didn't have to new york he could have replaced that date with a different city but he respects the fans there. So what's the problem ?

  • The Truth

    Weezy is trash, but this Senator is brings trash to a new level. Holy fuck, this motherfucker gets pissed cause Wayne don't like something? What's this Senator... like a 4 year old? This Senator being offended by a simple, non-aggresive statement is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a long while. Yo Senator, get a fucking grip & you should be offended by this. Smh

  • Acesun

    AH HA HA HA, You don't make comments like that and expect to come here and make money. The Senator has every right to make that response. Now you and your YMCMB crew can stay in the south and make your money down there, come back up to the dime and your going to Rikers Buddy, lol AH HA HAH HAH HA. As much as I dislike the South, as an artists you don't cut off potential money endeavors by saying you don't like a specific region. Money always reigns over your BS emotions...

  • Anonymous

    dam so if any celebrity disses a town or city or state or country

  • Anonymous

    Dude got arrested and sent to jail there, whats he suppose to say??

  • Anonymous

    i don't like wayne , but it's nothing wrong with him coming out saying that , i just said i don't like wayne , should i apologize for that? FREEDOM OF SPEECH BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    they're acting like he said fuck new york, all he said was I don't like new york.

  • Anonymous

    seriously like what do you want him to say? "sorry i dont like new york"? lol get over it.

  • steve

    He's not even a real Senator...he's a state senator...they do nothing

  • Anonymous

    what ? wooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

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