Tyga Announces Next Album Title

Tyga reveals the title for the follow-up release to this year's "Careless World: Rise of the Last King."

Fresh off of releasing his Well Done 3 mixtape, Tyga has revealed that he's hard at work on his third album album.

During an interview with Power 106 backstage at the Rock the Bells festival, the Young Money rapper revealed that he's putting in work on his second major label album, Hotel California.

"I’m working on my new album, it’s called Hotel California," he said.

Earlier this year, Tyga dropped off Careless World: Rise of the Last King, which featured the singles "Rack City" and "Faded" featuring Lil Wayne. In 2008, Tyga independently released No Introduction.

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  • hjk

    sorry, but everybody saying he should choose another name because of Eagles album, y'all stupid, there are TONS of albums and mixtapes released everyday and it's almost not possible to bring the NORMAL title which wasn't used EVER before I know Eagles is best selling group in 1970s and they are kinda legendary, but c'mon, it's 2012 now, seriously, which hip-hop fun ever gave a fuck that Tyga's upcoming album has the same name as a rock which is 36-years-old and why didn't you ask that when Nas chose the same title for his album as Emilio, Gord Bamford or LFO ? and there are at least 20 mainstream albums titled I Am or I Am... the same as one of Nas' elder albums, so stfu

    • ^

      Wow, you are retarded.

    • gigi

      classic or not that title is nothing special, how many hotels are in california? or how many hotels are even titled hotel california? Tyga won't duplicate anything, he is making a different genre you dumbass and how do you know he knows about that Eagles album ? he was born in 1989, thirteen YEARS AFTER the release of eagles album and by the way DJ Khaled titled his album Victory, The Jacksons had album titled Victory as well, Do or Die had album with same title and also Diddy has the song Victory on No way out and nobody gave a fuck when Khaled came out with that album (maybe because it was wack), 2Pac albums are classics as well and we still got 2 Chainz titled his mixtape All Ice on Me or Me Against the World, or Flockaveli from Waka Flocka Flame

    • @gigi

      You're a dumbass and so is the OP. Hotel California is a CLASSIC album. Classics should be untouched, never be duplicated. So what if Tyga is from Cali? That still doesn't give him a right to steal the name of a classic Eagles album. It's no general thing, it's dumb fuckery.

    • Anonymous

      the point is no one knows who emilio or lfo is and everyone except you and tyga know who the eagles are

    • gigi

      i really dont give a fuck how many copies sold that eagles albums its still completely unlogical to say tyga should not give his album the same title, you sayin that because LFO or Emilio havent sold 60 mil copies everybody can take title from their albums but from eagles not? what is even so special about hotel california? tyga is from cali or not ? if he titled his album Justin Bieber it would be wierd but hotel california is just general thang

    • Anonymous

      hotel california sold over 60 million copies worldwide

    • The MG

      "and why didn't you ask that when Nas chose the same title for his album as Emilio, Gord Bamford or LFO ?" That's because hardly anyone knows who they are, so it never crossed their minds. Everyone knows who the Eagles are.

    • Anonymous

      "seriously, which hip-hop fun ever gave a fuck that Tyga's upcoming album has the same name as a rock which is 36-years-old" These people do. BTW, there's a lot of grammatical errors in your rant.

    • Anonymous

      Nice rant. Too bad nobody cares.

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB has no originality and this is one of the many proof of that. The Eagles oughta sue Tyga for that bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Careless Whisper was ok, but he needs to go in a different direction with the next one.

  • Burque G

    Tyga is a cool young dude, tho not that great lyrically. It's annoying cuz people in my state take the whole last kings shit mad seriously. No hate tho, careless world was aight.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i am most def no a young money fan, but i do think tyga has some skills

  • Sir Smoke-A-Lot

    Tyga dont do it,please dont do it

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tyga is da modern time Eazy-E or Ice Cube. mad respect. YMCMB allday errday. swag

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean/Tyga = No real fanbase = Low sales

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck kinda drugs is this guy on, he really never heard the eagles hotel california????

  • The_Truth

    mmmmnnn...... i think that would be his third album

    • The_truth

      and also, when i posted this HIP HOP DX had the title as "Tyga chooses his sophomore Album title" Then i posted my comment and article tittle changed..... lol...

    • The_truth

      Actually, No Introduction was the first release for Young Money, Tyga had already made the switch....

    • John

      "Tyga has revealed that he's hard at work on his third album album." "work on his second major label album, Hotel California." They never said it was his second album, just his second major label album. Which is partially true.

    • A

      You're right. I find it hilarious nobody knows about his REAL debut album "No Introduction". Probably because he was signed by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and not the goofs over @ Cash Money. Ha but Tyga is a real street artist now! Go check that No Introduction cd. WACK

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