Big K.R.I.T. Announces Plans For New Mixtape

Big K.R.I.T. intends to release a new mixtape inspired by lessons gleaned from his time on the road.

Big K.R.I.T. has been staying busy on the road since the release of his major label debut Live from the Underground, but he’s planning on getting back to the mixtape grind. In addition to his Country Cuzzins project with Yelawolf, the Meridian, Mississippi native told Sermon’s Domain that he intends to release another project that draws on his experiences from the road, and plans to lend his production services to other artists.

“I mean I want to do another project. Nothing major, major. Like the other two had 22 records. I want to do another project just ‘cause there’s a lot of ideas that I got from being on the road, there’s a lot of things I experienced since the album that I want to write about, talk about. Production-wise, I’m looking forward to working with a lot of other artists. Even having the record ‘Jet Life’ for Spitta, I got a lot of other beats I plan on placing. Be on the lookout for that.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Influence

    Krit album was pretty solid,but with competing with fellow lable mates such as Ross and Two Chainz he didn't have much of a chance to branch out because the focus and hype was on them. I also think he missed with some singles that could have put him over the top. If he would have dropped that Melany Fiona feature and Anthony Hamilton feature,it would have created momentum for him.

  • will

    I'm all for new Krit, but hopefully he don't put all his energy into just mixtapes. Live From the Underground was disappointing except for a few tracks, and yeah i bought it.

  • nigerian

    Yeah!! this is the kinda shit that should be anticipated not wayne's wack ass dedication 4

    • matrixboy

      I agree 100%. Virtually every piece of K.r.i.t. material is classic material and has a ton of substance. After dedication 2, that series from wayne is getting wack to me.

  • Anonymous

    "Actually sales do matter because they determine what type of music/sound/style gets promoted the most. If more people were to buy "Real Hip Hop" then labels would invest in "Real Hip Hop" ^ nope Label executives determine what gets played/promoted. They send the memo to the PROGRAM (look at the word people) directors and they pass a copy to the DJ's. The days of the people calling a request line and having buying power are long gone. Island/Def Jam was not going to press 500,000 Big Krit albums. 100,000 sounds about right and he's on schedule to achieve that goal. When it's time for the second album's budget debate, they will look at the SALES NUMBERS.

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed in KRIT'S debut..Hope he does better.

  • Anonymous

    krit better not drop no more free albums fuck that

  • kennyken

    i just hope its better than his last album...garbage man

  • Daniel Bryan

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • Drew

    Actually sales do matter because they determine what type of music/sound/style gets promoted the most. If more people were to buy "Real Hip Hop" then labels would invest in "Real Hip Hop". secondly as much as i like Krit, i think he should stop with the mixtapes. Personally i feel mixtapes are for building your fanbase, and once your fanbase is big enough you drop the album. after that you dont go back to mixtapes

    • Anonymous

      for your comment about mixtapes, you could say that, but also mixtapes were what got Wayne to the level that hes at now. People may not like wayne, especially bloggers, but had he not put out any mixtapes after his first solo album then he wouldnt be where hes at now. Same with 2 Chainz when they dropped their playaz circle albums. These guys had their albums out but fanbases grow bigger because of the mixtapes

  • yeasure85

    who cares about album sales its not the 90s or early 2000s anymore. to many polesmokers amongst our race and your favorite artist wouldnt give you hand shake if he saw you in the at Chevron

  • taxmanlooking

    i bought his album and i still bump it

  • KING

    Yall shut the fuck up about sales who the fuck care yo? This is a HIP-HOP site!! KRIT = HIP HOP, real hip hop... yall acting like sales define how good someone is, the fuck man shut up

  • Long Beach Ninja

    Your album flopped, B. Sorry ;-)

  • Anonymous

    completely unrelated but... FREE C-BO

  • yoblob

    Krit selling 85k copies in 2months, and 2 chains is looking at 100k+ in one week...smh

    • Anonymous

      "facts are facts" I didn't know "hype" was factual...

    • Anonymous

      Krits doesnt have a crazy amount of features and also doesnt have cosigns from Ye, Drake, Wayne, Nicki, Ross, and all the other heavyweights. Krit is good but facts are facts. He doesnt have the type of hype around his music that 2chainz did

    • YESSIR


    • Anonymous

      Just goes to show how fucked up America actually is...



    • SMH

      Same can be said for your mother since nobody is buying that wrinkle garbage can smelling pussy. May as well put that pussy on the house and give it away for free. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • @CJonno90

    All I've been playing for the last week is KRIT and I ain't even from the south, hell I don't like MUCH south shit either (only like OutKast, T.I. etc.) but dude has so much soul in his music and gets better as a producer every release. Can't wait for the 2 projects he's dropping.

  • Anonymous

    Krit only new rapper worth shit. Dude is the absolute truth

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