dead prez's Elaborates On Ghostwriting For Nas, Denies Accusations addresses allegations that dead prez ghostwrote songs for Nas' "Untitled" album.

Earlier this week, journalist Dream Hampton took to Twitter to say that Jay Electronica and dead prez's ghostwrote songs for Nas' 2008 album Untitled, which both rappers later denied.

During an interview with, elaborated on comments he had previously made on his Facebook page, stating that only those in the studio would know how the records were created.

"At the end of the day, I just feel like the people who are saying different things about the process of how that record was created I’m wondering, where were you at?" he said. "To be totally honest, me and M1 went to Cali at the request of Nas. And we would be in the studio together working on stuff with nobody else there except Nas, who would come in and leave. I think people are making assumptions because of the content of the record. It’s gone from the collaboration that we did with Nas, which involved producing, idea exchanging and writing hooks, which is one thing, to us being ghostwriters."

He clarified what he considers as ghostwriting, stating that he never actually wrote words that Nas would later say on the record. went in depth about how the connection was made between dead prez and Esco, stating that they were brought out to L.A. to help develop ideas.

"To me, ghostwriting, as far as I know, is hiring somebody to write words for you to actually say. That didn’t happen. The way we got hired for Nas’ project wasn’t clear up front. M1 was in L.A. before I came to L.A. and he was like, 'Nas wants to bring you out here to work on this project.' I remembered thinking we were just going to do a song together. But I later found out we were there to work in general: production, writing and ideas to help develop some of the songs on the album. So of course I’m thinking, 'It’s called the Nigger album so that means you want dead prez type songs together, right?' But it was revealed to me that Nas wasn’t looking for that. He didn’t want us to rap. He wanted help with beats and concepts. And that surprised me because I’m thinking, 'You want beats??? Of all the people to make beats for, you want us to make beats?” I was like, 'Wow.'"

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  • Anonymous

    lmao @ all the cats who wanna hate Nas. they come up with intelligent arguments to justify the hate. meanwhile Nas & Jay been buried the hatchet and have moved on. Life Is Good is a classic album, made for grown hip hop heads. chill with the hate. it's not becoming.

  • ETK

    5 reasons why Jay is better than Nas: 1 - Sold more than Nas 2 - Got Grammys 3 - He's from Brooklyn 4 - Doesn't need ghostwriters 5 - Fucks Beyonce on the regular

    • Anonymous

      Biggie would slap the shit outta u. Jay stole endless lines from Biggie. That nigga should be giving Ms. Voletta proceeds from his royalty checks.....

    • Anonymous

      Or you could just listen to both rappers, enjoy the music and not give a f_ck about all of that nonsense you listed.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Fuck everybody writing essays to defend this fraud ass nigga Nas. Can't y'all get y'all point across with just a few lines??

  • Anonymous

    "Nas has a much better discography then Jay Z" Straight foolish statement. That NY song Jay did with Alicia Keyes was better than any single Nas has had in years, maybe ever.

    • Anonymous

      Your statement is no better than the first one, comparing one song to a whole body of work to emphasize your opinion. My opinion says Alicia's version is better than the Jay-Z version.

  • Anonymous

    As I said before. There are only 4 rappers that can go song for song. Category for category. Hit for hit. 1. KRSI 2. Pac. 3. Nas You can pick any rapper you want. They can't out do these 3 subject for subject. Category for category. Hit for hit. Once you pick your favorite Big or Jay song for the fake it till you make it club and the fake drug stories your lost. These three bought concepts and styles that no one did before. I have never heard a Jay or Big song where I didn't hear the concept before. Never. Where is Big's or Jay's. Dear Mama. Daughters. 13 and good. That's just three. They all have at least 40-50 concepts that Big and Jay never touched. It's not even close.

  • Real Talk

    'You want beats??? Of all the people to make beats for, you want us to make beats? I was like, 'Wow.'" I know right? Nas and his beat picking LOL. I aint gona front Sly Fox was hot though. The concept and everything too.



  • y u MAD


  • y u MAD

    "Life Is Good!"-Nasir Jones

  • Da Analyst

    Nas vs Jay Z album wise Nastradamus, I Am, Street Disciple, and Untitled, QB's Finest = Garbage It Was Written, Stillmatic, Hip Hop Is Dead, and Life IS Good, The Firm = Average Gods Son = Above Average Illmatic = Classic (beyond expectation) ---------------------------------------------------------- The Gift and The Curse, and Kingdom Come, Unfinished Business (with R Kelly) = Garbage Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album, and Blueprint = Classics (beyond expectations) every other album = Above Average ---------------------------------------------------------- Nas vs Jay Z feature wise Nas has featured, DMX (lightweight) Ludacris (lightweight) Prodigy (lightweight) Busta Rhymes (lightweight) AZ (middleweight) Scarface (middleweight) Rick Ross (Epic Fail) Jay Z (middleweight) Kanye West (lightweight) Foxy Brown (middleweight) Bravehearts (Epic Fail) Damian Marley (heavyweight) Lil Wayne (middleweight) K'Naan (middleweight) Snoop Dogg (lightweight) Dr Dre (has middleweight ghostwriters) Jay Z has featured Rakim (heavyweight) Eminem (heavyweight) Sauce Money (middleweight) The Lox (middleweights) Ja Rule (Epic Fail) Young Jeezy (epic fail) DMX (lightweight) UGK (lightweights) Freeway (lightweight) Snoop Dogg (lightweight) Nas (heavyweight) M.O.P (middleweight) Twista (lightweight) Killer Mike (lightweight) Scarface (middleweight) Memphis Bleek (lightweight) Biggie (heavyweight) Kanye West (lightweight) Lil Wayne (middleweight) foxy (middleweight) Lil Kim on Best of Both worlds (middleweight) Jay Z has called Andre 3000 for blueprint 1 & 2 (heavyweight) Big Boi (middleweight) Beanie Sigel (middleweight) Amil (epic fail) Dr Dre (has middleweight ghostwriters) did not mention rappers that did not rap on the features like your Too Short, Diddy, Juvenile and Pharrell who has more fails?

  • Anonymous

    Now I Konw Why Nas Say Hip Hop Is Dead!!! Just Nasty the ghost writing part NOT Nas

  • donnie mac

    What do you think you're showing people Rex, an "I told you so" about Nas or how mentally unstable and socially inept you are? You're not going to stop anybody from playing a Nas song, PERIOD. What you've been saying for HOURS and DAYS and MONTHS has NO BEARING with ANY RAPPER I listen to. You need professional help.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Damn. Nas dickriders keep writing novels just to defend this nigga. Can't y'all just chill??

  • Anonymous

    they admit they collaborated on the creative side and that's all we need to see through nas's bullshit.

  • themonfon

    gosh! neva knew mr jones had so many haters. black ni**as and black ass sh*t!

  • illone

    To the guy that says no 'heavy hitters' haven been on nas's albums, Nas has featured: AZ Scarface Kool G Rap Slick Rick Busta Rhymes Prodigy JayZ Jadakiss DMX Kanye Stop the hate!

    • Art of Story Telling

      there is no Slick Rick nor Kool G Rap on any of Nas' albums...please dont mislead the public it was Slick Rick feat Nas on Art of Story Telling, so that means Slick Rick was courages enough to invite Nas but Nasir ain't brave enough to invite Slick Rick

    • Anonymous


    • elementzemcee

      Mary J. Blige Swizz Beats Aaliyah Dr. Dre Ludacris Ron Isley Alicia Keys need I say more?

  • Morpheus

    What If I told you.... Most people commenting on this, instantly lose credibility for the simple fact that they do not know how concepts are developed in the studio. "Life is Good" is a mantra that is encased within this album and serves as the overall theme. If you are not satisfied with NaS' ability by now, you never will be. Move on.

    • Lol

      If you dont think life is good was more than an average album you just dont understand it. And to the person who said illmatic was more mature than life is good...smh, dumb ass. He's talking about everything in life is good from the good to the bad to the ugly and being honest in his views about not only the situation but himself as well. Im preaching to the choir on this one, good luck real hip hop fans stay up. Nas respects the art form of the game, there comes a time when its not about money. 1

    • The_Observer

      Hip Hop needs to take a page out of Silicon Valley and German Engineering so they can learn that a creation is all about improving and making the design & functionality better than its predecessor Hip Hop is going backwards...We started out well, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Dough E Fresh, to your Pac, Biggie, Nas (back then), Canibus, Wu Tang, Ras Kass and now ending up with Chief Keef, Souljah Boi, 2 Chainz, and many other senseless rappers....and you know whats the most painful part about it? that you people in power (blogs, news site, radio stations, record labels) brainwash fans into believing Chief Keef is the future, and defend these senseless artist to the core, promote and give them so much exposure that fans end up believing yeah, Rick Ross is the sh!t the bar is not raised high enough....i don't have a problem with beats, its the lyrics that so below average that piss me off and everyone jus accepts...if Harvard were to accept mediocre learners, that would be demise of Silicon Valley or entrepreneurship Hip Hop is a ghetto school that accepts every other below average learner who once admitted brings havoc and destruction to the art I Love Hip Hop hence am so emotional about keeps listening to every album released hoping to find exceptional writing like 'Suzi Wong' by Last Emperor, 'Night Fall', 'Heavy Mental' by Killah Priest, 'Nature of the Threat' by Ras, or 'Hail Mary', 'Rewind' by Nas, 'Me and My Girlfriend', the ether that lyricist like Canibus spits ... one day you get xcited about HRSMN coz you know youd expect nothing but a lyrical showdown, the next you learn they no ofcourse us true hip hop fans, lyrical fanatics would be wounded coz all we left is with niggaz who brag about the size of their daughter's room, how they abuse jet fuel, or niggaz bragging about their Bughattis, Astin Martins, Ferarris, rented Lambos, fucking bitches i mean out of all the things in the world, how do you brag about fucking a hoe??????????? You see how senseless most these rappers do you think a philosopher, a psychologist, a politician or harvard kids views hip hop from the outside? as a Zoo full of monkeys are just happy to drive luxury cars and carry a printed piece of paper that affords them this lifestyle We don't create anything as black people, we just consume what is already created and floss to our own very kind about things we did not even create. We created hip hop and we should improve on its design like how the german engineers created and consistently improve on the design and functionality of a mercedes benz lets come out of history now, and stop crying foul all the time or as Grand Puba said, black people did this or that, Egyptian history is history no matter which race is behind it...the question is, what are we creating now? What are we doing now at this very present moment? i will tell you, we busy destroying the very beautiful art we created and that's Hip Hop as Krs-One said, 'its an intelligent movement' but whats so intelligent about 'God Forgives but I don't' album that call it a Hip Hop Classic 4/5? I learnt more from Krs-One albums than i ever did from any other artist yet Krs-One does not get recognition that Rick Ross enjoys. Krs-One & Marley Marl album, 'Hip Hop Lives' is more uplifting, educational and intelligent than any of these new latest releases including 'Life is Good' Nas is known to kick knowledge but in his 20yrs hip hop i have not learnt anything from that man, and it takes a legend like Krs-One aka Da Teacha to educate i urge all you Cash Money, No Limit, Young Money fans to listen to this track, And you Nas Stans, tell me any Nas song that kicks more knowledge than this Krs-One track???????? you know what, Jay Z really nailed the nail to the coffin when he said, "And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype Cause the nigga wear a kufi, it don't mean that he bright Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write" Hey Nas, tell us? "Is it "Oochie Wally Wally" or is it "One Mic"? Is it "Black Girl Lost" or shorty owe you for ice?" @ Justin Case "I've been real all my life, they confuse it with conceit Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat But I will not lose, for even in defeat There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me" NB: I am not a Jay Z fan at all, but i still do listen to lyrics of everyone branded a lyricist and i do give props when its due and in this case, Jay Z nailed it to the heart and am sure Nas felt it I like Nas, the same way Jay Z does and came at him...I just think Nas needs a team that can help become the best and he just focuses on lyrics and let people who are good at selecting beats select beats for him...get dope tv series writers or english professors to help him develop concepts...they got the millions, so why they put their brains to use? to become the best, you gotta work with people that are better than you, but Nasir works with people that he's better than so that he could shine...those are girl tendencies man...a pretty girl surrounds herself with ugly ducklings so that she gets all the attention...I don't know Nas personally but as an observer, i see his tactics, and they becoming transparent by the day that even Stevie Wonder will see them soon

    • Huh?

      do you really just say Pac could hang with the best? please sell your computer

    • Mars Rover aka Curiosity

      I don't hate Nas...I just pay attention to detail on Life is Good = the only exceptional songs are 'Loco-Motive', 'daughters' and 'no introduction'...everything else is average at it best don't know why DX gave it a 4/5 that's because there ain't classics anymore nowadays hence why average albums like God Forgives get 4/5 You DX have lost touch with don't know what classic is don't analyze anymore you don't apply the element of reduction and break down the structure to it building blocks and study the taste the cream of the cake and claim superior a classic album in my view, is one that would be structured like a series...maybe them Nas need to sit down with tv series writers and then develop album concepts so an album can be a real theme. it would be like reading a book with chapters. but everyone is just concerned with just putting songs together shit ends up sounding like a soundtrack than a themed album start analyzing son...gotta raise the bar for these artist and hip hop must be like Harvard no average delivery but beyond expectation type of results, but black people are so fixated with wealth, that Hip Hop will never be as great as what Silicon Valley minds are...they think, and come up with ideas that change the way we eat, live, and communicate....what does hip hop do? they floss, rappers claim to be the best in their raps but cry fowl when they brought to task...what does that tell you? we are a very sensitive bunch of average thinkers to some extent, this preacher (check link) is right when he says, 'black people don't understand the world' We not curious enough...we too stuck on history hence why you Nas stans are so forgiving on coz of Illmatic...move on, its 2012 and Nas should consistently deliver remember these words 'Went from, Nasty Nas to Esco's trash Had a spark when you started but now you're just garbage Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all' "...smarten up Nas Four albums in ten years nigga? I could divide That's one every let's say two, two of them shits was due One was - NAHHH, the other was "Illmatic" That's a one hot album every ten year average And that's so - LAAAAAAAME! Nigga switch up your flow Your shit is garbage, but you try and kick knowledge?"

    • Mr Delivery

      Pac had the ability to rhyme on any type of beat whether average or classic, and still came out tops...Pac had the ability to rhyme with any rapper and still out do them Pac did do rhyme along side heavyweights like Biggie, yet on the other hand Tupac was a fast paced rapper whom id say he knew his fate so he did not have the time and the luxury to really work on his sh!t with heavyweights like Nas do now....Pac worked with whoever was present in the studio as per confirmation by the Outlawz when they were interviewed on the making of All Eyes On Me The reason why Nas is been criticized and crucified so much is coz he claims to be the best in his raps...listen to the song 'Nasty', Nas calls for his own cannot claim to be Jesus and expect not to be stoned to death...he asked for it and we'll judge him by who he trade verses with and in his case as evidence serves...Nas is always avail on rnb artist calls, as well as average mc's but there is always excuses when he was suppose to appear on classics In all honesty, do you personally think Nas would answer an invite by Eminem if he were to get a call considering he's criticized jay z for being bodied by Em? do you really think Nas would agree to jump on a song with Chino or any other heavyweight? you Nas stans would go to the end of the universe to defend this man... Nothing is 100% in this life, even God does not have 100% support as there are atheist, even Jesus, legends like Michael Jordan, M Jackson, Biggie, Michael Schumacher, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln don't have 100% support as there is always those who oppose with panoramic views that adjust your sight into perspective Nas claims to be God's Son, so he shall be crucified and should take it like a grown man lol

    • Justin Case

      Mr. Delivery aka the Observer...your logic is so dumb it's not even funny anymore. Greatness should be judged first and foremost on the artist's body of work. 20 years from now no one is gonna be thinking "Nas ain't shit, cuz he never did a song with Chino XL"...LMAO!!! People will compare catalogues years down the road and say it's not even remotely close. Many feel Pac is the GOAT. How many extreme lyricist did Pac have on his albums?? No Killah Priest, no Canibus, no Chino, no Em, no Talib...etc. So should this flaw Pac's catalogue too? Pac is revered by so many because of the quality of his music and work ethic. No one thinks about who appeared on his albums. This applies to all the greats. I just chose Pac as an example. Once again FOH! Your logic is ass dawg.

    • Mr Delivery

      Illmatic is more mature than Life Is Good, so Nas ain't growing artistically nor lyrically If you wanna know lyrical growth and consistency, listen to Killah Priest, he keeps getting better lyrically Nas collaborated with Priest then coz there was no instant internet reaction like it is today...nowadays these artist know they jump on a song with a lyrical heavyweight, commentary will def be based on who came the hardest so Nas fears that...he fears to be out rhymed hence why he only does songs with Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross These underground artist need to call Nas for a feature...them Chino XL, Masta Ace, Priest already called Nas this year but Esco acting too busy, Ras Kass need to call Nas for Fila album, Slaughterhouse need to call Nas for their album, Eminem, Talib needs to call Nas for Prisoner of Consciousness, Lupe needs to call Nas for his album ... why is only the average lyricist calling Nas (Nicki, Rick Ross etc) Should it take another DJ to pair Nas with another heavyweight????? In that case, we need more dJ's to do compilation...where is DJ Clue, he use to make the best well as King Tech & Sway

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Love to see all the pople exposing the truth about Nas. He's a fraud.


    Vinyl heads, I have 50+ hip hop records for sale from legends like Jay-Z, Snoop, Game, Jadakiss, Dipset, etc. for less than $2 a record. Check it out here:

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Quit trying to defend that ninja and admit you wrote the whole album

  • The Observer

    All you Nas stans are weak ass minds The Blogs and journalist too are fucking idiots When concepts like 'Aint no such thing as black jesus' surface and Nas being enlisted as a part, ya'll quick to rave about it, anticipate it when mc's like Ras Kass have long been talking about similar subjects if 'Jack Frost' by Ras Kass was done by Nas with the exact same words and beat, it would have made noise internationally on CNN, Fox News, Blogs, Hip Hop DX, MTV, The Source, XXL, Bossip, Hot '97...but just because, and just because it Ras Kass, Hip Hop DX did not even put it on their music list last christmas...such hypocrisy is what kills hip hop...there is so many quotable, notable songs with heavier content, slick delivery, more emotion in the underground than what Nas has to offer Killah Priest has alot more to say than what Nas could ever say...can you even tell me what Nas is saying on his latest album 'Life is Good'?....he' s just saying a bunch of nothing, he's not growing lyrically hence why Illmatic remains his only relevant work to date...aleast Jay Z got REasonable Doubt, Blueprint, The Black Album and American Gangster....Nas has only one classic album, the only album where he did not have creative control over beats, and you call that man a Legend???? You call someone a legend who cannot even match up his own lyrical skills at his prime ... his mind is not grown up enough to deliver more slicer rhymes than Illmatic? if that so, why he still raps???? to maintain Knight?

    • Anonymous

      Nas has a much better discography then Jay Z and in the last 10 years it really hasnt been a competition since Jay Z has taken to more pop influential sound. And that Jack Frost song is great but the main sample in it is"It Ain't Hard to Tell". It sounds stupid when you're trying to discredit nas but you point us in the direction of a nas sample. If you think Nas hasn't got anything in his most recent material i feel sorry for you since you clearly dont appreciate music. "You're favorite rappers, favorite rapper is Nas"

    • Anonymous

      dude go suck a dick killah priest is washed up and ur whole thesis about nas is garbage.

    • ETK

      Fuck your sorry ass essay!



  • The Observer

    Stick-Man, you and M1 failed to see Jay Z's strategy, vision and mission by declining to be on Roc Nation what you failed to see is that Jay Z appears to sign artist that can both write and produce their own music so no high budgets are allocated for hi-end producers but rather you as the artis produce the whole album yourself and Jay Z just pushes you to be on radio and station and tv.... Maybe you thought Jay Z was going to make you work with 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy lol You could have had the freedom you want at Roc Nation and expand your fanbase YOU FAILED TO SEE THE VISION DEAD PREZ, NOW YALL DEAD... ABRAHAM LINCOLN

  • peep the insanity

    Nas keeps the haters on their job! He keeps you niggas in service...LOL!

  • The Observer

    You know King Kong Nas was once beaten by Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur that maintains threshold to pain by running across the sun bare foot looking for shade...Canibus' intelligence began when Nas' peaked at lol prior to that Nas was bruised by being outshined by AZ on a classic debut, that's makes his attack on Jay Z being bodied by Eminem null and void You see, it don't matter whether Jay Z was bodied by Em, but what Jay Z should receive respect for is his courage to invite lyricist on his albums...Jay Z has reached out and featured Biggie, Rakim, Scarface, Nas, M.O.P and even attempted to feature Andre 3000 and has never called on average or lightweight lyricist am not a fan of Jay Z but i have seen the man is not scared of a lyrical challenge so whether they out rhyme him or not, it props for daring to spar with heavyweights so the line, 'Eminem murdered you on your own shit' is null and void since Escobar himself was murdered on his own classic by AZ

    • Anonymous

      no he was nt murdered by az. both each had dope verses and yeah jay got murdered on his own shit go drink some bleach, bitch hampton ass camel stan

  • The Observer

    how is it that Nas' missed to appear in classic albums like Life After Death, Reasonable Doubt, and Misseducation of Lauryn Hill but homie does not miss to be on a Rick Ross or Nicki Minaj Album????? How is it that Nas is to busy to appear on the latest Killah Priest call this posted June 2012 by Killah Priest check via Youtube when Nas is been appearing on every average rapper's or rnb artist songs? listen to Killah Priest latest song called 'The Park' and tell those are kind of songs Nas should jump on than being on Rick Ross' albums? how is it that he is unavailable on tracks like verbal intercourse part it accidental or intentional by Nas' cowardice nature?





    • Objection

      Nas stans, so all these mc's you listed appear in any of Nas' ten albums?

  • Anonymous

    nas has been on tracks with rakim, kool g rap.these camel stans aka bitch hamptons are on here leaving kiddie comments hehehehehe!!! fucking faggots

    • Tech Ten

      The song 'Classic', by Nas, Krs-One, and Rakim ....Nas came the weakest Killah Priest got a recent interview posted on Youtube this past June, where he says he's reached out to Nas and still awaiting his response....listen to 'The Park' then ask yourself why has Nas not made himself avail when he's been doing songs with everybody this year?

    • Objection

      It either they invite him or it was a dj who paired them up but on his own there is no Rakim, Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane, Canibus, Killah Priest, Ras Kass, Eminem, Chino XL, Talib, Common, Biggie, Pun, Big L, Slick Rick on any of Nas' albums....NONE Just Scarface and AZ, thats lame when you ten albums deep

  • Ramelo

    Hip Hop fans are the worst... Reading too much fuckery in the comments beneath me! Niggas swear they know more than they really. Stick to being a fan bitch niggas, it's not as complex as ya'll think. Ya'll making a conspiracy theory out of artists getting together passing ideas back & forth. Not ghostwriting or fear of anything. I can tell niggas dissing Nas have never been in a studio before.

    • Anonymous

      that sounds like somethin killah priest wrote wack as usual

    • The_Observer

      You just a bruised stan/ Eminem needs to put you on the boot of his van/ maybe then, you'll know how it feels like to be a man/ when you under pressure/ your mind being your upper stretcher/ but you stans is soft like tomato playing ketchup/ wake up/ realize the days of the Word Up/ are over/ like you been in the studio but ain't blow up/ your plastic doll gets more love when you show up/ dick head, when you gon grow up?

  • Street Diciple

    "if you King Kong, lets see you fight Tyrannosaurus Rex King Kong cannot fight Monkeys and Baboons and then beat his chest claiming the throne" Illmatic comment, classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Street Diciple

    Stic-Man just give us another classic Dead Prez album and stop riding on Nas dick homie, Nas ain't got your back he's all about himself and his image Nas makes more mistakes than a toddler, he's a fuckin idiot

  • milehighkid303

    LOL at this BLASPHEMY!! ONly thing I agree with on these boards is NOWADAYS Nas don't wanna reach out to the heavywhieghts, or the "Old Heads" as far as MC's goes. It's NOT caues he's scared. Agreed the CO should have been avoided, IMO that ain't a good look. But DAMN why these rumors?? I'm really not sure why those of us born before 85' are letting this get to us, we KNOW the deal......cmon yall. BUT I tell you what I wouldn't mind seeing, being as these TWO have got to be THE MOST HATED in industry history, 50 and Nas, I'd love to see them collab on some OLD Braveheart shit and just light up the industry with all the HATE these two recieve. BTW Dead Prez is STILL Hip Hop!



    • The Hobbit

      Nas has never reached out to heavweight lyricist, but its the heavweights that reached out to him. If it wasn't an artist reaching out to him, it was a Dj pairing him up with other heavyweight but on his own he reaches out to lightweights so that he can out rhyme them and his beloved stans scream legend if you King Kong, lets see you fight Tyrannosaurus Rex King Kong cannot fight Monkeys and Baboons and then beat his chest claiming the throne

    • Mugabe

      "Agreed the CO should have been avoided, IMO that ain't a good look." - haha, the collabo has mos def dented his image....even Jay Z is better at picking features for his album than Nas Nas fucked up his image doing songs with the CO Just because rappers like Canibus, Killah Priest, GZA or Ras Kass don't sell close to a hundred thousand copies don't mean what they write about is irrelevant Nas is no better than any other mc...he's still floating because his debut was a classic so fans are holding on to their last hope that jesus would return some psychological look at mc's with classic debut, they still relevant today coz fans believe they will come back like Jesus....Lupe, Jay Z, Eminem, and Nas are all still relevant because of their debut and the level of label support they receive although Ras Kass, Rakim, Last Emperor, and Canibal Ox also have classic debuts, they were dropped by major backing and once that happens nobody wants to believe in you anymore...Ras Kass, and LAst Emperor were both dropped by Dre, and after that nobody wanted to touch them but that that does not make them any less lyrical any lyricist can blow up as long as they have good backing, a good pr, marketing and management

  • Egyptian God

    "He didnt want us to rap. He wanted help with beats and concepts." Nas is a coward period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nas you can see the public outcry, no more lightweight mc's on your albums man...invite some fucken lyricist, as that's what hip hop is about...lyricism...word play, concepts, etc STOP BEING A FUCK3N COWARD AND STEP IN THE RING WITH HEAVWEIGHTS N!GGA YOU SUCH A JOKE RIGHT NOW...WE DON'T BELIEVE IN YOUR SKILLS TILL YOU TEST THEM A marathon runner cannot claim to be the best till he runs against other runners...Tiger Woods can not be the best till he beats the best, same as Lewis Hamilton, Serena & Vanessa Williams, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jordan Don't think you fooling us with these concepts of are becoming transparent by the day and it clearly visible you ain't got the muscle to wrestle heavyweight lyricist in your own backyard You wanna know who is in your league lyrically? well its definately not Rick Ross, Ludacris, Busta, Prodigy, Game, Young Jeezy and Nicki Minaj but it is...Canibus, Killah Priest, Chino XL, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Pharoah Monch, Ras Kass, Masta Ace, Vast Aire, Last Emperor, Jedi Mind Tricks, AZ, Scarface, Lupe,Eminem, Royce, Crooked I, Joel Ortiz, Elhzi, GZA, Slick Rick, Rakim, Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane, Andre 3000, and Immortal Technique Unti you go through all these mc's, you cannot be considered the best mc as you claim to be in your cannot just claim to be the best without being challenged by the best...that's the problem with you black people...sense of entitlement and yet very sensitive when brought to question or task If you think or claim to be the best in your raps, then let see you step in the ring with the best...prove yourself, as talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAS IS A COWARD...THE BIGGEST COWARD THERE IS....LYRICALLY BULLY PICKING ON ON LIGHWEIGHT MC'S TO CLAIM HIS DOMINANCE!!!!!

    • Kingz _Life

      @ Egyptian God: You clearly been in comma...Chino Xl is garbage...Cannibus washed up.. Mos Def never raps with any real hip hop heavy weight. Talib has not rap with Nas. Jedi Mind tricks garbage. Canibus - washed and he did calbo with him b4 Cats nas has worked with Az Prodigy Laurlyn Hill Scarface Kool G Rap Rakim Common Killa Priest Jay Z Knaan Nate Dog KAYNE HiTek Beasite Boyz Xzibit Devin the Dude Dog Pound Wutang memebers Rick Ross Meek Mill Wayne Krs 1 Game Andre 3000 Emeniem Canibus B Real Wayne Bun B Ti. Cube Dr. Dre Damien Marley Sticman Jay Electronica David Banner WTF do u want Nas to Why has Black Thought, Mos Def and the other mentioned not worked with nas is the real question or other hip hop heavy weights.. Do your research b4 you comment. Most of the names you mentioned Nas has done tracks with. 90 percent of his calbo he had the best verse... Stop being a Nas stan. Be a fan.. Do you fool listen to music or just skim thoru it Jay Z

    • Stop it Kid

      Those guys who were lyricist you mentioned are good, but rap is not just about being a lyricist, that does not mean Nas is avoiding him. Dealing with a divorce, tax problems, Life problems, you think he give a fuck about some respect? He knows where he is in Hip Hop, do you hear the bullshit on the radio? Its a lose lose, even if Nas had all of them heavyweights, yall niggas would say they carried them, cause nobody hears from them dudes so they would all be like 3000 on a track.

    • Anonymous

      The Fact remains, Nas is a coward lyrically, take it like a man

    • UFO

      I think Tupac would have been the only rapper who could have collaborated with anybody if he was still alive

    • Justin Case

      You're right bro. Rakim should have never been crowned the God MC because he never jumped on a bunch of songs with Slick Rick, KRS, Kane, Kool G, L.L. and them. His music didn't speak for itself. BIG is not better than Chino XL because they never did a song together. GTFOH, seriously!!

  • Trent

    Everyone jumps to Nas' defense by using Illmatic.. hate to burst your bubble but Large Professor helped Nas with the Lyrics on Illmatic.. I am a Nas fan but everyone speaks on things they don't know and pretend it's a fact.

    • RealHiphop360

      your the biggest stan for claiming you know shit! Fake nerd!

    • asdf

      @Anon LOL! way to shut dude down. People just pull out facts out of their ass without even confirming them.

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a sh%t if Large Pro edited rhymes already written by Nas. Have you heard Large Pro rap?? He's one of my all-time favorite producers, but that's exactly what he is. A producer first, then MC. Nas is light years better on the mic than Large Pro. On Verbal Intercourse Nas had 3 verses written and Rae told him to go with the one that ended up on the album. So I guess that means Rae helped write that verse...smh. DJ Premier or Just Blaze can't rap, but it's a known fact that they help artists edit and craft their rhymes. They hear what the rapper spits and throw their two cents in. That's how its always worked.


    Dream Hampton is a hater that was hired by Jay-Z to throw dirt on the God me she wack af

  • nightmare

    they call this bitch dream hampton 'cuz she busy dreaming up bullshit to get her lame ass in the spotlight. fuck outta here.

  • Anon

    How dumb does HHDX look now?

  • tigerpawraw

    Ok, so didn't technically ghost-write for Nas. But all I'm saying is this: You think "Illmatic" Nas, or shit, even "It Was Written" Nas woulda brought out artists to specifically help him with "ideas" for his lyrics? You don't think he would have called out Jigga during the "Ether" days if he had known Jay was bringing in cats for "the Blueprint" to help him write his songs (and don't get it mistaken, that's exactly what "developing songs" means)??? If that's what he wants to do nowadays, more power to him; but the days of me considering him one of the top emcees these days is over.

    • Anonymous

      @schwarz ......



    • tigerpawraw

      I'm not saying dude's don't get help. My point was that, being a HUGE nas fan his whole career, and considering him one of the all-time great lyricists, hell yeah it's disappointing to hear he called guys in to help him write his songs. And as far as all the dope mc's getting help writing songs, that's BS. Yeah, maybe later in their careers when they don't got it anymore, which is why I said I don't consider him one of the top cats out anymore. But hey, that's just my opinion. You're entitled to yours.

    • Anonymous

      i think it's acceptable considering the type of album he was doing. He had the message he wanted to put out, just not the knowledge base.

    • Anonymous

      *that was for tigerpaw

    • Anonymous're an idiot cuz jay-z, big, pac, scarface, ice cube n rakim never had any help with song concepts or choruses before...they did it all themselves with no help whatsoever...

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure everyone has had help at some point

  • Anonymous

    Offcourse Stics denies everything he is paid to shut the fuck up!

    • Azus

      Word...he's just saying it to get on Nas' good books its called sucking up, but Foxy long said, Nas is like a King Cobra, a sly fox he can't be trusted

  • I ghostwrote Illmatic

    Nothing wrong with ghostwriting :-)

  • The Observer

    People like to say Nas has calloborated with extreme lyricist in his prime but history is history what happened then happened then, but lets see how developed you are by continually contending with heavyweight lyricist than lightweight Rick Ross It really does not make any flippen sense why Nas would do a song like 'Accident Murderes" with Rick Ross when there are equally deserving mc's who could have brought more value to the song like your AZ, Scarface, Slick Rick, Ghostface, Jadakiss, Lupe, and Raekwon just to name a few Nas would never take the title of 'best mc' ever coz of his inconsistency and when he's told he cries foul wanting us to feel sorry for him like that Scarface line on favor for favor said, 'you are only as good as what you come up against'....Nas will never be good till he invites and i mean extreme heavyweight lyricist on his albums. They invite him but he never invites them, instead he invites Rick Ross????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Anonymous

      so scarface aint a heavyweight stfu!!

    • Anonymous

      i was going to write a huge response but then i realised that your an idiot

    • Eman

      Look at the reaction to 'Hip Hop', Nas with Scarface compared to 'Accident Murderes'...although Nas came correct on Accident M, the song received alot of criticism not because the lyrics by Nas were wack, just because of the chosen feature....then 'Hip Hop' received alot of praises because this time around Nas was paired with a respected lyricist Nas you been in this game for over 17yrs homie, you cannot be making such mistake as if you only 3yrs in the game and expecting fans to cut you some slack!!!!! You make the same mistake by featuring rappers who are not in your level lyrically, then the biggest mistake you continuously make is selecting beats by yourself when you can just hire a music director with a musical ear remember what Einstein said....'doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity' fans been crying for a duet album with Premo and one with AZ, but you ignore your fan base, the very same people that support you, put food in your plate, the reason you drive those bentleys and ferarris is because of your fans but you turn around spit in they face with Rick Ross calloboration Go to business school homie, and learn 'Customer is King' business books, and enough witht he politics and preaching in your raps and leave that to Dead Prez or Lupe as they do it better

    • milehighkid303


  • The Observer

    Nas did not want Dead Prez to rap because he knew they would out rhyme him, i mean the subject matter is Dead Prez' territory This is more evidence that Nas does not feature lyricist on his albums coz he does not want to be out rhymed on his own for Nas to say to Jay Z, 'Eminem murdered you on your own shit' does not hold any weight anymore coz Nas does not invite lyricist on his album instead they invite him. So to show that no one can out rhyme him on his own shit, why don't he invite lyricist on his albums??????????? Ofcourse Nas would out rhyme Ludacris, Busta, Rick Ross, DMX, and Prodigy coz those are not extreme lyricist they just average lyricist. for Nas to go at Jay claiming Eminem murdered him in his own backyard, was pretty lame coz Nas himself was murdered by AZ on his classic debut, then went to be murdered by Canibus on The Firm. Stop defending Nas as growth is not about what you did initially, but about consistence. Nas is only praised with Illmatic, which is like 17yrs ago or something? c'mon, we grow up and become better not the other way around. Growth is about your next offering better than the previous one. He was a youngster than, so his writing should be ten times better than it was on Illmatic but you Nas stans wanna tell me Nas was a better thinker @ 17 then he is now?

    • Anonymous

      @ The Observer you fuckin right. Since Illmatic it went downhill with Nas. You should grow with age!!!! Muthufuckers talking that his last album is a classic lol.

    • g-sus

      What the F are "extreme lyricist"? You mean the guys that stay underground and never crossed or made it to mainstream? That's just stupid cuz if Nas was just doing songs with only underground artists, you'd be complaining that he doesn't mess with mainstream cats enough. He can't do no right. The guy is built up to standards that no one else has to carry. He has done songs with countless legends or cares if they're "extreme" or not. You rarely see them "extreme" guys in anybody's top 10 for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      Man you talking out your ass son. Nas does have stic-man on the track that didn't make the album. It's called Association and both were on par with each other. So shut that noise up you talking.

  • haha some of you writers are clowns for real, stirring bullshit up for online traffic

    The writers on this site purposely report bullshit and twist article titles to get the trolls responding long enough for the artist fans to run to the artist defense. It's not hard to see what's going on, either way its good business for the website but less credible as a source of real hip hop journalism. With the users on this site changing names every 2 minutes, it provides clowns with an attention seeking agenda to feed into the same bullshit.


    Why was he so surprised? Dead Prez got beats.

  • Yamz

    Nas made a classic the first time out, how could anyone believe he would have another write his rhymes? Especially emcees he's better than

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Nas! he a Lil Wayne wannabe. cant rap for shit. discrace to hip hop. Weezy da GOAT. swag

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    It's like the saying goes 'believe none of what you hear and half of what you see'.. Why would anyone even care what some next person claims. The person making the false claims is someone who has nothing to do with the situation, the album process, etc, but they comment on it??..Kind of stupid.. Folks need to learn to keep their mouths closed. Why do people love to talk dirty about or put bullshit info out about Nas so much. A brotha can't just live can he?!?

  • Anonymous

    "dead prez's Elaborates On Ghostwriting For Nas, Denies Accusations" theyre using the the "denies accusations" part to save face and soften the blow of "dead prez's Elaborates On Ghostwriting For Nas" so people cant get away with making these sort of complaints. It's a very sneaky title.

  • Wishworks

    Thank Stic for clearing that up. People need to get they facts straight before you start putting out that bs.(Tweets & Facebook) GET IT THE FU@K RIGHT

  • Digga

    Lig, u are so right. I never seen so much hate for one man and rapper. This shit should be directed at 2 chainz or any other artist for putting out wack shit. Nas has created classics and to anyone buy that he was ghostwritten should be ashamed of themselves. Even if someone isn't a fan of Nas, they know he never been ghostwritten. And HipHopdx is entertaining this. U know what's funny? Nas was good for them two months ago, bigging him up, putting out his joints. now they wanna entertain this with some bullshit editorial. Fucking pitiful. And clearly said in the article he didn't write any lyrics. He wasn't even brought there for that. I understood what Nas did. He wanted a second opinion on concepts and collaborate with someone that has an experience with making an album of that type. It was an artist move. Dream Hampton, you are a muthafuckin bohemian black bitch. I am done

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Dream Hampton and her attention seeking ass!

  • CC

    This site is full of shit. You wrote "dead prez's Elaborates On Ghostwriting For Nas" Elaborates on ghostwriting for Nas?? You wrote it like that for fucking hits, you faggots. Why couldn't you just put "Stic man claims he didnt ghostwrite for Nas" or even "dead prez's Elaborates On "ALLEGEDLY" Ghostwriting For Nas. And also, don't you guys usually post new developments on THE SAME ARTICLE??? Why does this get a whole new article? You're doing this shit on purpose to create more controversy.

    • CC

      ^ No shit it says "denies accusations" you fucking retard. But the fact is, what I quoted is the first thing that catches your eye. They worded it funny like that to get hits. It's a common tactic gossip sites use with articles like this. They did the same fucking thing the first time when they titled the article, "Jay Electronica & Of dead prez "REPORTEDLY" Ghostwrote Portions Of Nas' Untitled" It's not an accident, they're doing this shit on purpose.

    • Joey

      "dead prez's Elaborates On Ghostwriting For Nas, DENIES ACCUSATIONS" is the title or the article. Maybe next time you should take a second look before going on an emotional rant

    • Real Talk 100

      @CC THANK YOU, took the words out of my mouth. What we got here is HipHopDX is caught is a shitty downward spiral. They latched on to this "Nas has Ghostwriters" fairy tale, and it has to be boosting their website hits. Long term, if they continue this shitty standard in journalism, they will end up like the Source.

  • LIG

    "I'm the MOST HATED emcee in the game."-Nasir Olu Dara Jones I have NEVER seen so much hate presented toward an artist in any genre...the way the hip hop industry HATES on Nas is disturbing on ALL levels. I truly come to the conclusion that Nas puts FEAR into people because his talent is UNSTOPPABLE! But with hates comes blessings and Nas is truly covered by a HIGHER POWER because the enemy tries to hard to tear him down.

  • kj

    Fuck Hip hop dx first they denied Nas, the 5 stars he needed for the Life is good album what happens after, they fabricate a story whose angle was Jay electronica and ghost wrote Nas's Nigger album U just lost respect. Verify and validate your sources before you suckers publish stories that cast slurs on people's careers Luckily with Nas, you wont convince many of us that somebody ghost wrote for him.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you saying? HHDX already cleared it's fabricated. The who slurs Nas' career is that dumb ass nigga who lack with media literacy.

  • Lothario

    Dead Prez wrote the hook for the song "Untitled", and Jay Electronica wrote the intro 'Queens Get the Money', that's as far the the ghostwriting went...on that album.

    • milehighkid303

      Im a HUGE 50 fan, that Queens Get The Money intro WAS WRITTEN BY NAS HOMIE, it was a diss to 50 at the time for the words the two were exchanging at the time, wtf would Dead Prez lay lyrics for a diss??? Cmon son......

    • Anonymous

      Electronica didn't write the Queens Get The Money. That don't even make sense right there.

    • Frank Wonder

      So in a way Jay Electronica did write for Nas? What exactly did Jay E write for that joint?

  • WHAT

    Man, DX you're losing major credibility with me right now. For you guy to post this article about Stic when Vibe talked about it a few days ago is not good journalism. Now you guys are posts to get hits on your website and that shitty article by Omar. And now you'r clearifying everything? FOH. It messed up because someone's career is involved and you guys, but l guess why the fuck would you guys care.

  • 2da9thpwr

    Why the hell does everyone want to see Nas fail so badly. I dont understand this. He's a consistent lyricist. TOne of the greatest to ever do it. Have you heard Hip Hop? He's been doing it for years but he still spits like he came out last year. He spits like he's hungry.

  • Loandri

    FUCK THE MEDIA, as soon as Nas starts doing good the fucking press has to try to bring him down. FUCK THIS Nas is one of the greatest

  • ALF aint shit

    i hate to agree with this fool, but when you are rumored to have ghost writers... like comeon man. i never heard of Rakim having a GW. never heard of the get fresh crew having a GW... damn nas. i dont know if i can rock him no more

    • Up North

      Did you read what stic said, B? He DIDN'T GHOSTWRITE. And you looking at not listening to Nas anymore based on a rumor some random bitch cooked up? Especially when I guarantee you spinning somebody right now who's shit is 100% ghostwritten. SMH.

    • Anonymous

      you a fickle fool

  • Cha Boi

    wuddup famlay. its cha boi back at it on this day. i lost ALOT OF RESPECT for cha boi nas. how can any yall believe any his "hit" records.... they prob were written by other cats. dag yall... you cant do that. much as yall hate waka.. least yall know he keeps it 100 with his lyrics. just sayin' this cat nas has more writters than a hbo original drama! STFU mang. its cha boi

    • Holla

      Lol, you made me laugh there with the dumb language. Go educate yourself before you put that shit on, ''Cha Boi''. On topic: Dumb title, agreed about how HHDX kind of mislead us. Nas' wrote his own shit, as being said in the article, so end of the discussion. But what if he didn't wrote anything, like Dre? I love listening to Dre's shit, even if I know it's ghostwritten. It used to be tighter, and he never said he wrote his own shit. Everbody loved Dre, why would we hate anybody for being ghostwritten? I guess cause the lyrics show how ''good'' an MC might is, partly. Like the way we split Hiphop into categories, such as Wayne and Nas. Nas is a lyrical beast, while Wayne shows to be weak lyrically. If he had better lyrics he would've been better, but he doesn't aspire that. If he had a ghostwriter to get better lyrics, he'd still have a lot of haters. I get why ya'll hate on him, cause he's practically paraciting the genre with his weak bars. But he just can't do any better, and with a ghostwriter, he would've still be hated like this. So hell fuck it, we gotta accept that clowns rule hiphop these days (at least the Mainstream-HipHop). I still wouldn't care less if I knew somebody ghostwrote anything for Nas or Guru, still great artists.

    • Dumb

      You are dumb if fall this media circus. Think for yourself for a change. Use your brain for a change. Didn't you hear the man clearify everything and wonder were all the hate is coming from. Think. It's not illegal yet.

  • Anonymous

    The headline is retarded "dead prez's elaborates on ghostwriting for Nas"?? This could be re-worded a bit better. How bout, elaborates on collaborating with Nas? Also, DX you're so late with posting this. You let that other shit article simmer for two days and finally get around to posting this. SMH. Y'all really tryna slander one of the greats.

    • Anonymous

      they know what they're doing man smh..

    • hate revolver

      They are just trying to get hits on their website at the expense of somebody's reputation and career. And it's fucked up. Just shows your times we live in. And now they got another article about how ecomomy is now causing people to look for ghostwriting?

  • Anonymous

    stupid bitch stop spreadin' false accusations

  • Anonymous

    I think Jay Electronica & are really pissed off because the bitch said it as if it was fact.


    Exactly, that's what I was thinking. Why would one of the greatest MC's of all time need a ghostwriter? Dream Hampton should get smacked in the face with that clown ass Decoded book for spreading such bullshit...

  • Anonymous

    All these people be believing gossiping pussies slandering the God.

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