Q-Tip Explains What He Learned From Pusha T & Jay-Z

Q-Tip says he learned about new writing strategies for rhymes.

Q-Tip has a hand in the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer, tentatively releasing on September 18th. During an interview with Complex for their G.O.O.D. Music cover story, Kamaal revealed that he produced and wrote for the project, and also explained what he learned from being in the studio with Pusha T and Jay-Z.

"One thing I got from Pusha from watching him and his description of things, his approach is really interesting because he really immerses himself in his music. We all do, but his way of doing it is beyond words. It's amazing to watch and see how he does it," he said. Watching Jay do lyrics and watching 'Ye do beats, you see similarities in yourself to them. Sometimes when that happens you are like, 'Phew. I'm not the only crazy one. They do the same shit I do.' That's a learning point as well. When I've seen Jay do lyrics, he'll sit back and spit the rhymes himself, he'll leave a bar or two, he'll come back to it another day and fill it in. He'll go away and think about and come back two days later and fill it in. I'm a person who will fill that in. And I've seen 'Ye do it too. It's a technique thing."

Read the full interview over at Complex.com.

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  • iamhiphop

    Fuck Jay-Z. I'm gay.

  • banga


  • Bruiser

    The first 3 Clipse albums are all classics. Q-Tip and Pusha T are both genius.

  • Sonny Rene

    ya'll are a bunch of hating motherfuckers. Hip Hop has the worst fans, if you're not a hater you're a dickrider. Shit is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    so this nigga learned that other people do the same thing.....interesting article....

  • dentaldamboy

    Another song ruined by Pusha T. Why the fuck do people keep putting him on their tracks. Here is a list of songs Pusha T has ruined: Grindin' Grinding Remix What Happened to that Boy When's the Last Time Mr. Me Too Runaway Christian Dior Denim Flow I Don't Like Remix New God Flow Exodus Mercy So Appalled Everybody Knows

  • Anonymous

    When Did Givin' Props Turned Into Kissin' Ass? You Guys Troll Everything...

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day it was more like: Ye do the lyrics written by Consequence, go away from it, and two days later Rhymefest fill it in.

  • O to the motherfucking G

    Y'all some hating ass niggas!... All Tip said is that he's learnt from Pusha. The guy sees Pusha often in the booth so is going to have a lot of exposure and insight into his creative processes.

  • Anonymous

    It's lame how Q Tip is kissin up to these dudes. What's he gonna learn from Pusha anyway? How to be broke and commercially ignored?

    • Anonymous

      the man has do press, yes it is slightly sad unless they mention an artist name they don't get any press

    • ETK

      KISS UP WAH man shut the fuck up underground/lyrical cats always give respect to the top emcees, even in the mainstream zone cause at the end of the day they're doin SOMETHING right. Tech n9ne, Rakim, Scarface is a shortlist of rappers who bigged Kanye West at some point. "seriously.. what he learned" he just fuckin told you, you oaf

    • Anonymous

      Says The Broke and Ignored Guy...

    • Micheal White

      *co-sign It's sad to see someone as groundbreaking as Q-Tip 'kiss up' to pop artist just to remain relevant.I mean..seriously..what he learned? Damn Q-Tip..c'mon man..first "VIVRANT THING"..NOW THIS?!?

  • Anonymous

    "most overrated rapper ever Jay-Z" No. That award goes to Nas.

    • Real Talk

      AZ has had recognition? Doe or Die wasn't a classic? It's in the same vein as Reasonable Doubt. Sugar Hill wasn't a lyrically yet commercial success? Aziatic wasn't a near classic as well? Pieces Of A Man? The man has a catalog. He's just been slepted on as an MC. I don't think he has the recognition he deserves. The man sat with Biggie and Jay in his Dead presidents 2 video. Heavily underrated.. Jay Z even bit him on a song. Why do you think that? Cuz Sosas a beast on the mic

    • Anonymous

      overratted mc eminem scarface tupac jay and nas are probably rated about right for their impact, styles and legacy

    • banga


    • Illa

      That is a tight one, but I would go for Masta Ace. AZ nice and has had at least some recognition, Ace appears to have always been casted to the abyss

    • Anonymous

      AZ is a great rhymer and has one of the best flow of all time, but he can't be the most underrated due to his weak subject matter. I would give that crown to Masta Ace.

    • Real Talk

      The most underrated is AZ. That's right.. SOSA He came from BK too and was with Nas in the game for a decade. Jay Z even bit AZ on Dead Presidents 3: Washingtons go to wifey You know how that go Jacksons go back Then we cop us some mo' Nas Life's a bitch ft AZ: Cause we spendin these Jackson's The Washington's go to wifey, you know how that go

    • Anonymous

      Many Have A Different Opinion On This. I Just Wanna Put My Two Cents In. If You Talk About A Lyrical Rapper Who May Be Overrated, Many Will Say Jay-Z Or Nas. If You Wanna Talk Hot Rappers Today That Are Overrated, Many May Say Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Etc. If You Wanna Talk Deceased Rappers, Many Will Say Tupac Or Biggie. Some May Even Say They Are The G.O.A.T. Some May Call Them Overrated Because They Are On Soo Many People's Lists, While They Themselves May Not See What All The Buzz Is About. Am I Right? Just Some Incite. Didn't Mean To Write A Novel On It..

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are wrong. It's actually Drake.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Compare Nas' internet status with reality and you will learn the truth about a TRULY overrated rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Tip has a legend spot secured off "One Love" alone.

  • Anonymous

    Q-Tip is still better than Pusha and the most overrated rapper ever Jay-Z

    • Anonymous

      Lmao at all you 3 faggots, considering Tip played a huge role with ATCQ, allegedly wrote some of Phife's lyrics, and has a great solo career alone shows he's better than Jay. He has good delivery/voice, flow, lyrics, Jay ain't got shit except dope producers.

    • Anonymous

      Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, The Black Album, American Gansgter, The Dynasty >>>>>> every other discography in Hip Hop.

    • Jay

      Lmao Fuck outa here hipster Tip was never super lyrical...he had a dope voice pretty good lyrics and a great producer. Jay aint nowhere near the GOAT tho....Vol 3, BP2 and BP3, WTT, Kingdome Come, and the r kelly albums sucked dickkk

    • Anonymous

      The GOAT can't be overrated. Don't confuse hate (false admiration) with overestimation.

  • Snapback Ted

    I bet he wishes he could get a childish gambino feature

  • tbones

    Haha, thick skulls and stans actually swear jay spit off d dome his albums all d time, #ridiculous. Niggas need to start using their heads and stop being sheep n zombies.

  • Anonymous

    q tip is the man. Niggaz don't about half the shit he does in hop hop

    • milehighkid303

      CO-SIGN. Ask these YOUNGING'S bout De La Soul and watch their faces scrunch like they choked on something lol....

  • Drect MOODY

    Q+Tip is lost in the sauce...nigga kissin Pusha's ass now? Same nigga beefin with your cousin Consequence? Talk about family loyalty nigga smh

  • Beez

    So much for the jay spits it off the top in one take everytime urban legend!

    • Anonymous

      Every rapper lies and boasts about his shit. So, if you want to call out Jay, you call out rap as a whole.

  • who gives a %@#$

    What he had to say was SO interesting.

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