Mac Miller Reveals That His Mom And Wiz Khalifa's Mother Are Best Friends, Talks Cam'ron & Big L

The Pittsburgh rapper says his mom and Wiz Khalifa's mom get high together, speaks on how the music of Big L helped link him with Cam'ron.

While Mac Miller and fellow Rostrum Records artist Wiz Khalifa might not flaunt the title of BFF’s it doesn’t mean that their moms don’t. During an interview with French Website, Miller revealed that his mother and Wiz’ mom are in fact best friends who he says occasionally get high together.

“We’re cool man. I mean that’s the homie,” said Miller when asked about his relationship with Wiz Khalifa. “We both support each other, but we’re trying to do separate things musically. And that’s just what it is…And another thing is my mom and Wiz’ mom are like best friends, it’s funny. They hang out like all the time and get high together.”

Another artist Miller spoke on during his interview was Harlem rapper Cam’ron. While speaking on his fellow emcee he explained that his love for the music of the late rapper Big L is likely what brought the two artists together.

“I think that’s one of the reasons that he [Cam’ron] mess with me is because I knew about L,” Miller revealed. “And you know L was a big part of his life too so it’s dope man to hear stories from people like him and Premier and people that actually knew L.”

Mac Miller is currently taking part in the Under the Influence of Music Tour with Wiz Khalifa which will make stops in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan this month.

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  • Lil b

    Could less if there mom was best friends with casey anthony's, common hip hop dx wtf is this.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. A lot of nerve bringing up Big L's name considering how him and the people in his camp did Lord Finesse dirty. Fuck this teen wolf looking douche bag.

  • huh

    he said L was a big part of his life too son L wasnt a part of your life you listened to some of his songs the kid didnt even MAKE That many songs so what the fuck ar eyou talkin about big L and mac millers names are mentioned all too often togetha and they shouldnt be big L woulda robbed his ass u talkin bout stayin in ya own lane than do it stop ridin the names of greats before you i aint a hater jus speakin the truth

  • Anonymous

    this cracka keeps trying to leach onto wiz's fame

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller is such a retard. Trying way to hard to appear "down". He needs to go become a stock broker or doctor and leave hip hop to real hustlers with felonies on their resume.

    • ac

      Oh word so you have to be an ex con to rap? you can't write bars unless you have a felony? Damn you ignorant as fuck

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  • Anonymous

    maybe wiz can lend him a few million to pay for those samples he keeps stealing

  • go worry about your court cases


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