Tech N9ne "E.B.A.H." EP Cover Art

UPDATE: Tech N9ne plots his upcoming EP, due September 18th.

Tech N9ne has been collaborating with heavyweights over the past few years, recently linking with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. For his fourteenth studio album E.B.A.H., the Strange Music leader hopes to link with Rick Ross, Eminem and Nas, telling AHH that he's got a track titled "Heaven and Hell" on reserve for the Maybach Music Group boss.

"Hopefully we can make it happen. Same thing with [Eminem]," he said. "I’ve got an idea for Em and I’m trying to make it happen and if he thinks I’m good enough to do a song with then it’ll happen.”

Tech also has records on reserve for Talib Kweli, Marsha Ambrosius, Waka Flocka Flame and Roscoe Dash. He addressed criticism that he's selling out, but he justifies that he's staying true to his artistry.

"The mainstream is gonna go Tech, motherfucker. The real shit always shines,” he continued. “I know I’m not popular enough for everybody and Hip-Hop is a popularity contest. I’m not going to go above and beyond to be the most popular if my lyrics can’t speak for me.”


[July 31]

UPDATE: Tech N9ne has revealed the cover art for his upcoming E.B.A.H. EP, which will feature 816 Boyz, Krizz Kaliko and JL B.Hood. Pre-order here, and check out the artwork below (via HHNM).


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  • BigFuckinLurch

    Actually tech does freestyle listen to the reestyle on everready right before my world where tey rob the bank . listen to stamina (which was a freestyle) listen to table and chest stress off of bad season that was afreestyle and he made the beat off of a able and his chest . Tech can freestyle and point blank period Ja Rule is a bitch whp rides tupacs dick and I believe it was tupac who old tech he would be the next king of rap not ja's bitch dick ridin ass .

  • Elbowmacaroni

    look up that dude JL B.Hood youngin goes hard can't wait to hear that feature on this

  • Anonymous

    the best live show i every seen when he came to PERTH AUSTRALIA nothing compares

  • kucfyoutechhaters

    tech is the best rapper who will ever live. no one compares to his lyrics his speed and his flow period

  • Anonymous

    Evil Body Angel Heat

  • Long Beach Ninja

    He def should work with WC

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about ja rule...... he got murked by 50,eminem and dmx...hes done...50 wasted beats for his double album

  • Anonymous

    Elevating Beyond All Heights

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ the trolls here who say Tech is a devil worshipper Uhhh, there's dark imagery in the artwork and he has a few horrorcore song.....HE WORSHIPS SATAN, DERP!!!!" lol, if you really believe Tech worships the devil your a retard, full on downsydrome level mentally handicapped

  • Long Beach Ninja

    Fuck Cleveland. Seriously. Matter of fact, FUCK THE WHOLE MIDWEST. Midwest bitches shouldn't be rapping.

    • Long Beach Ninja

      Only in your wet dreams.

    • Anonymous

      midwest got eminem,common,tech n9ne,MGK,royce da 5'9,obie trice and twista.....we def got the most dope rappers


      Fuck you nigga. I hate you so much I puke when I read your hating ass bullshit. First you were hating on the South, now the Midwest?! How sick can you be???

  • Busta Rhymes Dickrider

    This ninja tryna bring Eminem to the album lol don't do it fool that honky'll ruin your shit

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I'm sure Tech will reconsider a highly anticipated, long awaited collabo cause a handful of trolls on HHDX dissed it lol

    • Anonooso

      Eminem's scared of this ninja. He knows Tech is way better than him and will humiliate him if they ever work on a song. Now let's fuck.

  • Anonymous

    "His actual studio album, full length 24 track album is coming out I believe october 30" That's the same day Ja's double album drops, with 50 tracks. Don't sleep on dude cause he's making license plates right now.

  • johnny blaze

    kinda pumped but common tech...rick ross, waka flaka flame and roscoe dash...just to let u know tech, im gonna fast forward through those guys verses, ive heard enough to know they cannot come up with a good song for the life of em...on the other hand, hes got nas, eminem, and talib kweli (hopefully) ..never been so pumped and dissapointed for an album at the same time

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule would own this guy in a freestyle battle.

  • Anonymous

    His actual studio album, full length 24 track album is coming out I believe october 30, the EP is EBAH is not the album. He has not released the title for it yet.

  • casper21

    to my understanding there is an LP on the way, saw him give an interview recently and he's planning it for a late fall release, November or something. He hasn't even begun recording the album yet, he's just collecting beats for it and deciding who he'd like to collab with for certain ideas for songs. This is just to tie people over, keep the momentum going like Klusterfuck.

  • So Icy Boi!

    wack. diz nigga got killed by Weezy 2 times. he needs to retire. nobody likes diz fast rap anymore. amateur. swag

  • bmoc

    just an ep? I thought it was his 14th studio album?

  • ClevelendWildBoy

    This is the best 40 yr old rapper in Cleveland!! Wait... Bone Thugs are from CLEVELAND... This nigga aint even the best rapper in his state

    • Stooby Gacks

      To Anonymous, everybody has a demon inside of themselves. You're just too much of a bitch to look in yourself.


      Death to everybody that comes from Cleveland.

    • LoveLife&Music

      yo tech came from a christian and muslim home i don't believe his devil worshiper , satanist dude just make good music and if he was his momma would probably beat the dog shit outa him

    • Anonymous

      I got a deamon inside me, can I kill it? HELL NO!! -Tech N9ne Nice try nigga! But your favorite rapper sux satanic dick!

    • And?

      HAHAHAH you mad bitch?? Tech is far from a satanist... its nice to know that you comment on this without ever having actually listened to a tech song. stfu and go listen to your garbage music you swaggot

    • Anonymous

      funny how you negors dont deny Tech is a satanist... U attack this kid for geography but you support a LUCIFARION!! way to go looosers

    • Dumbass

      Kansas City Missouri is a long way from Cleveland Ohio.... someone never learned geography in 7th grade.

    • Anonymous

      He's not from cleveland you fuckin idiot, lol

  • ClevelendWildBoy


  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop is a culture of Bottom Feeders, Tech worked hard by himself with no record company behind him, built himself into a million dollar success story, so naturally the fans want to hate on him for it. Only way to make people happy is to be a loser. Want people to stop hating on you, just never win at anything, always fail. People like you when your going nowhere

    • Stooby Gacks

      Amen dude. Thank you for acknowledging someone with true talent, who has gone through the closest thing on Earth to Hell, and back.

  • Kevin

    TECH NIZZZZIIIIINNNEEEEE!!!! Kind of bummed its just an EP though... Was anticipating a full-length

  • Hi

    Please don't judge him before he's even released the album, he's a brilliant rapper who's probably going to bring these mainstream guys into his world, it WILL NOT be generic crap this is Tech N9ne after all

  • Anonymous

    i dont care who he collabos with Tech brings this rappers in his own world and he choose what track he wants them to be in.

  • RandomGuy

    rick ross?! wacka flocka flame?! roscoe dash?! tech is about to become a real sellout no matter what excuses he invents. and yes, i am a real fan. a real fan is in for the music he has fallen in love with and for the artist that makes this music. a real fan doesnt support bad development of the artists music just for the artist to get more recognition and money. tech knows these guys suck yet he still wants to work with them pretending theyre coming after him. this makes me sad like seriously. fans who tell me im not a real fan because i dont support him in making more money are dumb as fuck cause like i said im in for the music and for techs crazy image. not to support his bak account no matter what... at least eminem, nas and talib kweli are good... but to be honest im not really looking forward to this album. if at least just picked ONLY popular people who are actually capable of making good music like busta rhymes, e-40, yelawolf, twista, snoop dogg, xzibit, eminem, crooked i, chamillionaire, bun b, wyclef jean, eminem, nas, jay-zi would totally support that. all those are big names in the game that could help him to get more than enough recognition and could even enrich his music but he decides to collaborate with horrible, untalented douches too... i just dont get it. you know it better tech, i know you do! still much love from germany and strange all day all night til this date no rappers have dropped anything as incredible as the strangers so i hope to get to hear more of this quality music without it being crossbred with "mainstream garbage" and i hope anyone actually reads this lol BYE

    • Stooby Gacks

      I personally can't speak for Tech, but still; don't knock it until you try it. He's had plenty of mainstream rappers in his songs, and they're still good at the very least.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, at first I did not like it but then I thought, FUCK THAT, if he gets collabs like that then it shows "mainstream garbage" fans what hot shit tech lays down is like. Its the only way they will experience it. If it helps tech achieve even more things that no independent rap artist has than he can go for it. tech you have my support, even if its with rappers I absolutley despise I want to see you MURK 'em

    • ETK

      You may be a real fan but you're also a close-minded one He's getting some wack rappers on an EP, one of the 500 EPs he's released. Is that gonna kill you? And how the fuck can you sellout through a god damn mixtape? God

  • john

    idgaf who tech collabs with but it bugs the fuck out of me when hes "hoping" to collab with ppl like wocka n rick ross like hes lucky to, when hes so far above all of those garbage rappers, quit worrying about your collabs and focus on YOUR music tech...

  • Cloudwalker

    Why the fuck does it matter who hes doing songs with. you know dam well if you came here and read the shit watched the video you like tech n9ne and any song no matter who its with your gonna listenin to and if you like it your gonna like fuck whos on the song with tech. you know you love techs music stop hating and show some support.

  • Anonymous

    When you think about, Rick Ross is not a horrible rapper, he's better than Wayne is now. It doesn't really matter who he works with, he's simply gonna murder them in every way possible, and Eminem knows that.

  • Anonymous

    all these people hating on Tech you are all fucking fags dip

  • Anonymous

    "should work with WC" You mean that fat dude who looks like Charles S. Dutton?

  • Anonymous

    "GUARDED" don't think so buddy after doing songs with garbage artists like niki Minaj, lil Wayne,drake, and b.o.b" Wayne is the #1 rapper in the world, and NM is generating millions for mainstream hip hop. Makes total sense for Em to work with them. Tech has talent, but face it, he's forever underground, and Em's fanbase isn't. Now your bitch ass will probably fire back how Tech did a song with Wayne. Wayne works with everybody. Em doesn't.

  • Anonymous

    "they was already gonna colab on all 6s and 7s but his album released before got back from tour" Are Eminem's manager? Didn't think. Shut the fuck up and face the fact Eminem didn't want to do the song in the first place. If he wanted too, he would have recorded his verse and sent it to Tech.

  • Anonymous

    "I'm glad he doesn't want to work with Jay-Z" Jay would lyrically murder him, then bring him back to life just to murder him a second time.

  • Bitch Nigga

    This nigga should work with WC that's what's up.

  • James

    I've been a fan of Tech N9NE since Everready. I've loved everything he's put out. People were freaking out about his track with T-Pain and Lil Wayne, and it came out well. Tech didn't get to where he is by being what he was told to be, why do people who call themselves his fans want him to be?

    • Anonymous

      fans of an artist on this website seem to have the mindset of "go back to your old shit" for every single rapper on here

  • Anonymous

    he better have em and nas on there just to cover up the rest of the "reserved artists"

  • fuck

    rick ross? really? who's next? katy perry?

  • ETK

    if he loses some sensitive fans because he collabos with one wack nigga then maybe Tech could do without them fans seriously, it's one song. I'm tired of rabid fans jumping at the "sellout" finger pointing when a rapper reaches out to someone less talented than him. if he ever did collab with Waka, it's one song you're gonna forget about in a couple of weeks. don't go and treat it as some fuckin turning point for Tech n9ne's career. he got Lil Wayne and T-Pain on his 6&7s album. did you guys have a heart attack then? smh

  • Anonymous

    PLeas tech.. No rick Ross plzz..

  • yiiii

    i read this on newjams net also

  • That's kinda... odd

    Waka Flocka & Roscoe Dash? What the fuck? lol I'm still hyped for the album though.

  • 3 headed monstah

    tech, you are more, than worth, to be on the same trak, with my #1 mc, eminem..i mean if em can hop on a trak with weezy..i mean WEEZY..than he has to do some creepy scary shit with ur ass.. cant wait .. em make that happen

  • Real Talk

    I hope he actually gets in the studio with Em. The chemistry should be amazing!

  • Pat

    I would love too see the nas and eminem features. Just please not waka flocka or rick ross oh my god they suck. especailly flocka

  • killacrossdadon

    #RT @meekmill ft @wale & @frenchmontana - actin up / They Stole, My Beat - KILLACROSS U still can hear my "KILLA" tagg at 3min 16 & at 3min 23

  • war22

    u know what they say:If u chase 2 rabbits u will end up with none...dont try to sellout man...ok that shit u did with Wayne and Tpain was for females i digg it ok but stop that...dont try to gain some few fans doing that cuz u will lose the others

    • war22

      @ETK wow lets have a Wacka Flocka feat Eminem then...fuck hiphop u dont get it,its not about the talent its that Wacka awefull...i supported this dude since Anghellic and i have all his albums and there are many like me who will say fuck this shit...and the "rabit fans"made him who he is,he should listen to his core fans...btw ETK i bet u never bought a single Tech N9ne cd in ur life and u dont even know were this man comes from and what he did before STFU

    • ETK

      man kill that shit if he loses some sensitive fans because he collabos with one wack nigga then maybe Tech could do without them fans seriously, it's one song. I'm tired of rabid fans jumping at the "sellout" finger pointing when a rapper reaches out to someone less talented than him. if he ever did collab with Waka, it's one song you're gonna forget about in a couple of weeks. don't go and treat it as some fuckin turning point for Tech n9ne's career. smh

  • war22

    fuck that shit with Eminem,we knew it will happend eventually...but whats up with that Rick Ross and Wacka Flocka Collab ??? i mean is there anything pure in hiphop these days...fuck that im not gonna support him anymore if he shits on his fans like that

  • dentaldamboy

    I'm glad he doesn't want to work with Jay-Z. Tech N9ne knows that Jay is a phony and a snake.

  • MC Cuss Words

    Much respect to Tech he's one of m favorites im trying to get him on my track called "Fast Cursing" I already got twista on board nobody can touch me im bustin crushin motherfuckers they nothin so fuck em i'll dust them other suckers fuck em fuck em fuck em i kill it fuckin cussin finna hit the lot make a cash purchase back to the studio im fast cursin and my lyrics leave your ass murked and my nigga Twista curse too n*****, c****er,ch*nk,sp**k i use racial slurs too this is a sample of that song twista heard my verse and he loved it i censored it to avoid offending everyone so be on the look out for my mixtape im making curse words intelligent and lyrical

  • Anonymous

    I don't see Eminem agreeing to a collabo. He seems very guarded about what he appears on.

    • Anonymous

      BoB and Drake aren't garbage, they have SOME skill. They aren't incredible either but meh..

    • Anonymous

      you dumb nigga they was already gonna colab on all 6s and 7s but his album released before got back from tour so they deffinetly gonna colab you stupid do some research

    • Shut up

      "GUARDED" don't think so buddy after doing songs with garbage artists like niki Minaj, lil Wayne,drake, and b.o.b. ... He's finally going to collaborate with a REAL ARTIST

  • dave

    can't wait to hear the song opinionguy2011 .com

  • jake

    Im fine with all of them but wacka? I just want to know what song he has planned for him

  • Anonymous

    Wacka Ross and Rosco??? You have to be joking Tech... just stick with NaS and Eminem please...

  • yo

    tech been in it for a long time and has came a long way. respect

  • youngsta

    haha, everyone's underground hero is a big sell out. why do you think he loves working with the big mainstream artists? old ass tech is a piece of shit loser. album looks wack but i'm looking forward to hearing waka and roscoe destroy this dude on his own song. lol.

  • Anonymous

    please make the nas collab happen...pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    • Anonymous

      for nas to be scared of competition he sure has collaborated with great rappers in the past...common, nearly all of wu-tang, AZ, jay-z, DMX, mobb deep,game, luda, kool g rap, scarface, q-tip, busta rhymes and thats not even close to them all. He has probably collaborated with more talented rappers than your favourite rapper.

    • Pat

      Your dumb as fuck the reason nas has alot of wack features is cus everyones scared to work with him. He wanted eminem and jay for his new album both were "too busy"

    • Fuck Queensbridge

      ^^^ co-sign.

    • Anonymous

      nas is scared of true competition. he's too busy selling out by doing features with fellow sellouts.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I hope that em gets on this, he was supposed to be on techs "my world" track, six years ago. It would have changed his career completely and made that dope ass song an absolute hip hop classic, please Em do it haha

  • Terrence

    and if you don't think tech's lyrics speak for himself kill yourself.. He's one of the most underrated artists and i repeat artists of all time. Him, C-Bo, E-40. if they just fucked w/ everybody more just a lil maybe that would be enough to sale enough to go platinum..#JustSayin'

  • Anonymous

    Tech...real dude

  • Anonymous

    The next underground favorite that shits on purists and bigs up Ross and Wayne. Elitists look more pathetic by day.

  • Decatur ATL Boi

    HHDX already posted this article

  • OUCH!

    Dude is so humble and u can tell his a huge em fan. i wanna see this collabo happen. not cause i wanna hear, even tho its true but more cause i wanna see tech n9ne dream collabo happen already. keep it up tech

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