Xzibit "Napalm" Tracklist, Cover Art & Release Date

UPDATE: Xzibit reveals the details regarding his first album since 2006.

It has been over half a decade since Xzibit released 2006's Full Circle. Now, the rapper-turned-actor is ready to let fans know that he's back in the music game with his latest album, Napalm.

Taking to Twitter, X to the Z released an image of the album's tracklist. However, the image only provided the names of the songs, with no further details:

Xzibit explained that while the album has not set release date, it would be sometime in the early fall:

He also tweeted the producers and features of every track, resulting in the below tracklist:

1. State Of Hip-Hop Vs. Xzibit (Prod. By Beat Butcher)
2. Everything (Prod. By Rick Rock)
3. Dos Equise Ft. RBX
4. Something More Ft. Prodigy
5. Gangsta Gangsta (Prod. By DJ Chill)
6. Forever A G Ft. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By E. Dan)
7. 1983 Ft. Trena Joiner (Xzibit’s Mom) (Prod. By Insane Wayne)
8. Stand Tall Ft. Slim Da Mobster (Prod. By S1)
9. Spread It Out (Prod. By 21)
10. Up Out The Way Ft. E-40 (Prod. By Rick Rock)
11. Napalm (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin’) (Drums By Travis Barker; Scratches By Sid (Of Slipknot))
12. Meaning Of Life Ft. Ret. Staff Sargent Shilo Harris (U.S. Army)
13. Louis XIII Ft. King T & Tha Alkaholiks (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
14. Enjoy The Night Ft. David Banner, Wiz Khalifa & Brevi (Prod. By David Banner)
15. Movie Ft. Crooked I, Slim Da Mobster & Game (Prod. By Akon)
16. I Came To Kill (Prod. By !llmind)
17. Killer’s Remorse Ft. Bishop Lamont, B-Real & Demrick (Prod. By Focus)
18. 1983 StringAcapella

[July 21]

UPDATE: The cover art has been revealed for Xzibit's upcoming album Napalm, releasing October 9th.


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  • break

    straight original Xzibit! ReaL!

  • Anonymous

    how old is this man? why is he still making music?

  • David Bunz

    Holy fuck I'm excited, it's about time. X is one of the few remaining rappers that hasn't gone pop yet. He's rarely disappointed me, when he goes all out he goes hard AND he's a down-to-earth motherfucker. His tracks leading up to this long delayed album were great: "Phenom" was great, "Highest Form of Understanding" with Trick Trick was great, "Hallelujah" with Bishop Lamont was great, and now this one. Just hadda give him a shout out

  • Anonymous

    i love xzibit.. fuck hatersssssss

  • Brian White

    I will give anything a listen after this man brought out "The Foundation", one of the greatest odes to being a father.

  • Gay Ninja

    And yours was never alive.

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Xzbit's relevance (2000-2002)

    • David Bunz

      You can't just make good music? You gotta be current and trending on a regular basis? You can't step back and spend time on yourself or with your family?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    can't wait for this , do hope its better than full circle though

  • pocketrocketz

    x feat rbx shoud be a classic...also the one feat crooked i and the game daaamnn!

  • wolverine

    Fire! X got guns... kendrick got guns.. west coast is back real niggas...

  • TheGame

    I and X!!! Bangers!

  • thatruth

    cant wait, hip hop is back.. #RealNigga

  • Anonymous

    Really?? X is best rapper alive.

  • Anonymous

    looks like it might be pretty good

  • atom

    where the real mcs at? wiz kalifa? fuck this skinny jean punk

  • CWigg

    I'm going to buy it and listen to it, and will probably enjoy it. Do I care that it flops or not? No. I'm just happy to have quality music available to me. Glad Xzibits back. I'm done wasting my time defending legends...their legacies can speak for themselves. Long live hip hop.



  • Anonymous

    why nobody working with Rick Rubin?

  • Fuck Xzibit & His Family

    Will he outflop his last album???

  • Anonymous

    "His best album was At the Speed of Life" 40 Days 40 Nights was better.

  • d

    Really nice set of features (bar Wiz but it'd be cool to see if they can make a good song together). I wonder if the blue titles will be singles or bonus tracks.

  • Nice

    Nice! Rick Rock makes some seriously sick shit. Loving this tracklist..This should be a solid album! PS. stuff like this: "this album will flop, and will be a total dud." no one cares. Music is entertainment to be enjoyed, I as a listener could give a damn if it "flops", if its what I like to listen to, then sales don't matter, so shut your shithole

  • MMG Uncut

    this album will flop, and will be a total dud.

    • Xzibit

      Naw homie, you just keep listening to Wayne and Baby for dick sucking advice. This albums gunna sell a million copies (bootlegged) cuz real niggas fuck with "X" and fake niggas fuck with YMCMB!

  • Mike

    Dope cover, nice tracklist looks like it's gonna be a good album along with his first album..Afghanistan.IRAN...IRAQ.NAPALM

  • Anonymous

    Features/Production look nuts. Hope this goes hard.

  • wheres my blunt

    shit this could be pretty good lovin the features on there except wiz but i can tolerate him as long as i dont hear his dumb ass laugh

  • Anonymous

    State of Hip Hop and Movie look very promising.. not feeling the rest though. Seriously wiz khalifa? Theres nothing special about him, his flow is basic, voice is irritating and he's lyrically garbage.

  • At the Speed of Life

    His best album was At the Speed of Life

  • Anonymous

    Didn't we see this already like a month or so ago?

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad lineup of songs there. Might be worth checking out.

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    It's a shame X to the Z will F to the lop.

  • I Know

    13 different producers, compilation album...

  • JuFu

    This should be good. Interested in hearing the song that's featuring RBX.

  • Anonymous

    the tracklist looks good . wanna hear some new xzibit

  • Anonymous

    Nice, I can't wait, lyrical & true to Hip Hop everytime. X

  • Anonymous

    finally crooked i and game on a song together WEST COASS

  • Knuckles31

    Pretty surprised by the Akon production and Wiz Khalifa being featured twice. Regardless X has always brought quality rhymes and this album looks armed to the teeth with awesome features so Im expecting to play this for a long time. Also b f needs to shut the hell up and stop being a damn troll. Talkin about dicks all the time, you seem fascinated with them bro. Someone needs to come out the closet already.

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    It's a shame how this shit will flop. It actually have some great collaborations and great producers.

  • Anonymous

    this dude was suppose to be one of the greatest but he just couldnt hold it down

  • B'k Is funny

    wow, B'k is a rare case... a troll that is funny. For some reason i find the comments hilarious

  • Anonymous

    "not how many singles the dude had" If none of the singles released from the album charted, then how did he still sell 500,000? These are the burning questions of our time lol

  • Kotodama

    Im just happy to see some King Tee and Tha Alkho collab. Been to long.

  • Anonymous

    given the whack ass features, I'll still support X. X always brought that energy for the West.

  • Anonymous

    "His next two albums went gold" And I question whether Man Vs. Machine really did go gold. It had 3 singles, none charted.

    • Dapper Dab

      lmao, can't argue with sales figures... that's where the gold comes in, not how many singles the dude had.

  • Anonymous

    This has a surprisingly sick track list and even a Focus-produced track with Bishop Lamont on it? Sold.

  • Anonymous

    No Phenom? No Hurt Locker? Well, tracklist look surpisingly nice anyway, so good luck for Xzibit. But I'm afraid that he won't be a factor in major music market again, most likely end up like Ice Cube: making music for specifically for the West coast. By the way, is there anybody who knows if it will be released by a label or independent? In the former case, which one?

  • Immortal On My Grind

    Fuck this nigga he's been trash since 2003.

  • Jack Compton

    Looks like this could be a really solid album. Short of the two Wiz Khalifa features this couldn't look much better for me.

  • hypestyle

    Xzibit should hook up with his friends Dr. Dre and Eminem, sign to shady/Aftermath and come out with a new LP..

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Another Xzibit album is all good to me. He's always been one fo my faves. This looks like a good tracklist and features. I wanna hear how some of the beats sound though. I still like to play 'what u see is what u get'.....

  • Definite

    I must agree this looks like a SICK ASS album for X to the Z I look fwd to it!!


    1. State Of Hip-Hop vs. Xzibit (Prod. By DJ Khalil) 2. Everything (Prod. By Rick Rock) 3. Dos Equise ft. RBX (Prod. By Mr. Porter) 4. Something More ft. Prodigy (Prod. By Havoc) 5. Gangsta Gangsta (Prod. By DJ Premier) 6. Forever A G ft. Dr. Dre (Prod. By Dr. Dre co. Mel-Man) 7. 1983 ft. Trena Joiner (Xzibits Mom) (Prod. By Buckwild) 8. Stand Tall ft. Eminem (Prod. By Dr. Dre co. Mel-Man) 9. Spread It Out (Prod. By The Alchemist) 10. Up Out The Way ft. E-40 (Prod. By Rick Rock) 11. Napalm (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin add. Travis Barker, Sid) 12. Meaning Of Life ft. Method Man (Prod. By RZA) 13. Louis XIII ft. King T & Tha Alkaholiks (Prod. By Dr. Dre) 14. Enjoy The Night ft. David Banner, Wiz Khalifa & Slim Da Mobster (Prod. By David Banner) 15. Movie ft. Crooked I, Jay Rock & Game (Prod. By Cool & Dre) 16. I Came To Kill (Prod. By DJ Khalil) 17. Killers Remorse ft. Bishop Lamont, B-Real & Snoop Dogg (Prod. By Focus)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He has me so hyped for this shit! Those features are so fucking solid. The title track with 1500/Travis Barker/Sid sounds like it's gonna be a banger too. I've been waiting for Xzibit to release some heat for so long!




    Peace to the Five Percenters, online engine inventors Shout to them niggas, family men, bringin home dinners Watch out for desperate lonely women, hurt ya happy home Miserable and alone, kissable, nice to bone She not the type deserving of a throne Her beauty is her curse, she fuck for shoes and a purse Make me a movie first, can watch you on my phone I shop in Barcelona, I spend some nights in Rome Feel like a knight from England, thats what I named my son: Knight He was born to be one, thats how my game was won White 740 Beamer, licked by an angels tongue Im livin dangerous son, she got a man, a famous one Honey be pocket watchin, she got a lot of options Hard to make up her mind decidin which baller to rock with Hot to death, slim (?), but Im not impressed She got the hottest sex, so I guess Imma just Stay Even though I dont like you, next Friday night cant wait to fight you Locked up I would knife you, dont fuck with you Last month I even bucked at you, you got locked I felt bad, wait, do I got love for you? I might kill you, but do I got love for you? I want you dead under 6 feet of soil At the same time, want you here to witness me while you in misery We hate each other, but its love, what a thug mystery Years ago they ate the heart of a slain enemy We enemies, but your hatred could never enter me Some seek fame cause they need validation Some say hatin is confused admiration Spotlight on me, I still look twenty Still get money, lady killer pushin a Bentley Maybe niggas could see too much of they failures through a nigga who realer I dont like you near bruh, but I need you to Stay

  • hiphop

    That Bishop Lamont and Focus track is gonna be insane. Can't wait for this album

  • Anonymous

    ahh man i cant wait

  • Charmelle

    a song feat. King T produced by Dr. Dre is an automatic sale from me.

    • Nafa

      When I saw that I flipped out. That's what the fans want. I don't want an Xzibit album I want a likwid crew album King t, the liks and xzibit. Featuring dr dre production. Whoa.

  • Jason

    Looks like a pretty loaded lineup that'll be worth the 6 year wait!

  • Stevie

    Its about time! Been an Xzibit fan for so long. I just hope its not a disappointment like Ice Cube's I Am The West.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely excited about this. But why the hell is Wiz on here, TWICE?

  • Anonymous

    Hope it's a good dre beat. Not herd a decent dre beat for a while. This lp will be nothing special but it will have bangers onit

  • ct to da

    crooked i game and xzibit on a track automatic rawness

  • tigerpawraw

    To the people talking bout how this shit won't sell and it's gonna flop: stop acting like you're a record exec or in the industry and quit hyping or dissing shit because it sells or not. Y'all sound like some gold digging hoes...

  • Yong King

    Dope!been waiting for this album for a minute I remember when he was even thinking about calling it "Restless 2" so it's gotta be dope. Glad to see X back on the scene, but the fact that fuckin Wiz Khalifa is featured on a track titled "Forever A G" bothers me.

  • Anonymous

    Xzibit is a legend in the game!! I'm looking forward to this album, plus it has some cool features!

  • murderhewrote

    Game had X on LAX stupid cunt

  • jester

    Movie is gonna be incredible

  • ThaTruth

    X is the Beast! The Most Underrated Rapper Alive! Top 5 of all time! dumb fags... LISTEN: At The Speed of Life, 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz and Restless. #ClassicShit

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait for it welcome back X.

  • Anonymous

    "Restless" That went platinum. What happened?

  • Mike

    Great tracklist, so Game& Xzibit don't have beef great

  • Anonymous

    This will totally flop, but good to see Xzibit still in the game.

  • Anonymous


  • k

    wow this actually looks dope

  • Anonymous

    YESSSS!!!!....CAN'T WAIT

  • LiMiT

    Cant wait for Game's verse.

  • Pat

    "Movie" will be the shit.

  • Its Um

    Looks like a good of songs, hoping it's better than his last two albums from the majors.

  • Anonymous

    looks dope..I like the features other than Sissy Khalifa on a track called "forever a G" LOL that's a bit ridiculous, but the rest looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Forever A G Ft. Wiz Khalifa ? why is wiz khalifa on two songs?

  • yep

    Mister XXXXXX toooooo thaaaa Zeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuff said...

    Im lovin the features. Looks like it could be a solid album! Cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    I dont mind all the features just as long as the verses are on point and we can hear xzibit actually spittin shit..i heard a couple songs off this..shit was fire cant wait

  • peep it

    dope Xzibit performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAiDPEPn0Hs&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LL4YSlp0M4mbMJINsQY3b1jA

  • Yamz

    6 years and this many features. Cool to see him being cool with Tha Liks and King Tee again though

  • Suge Knight

    track number 13 .... Beastification

  • Anonymous

    wow game getting featured im shocked

  • Anonymous

    13. Louis XIII Ft. King T & Tha Alkaholiks (Prod. By Dr. Dre) 15. Movie Ft. Crooked I, Slim Da Mobster & Game (Prod. By Akon)



  • Anonymous

    Akon ? As a producer ? really ??? Akon is already wack as fuck as a singer, what's up with him producing beats and shit can't wait for the Dre production on Louis XIII though

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ^^^Wow way too much time on your hands.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      ^ don't get hyped up for dre production.....remember that whack as fuck track from obie trice's album??

    • Jon

      Beat will be wack but with X, Crooked, Slim and Game: expect bars! Finally we get to hear actual Dr. Dre production, not just mixing credit!

    • Anonymous

      Akon has produced a whole load of shit...

  • Phamous

    Impressed with the features and production... Let's see how it sounds.


    Shit looks good doe

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