Cam'ron Says Dipset Reunion Still On, Clears Up Beef Rumors With Vado

Cam'ron says Dipset reunion project is still coming, despite taking long to complete. He also clears up rumors of a feud between him and Vado.

It seemed a Dipset reunion would spark a new release from the group after their performance together at this year's Paid Dues festival. However, there has been little coming from the group in terms of new music. Cam'ron recently phoned in to Jenny Boom Boom to explain what has been taking them so long and shared that the reunion is still on. 

"We're working but everybody's doing a lot of different things," he shared. "It's not coming as fast as people my want it because everybody's still got a lot going on in their own privates lives ... but it's coming." 

The Harlem spitter also explained that his relationship with Vado is good, rejecting any rumors of a feud between the two. 

"We're always gonna work together no matter what," he noted. "He had to create his own identity. I fell back for awhile so he could get his shine."

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  • Acesun

    BS. He fell back so vado could get his shine? Vado needs CAM's experience to navigate through the industry, at the same time the Kid is not going to let CAM stack major paper off of him. Vado is better lyrically than any of these new school rappers. He will carry on tradition, he just needs to be setup right and not have CAM's hand in his pockets for everything he does...

  • Anonymous

    Cam'ron needs to concentrate on Vado, because that kid is a star for real. Dipset is the past.

  • Anonymous

    It's really amazing how Dougie Fresh, Nas, Cam'ron and Mase haven't aged at all. They still look young as heck.

    • Cage

      ^^^ Nah Mase done aged some, gettin caught in ATL tryin to buy some dick finished his preaching career too

  • WTF

    What the hell Cam. Boss of All Bosses 3 was suppose to drop in Oct/Dec of 2011. WTF is taking so god damn long. How does a mixtape get pushed back almost 8 months?

  • Anonymous

    I don't care much about Dipset as long as Cam and Vado keep bringing the heat.

  • Anonymous

    "It's not coming as fast as people my want it because every body's still got a lot going on in their own privates lives" Yeah... Legal matters.

  • Anonymous

    hey jaffe, i think you lost your buzz and your career, let me know if you find it flee

  • Anonymous

    What the f is Dipset doing? They ain't doing ish! They have all the time in the world. Nice try Killa! We will never see another Dipset album, mark my words.

    • Anonymous

      yea if you do the drugs and dont let the drugs do you...juelz is a perfect example of that

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      dipset is done...jimmy sucks juelz either lazy, on drugs or both and cam'ron put out one hot song out of the 30 he dropped two months ago...just listen to diplomatic immunity cuz theyre never going to be the same

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