Elzhi Announces New Album Title "The Weather Man"

Elzhi took to Twitter to reveal that his next album will be titled "The Weather Man."

Last year, Detroit emcee Elzhi won over critics and fans alike with his take on Nas's debut LP Elmatic. Now, the former Slum Village alum looks to continue his hot streak and announces the title of his next project The Weather Man.

El took to Twitter today to reveal that he would be following up his Will Sessions-produced Elmatic with a project titled The Weather Man. Although he has since deleted the Tweet from his feed, DX managed to grab a screen pic of the announcement, seen below.

The Weather Man, El's third solo album, had been previously titled The Feed and is due out sometime later this year. DX will keep you updated.

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  • Eric

    Production on the 1st album fit well. people act like they want these lyricists to get lex luger beats or something. Id still like to see elzhi work with more producers maybe alchemist or dj khalil

  • NegSee

    DoooPE! If it's anywhere near Preface we'll have a classic for sure...Hopefully,Black Milk will do beats for it too

  • Anonymous02

    Who cares about the title of the album? Why hasn't DX posted Elzhi's new joint "Blue Widow"? Stop slacking, DX.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck about the damn title of the album? Elzi is fucking dope and can't wait for this album.

  • Azup

    I know this album is going th be amazing, becase anythink Elzhi does is, but why did he change the name of his album "The Feed" was a cool title, I hope he changes the title before it comes out.

  • bozeeno

    Elzhi, we love your work but damn, come up wit ha new title. Evidence blessed us with a dope Weatherman album years back, go for a new title.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it is called the Weather Report rather than the Weatherman, (or The Feed). Regardless, ElZhi brings that Hip Hop fire every time!


    This will be dope

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Elzhi is one of the few dudes I check for in rap. Hopefully Will Sessions will also be involved with majority of the album. Elzhi has the lyrics but can he have the right compliment of production? We shall see.

  • Anonymous

    cool, now to wait a year and a half for the album to actually come out.......

  • Anonymous

    he deleted the tweet, which to me sounds like he decided not to call the album weather man. maybe he meant weather report.



  • last real nigga alive

    Elmatic was CLASSIC the preface not so much...his beat selection on the preface was wack.

    • Anonymous02

      I agree with your statement. Black Milk just doesn't do it for me. Elzhi is a lyrical god but the only thing he sometimes lacks is good production. Elmatic however was straight fire.

    • Anonymous

      you're fucking dumb. the preface is one of the best executed albums of the last decade. not everything has to sound the same.

  • tyler

    elzhi is dope.. that verse off Lil brother minstrel show.. 'the don long as lebrons bronze sneaker'.. and elmatic was off the chain

    • Anonymous

      "Don't compare me to jokes I'll strangle the air in your throat Like you jump from a chair and choke In mid-air from a rope Got a big gun and carry a scope The flair of the smoke Keep niggaz quiet like words that librarians spoke"

  • Anonymous

    The Feed was a better name but The Weather Report is ok. I just hope Its going to be a classic and not just compilation of songs he managed to squeeze out of his busy touring schedule.

  • tyga

    Another site says Weather Report? What's the release date? regardless of the dam title....I'm BUYING this shit!

  • ghjj

    elzhi is a bitch, he was featured on The Weatherman LP by Evidence and now he is biting his album title i did not expect this from elzhi

    • Will

      I ought to bust you right in your lip for disrespecting El like that. As if you know the nigga. Obviously not a fan, if your gonna bad mouth him. I got nothing but love for this dude. Clown.

    • Anonymous

      lmao. there have been hundreds of titles that have been used several times. but that's what you do when you can't criticise the artist.

    • Alteez

      Ummm no. He was featured on The LAyover EP, not the Weatherman LP.

    • mack

      and why is he a bitch exactly? way to overreact clown

    • Z Dub

      Pretty sure DX got it wrong and it's actually The Weather Report and what tracks are you talking about? He's not on Ev's album?

  • Anonymous

    Know it's gonna be tight. But honestly, I like the title "The Feed" better, since "The Weather Man" title makes me think of Evidence of Dilated Peoples' first album.

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