8Ball & MJG To Possibly Record An Album With Big K.R.I.T.

8Ball says that he and MJG may very well record an album with Big K.R.I.T.

Memphis legend 8Ball of the duo 8Ball and MJG recently sat down with Kevin Nottingham to discuss his upcoming eighth solo album Life's Quest, due out on July 17 via eOne Music/Push Management. During the interview, however, 8Ball looked forward and addressed the possibility of recording an LP with "Money On the Floor" collaborator Big K.R.I.T. 

8Ball explained that he and MJG had already recorded nearly ten songs with K.R.I.T., including "Money On the Floor" and his own song "We Buy Gold" in one session alone. He added that the Def Jam signee has an "old soul," akin to his and MJG's.

"[K.R.I.T.'s] 'Money On the Floor' spawned like five or six other songs," he explained. "Like the song that’s on my album, 'We Buy Gold,' came from all of that. We went in the studio a couple a days in Atlanta at Tree Sound and banged out about five or six one day. So I think [recording a complete album is] possible. That kid has got a definite old soul, you feel me?"

8Ball also reflected on his and MJG's short-lived history with Bad Boy Records in the early the 2000's. He explained that the Memphis duo never really felt at home with Diddy, and that the label made some decisions that rubbed them the wrong way. Still, he says he doesn't regret signing with the powerhouse imprint, as 8 Ball and MJG did enjoy some success with the label. 

"A lot happened back then during that little period of 8Ball and MJG’s journey through whatever," he recalled. "A lot of shit happened, a lot of shit was going on and I just think we…like both parties were not all the way comfortable with each other, you feel me? There was a lot of stuff that Bad Boy had done that we didn’t agree with a lot of times and a lot of stuff that we did that they didn’t agree with. I don’t think the fit was what we thought it was gonna be [for] both parties. You know, I think that was just the biggest issue. Bad Boy is like prime rib and 8Ball and MJG is a hamburger, you feel me? They both beef but it just ain’t the same. It didn’t build as it should have."

He continued, "I do not regret signing with them and I think it was a powerful chapter in the Ball and G story. You know that first record, Living Legends, man that shit did awesome. That single 'You Don’t Want Drama' was a big single off that album. But I think we was trying to find our way again with the music on the second album and that’s kind of where we got lost at."

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  • Anonymous

    Still can't believe 8Ball and MJG went gold on Bad Boy

  • Anonymous

    Do it, do it, do it.. Shit can't sell worse than the wack shit you've been putting out.. Media keeps talking about KRIT & UGK, Organised Noise..But the real influence is Ball & G and all real south fans know it.. If they can't squash beef with T-Mix and bring it, go with KRIT.. He's hot right now, even hiphopdx are on his dick.. real shit is coming back after 10 years of playstation beats

    • Chris

      I couldn't have said it better my friend....K.R.I.T. is the closest they are going to get to bringing back their original soulful sound that T-Mix help create...A sound that they have not duplicated in years! Hope this happens!

  • Fuck Memphis

    Whatever fuck you 8ball you said you love WaKKKa FloKKKa then fuck you fuck MJG too that nigga sucks dick

    • Fuck Memphis

      ^^^^^ Come kill me then butthurt faggot bite me bitch I'll keep talking shit till the day that I die if you don't like it this dick's for you. PS Memphis is trash.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, Eightball likes a rapper you dont so you type in an insult at the city there from?? I hope you die

  • dentaldamboy

    Don't do it MJG/8ball. KRIT is not about his paper. You won't make money off this project. Do a song with Tyga and Nicki...then you guys will get paid. YMCMB stay getting money.

    • Anonymous

      Those of you who respond to these attention whore trolls are worse then the trolls themselves


      man kick rocks with that lame ass shit get a day job

    • The MG

      Maybe 8Ball & MJG aren't doing it for the paper. Maybe they just want to make good music with KRIT. Nothing wrong with that. And why are you so concerned about other people's money? Focus on yours.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop needs this , this would be awesome , k.r.i.t is awesome lyrically and musically , his beats with 8ball & mjg would be awesome

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