Mary J. Blige Says Appearing In Burger King Ad Was A "Mistake"

Mary J. Blige admits that participating in the controversial Burger King campaign

Mary J. Blige caused controversy when she appeared in a Burger King commercial, inciting reactions that deemed the advertisement as racist. MJB finally broke her silence on the controversy during an appearance on Hot 97’s The Angie Martinez Show, explaining that the backlash to the ad “broke my heart.”

"I just felt like there was no need for me to say anything, because everyone was crucifying me and going crazy,” she said. "I pulled back and watched everyone and everything, [because] it's just something that I thought would've been a great branding opportunity. I went online to listen to the remix that I did with Fat Joe, I'm looking for 'Another Round,' and all I could see is Burger King, chicken and buffoonery, and it just broke my heart.”

She explained that she understood why people would react to the commercial in that way, but was offended that some were making nasty comments about her when she wasn’t the culprit. Blige considered it a lesson in who her true friends really are.

"I understood the laughter and the jokes and the stuff that was happening — you're supposed to do that when something like that happens — but the thing that hurt me is when people were starting to say vicious, negative things that didn't have [anything] to do with that," she continued. "It exposed everyone and everything in my life and showed me who my friends are."

The Queen of Hip Hop/Soul acknowledges that it was a mistake for her to participate in the campaign, and that she was “crushed” by it for several days.

"It was a mistake and I did it because I thought it was something that wouldn't come out like that. No one had mercy, and it's cool, it was a learning experience. It hurt my feelings, it crushed me for two days, but after those two days, I got up and I kept going. I want to apologize to everyone that was offended or thought I would do something so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that purposely."




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  • Anonymous

    "Burger King is a awful restaurant" Don't say that to a cashier or they'll spit in your food.

  • Peace is not relavant

    Good Look Mary, Message to black artist: These corporate companies only want to prostitute our gifts and display us as ignorant porch monkies....wake up.

  • the real truth

    I personally thought the ad was dope i actually repeat it on youtube from time to time and i think ppl get upset and sensitive over everything now days do you think our ppl marched and fought for us to get all righteous over a chicken commercial? i dont see the issue just because she sang about chicken really? and as a Mary j fan i dont understand why she is apologizing she did NOTHING WRONG

  • Swordz

    Queen of RNB Was good hear this interview because I thinking shhiittt... Mary lost her mind. But as ever she proves she is an intelligent sexy black woman who holds her own - always!

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand why stars who have so much money do commercials? they should be ashamed of themselfs. But all these famous people are whores. They want to have media attention and more money!!!! An actor or rapper or whatever should stick to there acting or music.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Maybe to make more money, it's the american way. Greed. Noting is never enough, not even enough.

  • K:O:S

    She's not even close to being sorry, she spends the hole interwiev vining about how it hurt her, it crushed me, it broke my hurt, it hurt me... me me me! Take some responsibility!!! Integrity, honor and self respect is obviously not in her vocabulary, when she chooses to prostitute herself like this! And yes I know alot of you sheeple think everything is fine aslong as you getting paid!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Burger King is a awful restaurant that serves fatty food to people to make them sick. You don't look very sick so you must not eat there.

  • Anonymous

    People are acting like Michael Richards did the commercial. She got paid and probably got free samples. What a deal.



    • Anonymous

      Fuck that supposed to mean even a ginger myself and most likely waay more hiphop knowledge then u ill take chicken anyway. That shits good fried,baked,grilled,bbq or pollo y arroz blanco y plantano frito which is what i order when i walk into little puerto rican spots for lunch everyday. Not a big fan of watermelon tho everyone i know loves it.

  • FingaLickin'Gooooooooooooooood

    She got paid in chicken. Lets be real any black person who is being paid in chicken will do it. So nothing to be ashamed of

    • DA SOUTH

      Bojangles chicken is racist! A black dude smililng from ear to ear playing a tamborine and eating a chicken leg with grease on his chin.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    That ad wasn't really that big of a deal, but of course folks had to make shit seem worse than it was. Fuck a hater I still like Mary and hope she keeps making that good music.

  • X

    The reason black folks were in an uproar is this woman is feeding the negative stereotypes about black people. There have been figurines, paintings, cartoons, radio shows, comics, songs and even board games that depict black people as being big lipped, bugged eyed, chicken and watermelon eating fools. The only people who know about this type of crap actually pay attention to the history of black people in this country. Look it up if you think im making the shit up. The only people who don't have a problem with this coonery are not able to read between the bullshit lines that the media and the fuckheads on world star hip hop are trying to keep going when it comes to negative imagery about black folks.

  • HipHopAintDead

    You wanna know who the real rascists are here ? The motherfuckers who think the commercial was racist. Fuckin' retards.

  • Anonymous

    The commercial was nothing to get offended over.

  • BlackBoy

    There was nothing racial about the Ad, black people are just prone to complain as they got nothing better to do with their lives

  • notbuyinit

    really Mary? YOU were the one there during filming. You sang the song and performed it. How could you NOT know how it was gonna turn out!?!? SMH

    • notbuyinit

      The commercial was just bad overall. It could have been about anything and it still would be horrible. The song was mad corny and the commercial looked like a Dave Chappelle skit.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know which was worse--Her doing the chicken commercial, or people getting sensitive over a chicken commercial.

  • Mortis

    Triple Whoppers fatten that ass up

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