Diddy's Son Criticized For College Scholarship

Critics say that Justin Combs' full ride to college isn't fair to those who aren't as financially secure.

Diddy's son Justin Combs recently earned a full athletic scholarship to UCLA, but some aren't too pleased with his free ride. During an interview with CBS News, UCLA student Neshemah Keetin criticized the scholarship, stating that the money could be used to someone who is more in need of financial assistance.

"UCLA's athletic department needs to consider the fact that perhaps there is another athlete on the football team who could perhaps really use this scholarship," Keetin said. "Just being considerate that [with] our economy, students are trying to get to college through athletics and academics as well."

Meanwhile, UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vasquez defended the scholarship, stating, "Athletic scholarships, such as those awarded to football or basketball players, do not rely on state funds. Instead, these scholarships are entirely funded through UCLA Athletics ticket sales, corporate partnerships, media contracts and private donations from supporters."

Diddy commended his son for the merit-based accomplishment last year. "As a parent, today is one of the proudest moments of my life," he said of his son, who graduated with a 3.75 GPA. "This is everything a father could want for his son, for him to excel at what he loves to do and is truly passionate about," he said. "Justin is a shining example of what hard work, determination and a strong mentality can achieve. I am honored to call him my son and am happy that he is fulfilling his dream."

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  • Hootie Hoo

    Sean Combs will ultimately donate more back to that school every year than that tiny little scholarship his son earned. I'd bet the school gets back well over a million from the Combs family trust if not a building naming which usually means a minimum of a million dollar donation to a University.

  • Anonymous


  • The Duke

    10 years form now we'll still be on top! leave yo aSS FLIZZAT

  • Fuck Bad Boy

    Fuck this punk pussy queer. Pay for the college, goddamnit. So what you got a 3.75 GPA, you still ain't shit to me. I don't give a shit he a man, I'll still rape this faggot and his family shoot em all hang them from a tree and burn them the fuck down.

  • Anonymous

    Let's make this complicated matter less complicated. Of course being the song of Diddy matters. If it was any other kid with good grades, but not alot of money, he'd probably either have to get a job and wait a year, or simply go to a cheaper school. My thing is giving scholarships for sports is where the problems arise. Take a look at that lil dude. What sport is he playing, T-Ball? lol Seriously... it would be one thing if he was going to be a doctor or something, and Diddy used his pull to get him into a good school so he could pursue something even better than Diddy accomplished. Yet, in the end it almost always is about some pipe dream to make the NBA or NFL.


    Rich niggas should pay for their college. Period. So fuk Justin Combs and anybody that love em.

    • LAYOH

      punk fool shut the fuck up stop trippin nigga deserved that shit you hating cause you can't get none.

  • Anonymous

    haters gonna hate, the question is y this nigga goin to school? if i was a frickin billionare i'd drop out and travel the fuckin world fuckin bitches country to country if i was him, indian pussy, asian pussy, swedish, egyptian, i'll take it all and build a hoe house in my backyard nigga, YMCMB all day niiga gettin that cake like a birthday boy ya feel me

  • Anonymous

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  • Harry Abernathy

    i think its cool. justin is getting a scholarship... he earn his stuff. that just shows people that justin is more independent and isnt TAKING ADVANTAGE of daddys income & fame unlike these kids on sweet 16 and shows like that. Justin keep doing your thing lil homie!!

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what a lot of the more conservative yahoos around worry about, wonder where they are to defend Diddy and his son. Does he need the scholarship? No, he doesn't. But from a recruiting standpoint, a scholarship offer is an important courting tool, for them to not offer him one because of who his father is would basically be them saying "We only see you through your father," and I can't imagine a quicker way to kill off his interest than that. More than that, Diddy didn't buy off the kids Justin competed against, dude had to put in the hours and effort, he earned it. Now all that's left is to see if he can ball, those scholarships are only for a year at a time, they have to be renewed, so if he really is wack, he won't have it for much longer than his freshman year.

  • Jay GoShin

    I don't see a problem with Justin taking the scholarship. His GPA is extremely high and UCLA is confident that he will improve the football program. I think we tend to forget that Diddy has money-that doesn't mean that Justin does.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Diddy's son should take the scholarship and and not even consider declining it as he earned it on merit and not because of wealth. Many celebrity children receive both academic and athletic scholarships so there shouldn't be a double standard since it's Diddy's kid. This is nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    U ain't never lie bro.......real talk

  • BuddhaShark

    This is just the way college football works. Everyone on the travel squad gets a scholarship regardless of whether they need it financially or not. This isn't really a big deal. I'm sure Diddy will end up donating more money to the school than Justin's tuition would have been anyway.

  • Anonymous

    He earned but he could say no if he has a heart. But if you father is the devil then we know the outcome

  • popcorn

    i thinks his scholarship was earned but i dont see the need for him to take it because of the fact that his dad is nr.1 on the forbes list.

  • Boon Diggler

    He earned it. That's the definition of fair. What kind of lesson are you teaching him and other kids if he cant receive what he earned. Discrimination works both ways. To the rich and the poor.

  • michigan

    i don't have s problem with it as long as the kid can really play. Lil Romeo got a scholarship from usc to play b ball and he was garbage. i felt like he only recieved that from his dad being master p.

    • Shawn G

      They tossed Romeo some money because hew as close to DeMar Derozan. Used him as a recruitment tool.

  • Anonymous

    these scholarships are entirely funded through UCLA Athletics ticket sales, corporate partnerships, media contracts and (private donations from supporters) Yep Diddy... sponser my kid here 100k..

  • Anonymous

    I can relate to Diddy from a financial standpoint and my son graduated from Yale too on a scholarship.

    • Tylerthedestroyer

      Liar liar pants on fire you not gangstarr your not steert. Fine your self a pretty girl an settle.

  • bostonkid

    taxpayers paid for it, but dont forget Diddy pays ways more taxes than the average, he a taxpayer too, so stop hating

  • Dump

    It would be a lot different if he was receiving financial aid rather than an academic/athletic scholarship. If he's supposedly a good football player and a good student then I think he deserves it no more or no less than another student who does just as well as him. And I'm sure that Diddy is gonna donate a lot of money to the school.

  • Anonymous

    I see yawl are supporting the kid, that's good. But you seem to be shitting on Diddy in the same breath. This is man, I DON'T CARE how you cut it gave Biggy a shot. Biggy was NOT marketable until Diddy got his hands on him. Diddy also brought you Jodeci, The LOX, Mary J Blidge, Total, Craig Mack, Mase, G Dep, and virtually revolutionized the remix. His son did excellent in school because his father ain't nothing to fuck with.


    I just want to know if there was someone who has excelled at a sport and high grades and applied to a well known private college such as UCLA got a full ride cuz if they didnt thats not fair

  • Wack

    This is some bullshit...his father has millions and he still got a fucking scholarship lol..thats US logic for ya....I dont give a flying fuck if his GDA was 3.75 or 1.75 but this is some bullshit....just feed these rich muhfuckas with even more cash



  • Trojan Dan

    Lil Romeo got the same criticism, when he had that scholarship to USC for basketball.

  • Anonymous

    So, they would rather him just live off of his father's money. There are plenty of white students on full academic scholarships, that have wealthy parents, so it's no different.

  • steee

    there are plenty of kids who come from well to do families that have gotten the privilege of a scholarship. i'm not a fan of diddy at all, but just because he's famous doesn't mean his son should be singled out. his son did good in school and apparently is a damn good ball player, so let him do his thing. there are some kind of scholarships that are need based, and some that are merit based. i truly think they should bring about as many need based as they can, but it doesnt mean those who are merit based dont deserve it.

  • Fuck Bad Boy

    I'm amazed by the comments here. I can't belive it. It's disgusting. How can someone ever try to defend this little faggot?! Can't you just hate him?! Can't you just say "Fuck him"?!

  • Meh

    This is barely, if at all, related to Hip Hop, but I will say that kid EARNED it. A 3.75 and skills on the field? That deserves the scholarship. If Diddy paid for his son's tuiton instead, you all would have called foul on that too. It wouldn't even be a parent paying for their child's tuition to you people...nah, it'd be "This is unfair! Diddy probably paid the school to take his kid on top of the tuition!" What would you rather the kid do then? Not go to college? Some people...

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  • Jah Jah the hottest Female Rapper


  • Real Talk

    Fuck that he earned it, and no one can take it away. Point blank Diddy has fundraisers he donates, and even if he didn't fuck it its his money. But seriously his son got the grades, so shit, I don't see what the Fuss is about

  • stillwillkill

    This is bullshit. There are thousands of young people around the country that belong to very wealthy families that are given scholarships every year, what makes this situation any different from those? What about all the people that are not even citizens or have no allegiance at all to this country, that come over here and start scheming to get financial aid and scholarship money, and when they're done, they end up going back to their country with a free education that was afforded to them by American Money that could have been used to help an American child obtain a higher level of education?

  • Anonymous

    he earned it fair and square i know his daddy is worth like 500 mills but c'mon he can't let daddy pays everything that won't teach him shit true some really in need of that scholarship and they can't afford to go to college imagine if his dad paid his fees people would be like ya sure his dad pays everything he ain't gotta do shit what a spoiled lil brat on the other hand poor people gotta earn it

  • Assassin221

    Everyone seems to be assuming if he turns down the money, it goes to the next person in line. Are you sure about that? Maybe if you meet a certain GPA/athletic accomplishment you get offered the money, otherwise you don't and that's that. Maybe Diddy could use that $54,000 to put some other kid through college himself. Or better yet start a foundation and put lots of kids through college. Oh wait, he probably already is. Or maybe he just figured it's better for his son to get through college with a scholarship he earned himself than to just take a handout from dad. Seriously, everyone acting like they know how a billionaire should put their money to use just looks ridiculous right now.

  • Anonymous

    I only got one thing to say. WHO GIVES A FUCK!

  • Anonymous

    HEY HE WORKED FOR IT AND EARNED IT....everybody else can EAT A DICK. Although his dad is wealth...He needs to learn to work for something and EARN IT. What kind of character would this dude have if his dad just paid for everything in his life.......PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID!!

  • Someguy

    While I'm sure he worked hard to get this scholarship I'm betting he got incentives from his dad to work this hard and to keep his grades up. Diddy probably promised him a 2013 Ferrari after graduation if he worked hard in school.. LOL

  • Hip Hop Fan

    The only reason this is even news is because media whore Diddy is involved. At the end of the day his son did achieve a 3.75 GPA and excelled in football at the same time. When we say equal rights for all that does include the son's and daughter of millionaires entertainers. Also, if the school is willing to give him a free ride why would he not accept it after working hard to get where he is. His father didn't play football or study so why is he even being brought up?

    • anonymous

      well the student who didn't excel on the field and in the classroom wouldn't be given this scholarship, or even considered for it, so your point doesnt make any sense. diddy's son earned this, and he doesnt deserve to be criticized by anyone. he achieved very good grades and excelled at sports as well, thats very impressive, no matter who your dad is.

    • Hedidearnitbut

      Another student who did not have the benefit or the means to do extremely well in school AND football will remain with out a way to go to college. TBH he doesn't really need a scholarship since that is like chump change to his dad and the world for another person...

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Or lets take another example at this situation and lets try to compare. Lets say your entire workplace chipped in and bought tickets to the lotto and you all win 100 million. Would you ask your boss to give up his share because he is already rich? No because he has the same right as all of you who entered, same chance of winning and outcome. Now back to Diddy's kid. Every student has the same chance to get this scholarship and he came out on top and lets not forget that he is not the only one to receive one. So if he worked hard for it why would he give it up just because his dad is rich? Also and the end of the day this so called scholarship is just another way of saying he gets to go to school for free. Study and excel and anybody else could obtain it as well.

  • Jae Joseph

    Bottom line. UCLA wants this young man on the squad. You don't get a gifted athlete, financially fortunate or not, on your team without offering that individual a scholarship. If UCLA doesn't offer him the free ride, some other school will - on pure talent alone. The boy earned it. UCLA isn't in the game to give scholarships to decent athletes, you gotta be one of the best in your class, in your state. Now, instead of spending 54K for school he can do something else with that cash. You think Diddy got what he has by turning down real money?!?! Also, if you graduate a Justin Combs from your institution (someone who will have generations of family wealth) He will become an alumnus of said institution. You know what alumni do in that position?!?! Give back. This is as much a business decision on UCLA's part as it is on Justin's part. How dare you broke ass chumps belittle anyone for taking what they rightfully deserve.

  • JPipe

    Im on the fence with this one b/c yes someone more needy could use this. On the other hand most people with 3.75s get full rides it's that simple. He worked hard for it so I'm not tripping.

  • The_Truth

    There are too many Paris Hiltons and other trust fund babies out there who dont give a f*ck about anything. I commend Diddy for the education that he instilled in his Son and commend Justin on his hard work in Class and on the field. It is hard enough to achieve what he did with out a multi millionaire Dad..... He might actually deserve it more than the poor kids that got the same grade..... he must have had 10 times the distractions just being him.... Diddy always gives back to the community and scholarships... let them have their win....

  • Anonymous

    A free scholarship to my school is just that, FREE!!!!!!! It doesnt cost $500 to make those books but they charge you that anyways. Those prices are over inflated as hell. He isn't taking 54,000 from the school. He just doesn't have to pay the over inflated 54,000 to be educated at that school. THEY ARE JUST GOING TO TEACH HIM FOR FREE!!!!

  • No Fake Ones

    It's official Sean's broke

  • playboy model lexxie ryan

    This is pretty outrageous. Im positive that whomever gave Puffys son a football scholarship is aware of their financial status. So many students out there who can obtain the same GPA have to apply for hundreds of different scholarships so they have a chance of securing one so they actually have a chance to be successfull... Im sure they can (if they really wanted to) find a way to reward another student who isnt the son of a future billionaire. Check out my sexy videos on youtube.

  • Fuck Bad Boy

    little nigga deserves to die. His father could've paid for that shit. Ain't no need for a scholarship.

    • Meh

      Why not? Maintaining a 3.75GPA and being talented enough that UCLA wants you is a sign of hard work. If the money came out of Diddy's pockets instead, you'd probably complain about his dad buying his way through school; there's no winning with people. It's a damn good thing the kid earned this instead of having rich daddy take care of it.

    • Fuck Bad Boy

      Bitch, did I ever say I am racist?! You're the racist here dog, not me, because you can only see racism on things. I'm not apologizing for that, he shouldn't got that scholarship

    • yoooo

      shut up u know dam well if this was the son of a rich famous white person nobody would give a fuck if he got a free scholarship. like this isn't the first time the son of a millionaire got a scholarship to go to college now all the sudden the public is making a big deal about it now. if he got a scholarship he probably deserved it cuz he's probably good at football. if u have a problem with this ur fuckin racist

    • reall?

      really deserves to die?? arnt you taking this too far?

  • jerryc

    im being completely serious by asking what has P Diddy done for rap lately? By lately, I mean in the last 10 years? He doesnt produce, doesnt promote good rappers, and he doesnt sign any. He left hip hop in the dust in my opinion- and he was one of the only ones who was big enough to dictate the market.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^ Shut the fuck up, these dudes are on TV, they make millions in the publi eye, which means there asking for opinions. If you dont want people to have opinions, get your lame ass off TV. People like you act like we're suppose to love everything everybody does because there rich, fuck outta here Dick Cheney made millions off haliburton, why dont you go suck his dick for it, I mean, he gettin money right???

    • Sean Carter

      And what have you done lately besides sitting down on your computer bitching and hating on ppl more successful and hardworking than you?

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute, you mean to tell me the spoiled brat son of a hundred-Millionaire celebrity.....IS GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT!?!?!?!?! BULLSHIT, I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      kid got a maybach for his 16th bday

    • Assassin221

      That's the whole point, he's NOT getting special treatment. He probably had a lot of advantages growing up that helped him get there, but he still got the money by kicking ass at both school and football, just the same as a kid from the hood would.

  • Anonymous

    A free scholarship to my school is just that, FREE!!!!!!! It doesnt cost $500 to make those books but they charge you that anyways. Those prices are over inflated as hell. He isn't taking 54,000 from the school. He just doesn't have to pay the over inflated 54,000 to be educated at that school. THEY ARE JUST GOING TO TEACH HIM FOR FREE!!!

  • Anonymous

    people with money getting a leg up.. What a surprise

  • Anonymous

    Im loving all the people agreeing that he should take it because he worked hard. His daddy probably payed for personal tutors and the best equipment, education etc. that money could buy just for him to get to this point. A kid who had half the resources could have got a 3.5 or higher and you think he shouldnt step down and give it too someone else

  • Swag

    This rich spoiled bitch ass nigga doesn't deserve shit.

  • Anonymous

    aint this the same kid that got a maybach for his 16th birthday?????

  • liquorandkarate.com

    You niggas mad because he gets good grades and plays football at the same damn time?

  • Anonymous

    I don't care who he is but Puffy can LITERALLY pay for his sons entire tuition by scrounging his pocket change. Give it to a kid that actually needs it. There are kids out there with the same or higher GPA that aren't getting a dime who actually EARNED their education, or for that matter, anything they own. The ethical thing to do would have been to turn it down for the next kid in line. Millionaires don't need more breaks. Poor/average people do.

    • Vinnie

      Don't hate the player. The money for Combs' scholarship won't affect need-based scholarships awarded to other "poor/average" students. PLUS, he put that work in. PERIOD.

  • 5mk41

    The kid earned the scholarship fair and square. Athletically gifted, and clearly is no slouch in the classroom. Children this gifted deserve scholarships. On the other hand, Diddy spends 54k on a bar tab without breaking a sweat. Classy move here is this: thank the school for the offer, but opt out and let another student have it.

  • J.T.

    The kid deserves the scholarship if he met the requirements. He had a high GPA and everything so its not like he caked walked in and stole the money. Now, I think it would be GREAT press if he chooses to turn down the scholarship because it would make them look good. Either way, I see any harm or foul.

  • Southerna

    the kid deserved the scholarship. diddy has every right to be proud of him and the kid of himself. however, as rich as diddy is, i think he shouldve opted out of the scholarship and paid the school fees himself. i think thats the problem most people have with this: not that the kid doesnt deserve it but that diddy is rich enough not to need a scholarship for his son to be able to go to school.

  • Anonymous

    First off, you can't blame someone for taking a scholarship. Even if you had a billion bucks, in the words of Ol' Dirty "It's free money". The problem is with the system. to white folks like myself, it sometimes seem unfair that minorities with the same grades get better scholarships. It's not even that different comparing white to black, but if you look at latino and native americans they get hella hooked up. but he's not on an academic scholarship, he's on an athletic and if he's a rising star and one of the best football players, doesn't he "deserve" what he gets for being a good football player and working hard. As P. diddy's son, this kid could've just freelanced through life and become a coke head and gotten DUI's and the whole nine yards. my two cents anyway

    • Liquor and Karate

      I would have paid to not get your 2 cents b,the reason shit doesn't work out as well for you is because you use the word "hella".and you are right those fucking red skin peace pipe smoking bastards have it easy and they complain "booo hoo you killed all of our people,you robbed us of our land " genocide aint that big of a deal right? take your hood of and read a little of how the us has ravaged and interfered negatively in plenty if not all latin american affairs and still the browns come through and work their asses off while the grades are the same the trip there most likely wasn't you subjective son of a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      F|uck9inhjg paint you rdaughter

    • Anonymous

      Your two cents should do some research on both systematic discrimination within the education system and the amount of money that gets awarded to white people versus POC each year (Surprise! White people still get more money, despite being a minority compared to POC).

  • Anonymous

    Does his son deserve a scholarship? Probably. Should Diddy's son accept the scholarship instead of his dad's money? Hell naw. Diddy's throws this kinda money away at the club so why not allow the next best kid who's in need of the money a shot at making it? It's not a hard call.

  • HRH

    I hope somebody who was listenin to Hit Em Up back in the day is there... and Bumfucks Diddy's son

  • Anonymous

    "he said of his son, who graduated with a 3.75 GPA" Just wait till he starts playing sports, partying, and meeting girls. That will be a 2.0 in no time.

  • krzymyk

    He deserves it, but he doesn't need it. Its kind of complicated. His father literally wipes his ass with the kind of money they "awarded" him with. I had a better GPA than him and got less money from the school I attended. Its whatever though.

    • mac

      Jealousy is ugly. Maybe you should have applied for more scholarships. There are literally thousands of them that go unused every year. I got nearly 3/4 of my schooling paid for and I only graduated with a 3.5 GPA. You, on the other hand, were probably too lazy and unmotivated to apply for real scholarships and not just FASFA and other grants and loans. Shouldn't the story be about how this young man is trying to make his own way in this world? Anybody who is willing to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't do with their earnings is a HERB!

  • D

    He worked for it. Its not like Diddy made them give him the scholorship. People say "He needs to give back the scholorship and let another "less fortunate" person have it". Well i guess if the "less fortunate" tried harder he/she would have got a scholorship as well.

  • liquorandkarate.com

    You niggas mad because his father is about to be a billionaire yet he still got a good enough gpa and is good enough at sports to earn a scholarship? seriously he earned he should take it,why not? he doesnt need it though so diddy should either donate to the school or better yet take a lil nigga out of a marginalized neighborhood and give him a scholarship.

  • RER

    It doesn't matter if his dad is a millionaire or billionaire. The boy got an athletic scholarship and he probably deserved it.

  • Lifestime

    OK, does he deserve it? Yes. Should his father allow him to take the scholarship? No. Puff can and should decline the honor and pay for his kids schooling himself and give it to someone who is deserving on financial help. That is what should happen.

    • Anonymous

      PUNISHED?! You make me laugh. This kid has never heard of the meaning of the word 'punish.' It's not about who his parents are. Scholarships are there to help hard working, smart kids that AREN'T millionaires. He could be the smartest/most athletic kid in the WORLD but he still doesn't DESERVE it. Although I have to give him props. This kid could literally do NOTHING for the rest of his life and still be a multimillionaire, yet he works hard. However, I am skeptical that his father was the reason for the scholarship, not necessarily his work ethic.

    • Anonymous

      maybe these ppl parents should up their game and they wouldnt be so fucking salty....hahahaha its all crackers

    • Anonymous

      so he should be punish because his dad work hard


    I haate this greedy cunt... all those billions and he aint wanna pay his kids school fees

  • Darius

    Him deserving it isn't the case here. His dad will be a billionaire pretty damn soon. He doesn't need it. There's plenty of less fortunate kids that do. Let's be honest here, he likely only got the damn thing anyway because of Diddy. You guys are just fucking stupid if you think these celebrities can't influence these sort of decisions.

  • Anonymous

    3.75GPA- shut the fuck up haters.

  • Anonymous

    Good Job Lil' Diddy. Fuck these gutter niggas that think being a thug is what's up. Besides the ATHLETES bring in the money that makes these college campuses look good, pay staff and pay for the equipment the regular students use.

  • Anonymous

    Puff Daddy is an evil motherfucker BUT... I'll bet the kid got the scholarship based on the knowledge that Puff will be donating heavily to the UCLA. As others have noted, D-1 sports are very corrupt and even the legal stuff is usually hinky.

  • The Duke

    He earned it, he deserves it. Now he has the option of being financially independant. Diddy should make a private donation to the ucla, or give some poor college kid 54 grand.

  • chaboi614

    Go ahead, somebody let the HATING begin!!!! I can see it now........ Big up's to lil Diddy, if he makes it lets see what he's all about!

  • cano

    it don't matter if he worked for it. he knows hes in a privileged situation. the morally right thing to do would be to decline and have his father pay for his tuition. a college scholarship is pocket change for diddy. the only reason im saying this is cuz the kid will never have to worry about student loans ever. it will all be taken care of. give the scholarship to a kid who actually needs it to further his education.

    • Anonymous

      nigga fuck off diddy bought this kid a maybach for his 16th birthday

    • Anonymous

      Then he should earn the money himself. Scholarships for the wealthy is an oxymoron.

    • Anonymous

      so your response to him getting a scholarship is having his father support him? What if he doesn't want his father's money? What if Diddy isn't trying to support his kids all their life? Bill Gates got more money than Diddy and he isn't spoiling his kids.....But this is all probably false and you are probably correct lol

  • The Gold Standard

    Hate at it's best. He earned that scholarship.

    • Anonymous

      Ethics people! I am disappointed in Diddy. I understand he wants his child to pave his own way and be his own man one day and so on and so forth, but it should NOT be on the taxpayer's/university's dime. ESPECIALLY not when they come from money that could feed the entire continent of Africa. If this kid wasn't from money then this would be a non-issue.

  • Ayyo

    I understand where everyone is coming from, but it sounds to me like this kid really earned this all on his own. I think instead of criticizing this kid, people should be happy for him. How many other child celebrities actually work hard for anything in life?

    • jg

      nobody is taking away form his accomplishments. But the school is essentially putting money in the $500 million pockets of Diddy. And that aint for the the kid behind Justin who can't afford to play at the school

    • Alf Capone

      great point

  • Sensaye252

    Anyone with any kind of sense knows that D-1 college athletics are the filthiest most heartless cesspool of snakes you will find.

    • Anonymous

      Ethics. If he earned it and deserved it and DIDN'T need it (half a billion says he doesn't), he should have turned it down. Perhaps his father is trying to instill a sense of values and work-ethic, but still, grants to half billion dollar families is just plain wrong.

    • Alf Capone

      i looked up his stats. they werent great or anything but this is what a scout for max preps said Tom Lemming;" I've watched Justin throw at a couple of combines over the past two years and was very impressed with his overall skills. Not real tall but very quick and elusive. He would fit perfectly into a spread offense where he could use his running skills and ability to throw the ball while on the run. Another option is for him to play CB at the next level. Last year he put together a heck of a season at the CB position showing the ability to turn and run with the swiftest of receivers." if he earned it and deserves it i have no problem with it

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