Rico Beats Addresses Producing "Exodus 23:1" For Pusha T

Producer Rico Beats says Pusha T never mentioned Lil Wayne during the recording session for "Exodus 23:1."

If Pusha T meant for "Exodus 23:1" to be a diss, Rico Beats didn't find out until the fans did.

In an interview with MTV News, the producer insists that he heard no indication that Pusha was going at Drake or Lil Wayne on the song, as has been widely speculated.

“Honestly, when we were in the room listening to that record, I didn’t hear none of these guys’ names brought up,” he said. “It was none of that. Dream got in his zone and he went in the booth. Pusha got his pen, like I didn’t hear nobody mentioned.”

Regardless of Pusha's intentions, Lil Wayne wasted no time responding, first via Twitter, then by releasing "Goulish,"  on which the Young Money general name-checks Pusha. Since then, Pusha's brother No Malice has responded via Twitter, seemingly referring to a mid-2000s photo of Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman kissing.

Rico revealed that Pusha requested something dark for the album, and found inspiration in a Notorious B.I.G. classic. "I went down to the studio and I was just listening to Biggie. I was just playin' pure Biggie. So ["What's Beef"] came on and once I heard [B.I.G.'s] 'ha-ha-ha-ha' [vocal] I was like, 'Oh shit.'"

Rico has confirmed that he will continue to collaborate with Pusha T in the future.

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  • Alf Capone

    wait, wait , wait....there are people on here who think lil wayne is a tough guy? really? i just thought there were people who thought he was a good rapper. did not know people thought he was a some kinda bad ass

    • Hip Hop Fan

      The people that are stating that Lil Wayne is a so called gangster are kids. We all know he grew up in a recording studio. Also, when did cheddar bombing yourself become gangster?

    • yomomma

      how you figure Pusha and Malice aint tough

    • R.I.P. Soulja Slim

      So, you're trying to say that Pusha T and Malice are tough guys?? They ain't n tough guys neither, so your point is moot. Just 3 cowards dissing each other with words.

    • Anonymous

      Probably just one person that is trolling. Everybody knows Wayne isn't banging

  • thafranchise

    I always said Pusha didn't say no names. I don't think he was dissing anybody in the song. YMCB just caught feelings.

    • Anonymous

      I think its a pretty blatant diss. More to Wayne than drake. The video confirmed that for sure

    • Anonymous

      wayne didn't fail at all....he let the world know that he ain't afraid of no pusha t aka pus*y t.

    • Real Talk

      Naw, the fans and the hip hop sites labeled this track as a Drake and Chop(what ever his name, nigga that produce I don't like) Diss. Besides Pusha this isn't the first time Pusha sent shots toward Drake or Lil wayne, Someone had to stick up for YMCMB and even tho Lil Wayne failed, he at least responded back,no subliminals

  • Anonymous

    Beat was fucking epic. Had me feeling like something BIG was starting. G.O.O.D. taking the year maybe?

  • realrecognizereal

    To me it doesn't matter who sells the most...Wayne is losing it....Turning into a leggings wearing bitch...That shit is lame as hell...Now cats on here tryna say Wayne is gangsta...Not really...

  • Backpacker 88

    What was the point of Rico addressing this? If he knew that this was a diss to Lil' Wayne at the time, would he have not given the beat to Pusha?

  • Numbers

    Looks like I'm Not A Human Being 2 will be selling at least 750,000 in it's first week.

  • Not bout that Life

    Well, Lil Wayne will be at the Beverly Center inside of Macy tomorrow, so if Pusha is about that goon life, he'll be there. I think Pusha just wants to rap, because Wayne has been announcing everywhere he will be at least 72 hours in advance all year.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody said nothing about killing.

    • ItsTheTruth

      @ Yealpunched Who said anything about killing? lmao

    • YeaIpunched her

      so lets say pusha take him up on this and go and kill him... how dumb is that? easy case for police......Neither of them about that goon life but real goons dont announce on twitter their whereabouts as a publicity stunt to look tough for fans.

  • mbongeni

    am i the only person wh thinks the song was not a diss?

  • ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

    It wasn't just that one photo....They also kissed on Rap City, old 106 and Park and in an old Wayne video...It's all on youtube. Just saying! lol

    • Anonymous

      Ok, so what's your point? We all know that neither are gay and both are real gangsters from New Orleans.

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha Ha Ha, check out this bizarre, rapping style used by me, the Pusha T.

  • Anonymous

    Test your Exodus 23:1 trivia knowledge: http://www.quizrevolution.com/ch/a164549/go

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the beat was perfect, fit Pusha's style brilliantly, I just find it hard to believe that nobody in the room caught on the drake diss.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Speak for yourself, I've been listening to Pusha T since the Clipse days. Now hes on the solo grind and 2012 is looking like a good year for him.

    • Anonymous

      nobody in the room cares about a pusha song, unless it has something to do with drake or wayne.....lol

  • Anonymous

    God damn man, a few subliminal lines and now everybody involved has to do these gay, Barbara Walters-type interviews about what the beef means to them and shit, Fuck outta here dude, beat was dope just sit down and be quiet bout this nonsense, let these 2 handle it the old fashioned way, on the microphone, kill all the press releases and conspiracies and sales figure bullshit, let them rap it out for themselves

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Wayne will be more gangster? Are you serious?? I'm not hating on Wayne but when did wearing jeggings and lime green fuzzy uggs, skateboarding, getting lip rings, kissing men in the mouth become so gangster? The game has sure change.

    • Anonymous

      wayne will always outsell pusha and be more gangster than him.

    • Anonymous

      its not subliminal. Its the same thing in a way but there is a difference. Its more disrepectful if you make it that obvious and still dont use a name. thats what he was goin for.

  • Anonymous

    I know people are obsessed with talking about the supposed beef involved with the song , but the production of this song is brilliant.

  • Yamz

    Son made a nice beat. It's the best thing about the song actually

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