Fat Joe Talks Recording "Pride N Joy" With Kanye West

Fat Joe talks recording "Pride N Joy" with Kanye West and the surprise he felt to finally work with Yasiin Bey.

Fans were taken aback when Fat Joe released the product of his long anticipated collaboration with Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Yasiin Bey and DJ Khaled "Pride N Joy," only to find the aforementioned guests singing instead of rapping. Now, in a recent interview with XXL, the Bronx Bomber explains the making of the song and the concept behind its unusal approach. 

Despite some fan speculation, Joey Crack confirmed that version that dropped last week is in fact the final version of the song. He explained that it was actually Kanye West who came up with concept of a group of emcees singing as opposed to rapping. Regardless, Joe didn't rule out the possibilty of a remix featuring some of the guest artists grabbing a mic and spitting some bars.

“It’s the final version unless there’s something I don’t know about,” he explained. “We did a bunch of shit. Kanye, he mixed that record eight times and he had it in different ways...there’s some other real dope parts of that song that we ain’t put on there. But, you know, he’s Kanye West. He’s a genius. He’s the best. I argued with him a little, but I let him lead the way, so that’s how it is. There’s no way in the world you’re gonna get everyone to sing on beat. Niggas just said, ‘We’re not singers.’ And he was like, ‘That’s the dope shit.’ We off beat. We ain’t no R&B niggas. We singin’ that shit off beat.”

He added, "If niggas really want more versions, I’m sure there’s gonna be a remix. I’m sure it’s gonna get iller. I love the way it came out.”

Fat Joe also explained the surprise and excitement he felt for finally being able to record a song with Yasiin Bey. He said that he's always respected the artist formally known as Mos Def for his conscious-minded lyricism, but that's it's an honor to finally have him on a Fat Joe song.

“I’m honored to work with Kanye of course, but I’ma say the biggest surprise on that record is Mos Def,” he said. “I respect that guy a lot. I can’t believe he’s on a Fat Joe record. [He's about] consciousness, I’m talking about fuckin’ bitches.”

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  • Anonymous

    "He explained that it was actually Kanye West who came up with concept of a group of emcees singing as opposed to rapping" Spending time with Kim Kardasian is already starting to corrupt his mind.

    • well....

      the song would still suck ass with all of them rapping. The concept of the song is horrible, I'm a huge Kanye fan and even I can easily say that the song is terrible.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • hypestyle

    Joe needs to do an entire album with DJ Premier on one disc, Kanye west on the other.. also put KRS One into the mix

    • nah fam

      nah fam. nas needs to do a full project with the alchemist

    • The Future

      That's not a bad idea at all! I would also love to see Nas do that type of concept. One disc with Premo and the other with Dre.!

  • Joey Please...

    You about consciousness to you bitch Joey, you just like the paper more!

  • FuKKK KKKanye West

    FuKKK this faggot

    • FuKKK KKKanye West

      now that I got that out of the way, I guess I should rub one out into my dad's ass. FuKKK me for being a faggot.

  • Anonymous

    Fat Joe Talk Recording? Did Sean Ryon type this?

  • playboy model lexxie ryan

    Hmmmmmm.... its not a slapper or wont get any hood play.... period. but i appreciate the origionality of the track as well as the ironey... but maybee approach each verse half sung then the other half bars.... Most creative hip hop related idea since holopac follow me @LexxieRyanPbliv ;)

  • prez

    when i saw the featured artists, i was pumped. jadakiss, busta, mos def and miguel, with kanye? (not a fat joe or roscoe dash fan). them yelling together aint features, we need verses from em all!!!

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