Pete Rock Responds To Lupe Fiasco's Rant Against Him

Pete Rock reiterates that he should have been involved in the talks to remake "T.R.O.Y."

The saga continues for Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock’s beef over the former remaking the latter’s beat from “T.R.O.Y.” for “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free).”

During an interview with MTV News, the veteran producer responded to Lu’s latest rant on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” where he said that the situation wasn’t remedied, despite the fact that they had publicly announced a reconciliation.

"At that point, my emotions were working — I'm still thinking about Heavy D and Troy is a dear friend to me, and my emotions got the best of me, and I expressed myself on Twitter. It wasn’t my intention to hurt Lupe’s career or his producer’s career," he said, explaining that he agreed to let the beat be reused as long as he was involved with his project. “I thought from that point I would be involved with Lupe and being in the studio, tweaking the beat, but I never heard from the record label, and then I turn on the radio, and hear it on the radio.”

Watch the interview below.

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  • P Rollins Sr

    Hey! that's that so called black on black crime.

  • P.Rollins Sr

    LOL! I wouldn't touch Pete's song without him being involved and I've been making beats as long as Pete.

  • taolien

    yo, check it out right! let's put the weak stuff in the garbage! lay back and ask yourselves "where would we be without PETE ROCK?"

  • johnblacksad

    @ETK Jay-Z co-signs him.... look at the result! Doesn't sound like it did him any good You damn right, he a fuckin music artist... so we don't need his opinions on Obama... don't try to get all political on us and sh!t Lupe might body a lot of ninjaz lyrically, that ain't what i'm arguin... i'm sayin HE IS AN EMOTIONAL BISH N!GGA AT THE END OF DAY

  • GRBY

    Lupe's a disrespectful bitch for doing this shady shit. He's overrated as fuck anyways -fuck em

    • Anonymous

      what shady shit?? he got the proper approval for it. Lupe prolly bodies half your top 5 on the mic, shut the fuck up

  • Im riding with pete

    I Usually consign when the younger artist bash on the old school legends cause they can be a burden but i consign pete rock cause for one That song was in tribute to his friend T.R.O.Y. So just imagine somebody 20 years later use a song that meant something to you and you got a call from a person asking for permission and you say sure as long as im apart of it and then they go behind your back and put the song out there without your under one condition approval is a slap in your face so i totally agree with pete then Lupe comes and flips on pete afterwards if that not ungrateful i dont know what is Total direspect and not professional from lupe part

  • johnblacksad

    I grew up on four different continents... so way more than Lupe, i see the route he's tryin to take... i know he is so proud of being such an atypical negro, yes he doesn't have the same background as your average raised-n-the-hood-brick-flippin-multiple-hoes-pimpin ninja and he wants to work that difference to his advantage but i can't take his cry for attention/recognition... he's overly tryin to show how 'different' he is, when he's just another kid with dreams of making it big... ninja went and dissed Obama just so he won't look like he ridin some sort of bandwagon... tryin not look ignorant... F.O.H.... if you black, you rock with Obama, point blank P! ...anyways... this ninja just need to focus on his music for his fans and not worry about hip hop not showing him love cause it makes him look like a bish. LMAO at the game showin more love to OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka more than it do Lu! That's what he gets though... Only his fans know about The Cool and L.A.S.E.R.S... (Cool was dope, ain't listened to LASERS, got tired of this Lupe ninja) And i will end my rant with this... realest sh!t i ever wrote : like i said before... from the get go, i been know i was gon have a problem with Lupe cause he came in the game tryin to spit like Phife Dawg & Talib Kweli, but at the same time tryin to dress better than Kanye & Pharell at the same time.... wheredeydodatat?! too confusin if you ask me... and oh... Skateboard P's style way above par for Lupe done!

    • TaZzZ

      We all know what you mean when you say "ninja" so why even try to mask it? If you wanna invoke the word then just use the real one... The word has a powerful history and if your going to use it than at least respect it for what it is. In my opinion, substituting it for some meaningless word that sounds the same is more disrespectful than using it in the first place... Just saying..

    • ETK

      trying to dress better than Kanye - what?? another kid with dreams of making it big - no fucking shit, he's a music artist. he drops a damn song or two and Jay-Z co-signs him. and when it comes to Obama, there's no bandwagon. you either with him or you're against him. you think he's worrying about hip hop not showin him love? NIGGA HE FUCKIN DISSED OBAMA. he criticized half the things hip hop provides, like misogny with women. he's an anti-establishment nigga. nothing to do with almost anything you said awesome response for a man blowin acid, yeah

    • Huh...

      stand for something or you might fall for anything syndrome...your sickness

    • oioi

      Awesome response haha

  • Chip

    I don't think people understand the real issue. New Yorkers truly feel that people outside of NYC really should not be involved in Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe = Hip Hop Ray J

  • Word to God

    Fuck Pete Rock....fuck New York niggas....motherfucks always think cats owe them something...corny asses...Lupe reached out...pete dont own the sample...pete lied and shit...Lupe was a man about his...pete doing fag ass I see why CL dont fuck with homey like that...trying to discredit Fiasco like that...Pete man u grown duke...act like it

    • jbs

      whoa slwo down par... fuck New York n!ggas?! I wish you would stand on flatbush and say that... #getyourfacerearrangedbeforeyouevenfinish

  • Truth

    Man I hope they can get over this. Damn ive never heard Lupe wild like that...its a dope song tho...god job Lu...just involve Pete its only right.

  • buckeyewu

    Real men admit their mistakes. Pete shouldnt have said anything negative and he admits it. I can respect that.

  • johnblacksad

    Ok Lupe is talented/lyricist and all... but at the end of the day he a real b!tch n!gga... prolly the biggest attention whore in the game! To all his d!ck riders... ya'll can chew on his nuts all ya want, but deep inside, me, you and Lupe all know he will stay mad forever cause he ain't never getting the propz ya'll think he deserves... this ninja bout to be salty forever... I only rocked the first album, it was dope... but i can't keep up with a ninja lost in between tryin to rhyme better than Q-tip and dress better than Kanye... at once.... weirdo

    • Anonymous

      ^^haters talking bullshit, all day.. what else is new

    • Fuck Lupe

      That's some real talk! Listening to the rant, I was introduced to the same arrogant bitch that said he/she did not understand the impact of tribe on his music. Nigga on the radio sounding like he actually achieved something in hip hop. You can have ego, grammys, dumbass lemmings as fans but you will never be a hip hop legend. He's made 3 albums already, If they were hip hop classics we'd all know already! It only takes a couple years to look at the impact, Lasers had no impact but was evidence that If you play label whore get ready to deepthroat.

  • jack johnson

    Lupe is trying to 'pay homage' to Pete Rock but didn't even give him a shout out on the track?

  • jack johnson

    Pete Rock has HUGE hands damn

  • honeslty

    I dont wana hear about this anymore..this whole argument/beef whatever you wana call it is dumb as fuck

  • the notorious H.A.T.E.R

    Plain and simple, Lupe's version sucked ass musically. It was a weak remake with weak drums, and cheap sounds. It cheapened the legacy of a classic joint that didnt need to be remade in the first place. There are just some songs that dont need to be touched, and TROY is one of those songs. Lupe should know better. This fuckin generation is pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Lupe "reached out" to PR in the outset to get "approval" proves that he knew PR's approval was necessary for using that beat. The fact that Lupe was trying to say everything was settled when it wasn't proves that he knows he fucked up. Are they even talking to each other or are they using middle men? In my opinion I think in the end this is a communication error, and Lupe took advantage of it.

    • Blaze

      wrong he wanted to get his approval which he got!(what the fuck is a conditional yes sounds like something abitch would say)Then to find out pete rock dont own shit when its comes to the beat or have even the clearence to even release the beat. But he wants to be involed in the remake(nigga please) no hand outs lets be honest today generation dont know shit about pete rock. weak song or not pete rock the only nigga i know who shitted on some one trying to make you remeber him and his music sad day in hip hop

  • sill

    these lupe fiasco dick rider are stupid as makes me dislike lupe

  • AvengerXL7

    Why do 90% of the bastards on this post thread call out pete rock for being older or a og? You can agree with Lupe carry water for Lupe and be a Stan for Lupe but you can't just over look history. Do you idiots realize most people have been turned down by many great rock and R&B artists for sample releases because they wanted their song to stay in tact or they didn't like the direction the rapper or producer was taking it? They skipped a payday for the integrity of their song. That is something most of you low rent idiots will never understand. I am a young buck and still don't think Pete Rocks age has anything to do with it. I think it is the question of is this shit a artform or just a game some kids play with records and a few of them get rich form it like the lotto. Most cats probably don't even know who their father is so how can they even relate to a artist wanting to have some say so in the using of their work.

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop Fan, you should change your name. TROY was a classic track. I dont think Pete Rock needs Lupe to "get more people" to his song. Even casual fans of Hip Hop know that song and how important it was.

    • chris36

      good argument, nice to see some people are free thinking

    • JC

      ^ This person and anyone who doesnt understand why Pete is pissed off has to be a retard. How would you like it if your masterpiece got desecrated by some mofo without prior notice? T.R.O.Y is a masterpiece and hip-hop classic, Pete did some serious crate digging to create that track. I think some peeps don't really understand how the sampling process works - you don't just find those backing sounds on iTunes. Wake up you idiot and get some knowledge.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I fail to see what the problem is because Pete Rock himself sampled a record to make T.R.O.Y. I am also thinking that Pete doesn't own his own record because for Lupe to use it he needed to pay someone and I am guessing that person wasn't Pete. History is history but some people do not know and Lupe using that track probably got more people to Pete's song. Also, sampling is a huge part of Hip Hop so I don't see any problem with it.

    • Anonymous

      ...Great Thoughts!!!...Keep Thinking indepedently!!!...

  • Supreme Thoughts

    I Understand Pete Rock's Frustration & Yet I Dont... One One Side Yeah It Would Have Been Nice If He Was In The Studio As Well And Had A Hand In It... But On The Other Side, It's A Great Song And Lupe Didn't Screw It Up... Also The Original Was A Sample Mixed With The Millions Of Times The Beat Has Been Used In Other Places... It Just Seems Pointless To Me...

  • CLM83

    Hip Hop Fans are so fickle.

  • Jason

    shit they may be old but some of these old cats still got lyrics!! Grand Puba's last album was dope!!!

  • the golden era wu

    could someont tell granpa to sit down.. this is what happens when people throw around the term legend too loosely!. lets be clear..primo is a legend..with a thick tracklist.. cool-j is a legend.. g-rap is an innovator!.. pete rock is not a legend, he was just in the game..but never made any significant contributions to rap as a whole. he has according to billboard 1 song that made it there..and after mad searcher, only 3 beats that were ever noteworthy.. and he thinks he's rakim.. someone should put him in his place

    • Anonymous

      Far out some people on this site write some of the most misinformed unknowledgable comments, its a pretty sad reflection on the collective intellect here. Anyone who dismissed Pete Rock as insignificant clearly has no hip-hop knowledge. The guy is a top-5 hip-hop producer of all time.

    • LB

      The World Is Yours, The Bitch in Yoo, Jazz, and Troy. Those r 3 or 4 classic songs man.

    • GT

      Wow buddy... all those people you named in your list have praised Pete Rock, shouting him out, show him mad love, put dude on top. Pete Rock is one of the best producers hiphop has had til this day.

  • the golden era wu

    this is about as much bs as the time that masta ace said he influenced eminem...lmfao.. these grandfathers need to know when its time to dissappear.. only in america..gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      Dayum So Icy, what happened? You got a new name every other month. You can't go outside? Nigg*s looking for you because you f***ed up the pack trying to get your Rick Ross on? You ain't got a girl? Not surprised either. Summertime is almost here, and instead of hanging out with your peoples or getting to know a woman, you on SOHH, HHDX, probably XXL, RapRadar. Why don't you do something with your life?

  • BET!

    I bet you money that I dont have that the next time lupe is interviewed these media jerks are gonna bring this back up, it could be 2 yrs from now and it wouldnt matter, they'll still ask him about it but in the same breathe dismiss beef/controversy and pass it off as old news... watch *pinky bet*...

  • the golden era wu

    stfu! who the fuck cares about a washed up, played out legend.. he is only hating because his broke ass needed a check, and got cut out because his ear is irrelevant. go complain somewhere else grampa!...nobody gives a shit about your original song from 1961 gtfoh

  • zachariah

    Respect the fucking og's he made the original, and if what he says is true, then they didnt live up to their word and were just caring about the money, so fuck them, he has the right to be angry.


    seems like yall are so mad your just going the fuck off saying the most random shit ever just to say it! calm the fuck down good grief...pete is one of the GOAT regardless what u say, TROY is still one of the best hip hop songs/beats OF ALL TIME...NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, pete dont "need a friend" whatever the fuck thats supposed to mean, relevant? pete rock not relevant? on what level? dude is ON TOUR...TOUR!! you sure relevant is the word you wanna use? TROY is being using on ESPN 1st take EVERYDAY and its in Madden 12...sure you wanna call pete rock irrelevant? The level of disgust in the comments show how miserable you are as a person. stop letting these media parasites manipulate you every single day with stories that dont mean shit...u know...its ok to just read the story and not have an opinion all the time...that IS possible you know smdh

  • FAIL

    Yo, Here Be's How This Shit's Broken Down For Dumb Cats. When You Sample Something That Someone Else Sampled. It's Called, #DrumROLL#, Sampling. Not Biting. Glad We're Done With That. Pete Rock's One Of The Best Producers Alive, But, He Had No Ground To Try And Get Intimate With Lupe and Work With Him In The Studio And Have Lupe Ask That They Become Friends And That They Go Out And Eat Ice-Cream Together Whenever Either One Of The Other Is In The Other's City And Shit. Pete Rock Straight Up Wants A Friend Right Now. With That Said, Pete Rock Is A Genius Producer, But Also Is An Extremely Sensitive-Ass Nigga.

    • wimps & chimps

      .... with that being spewed whats your synopsis on the actual lupe song and its message, nobody has even mentioned the overall message not even once but yall are in such an uproar? GTFOH u glory whore!

    • lost

      good lord you cant even believe the horse shit you just said!! "he wants a friend" man please! your too wrapped up in your emotions homie smdh

  • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

    Rock is one of the last reals still alive. People need to kill Lupe before this shit gets heavy and they end up killing Pete.

  • Anonymous

    lupe has no argument. the beat isnt even his idea or beat so pete wins OBVIOUSLY. he made troy 20 years ago so how can lupe even say a word.

  • Anonymous

    why does anybody even fuck with this wack ass mutant lookin mf

  • Anonymous

    lupe is the wackest rapper ever love how he expects workin class folks to give a fuck when he makes less than hed like to off his albums

  • Anonymous

    Damn i never heare Lupe in the radio where i live

    • Damien IV

      What set you claim? Where you from? Who is your peoples? Who you bang with? Who you roll with?

  • Anonymous

    Atlantic approved the move, Pete didn't! how do you wasulu dick riders feel about your botched tribute now! Lol

  • Wisdom

    Lupe's song was lame, his label is lame and so are his fans. Always having periods about shit. Never wanting him to take responsibility for his own actions. Then he's always wondering why no one considers him a hip hop legend but his pop music stans. Niggas are so clueless as to think lupes shitty remake is better!?!? KILL YOURSELF!

    • ETK

      no one considers him a legend because he's three fucking albums in. he killed it lyrically on that remake, so drop dead, hatin ass nigga

    • Allah_Knight

      This Devil Wise-Dumb dont know what he speaking on smh on the cool i feel Lupe and Pete this can be fix the remake was great cause it speaks on a cause and TROY was great cause it spoke on a dear friend may Allah bless both of the brothers and allow them to put there pride aside

  • ASEE

    Shit is tired already. No need for this bullshit. Pete Rock put out his emotions Kanye-style instead of thinking about the situation for a couple days and contacting Lupe. It's a symptom of the twitter era

  • Real Talk

    Pete just hurt becuz he was not involved point blank, he caught feelings and so did all you fans who hopped on the wagon talking shit about Lupe, now that Pete admitted it was his fault for tweeting his feelings, y'all switching stories hahahahahahahahaha fucking lames

  • What

    Man forget Lupe's, couldd never rock better on a pete Rock track like CL Smooth did, and nigga's need to stop bitting, go make your own beats man.... biteing nigga's beat talking about you paying respect yeh right

    • real

      nigga please, so sampling it biting now? thats what hip hop is made of, pete "bit" in order to make that song, how you think he go the horns for it?

  • Mike

    Can't wait to see the next episode of Sway

  • Mike

    I feel that Pete Rock should work together with Lupe and make Pete make an original beat for Lupe to rap on so they don't have to argue.

  • Ketsado

    Ok let me set this straight. This situation is more about mis-communication than anything. Pete assassinated Lupe's character on twitter when it was actually Atlantic Record's fault. Lupe went off on the radio because of this. Lupe also should have at least called Pete to tell him "hey we did the song we about to drop it are you cool?" It's actually funny how in this interview Pete was saying how everyone should calm down when this was mainly triggered from him tapping into his emotions. All in all this is all Atlantic's doing. feel free to reply

    • yup

      Lupe did though: Thats why Petes rant was so unnecessary. Its been a week already and nobody cares anymore. Im jus sayin



  • Jay

    Lupe's version >>>>>>>>>>> Pete Rock's shitty version

  • O. Twist

    Hiphopdx bringing more beef daily than burger king.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like both artists are ready to move on. Let's make music! Pete and Lupe, the game needs you!

  • ETK

    @DrebinSlevin you can sure tell a legendary producer to let go of it if he fucking sampled it himself for his dead best friend also, we just supposed to agree on your stance of the beat? lot of people like TROY. but some people prefer Lupe's beat. lot of those people aren't nostalgic slick ricks, trippin cause they heard the song in a god damn video game. like damn! I had NBA V2 as well, and the beat was nice but move on already... niggas takin this as a personal attack. but I actually gotta thank you niggas cause Lupe's bein talked about thanks to this. to all you Lupe haters, keep on doin your thing.

  • @craig_itsFriday

    Hey MTV nice drowning out the interview with an instrumental the whole fucking time. Wack shit.

  • KMX711

    I gotta say, Pete Rock has to let this go. He's a living legend, but that gives him no right to keep beef between him a Lupe....beautiful music is still being made, no reason to stop it from continuing.

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao at dese sensitive ass niggaz... I dont know Pete Rock and I dont know how old is a man or rapper... Im not gay to know rappers age. lmao. Lupe looks old and makes old music. Lil Waynes beats are much better and has sold more albums den any rapper in da game. swag

    • Yamz

      I know you're a retarded troll ass white boy, but Wayne hasn't sold more records than any rapper in the game. Ever heard of Jay-Z or Eminem? Retard

  • Anonymous

    lupes version was wack though



  • Jay

    Fuck Pete Rock. Lupe is one of the smartest most intelligent human beings on this Earth.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Pete Rock, you already said what was needed and have no legal recourse in the matter so please let it go. Music rights can be a b*tch.

  • musiklover

    Im a huge Pete fan, but dude please let this go!!! Pete is just dragging this out and it makes him look desperate for attention. Lupe's song is not that bad. He's acting like Waka hopped on his beat or somethin. Let it go.

    • X

      I don't respect any of that "I'm a ______ fan but" nonsense, so just make your point. At this stage Atlantic has been identified as the worst offenders so I dont think anyone is going to add anything valuable to this dispute.

    • Anon

      @DrebinSlevin: u got it backwards. Pete went on the twitter rant after everything was already cool. and now a whole week later hes STILL goin. We got it dude. Nobody cares anymore. Move on. The song came out 20 years ago man. A lot of Lupe's fan wasnt even born when TROY came out so now they know. Its a good look for both artists, so move on.

    • DrebinSlevin

      Sorry bro, you can't tell a legendary producer to "let go" of a beat he made for a dead best friend. Especially when the new version of it, is honestly not that good. It's a decidedly worse beat. And for Lupe to rant at Pete after seemingly settling things seems suspect. Lupe's head hasn't been on right since the release of Lasers

  • jc

    awwww Pete just wanted to be down.. be a man Pete move on



    • douche

      Do you like any good artists or just YMCB or whatever they call their fucking selves... BTW swag is the most played-out word in hip-hop. It's always been reserved for 15 year olds, anyways.

  • Anonymous

    pete rock lupe collab would of been dope to hear. i have no fuckin idea y the label wouldnt of have wqanted that to happen?????????

  • So Icy Boi!

    both Lupe Fiasho and Pete Rock suck. Lil Wayne wud outrap dese old ass rappers. swag

    • ^^

      So Icy Boi's a mentally deranged retard. Just let him be. lol

    • Lil Wayne sucks

      Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper of the generation and I'm not sure anybody is touching him lyrically ever. Lil Wayne sucks and has limited lyricism, talks about the same stuff every song and has a very weak flow.

    • Anonymous

      How funny is that... Shows you about how much these tools like Icy Boi and Yes Sir fuk all

    • gill

      Wayne was born the same year as Lupe dumbass. And pete rock is a producer not a rapper. and wtf does wayne have to do with this post..

  • Anonymous

    Fall back Pete.

  • King Oduduwa

    I don't get it. Lupe 'bites' the beat but yet is ranting against Pete Rock. Stay with your original feelings Pete. Lupe should stop biting. The game is so messed up, that the number one rule, no biting allowed, is disregarded. I am with you Pete. To say otherwise, is just a PR move. Fuck Lupe and his producers for biting. Be original...sucka ass mc's

    • Bram

      Beat wouldn't exist without Pete, they (Atlantic) should give him his dough. Confused rappers are not cool, just ask the Beatnuts!

    • Sampling

      Pete Rock sampled in order to create TROY so lets not all pretend this is his original beat.

    • Mike

      If this is "biting" then every MC from the 90's was "biting" too.

    • Anonymous

      pete rock need to calm down. he sample also. its what everyone did. So shut the noise up. Lupe was in the right on this.





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