Pete Rock Issues Second Statement About Lupe Fiasco "T.R.O.Y." Issue

Pete Rock explains that he gave conditional "yes" to use T.R.O.Y., but that Lupe never followed up.

The disagreement over Lupe Fiasco's remake of Pete Rock's "T.R.O.Y." continues, as Pete Rock issued a second statement regarding the matter, spotted via the LupE.N.D. Blog.

The legendary producer first confirmed that Lupe's representative did contact him, but never followed up:

It’s true that Lupe Fiasco’s representative from Atlantic Records contacted me last fall and he did so while I was in mourning over the sudden death of my cousin Heavy D. I gave the representative a conditional “yes” to use T.R.O.Y. for Lupe’s album but only based on the condition that I be involved on the project. It’s what I always say when approached by people who want to use that particular song. I was never contacted again. At no point was there any follow up from Atlantic Records. Now, the story gets twisted and it’s being said that I said “yes.” The part about my conditions has been left out to make me seem like I’m a hypocrite. When I heard about the song again, it was done, completed, and playing on the radio…and that was Monday night.

Pete Rock continued, admitting that while he couldn't control Lupe's actions, he did not have to approve of them.

It’s true that people have made T.R.O.Y. over. I can’t control what’s done with my work after it’s already out there but I can control who gets my blessings. Those who involve me and respect me in the process, get my blessings. Those who work behind my back – but all the while putting up a front like I’m down with it – don’t.

I’m flattered that they wanted to remake my song and that they respect it for the classic that it is. I just think they should have talked to Atlantic Records to make sure things were done right. The biggest violation is from Atlantic Records but what can you expect? Labels are corporations and their whole point is to sell records. If they respect the artist in the process that would be nice, but they’re not required. For as political as Lupe as, I expected him to know that and to have hopefully made them more accountable. I’m surprised that he’s siding with the corporation on this. Technically, there was no crime committed with the release of Lupe’s version of my song.

Though Pete agreed that there is not legal issues, he explained that the matter had nothing to do with the legality of the matter.

Technically, the song can be out there but I’m not talking about legalities. I’m asking: Where’s the respect for the code among artists? No ego, but I know my place in this game. I’m recognized as a legend and I accept that. But most of all, I’m a grown man. The love and admiration that people have for me as a producer and as a man of honor has been non-stop, consistent for over 20 years. That’s based on something that can’t be touched. My music and my character stands for itself. T.R.O.Y was a career-defining song has gotten me invited to the White House. It’s not just because people think the production is dope. It’s also because of what the song stands for. I want my music to touch people but I don’t want to be walked over or lied on in the process.

I admit that my outburst on Monday night on Twitter was based on my reminiscing about Heav and Troy. I think about them every day. I apologize for being emotional about this. I had no intentions of hurting Lupe’s career. That’s not me. I’m known for building up not breaking down careers. Moving forward, I’m 100% in control and focused on what’s good.

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  • Joey

    Hi, "FYI" The 90's Group: Young Gifted from New Brunswick, NJ 1) Throw Ur G's Up 2) Get it in Blood 3) Amplified 4) Friday 5) Creepshow 6) stay true to your trade/ Black essence Next week, look for 2 addtional classic tracks.. 1) On Your Mind 2) Get Open

  • TruthIs

    Pete Rock should be glad that people he sampled are not loudly bitching like him.

  • mikempt

    This is pointless.

  • Money First

    Instead of fighting over this hoe ass shit people should be paying attention to the messages in both of these records because that is what is most important!! Pete people who really 'rock' with you (no pun) expect better because you are the vet in this situation!! Act like it!!!

  • BOSS

    Lupes a hoe buh it be nice to hear petes beat on radio these days cuz deez kids need get taught the real sound

  • Real Vet

    Niggas is trippen talkin bout who Pete Rock is T.R.O.Y is the real shit I was feeling the Lupe version but it sounded so close I was wondering how Pete ain't get any Production credits. The cat that it says produced by prolly added a few hi hats n shit now he the one. SILLY RAP KIDS ALL THEY KNOW IS HOOKS AN PUNCHLINES

  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock is handling this like a man. he definently a real dude! lupe fiasco a fukin bitch for doing that shit. and Petes right, lupe's so political, but he still siding with the corporations.

  • DuckDown

    Pete isnt draggin anything out,,he is ending it..Some people should not even be on a hiphop website after reading their comments and seeing as how this whole article was right over their heads.. Long Live The Soul Brother

  • sayed

    who gives a fuck lupe made a dope track this guy's a drama queen

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne'll eat lupe alive, and who is pete rock? did he produce for sugar hill gang or sumthin? any way, wats the word on that gucci mane lil webbie collab album? thats all real niggas care about rite now, that and the new lil chuckee mixtape, twap season was hard as hell, now we need the childs play album

  • mgeeze

    i listened to the sway interview and read what pete had to say and if not mistaken because you are Lupe, you should of went and talked to Pete yourself..tell him your idea and go forward from looks like you just people(team) to speak on your behalf..kind of weak..and yes Pete did not handle it properly initially but he stepped as a man to correct his wrong..

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up. Sounds like he over it and I pretty sure Lupe is too. Lets put this aside and keep repping good music. Lupe is one of the only artist putting out anything with a message on the mainstream, rather they play it or not.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX, for crying out loud, could you at least change the color of the font? Damn near got a headache trying to read it...Love y'all tho!

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T, Lupe and Big Sean sure cuase a lot of drama for kanye, especially since they don't move units.

    • Anonymous

      @ZD Don't pay the dude no mind. If you closely observe his comments for a while, you'll notice it's some under 16 year old jackass looking for attention.

    • ZD

      What the hell does Lupe have to do with Kanye? No affiliation anymore

  • ZD

    Don't judge Lupe until you hear his side of the story. EVERYONE needs to listen to his interview with Sway. He goes OFF on Pete for 10 minutes. Trust me, its worth the listen, and you guys will be on Lupes side of this after you listen. Guaranteed. I've never heard Lupe so heater lol.

  • Anonymous

    Pete just making himself look bad by dragging this bullshit out, if he would've ignored it nobody would even be talking bout that song, shit aint that good no way, it woulda been in one ear out the other, now pete done made a big deal about it, watch atlantic shoot a video for the shit, Pete is giving this guy more attention then his own label does at this point

    • ^^^^

      Retarded ass nigga. Who gives a fuck about O'Reilly? That dude is ignorant as fuck. How did O'Reilly make him look stupid. If anyone looks stupid, it's you.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe Fiasco is one of the only rappers to have been made to look stupid by Bill O'Reilly. Thats an achievement.....

  • satoko

    Lupe is a creative man and he makes good music.I don't think Lupe is guilty but Atlantic is...Things went badly and unexpected way for Pete and Lupe.Money plays an important role in many things,also in music,sadly.

  • Trill_Schmitt

    PR, showing how legends handle disputes.

  • Anonymous

    damn PR your that broke?

    • Anonymous

      its obviously not all about the money you ignorant listener...its about the beat and the meaning behind the original. damn just because this problem is getting coverage u think he trying to make money. get a life kid

  • Used to Love H.E.R

    Pete Rock=Legend Lupe Fiasco=One of the best to do it Hopefully there brothas can move pass this and maybe one day create a classic together

    • ^^^^

      Who gives a fuck about O'Reilly? That dude is ignorant as fuck. Any how does Lupe sucks? He's one of the best rappers of the 21st century.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe sucks....Bill O"Reily made him look like an ignorant fuck

  • Anonymous

    lupe cant respect pete rock cause part of lupe is from the streets yo lupe is a clown

  • Big Dan

    While I understand that a gentleman's agreement may not have been adhered to, it sounds like PR is just salty he did not get that producer fee. Heavy D and Troy have nothing to do with it. Dollar dollar bills y'all. They credited you and I'm sure you'll get publishing, so chill. Now I have to go check to see whether PR (re)produced the track when LL used it.

  • flupe

    mannnnn this right here, just shows me that lupe is faithful to his masters, conjure up something to talk about and create sales.........bitch you wasnt me occupyin wall street!

  • Duke

    he shoulda known Atlantic would pull that shit. all they needed was a "yes" there was no contract clause saying he has to be involved. he said yes they ran with that. im not defending Lupe but it was Atlantics choice to use that track and Im sure they told Lu it was all cleared. but yeah Lu should know how shady Atlantic is and hit Pete up himself.

  • lupe is gay

    Lupe Fiasco is suspect

  • ummmmm

    Lupe TALK politics but is he ACTIVE? Anyone can be a political TALKAVIST lol. But is he an ACTIVIST? Maybe thats just Lupe's "angle"

    • Anonymous

      yeah that doesnt have anything to do with us voting genius. also their part of the electoral college so it just further proves my point. no need for me to learn anything i pretty much know all about politics buddy.

    • Anonymous

      To the guy who doesn't believe in voting, look up "faithless elector", you might learn a thing or two...

    • Anonymous

      Kilimanjaro was for purifying water in Africa genius. it wasnt supposed to be political. but he was out at a ton of the Occupy Wall Street events and he does a lot of stuff in Chicago. our votes are the "popular" vote, it just show who America wants in office and yes that candidate usually wins but the electoral college has the vote that matters. they (the Gov't) decide who will ultimately be in office. so therefore our votes do not count toward who wins so whats the point?

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean it doesn't count? Yes, the voting system is far from ideal - but of course the vote counts. Explain to me how your vote actually doesn't count. I'm a Lupe fan but climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is not "political" and other than that you mentioned no other examples. Can't believe how we let bullshit arguments pass like they're anecdotes.

    • Anonymous

      fuck voting! shit dont count anyway

    • Anonymous

      Lupe has admitted to not voting, so why listen to anything he has say concerning politics?

    • Anonymous

      Nah I seen him out here. He be climbing mountains and shit and be at the front lines in addition to being a face for the real shit. Yeah man he's active in every sense of the word.

  • Anonymous

    Let it go man, god damn You spoke your piece and I respect that but quit harping on the shit. That song probably wouldnt even have the hype it has right now if you'd kept your mouth shut, his label is probably grateful for what you doing

  • Anonymous

    "For as political as Lupe as, I expected him to know that and to have hopefully made them more accountable. Im surprised that hes siding with the corporation on this." Real Talk

  • Anonymous

    Good god just shut up about this already!!!

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