Pusha T & The-Dream Speak On Creating "Exodus 23:1"

Pusha T and The-Dream discuss their working relationship following the release of "Exodus 23:1."

Yesterday, Pusha T released his controversial new track "Exodus 23:1," believed to be a diss track towards Drake and Young Chop, that features a guest appearance from The-Dream. During an interview with MTV News, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper explained how the R&B singer got on the song, which was produced by RicoBeats.

"It really started with this beat [from] Rico. We were like, 'Yo, Dream would just sound amazing on the record, period.' So we sent it out and it came back so quick. Dream was like, 'Man this is one of the ones,'" he said. "Personally, I never thought the record was going to come back that quickly. I was in New Orleans somewhere and Rico was like, 'Aye! Dream did it — he on the phone!' I thought, 'OK, wait a minute this might really be something.'"

The Clipse member, who is working on his upcoming album, praised The-Dream's creativity, explaining how he's playing a strong role in his LP. "Musicality, to me in general, is missing, but [Dream] is a musician, he's a fundamentalist. I've really taken on the student role," he said. "I feel like I'm in with the best of the best. You've got Dream on one end, you've got Kanye on another end, and you can learn so much. I really look at myself as just a rapper's rapper, but I've learned so much about song structure from Dream."

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  • NONE

    I hate drake and everything related to him.

  • eightysbaby84

    Im not a young money fan at all, but this shit is a shame. I was a Pusha fan before all this shit. niqqa just seem desperate. he is too good for that. He is in the kind of deal that drake is in. He signed to another rapper, who is signed to another rapper, who is signed to a major. Difference is Drake owns ALL is masters and recording and has FULL creative control. Pusha cant say the same thing. Plus he is actually selling MILLIONS of albums. This niqqa is just trying to promote his album that will prolly sell like 100,000 copies. niqa really look and sound butthurt

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "He should be focused on slaying other rappers" I hate to break this to you man, but Drake is a rapper. He rhymes actual words. I know... I know... That's a startling revelation for these days and times, but the sooner you realize this the better your weekends will be.

  • Anonymous

    fuck pusha t he's irrelevant

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ AMEN BROTHER

    • Anonymous

      So tired of this young money cash money movement bullshit, I give it another year tops and they are all gone out the game, I CANT WAIT FOR THAT DAY. garbage fake ass rappers

    • TX

      ^Typical Young Money fan boys. SMH saying shit like "irrelevant" just because Pusha isn't on the radio. You mainstream kids make me laugh. Pusha is lyrically better than most rappers out. Fuck Drake and all them other lame ass pop stars on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      true and he hates it.....that's why he trying to get hot rappers to talk about him.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why he would even go after Drake. He should be focused on slaying other rappers....not r&b dudes

  • Orangealert

    weezy kisses baby goodnight on the lips each night, b. that's fact. anyway this song Exodus is gold. Keep that up & Pusha gonna drop a classic!

  • I like pusha T

    I Like the diss song he did but on some real shit he was real silent when ambassador rick took his head off on that diss record fake love i dont care how much fame you got he made pusha look real soft in that record

  • ItsTheTruth

    "You signed to one nigga, that's signed to another nigga, that's signed to 3 niggas." He's talking about how Drake is signed to Lil Wayne, who's signed to Birdman, who's signed to Universal. That was pretty clear.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhh

    ok had to say this if u reply to any comment from yessir or anyone shouting about YMCMB being the best label ever or wayne being the greatest to ever pick up a mic or saying that nas,jada,rakim or whoever is whack ur an idiot the person saying that is a troll if u dont know what that is picture a sad virgin typing stuff to make ppl mad cause the only pussy he has or will ever smell was the crack-whore that gave birth to him ignore any comments that praise lil wayne drake or any thing to do with that joke that is YMCMB

  • Jharp14

    I don't even hear him dissing Drake maybe Wayne but I don't know why people saying he dissing Drake??Hip Hop fans are so sensative. I didn't hear him say their name so until he Pusha confirms it a diss then its just a dope song to me.

  • Ten-Four

    This can be good for Hip-Hop. The game needs balance right now. Everyone cant be cool with everyone and when was the last time there was a crew beef??? If this is planned oh well it can be beneficial for both parties. I like a few people in both crews but I would definitely listen more closely to YMCMB now. I am really tired of the same dudes on songs talking about the same things. YMCMB maybe the top label right now but they haven't been tested. Just like someone needs to go all out at Eminem but that's another story... I would love to see more G.O.O.D. Emcees add to this cause damn near everyone on that crew has Bars. Young Money has some weapons also Jae Millz can capitalize off this. Nicki Minaj can get back to her Mixtape DVD days. Who knows it had Dancehall bubbling for a while when the crews started beefing. I hope this is where Hip-Hop is headed cause there is a serious drought.

    • Kyle

      Someone should go all out on Eminem because Em would finish them. Honestly what rapper could go at Eminem at this point besides someone on Jay's level (who has no reason to do it)? What are you gonna say. He outsold everybody, critically acclaimed, universally respected, cleaned up his act a while ago. Plus his backing is too strong (Dre, 50, slaughterhouse, yela), though he doesn't really need it.

    • Anonymous

      lol this nigga just said jae millz



    • YESSIR


    • YESSIR


    • HHFAN

      Gobble.Gobble.Gobble. How do you talk with Waynes dick in your mouth all day. How do you type all this bullshit with Drake and Birdmans dicks in your hands. I've never responded to you on this site before but I swear you must be like Stan in the Em video. Go get some help.

  • jaediggity

    Pusha T is such a square. Look at this nigga's hair. He got two pony tails hanging out each side of his head. He's trying to force a beef with Drake so he can become relevant enough to drop an album. This shit is sad, it's just like Common all over again. Don't be surprised if Pusha next single come out soon. I see niggas in the rap game go by new rules now. Industry Rule 4082: When you're not hot, diss the sensitive top R&B/Rapper in the game to get a buzz. "Drake, here's how they gone come at you. With silly rap feuds trying to distract you. In disguise in the form of a favor. The Barzini meeting, watch for the traitors"

    • reese

      Drake can't have it both ways. He can't be the sensitive r and b dude but also act mad hard on some tracks...don't give him a pass here Drake is a worthy target, and if he can't handle the beef with the b-list rapper like Pusha than lets see where it takes him.



  • BC

    The Dream is bisexual, Pharrell is bisexual and so is Kanye. Pusha T must be bisexual too. I'm not bashing, but it's just amazing that they're attempting to assassinate other artist's characters, when people like them get discriminated on so much.

    • TX

      HAHAHA Y'all niggas crazy! How you know they bisexual? That shit is just weird if you do know just by the way they carry themselves. Like the good old saying says, "Takes one to know one"

    • Kap Diva

      Ok, so what's new?? Everyone already knows that Pusha T, Skateboard P and Yeezyy are bisexual. They need to stop with all this fake beef with people who never hate. Pusha T old ugly jealous azz need to sit down.

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne and drake have out gayed all those dudes consistently

    • Anonymous

      ya ok and lil wayne kissing a grown ass man on the lips isn't bisexual!!!!!!

    • Fuck Clipse

      ^^^^^^^^^ They're bisexual dog, and there's no way you can sugarcoat it. It's just the truth.

    • yolathedon

      You seem to know a lot about the bisexual community my man.

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