Jeru The Damaja Talks Upcoming Solo Album, International Compilation

Jeru The Damaja says he's linking with Polish Hip Hop artists for an international project.

Jeru The Damaja recently chopped it up with Montreality, speaking on a handful of subjects including his upcoming projects. During the interview, the Brooklyn, New York native said that he’s putting together a compilation of Polish Hip Hop artists collaborating with American ones and establishing an international connection.

“I have a project that I’m releasing in Poland all over the world. It’s got some of the best producers and emcees in Poland, and some of what I think are some of the best producers and emcees in America and I’m getting everybody to come all together and kind of mash up on the record. I got my boy PF Cuttin doing something, I got a song I want to do with Monie Love and Heather B, I got a song I did with O.C., I got a song I did with Lil’ Dap. My man out in Poland, my man O.S.T.R., my man Peja, and a bunch of other dudes. That’s one project I’ve got.”

He explained how the project is materializing, stating that American producers will supply beats for Polish rappers and vice versa.

“What I do is have the American producers produce a track, and then I have the Polish guys rap on the American producers’ track, and then I have the Polish producers produce a track and then I have the American artists rhyme on that track, so that’s what I’m doing. It’s Hip Hop global. I’m trying to show the world that Hip Hop is not just in North America or Canada. It’s all over the world.”

Additionally, Jeru is working on his next solo album, but progress is slow on the project.

“My next project I’m working on is my project, my Jeru The Damaja project. I’m excited about that, because I have a lot of dope producers lined up. I don’t want to talk too much about that,” he said, stating that he doesn’t yet have a release date for the LP. “I want to come out with a quality project. I think nowadays because of the Internet and because there’s so much money around and people are selling a billion records, that people rush their records and I don’t think they sound that great.”

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    I would love to see another Jeru vs Premo collab!!

  • Jason

    A come clean part 2 track would be sick with the same water drop beat but modified.

  • RC

    It's sad but true most of the best Hip-Hop producers aren't being made in America anymore, their all overseas now.

  • DaProphet87

    you guys need to stop hating lol

  • Gang Starr Foundation

    No disrespect to the international project, but I really just want to hear the new solo Jeru album. lol

  • Jedah

    I'm from Poland and I don't understand why Jeru collaborate with Peja? His music sucks! Poland has many better players than this wack! i'm happy that OSTR has joined to this project cuz he is one of the best rappers and producers in my country! Peace!

  • Anonymous

    "I have a project that Im releasing in Poland" Sounds shady. Whose frontin the cost of producing this, the Poland Mafia?

    • QuBix

      First of all it would be The "Polish" Mafia and second, you have no idea how real hip hop is in Europe. Up here in North America hip hop is genetically modified to feed the masses while in Poland, Germany, France, etc. hip hop is real's what the 80's and 90's were to us.

  • Anonymous

    ANY Jeru verse >>>>> whiny ass clown Joell Ortiz and weed-dead retard Action Brostein combined Jeru's last solo was very slept on also

  • Old School Hip Hop 4 Life

    Now, Jeru The Damaja is what I call,"The Definition Of A True Lyricist," This is what the element Hip Hop is missing, is this guy. Jeru,if you reading this, Real Hip Hop Heads like myself, is waiting on that REAL HIP HOP....We need you to school these youngins on what true lyricism is. Let me breakdown what lyr.i.cism-(noun) An artist's expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way; the quality of being lyrical.

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