Pete Rock & Lupe Fiasco Settle Differences Over "T.R.O.Y." Sample

UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco and Pete Rock bury the hatchet over the former sampling "T.R.O.Y." for "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)."

Minutes after Lupe Fiasco debuted his new single "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)," veteran producer Pete Rock took to Twitter to put the Atlantic Records recording artist on blast.

The song is a direct remake of Pete and C.L. Smooth's "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)," but according to the producer, it wasn't done out of respect for the original.

"No disrespect to lupe fiasco and i like him alot but TROY should be left alone. Feel so violated,the beat is next to my heart and was made... Outta anguish and pain. When it's like that it should not be touched by no one!" he wrote. "It's so hard for folks to make original music, I possess that, but these dudes are scared of that and this is supposed to be HIP HOP?

"Man I'm a lupe fan and everything but TROY was my homie man. I think about him and Hev every fucking day!!!! Smh," he continued. "Who ever Re-created that didn't do a good job @ all. #nohate."

He continued his diatribe by blaming the music industry for encouraging content over value. "This business can be so lame, sometimes I make beats blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back and still these cats can't be original to," he wrote. "So untalented and unoriginal. Makes me feel like I'm truly the best that ever did it. Yo hev and t-Roy I love and miss da shit outta y'all."

Read the full series of tweets over at Pete Rock's Twitter page, and listen to Lupe song below.

[May 21]

UPDATE: Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco have settled their differences over the latter sampling "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)" for "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)."

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I just got off da phone lupe, we worked out our differences and we bout to get it in. Gonna be epic and we gonna give Troy and hev the
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Proper respect they deserve and make history with lupe.
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Shout to the Friends&Family for bringing some internal closure to this...all g on this side Pete...Big Chuck whaddup... #MyGodFoRealListen
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  • Anonymous

    Wow a whole lot of sense is being made here (im lying). aside from the fact that the beef got squashed u cats obviously didnt even listen to a word lupe said. yall r so smart lol. talkin bout where the real hip hop at when its all around u

  • Sight

    Pete's mad cuz they remade the track and didn't sample it, so neither he or the original sample's owner get paid much. What's funny is that Pete used to get hated on by people he sampled from about how he didn't do justice to their original record (listen to Straighten It Out), and here Pete is 20 years later doing the same thing, lol. I'm a big fan of Pete as any, Mecca and the Soul brother was my 2nd cassette ever purchased, but he's just looking for attention on this one.

  • Portland Is The City That I Claim

    So now Pete gets his shine on after a thousand years of irrelevance... SMH dude's all on Lupe's nutsack trying to get some street cred but it's easy to see he's starving.

    • Anonymous

      What rock were you hiding under when Pete Rock and Smiff N Wessun dropped Monumental last year?

    • mecca1000

      You couldn't possibly be a bigger douche! lol Even Kanye knows that if he wants that Pete Rock sound, you straight to the source ..... go check the production credits on Watch the Throne.

  • Anonymous

    everythings cool now, so everybody EAT A DICK.

  • Anonymous

    this is not a sample of the song they completely lifted the whole thing. this isnt a matter of just using a single sample. they used the whole song..... down right despicable IMO....

  • Mike

    Lupe should have reached out to Pete Rock so Pete rock can make a beat for Lupe....that's originality....But I get Pete's idea of why he had to argue. Pete rock send Lupe a beat for his album at least.

  • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

    If he didn't pay Pete properly, he deserves to die

    • ETK

      Pete's not the one they have to pay you god damn idiot... it's not even completely his beat. S.M.H.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure you kids have heard of Little Brother's The Listening, well, on that song TROY is sampled not ripped off. This was a rip off beat, making Pete's rant justified.

  • What

    man i wouldnt mind if niggas take classic and make them better, but they be just messing up the original, by just staright biteing man, cant be original and come up with something new

  • ummmmmmmmm

    Lupe is so overrated. I still can't believe his "rambling" style is considered all that good. His lyrics are dope though. But he comes across as long-winded when he is rhyming. No flow. No Delivery. Great lyrics.

  • DanielJayEss

    Seems like his legit feelings. Its not like he waited a while and thought of some giant attack. It was an immediate response. I don't necessarily agree with his untouchable argument either. Hes right about mainstream artists being unoriginal, but Lupe is definitely doing it out of respect. Even if he is being a hypocrite, it's Pete Rock. Give respect bitches.

  • Anonymous

    A dude who sampled the majority of every record he ever made gets mad at someone sampling his. And not only that, but completely ignores the fact that Lupe's supposed to be paying homage. Pete Rock is a fucking loser. CL Smooth is still that fucking dude though.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe's people ripped the entire beat you jackass. Big difference between a sample and a total teef!

    • Mecca1000

      I doubt most crate diggers would be able to identify Pete Rocks samples, with the way he only takes a small piece and chops it up. Cats would've never known where that T.R.O.Y. sample came from if it wasn't in the production credits. So, foh with that weak arguement.

    • ASEE

      It's not about sampling. It's about taking an ENTIRE beat.

    • Obviously

      CL Smooth is a queer just like NorthStar...SIGH :(

  • Anonymous

    ah who gives a fuck about hiphop anyway you motherfuckers dont buy records

  • Lucy

    Awww they're friends now! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    now the nigga pete rock thinkslupe will work with him... hahahaha beefing for a second then "we gonna make history" but he's right, this new beat

  • R.Pgh

    I don't understand why he's complaining about someone sampling his beat, when he sampled another guy (Tom Scott) who was sampling another group (Jefferson Airplane) for the beat he made. No idea is original...haven't we already established that?

    • R.Pgh

      @Juk - and it will always be. Nobody can take that away from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. It's a classic song and it will always be. Throughout the history of music, songs will always be remade, reworked, and redesigned. Shit, Quincy Jones is probably the greatest producer of all time and even he remade shit back in the day. It's homage. I remember with Doggystyle first came out and Snoop remade Lodi Dodi and sang damn near every word that Slick Rick did, but it was paying homage.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with R.Pgh. This might have been a publicity stunt, I think.

    • juk

      You have a point but the fact remains that pete's rendition is more recognized.

  • Anonymous

    youtube green nation MaFi G2

  • 'Ole_Head

    There is no such thing as an untouchable beat. Anyone who says that does not truly understand that some of the greatest beats in hip hop have been sampled. Stop saying it's an unwritten rule and make it a written rule....copyright/own your music and your beats and talk with your lawyers, not with twitter. When someone uses something you own, you get compensated....PERIOD! no matter if its a respected artist or a newcomer. Puffy has sampled some of the greatest classics and when he did it he was called all kinds of names talking about he was messing the classics up and so on. Biggie made those beats classics. Just stop assuming people feel the same way about YOUR craft as you do. Otherwise do something legally about it or stfu!

    • Anonymous

      ^This. All day. Things done changed was a line from Little Ghetto Boy. But Dre didn't bitch. And that was only two years apart. Much respect to Pete Rock but man being sampled is like being poked fun of by South Park... It's more of a nod to you.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke, you guys know how many times T.R.O.Y has been sampled? like seriously though... dope track. dope first single. and don't think Lupes camp didn't reach out to Pete. I'll put any money down that Pete retracks this statement.

  • Swordz

    I don't believe fully that Pete FULLY listened to the bars.... it's exactly what he says he want to hear more of. I'm not lupe fan - but this seems like ssome crossed wired here...

  • Real Talk

    Okay, first off this nigga contradicts himself. "It's so hard for folks to make original music" yet he sampled the song first, how do you think the original players of that song feel? Im pretty sure they held that track to their heart as well. And Pete Rock whole collection of beats that he produced are 99% sampled, so how the FUCK CAN YOU HATE? if anything Pete Rock is disrespecting Lupe, for expressing his feelings to the public like a female, Pete could have easily got in touch with Lupe, but what he do? Vented on a social media? Really and Pete ROck is an OG for that? Naw, best believe, he should have handle this behind the scenes, this goes to show you that he was reaching for attention. If he feels this way, Like i said you should just hit up Lupe personally, Cuz now your like a female talking behind someone elses back. Think about it, why go on twitter to vent? (attention) If anything he should praised Lupe, because guarantee there are millions of teens who never even heard T.R.O.Y, and now that Lupe brought it back, the teens can go look up the original T.R.O.Y, and them to can experience a classic hip hop track. Don't get it twisted tho, if Lupe was rapping about Swag and WEED and Fucking bitches, and what cars he's driving, then I can see that as being disrespectful, but Lupe rapped about social awareness, so I don't see no harm.

    • Cool Man

      Agree with Real Talk, younger kids get introduced to the old-school through sampling.

    • Real Talk

      Born in 88 nigga, im 23, so playing video games makes you hard? Like i said I guarantee that there are millions of teens who have never heard that track, not saying that the track was not classic for those who were bumping rap back then, im just saying that todays teens, can go look up T.R.O.Y and see how much bullshit is playing on the radio, and how rap use to be. So what the fuck you talking about,

    • Anonymous

      Million of teens? The youtube video has damn near 3 mill views or is It a case where teens like you have never played games like nba street vol.2 where It serves as the main song? Fucking punk

  • Anonymous

    there is no classic hiphop radio and there are hardly any old school cd's for sale anywhere, how can u expect kids today to know about the old school classics? a lot of shit is out of print too. i mean its gonna be hard for kids to come across shit randomly on itunes like 3rd bass or edo g and the bulldogs...lupe reusing this beat will probably get a lot of younger hiphop listeners to find out about the original and from there maybe delve into the old school shit from '88 to '98. think about the positives too.

    • GhettoArabSage

      The second Anonymus is a retard. Stop sounding thug online. You sound like a lame duck that goes quack. And as far as your "hip hop" community... who's still in it? Lady Gaga or these little new rap pack power ranger rappers flooding the radios? I like Lupe's first sample of this beat (Doughboy freestyle) and I'm sure Pete knew about it too. Why he ain't say anthing then? I think those Jew execs paid him to make a fuss to discredit Lupe since he's the ONLY mainstream rapper left speaking conscious. Everybody else is so underground that they only get 100,000 views on youtube. Who gonna teach ur ignorant kids? Jay-Z? Ha! He balling so hard too busy selling you clothes, liquor and entertainment. Go read a book.

    • Anonymous


  • GoReadABook

    Friend of the People mixtape? You know, that one where he took 10 ridiculously popular techno songs and rapped over them? Lupe is wack

  • Anonymous

    People are missing the point of this article. it's the fact that he didn't ask for permission for the beat, that's the issue here. Blatantly stealing a bit from another producer is fucked up, so Pete Rock has reason to be upset. Especially this beat, an unbelievably personal beat and one of the most recognizable in hip hop history. Also, anyone who think Pete Rock isn't one of the greatest producers of all-time is an idiot. The layering and sampling in his beats are so complex and his beats alone tell a story. Listen to any Pete Rock and CL song and you'll understand

    • Boog

      It's got nothing to do with the sample. It's about what T.R.O.Y. represents on a personal level, not a hip-hop level. Also, biting is biting. PERIOD. So he had every right to feel some type of way about it.

    • Anonymous

      bullshit. pete rock don't own that sample....

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Well said. Some folks just do not get it. There are some songs and beats that should never be touched, and T.R.O.Y. is obviously one of them. Also Pete Rock is one of the best producers of all time, and there should not be an argument about that at all.

  • sam uk

    it is a blatant rip off though, the beat is the same!! wtf, PR is right when he says some things should not be touched.. if you are gonna do it why not go the Elzhi route like he did with Illmatic.. at least try and add some originality. Laaame.

  • Anonymous

    The song is cool and shit and Pete Rock should calm down a little cause he's kinda going overboard and getting pissy (since he himself literally just looped a piece of someone else's song to make T.R.O.Y.). But Lupe not asking Pete Rock before using the same sample is straight bullshit to me. Think about it this way, yes Pete was still using a part of someone else's song, but unlike this Simonsayz dude, he actually took the time to dig in the crates and listen to records, to truly appreciate the source before finding the tiny bit he used to make T.R.O.Y. That shit takes time and a lot of work, that's why producers used to refuse to reveal the sources of their samples cause it used to be very important for producers to put in the time and effort to search for them. Not saying that it's wrong to recreate the song cause it's hip hop at the end of the day but any sensible human being and lover of the artform would at least recognize the legendary status of the song and ask for Pete's blessing before recreating it. The more I see this dude, the more I'm convinced that Lupe truly doesn't give a damn about the greats who paved the way for him. First he refuses to properly learn the words to a Tribe classic on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show, and now he doesn't even have the common decency to hit a legend up before he puts out this single. This isn't a mixtape track or a bonus track people, it's the lead SINGLE for his album! All I'm saying is at least hit a dude up man, it's common sense! Don't be a douche Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      apparently he already did ask 4 permission according to lupe

  • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

    If he didn't pay Pete properly, he deserves to die.

  • jc

    the horn sounds bad. the drums sound week. the bass sounds dry.. i hope this teaches producers u can just jack people .. be original

  • Anonymous

    lupe is a biter, just like how he took the worst modest mouse song ever and somehow made it even worse

  • GB

    Can he really be that pissed off. I can understand him being mad for not getting the permission but how can he say it should be left alone when he let Mr Cheeks f with it. LB for life!

  • Anonymous

    he sampled it well whoever the producer was, pete rock is absolutely talking nonsense

    • Anonymous

      nah im with the first. lupe didn't rap about rims over it. wtf???

    • Anonymous

      u dont understand hip hop production. the 1992 original is waaaaay better . if u were pete rock u would be pissed too. lame

  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock go die, best? NO!

  • IDK

    After reading some of the comments below, I feel like some of y'all are really missing the point. "T.R.O.Y." was a song that was influenced by the loss of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's friend, Troy Dixon from Heavy D and the Boyz. Pete sampled a small part of Tom Scott's saxophone on "Today" which really touched Pete, and he made a beat off of that small sample. So yea, with the small help of Tom Scott's sax, that beat was strictly made from Pete's heart and soul. However, regarding Pete's tweets, it seems like Lupe Fiasco (or whoever "produced" the beat, or decided on using that beat for Lupe's song) took the whole "T.R.O.Y." beat without asking Pete for his permission, which is pretty fucked up, especially when learning about how that beat was made. How would y'all feel when you created something that was directly from your heart and soul and have it copied by somebody else without asking your permission to use it??

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ lupe knowing the origins of T.R.O.Y. and what it meant this nigga didnt even listen to a tribe called quest but he still performed at their tribute and didnt know the words to a classic hip-hop record

    • theCool

      and yea, I just listened to this song and realized he used it again... which seems a little odd, but he used it before and there was no complaint... Is it just because its going on his Album or what? Regardless FNF shouldve asked, and Pete should understand that Lupe is keeping his music alive. IMO

    • theCool

      I agree that it's fucked that he used the sample without permission... but I mean anyone who knows about Pete and CL know the origins of the song and what it meant, as I'm sure Lupe did. And furthermore, Lupe put some real shit over the top of that song AND it was released like... half a decade ago. So I mean yea, he has reason to complain, but he's a little late and Lupe also murdered that track... Back when he didnt have the shame of "Lasers" to drag around, the dude was ill as fuck. So I mean IMO it shouldn't be a big enough deal to write a fucking article about. FNF is on some real shit as well so Rock can complain all he wants, but its not gonna change anything or my perception of there music. I guess voicing his frustration is completely understandable, but like I said.. It's been years since that song was released on Lupe's mixtape.

  • tp

    Is Pete rock forgetting Large Pro made that beat

  • j8ailey

    There would have been no issue if someone had reached out to Pete Rock before putting the track out. A little respect goes a long way.

  • Anonymous

    they sound exactly the same, you don't win anything for acting like you think the original beat is significantly better

  • buddah

    Only thing is, why lupe go in over that? dudes already proven as one ofthe most innovative mcs to emerge over the latest years, apart from bullshh lazers. no need for that track, go make something new.


  • Count Melancholy

    lupe cannot stop his desecration. first the tribe called quest thing, now this. he has no respect for hiphop legends.

  • ziploc

    I Think Pete is hurting right now..dude lost two people close to his hart..If he thinks about it he'll hopefully realise that it's not the right way to go about this..This song means so much to so many people, that bickering about it takes away from what it truly is..the most heartfelt sincere hip hop song got me trough the lowest point in my life and I'll will always be grateful that Pete and CL made that song..

  • Count Melancholy

    the original is better. lupe is really desecrating hiphop with this.

    • Anonymous

      nigga shut up, he isn't desecreating shit, not everybody's gonna leave the original alone and start bumping this

  • Sam

    Pete sounds kinda hypocritical after all the sampling he's done. I agree that you probably shouldn't redo someone's RIP/tribute track, but dude needs to respect the craft himself. Sampling is sampling. Your entire career is based off this practice. Think about it.

    • Anonymous

      theres a difference between sampling, and taking a WHOLE track, untouched, and jus plain rapping over it. think about it.

  • Anonymous

    " one time it bumped but know you wonder what is it? Its that breakbeat the one that he used, the one that they used, the one that she used, one of the things thats been abused..." MJG No More Glory

  • Hohlen

    Honestly what get's me the most now is this old and new hip-hop debate. Maybe Lupe's version wasn't original maybe he didn't have the same emotion and back story Pete Rock had to it, but it's still music. Pete Rock should be proud fuck being mad where is it gonna get you some kid twenty years later takes your beat and goes over it fuck he should hope Lupe goes far with that. He would have gotten more appreciation for the record he made, but I doubt the song will be anything more, because he opened his mouth.

  • Reka The Saint

    Yo man fuck this wack shit. This aint about new and old. If you can't do it better than the original, and you can't, then why are you wasting everybodies time even tryin? aint even 10% of the original. Those verses could be done to any beat. so why even go there? fuck outa here. I don't think this kid is a bad mc.... but this is an example of where HH is @ right now... Lucky it aint 92 might get bodied for that shit... welcome to 2012 lol

  • Anonymous

    I like Lupe's spin on the track but I honestly can't believe he didn't reach out to Pete Rock, dudes got every right to be angry. Goes to show how far ahead of his time Rock was, that beat is 20 years old now!

  • GoldTexas

    LowKey=Tom Scott !! Lol

  • Lowkey

    WHOA....ARE SOME OF YOU NIGGAS FOREAL ???? Did I read that rappers are better than instrumentalist now ??? the niggas who think that are Tards Music wise there craft complex as it gets while rap is just intro/hook/Bars/outro basic Avant-Jazz structure is so complex it's limitless & requires A Huge amount of skill & intelligence while rap clearly does not/:::/ Tom Scott > Any Rapper


    My nigga Pete Rock is right, stuff like that really should be left alone. It would make sense maybe using the same sample and chopping it up a little but re-recording a classic and devaluing the original is disrespect, utter disrespect.

    • PeopleDon'tListenTheyJustHear

      lol at him saying "re-recording". you clearly don't know music. do I think or whoever produced it should have reached out to Pete, yeah but h still went in on that song and completely showed how ignorant this world is like seriously. someone said he devaluated the song, what? the song might even have more meaning than the original, it's about freedom and how fucked up the world/media is, and how dependent we are on things we don't need. I love the original with all my heart but this song is still great. stop living in the past

    • ETK

      it's not devaluating shit! people who hate the sampled version are gonna bump the original more, sampling gives attention to both iterations of the beat.. people, especially lil Pete should know that by now and calling this sample "re-recording" proves you have no idea what you're talking about

  • twholla

    ALL YOU PETE ROCK CHOCOLATE BOY WONDAH NUTT-HUGGERS JUST SHUT-SHUT-SHUT-SHUT THE FUCK UP...This song was leaked because it's not going to be on the's in the same category as a fucking mixtape song...SO WHAT..if the lame producer just added a few snares & what-not it. if Pete's point was nearly half-REVELANT...sites like datpiff that carries all official & unofficial wouldn't exist or be out of business. Does everytime a Lil Wayne, a Styles P, a Jadakiss,or an ol' ass 50 centt uses someone else track for a they have to get BLESSINGS from the artist who did the beat>>>HELL FUCKING NO!!!! It's UNDERSTANDABLE that the song holds a special meaning for Pete Rock...but you're going to be such a BIIIIIIIAAAAAATCH about it...then either learn how to play instruments, or switch to keyboards & non-samples BITCHBOI!!! It has happened to me a few times...I'll go CRATE-DIGGING & find some tight samples & some more established artist will come out with a song using the same might've been done differently...but the essence of the original that makes it sooooo DOPE is still very recognizable...IN OTHER WORDS..TO ALL YOU .WHINING-ASS PRODUCERS THAT SAMPLE...WHEN YOU ARE SAMPLING SOMEONE ELSE'S MUSIC...THIS IS WHAT-THE-FUCK HAPPENS...YOU DON'T LIKE IT...PRODUCE YOUR OWN ORGINAL SHIT LIKE DJ QUIK...IN OTHER WORDS.....IT IS WHAT IT IS CHOCOLATE BOY KUNTE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol funny fuckin' read and overall true bruh. TROY is the shit, but I think Pete might have overreacted a bit. Lupe and the producer should have reached out to Pete as well for 'permission' or at least a heads up. Fuckin' aye...

    • recordpusher

      it's not a mixtape track. It's the first official single from his new album. That's what the label said

  • wzrd

    Im from da younger generation and tho I didnt kno wat song da riff was by name, I knew it was a classic ol' skool record as soon as I heard it. Even if Lupe didnt make da beat, as soon as heard it, he should've said naw we cnt just take a classic hip-hop beat & use the one riff dat really made dat song...It's weird tho cuz there's no problem wen Kanye samples(or other producers)vocals but it's something about beats dat I feel is untouchable wen it comes to sampling or reusing. At the end of the day tho, sampling should only be done using vocals and not beats(or riffs from other beats). ESPECIALLY IF THOSE BEATS WERE CLASSICS

  • ETK

    Lupe is a piece of shit! Fuck him and his motherfucking momma.

  • Anonymous

    BUSINESS. Y'all know about this world. This happen basically everyday... and when Lupe does it.. it doesn't count. PET ROCK get a life.. He's bitchin about money.. believe me.

  • RC

    Good to see Lupe switchin it up but at the end of the day he's biting. Adding a couple extra snares & hi hats is not creative sampling. It actaully makes Diddy look like a creative producer in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    Man, ETK be shutting idiots down LOL!

    • LOl

      Any one who would justify Lupe using anything sampled from what is detectably the greatest hip hop song of all time is a clown. theCool: - you can't justify this, its wack. come with your own shit. don't touch another mans beat, epically a beat as iconic as TROY. Rules and guidance is what this new generation lacks. Certain things you just dont do, this would be one of them

  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock soundin like a lil oldie bitch serious.. doesn't want young people to be inspired by his music. #pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Lupe isn't a producer so it's really not up to him to use what sounds like an original sample. If Pete criticized the lyrics then he could comment on Lupe.

    • ETK

      Lupe didn't organize shit. The fans did and he went with it. The proof is, he reached a deal with Atlantic BEFORE the damn protest took place Either way good to see you can guarantee shit and read into rappers minds

    • anonymous

      Are you fucking serious? This is the guy that organized protests for his record label to release his album. He's not a beat maker but I guarantee you it was his idea to use "T.R.O.Y." for the beat. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he shouldn't have. It's one thing to freestyle over a beat. It's another to use the beat for a finished product. That's rarely, if ever a good idea.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm. good point.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Lupe just can't win with you guys. I personally dig this, and see it as a signal for how he won't be returning to the clubby beats that were rampant on Lasers. And his lyricism is still as strong as ever. What is it that makes Lupe not allowed to use classic beats? Everybody does it in hip hop, even recreating classic albums and songs (like Diggy's Past, Present(s), Future and Elzi's Elmatic). So what makes this so unoriginal or uninspired? I'm actually curious about this issue here.

    • chomp

      eh. people have issues with their day to day lives. without really having an outlet to vent, be it the gym, a hobby or what have you, they use the internet to satisfy this need. not only does it serve as a mask to some extent to getting away speaking your mind, be it irrationally or rationally, but it also serves as a barricade for people to dumb the hell out while feeling secure in their petty irrelevant lives. Ahem, look at me right now. I'm typing this response, but I'mma go and talk shit to some cat right now. ahem, oh yeah, btw, my Madden skills are way better than yours son.

  • Joe Grant

    Originality, my ass, the lyrics are good, but shit man, you need to show some humility!

  • Joe Grant

    Pete Rock, Shut your face and stop whining, this isn't even your sample/riff/melody, epic jazz musician Tom Scott made this song possible for you, now you claim credit and get emotional when another person samples the song? Just cuz you were the first one to sample it doesn't mean its yours, you are being mad disrespectful. Pete, kill the heat, this ain't yo beat! Chill out, Peace

    • Anonymous

      Last Time i Checked, Pete Rock Layed Down The Bassline And The Drums, Niggas Who Think Sampling Is Not Technical Really need To Sit In Front Of A Beat Machine and try banging out something. it's A science. All The Beats Today Are nothing but an 808 kit with triple time hi hats and simple chords... That Shits Ass, Samples Introduced me to a whole new world of music!! Made me appreciate music from the past instead of shitting on it and calling it "Irrelevant"That The Tom Scott Sample In T.R.O.Y. Is Timeless, unlike that annoying ass keyboard riff on Niggas in Paris, which has already past it's expiration date lol

    • king

      man TROY is a classic that shouldnt be touched PERIOD! its like elzhi fucking with illmatic like whats original about that?? wack..just like Pete rock said..all this new talent is so untalented its a joke..its true..CANT TAKE THE HEAT -- GET THE FUCK OUT THE KITCHEN!!!

  • TrillS

    Yeah They Should've Left TROY alone but you guys are ALL missing the main thing, ALL RAPPERS are inferior music wise to any jazz musician Tom Scott > Lupe > Pete Rock NO CONTEST.

  • ummmmm

    He has a point on why the song shouldn't be used. He should chill with that "originality" statement though. We're talking about SAMPLING A SAMPLE. Other than that, I agree. The game is mad corny these days


    It isn't about who sampled it first. If you have ever heard T.R.O.Y. then you would realize Lupe's producer did not make his own version (which is what sampling is all about.) He sampled it and used it like Pete Rock, even the drum patterns. He didn't make his own, he made a second version of Pete Rocks. And that's biting.

  • jdreday

    I feel its not about him just sampling the music, but for him to sample a song that had so much meaning to him even now wit Heavy dying it meaning that much more.And Lupe prolly didnt holla at the man and let him know wat direction he was taking the track.U kno how Lupe b with paying homage to the legends.(TCQ!!!)

  • ishikawa

    Hip Hop sampling is supposed to be derivative. Each person in line takes a bit and re-arranges it to make it their own. Progress. Pete Rock took a 4 second bit of a Tom Scott song (with his approval) and looped it into one of the classic beats of all time. Fresh. Whoever did this just drag and dropped (without a phone call) the entire TROY instrumental track with Lupe Fiasco rhyming over it. Stale. Hip Hop fans wouldn't accept an MC biting entire verses of a classic, why would they find it acceptable for DJs to do the same?

    • ishikawa

      ETK: I have enough understanding of how sampling works to know mimicry when I see it. Sampling is a pillar in Hip Hop but it's based on the fact that you take an original and mix it up to something different. You change it and make it your own. Pete Rock established he owns that 4 second loop of the Tom Scott song. He forged it into the beat, the original sounds nothing like it except for 4 seconds. This added no interpretation or spin to the original TROY beat. The verses might be hot, but the track is no better than mix tape material given it's lack of originality.

    • ETK

      Good thing none of this is a fucking competition.. Smh


      I agree with ishikawa because if I went into a DJ contest with the same exact set as the winner from last year, would it be okay if I won that competition? it's biting.

    • ETK

      Drag and dropped... You know nothing about how sampling works. STFU. Sampling is much more than that, even if the melody and drums and rhythm are remotely unchanged. The mixing and production still has to be nickel. And verses are a completely different thing. The words are literally your own production, beats repeat and redub themselves over time. Stupid comparison

    • calibeatbox420



    I fully understand your argument but we have to think of it like this. Yes Hip hop is known for sampling.... but who other than Timbaland or Puffys lame ass recycles a beat more than twice. When I heard Luniz I Got Five On It sampled by Bad Boy I almost puked in my mouth. This isn't as disrespectful as that ...but it still doesnt make it right. SOME HIP HOP JOINTS YOU CANT SAMPLE..EVEN THOUGH THEY SAMPLED IT.... INCLUDING: MASS APPEAL NOTHING BUT A G THANG CAN I LIVE IT AINT HARD TO TELL MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS JUICY CALIFORNIA LOVE

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      aint nobody wanna hear no damn Juicy or california love samples. shits so played out, that even when they came out thet got annoying

  • Ill

    Yo I like the track to be real...Pete should be glad Lupe rocked the joint...shit Pete played CL Smooth on some shit...but that never get brought its hip hop...Pete let he live man...Lupe keep yeah Pete you tried to chop beats like Dilla..nobody said shit...cause we understand it hip hop...Lu is just paid homage.

  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock didnt write the music that was sampled, he has no room to bitch "Yo man, how you gonna steal that, I stole it first!!!" A sample dont belong to anybody but the artist who wrote the music being sampled, if the song was so personal that you wanted no one to touch it you should have made an original sample free beat for it. For the record I dont even listen to Lupe, just commenting

  • ETK

    I don't see why people make a fuss about their beats being sampled, the original remains timeless regardless, it's not like artist is jocking the original guy's thunder, because at the same time he's giving the classic song just as much exposure and attention... People who hate the sampled version will keep bumping the original, more even... to appreciate what it's about(tribute to his homie, RIGHT?) I feel bad for Lupe, having to deal with this estrogen-filled sumbitch... "I feel violated" man stick yourself

    • ETK

      if Pete Rock hadn't jumped the gun mere minutes on Twitter after it leaked there wouldn't have been any talk of "sabotaging". this is blown out of proportion. I get how he feels but he's wrong pointing the finger at Lupe for one, and two he could've at least let it sink in first before pullin out a tirade on twitter. Sometimes sampling can be an indirect homage to the original beat

    • socraticeratic

      @ETK: I agree. I respect all classic hop hop joints, but sampling is intrinsic to the culture. KRS gives all aspiring artists rights to recycle his original samples/beats/lyrics w/out consequence. That said, there's a difference between recording over a classic with due respect and with negligible respect; in this sense, I appreciate Lupe's purpose and Pete Rock should too. How do you effectively win widespread attention for actual substantive subject matter? Put it to a unanimously eternal instrumental. Its for the best because its purposive; the purpose shouldnt be worth sabotaging for Pete Rocks personal gain.

    • ETK

      don't come and talk to me bout lack of empathy. When I see rappers every day on here get blasted on for the stupidest irrelevant shit for niggas to cry about how hip hop is dead.. I have empathy for the culture and a lot of icons out there I'll give you that, he does have a leg to stand on. But seriously its not all bad and can bring some positive aspects I mentioned... My problem is the dude ain't even had time to think, went on twitter and bashed it within like minutes. Rash decision pointing the finger @ Lupe

    • Crrss

      your poor lack of empathy proves that you have never created something artistic which you value personally. its not about stealing his thunder, its about honoring the uniqueness of something youve created. he has the right to feel a way about this. Especially after not being informed, and especially considering what that song meant to him. if he cosigned it that would be cool too, but i totally understand where he's coming from.


      @ETK Thank you kind sir!

  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock sounds like a washed up dumbass. A, the track was never his, it belonged to Tom Scott, so that's the only person Lupe needs to get approval from. B, Lupe didn't produce the track all. If Pete Rock wants to talk shit to anyone he should talk with the producers who made the track. People who make a living off of sampling shouldn't complain about sampling.

    • Sample King

      I agree...Loomk I love P Rock..But N you samples it..Its NOT original music...Somebody else played that ....Tom Scott played that....You didnt cuz you cant play the borrowed from him..just like this producer borrowed from you...and know it doesnt sound as good a syours....and NO Lupes verse is not as good a CL Smooth's..but get off your high horse....Youre a GREAT producer just like Tom Scott was a Great sax player...and now its your turn to get taken from....ou cant say I sample others but dont sample me....for ytou to say this is ORIGINAL is hypocrisy and a blatant you think these young folks are stupid..stop hatin and go some where and make a beat....and stop with this im the greatest ishhh....we understand you like your music....but dilla was betta homie

  • calibeatbox420

    I try not to encourage any negativity upon this site..but FUCK LUPE going to remake Mass Appeal too? How about It Aint Hard to Tell? Go skate push yourself into oncoming traffic.

  • Anonymous

    lupe fiasco is a faggot clown. his fans suck almost as much as his music. little slave boy is a label creation and a hoe in the industry. guy sucks and always has. you dont sample troy but lupe probably never heard that he's a fraud.

    • Anonymous

      youve probably never even heard Troy. trying to act like you know hip hop and all about the golden age. if you knew shit about hip hop then you would know Lupe is Hip Hop. dumbass

  • S.T.O.N.E.Y.

    The problem is that the person who made this beat tried to recreate Pete Rock's beat, even down to the chops, and now it runs the risk of being regarded as "the beat on that Lupe song" and some stupid ass muthafuckas who hadn't heard T.R.O.Y. yet will come across T.R.O.Y. and will accuse Pete Rock of jacking "the beat on that Lupe song". If you're gonna recreate a producer's beat to use on what will no doubt be a widely circulated song, show some damn respect and at least get the producer's blessing, first. Pay ya dues...

    • Anonymous

      Pay dues? WTF is wrong with you? If you're so angry about people thinking that Lupe is the first one to use the beat, then get angry at French Montana for jacking old school classics, of Puffy for biting Public Enemy Number 1 beat and so on. You dumb, and with the young fan base who don't care about the culture or the foundation, that is the least concern for them. Like any of these young uns are going to bump TROY

  • bump ugly

    btw pete rock got tom scotts approval for using the sample of today in the first place. mr. scott loved it and pete rock released it. now thats what you call respect. the least lupe shoulda done was give pete rock a call

    • Cuzzo215

      Tom Scott Gave Pete Rock His Blessing, THEN Pete Rock Released TROY, C'mon Fam, You Can't Hate Pete Rock's Reasoning. He Has Paid his Dues Fam, I Think If Lupe Got PR's Blessing, Then It Would Have Definitely Gave Lupe an Edge, But Since He Released The Song Without PR's Approval, Then It Puts Lupe In A Fucked Up Position. Pete Rock Is STILL Making Music, Without MTV/Hot 97 Spins, It Ain't Like He's Irrelevant. Last Time I Checked, HE PRODUCED A SONG FOR KANYE ON MY DARK TWISTED FANTASY, I Guess If Kanye Can Give Proper Respect Due To PR, Then Lupe Gonna Have To Give It Up Too! All This Hate For Old "Washed-Up" Niggas Is Whats Killin Hip Hop, But I Guess Thats The Way The Industry Wants It. STOP HATING ON THE NIGGAS WHO PAVED THE WAY! PAY THAT NIGGA!

    • Anonymous

      wrong bitch. You meant to say give tom scotts a call. Here you are acting now like Pete's the originator and owns everything on that sample. smh...

  • Tylerthedestroyer

    Hip Hop jacks beats from every genre of music . Rock,soul,techno even... If anyone should be upset it should be Cassius after JAY-Z jacked "I love you so" for watch the throne not even a year after it was released. It was a hit all over Europe but not America so i guess maybe jay thought no one would notice over there..

    • Joe Swisher

      No one did or does notice over here in America, your comment was the first time I heard that "I love you so" was from a different song.. I think when hip hop artists sample other beats, whether it's from older hip hop or from other genre's it's a good thing.. It makes people more aware of the other music out there.. I'm a big hip-hop head, and I remember when Kanye sampled "Stronger", and that song introduced me to Daft Punk, which I'm a fan of now.. With Lupe using the T.R.O.Y. beat, I'm sure newer hip-hop fans might come across the fact that the beat was from T.R.O.Y. and check out some of Pete Rock & CL Smooths records and become fans of them as well.

    • @Tylertheannoyer

      Well obviously you're butt hurt about a damn European song that wouldn't be a hit here by some French house band. Considering you started off with a strong point but ended having your emotions get the best of your logic with that idiotic response. If you're so damn emotional about it, keep listening to your French indie dance (yeah, i wikipedia's it to see why you caught a feeling). Obviously you're on the wrong website. MTV Europe awaits your ramblings. You are the worst kind of techno snob. Go grab a glow stick and bump your dub step BS.

  • Jay

    DJ Premier >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wack ass Peter Cock

    • ctfu

      You putting this beat on a pedestal like a stupid kent doesn't make your opinion any more stronger.. "unquestionable classic" psh.. Yeah holler at me your SIN card number while you're at it.. Jesus

    • Anthony Craig Smith

      Gary Indiana 46403

    • Anthony Craig Smith

      Real name and addy you fucking faggot. g/et at me if you want heat. This is pure blasphemy..any real head (like me) felt exactly the same when they heard this beat. For a freestyle ok thats cool..but to steal the beat of an unquestionable hip-hop classic..get the fuck outta here. Never like Lupe and this just justify's my reasoning..pure faggotry and no true ead would do this shit.

  • Anonymous

    sigh. what's pete rock rambling about this time? A song he did that he sampled himself in the first place? I know you haven't been in the lime light for a minute Rock, but damn, celebrate the culture. If you wanna hate on some wack shit, hate on some real shit polluting the culture, which is 80% of the shit on the radio and tv nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt it lupe that didnt know the words to a tribe called quest and he was performing a tribute to them, he probably doesnt even know the original t.r.o.y.

  • Anonymous

    i remember this joint on nba street vol. 2

  • IT

    Lupe's version is ass. Original is a classic.


    Agree with P that beat is fucking sacred and the dude completely bit that shit. That song has stayed in steady rotation for me for 20 years. Use some creativity, I understand Pete sampled the horns but he didn't directly rip off an entire song

    • ETK

      Anyone who thinks sampling represents a lack of creativity is goddamn stupid, for two reasons. A, sampling isn't as easy and simple as it sounds. It's not just rapping over a previous beat, it's mixing it perfectly and making sure it all goes together, not sound like some 6th grade bullshit on YouTube. B, people have been doing their own beats since the beginning of music, as wel as sampling existing for several decades.. There's nothing innovative or uncreative about it

  • Jay

    Pete Rock is a fucking faggot.

  • ETK

    Instead of bitching about it, he could've taken the higher road and hollered at Lupe for a remix. That shit too would be all over youtube. This is how musicians are supposed to think when making music, pushing their craft... Naaaaaah, honkey gotta cry his ass on twitter the second it dropped. And he sampled the beat himself, to top it off... douchebag

    • ETK

      Uhh a) its not jacking a beat completely, in the modern rap game this is how shit works, except it's more common with hip-hop beats. So yeah, I'd have a problem with this if I had a stick up my ass like this sumbitch. B) minnesota slick: the youtube aspect wasn't the main part of my fucking point, jesus. It was just a sub example of how beneficial it'd be for them. And I don't give a flying fuck about ymcmb why bring that up to me, cause I'm talking about marketing factors? Tchuipz

    • minnesota slick

      "That shit too would be all over youtube". 'tf is that about? i didnt realize niggaz was in the game to "be allover youtube". get familiar ymcmb ass homo

    • Harry oi

      on second thoughts if he just sampled the sax i can see where he's coming from. the producer basically ripped off the entire beat, not just the sax.

    • harry oi

      99% of the time agree with you but this time ive got a different view. he has no obligation or burden to holla at lupe for a remix of a song which he was not consulted about in the first place. that would not be taking the high road, that would be passive aggressive. as a musician your art is sacred and the value of it is to be preserved. if you feel as though someone has violated that art it is not your responsbility to reach out to the perpetrator and mend the bridge.he has a right to be upset for not being consulted... and to expect him to take some sort of action towards reconciliation is not a reasonable expectation. but i do agree since pete rock sampled the track the first time round he just sounds like a complete idiot trying to preach to lupe about originality.

    • ASEE

      So he's not allowed to complain when someone jacks his beat? A beat that has a deep personal connection to him and his fam? Fuck is wrong with you?

  • Anonymous

    wack sample smh

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting it HHDX but next time I would suggest posting the single before the gossip. That makes more sense. Peace

  • ETK

    Wtf... This reaction fuckin happened quick. Fuck this twitter era

  • Curt McGirt

    The song is D-O-P-E OK? Pete Rock sampled Tom Scott's "Today" for TROY and made a CLASSIC but Lupe sampled TROY for "Around My Way" and made a new school BANGER! I hope both artists get on the phone and work something out so they can collab because it would be a loss for hip hop in the end if it just led to some weak ass twitter rants. I'm not finna side either way but you cant just shit on Pete because he feels a certain way about the situation. He sampled a record to make TROY no doubt but listen to the whole song (the original) and try to say you would/could make the same track! Listen to the drums,the way he filtered the bass line and added reverb/pan filtered horns dog. If anything Atlantic should just cut a check to Tom and Pete to make it right. In the long run the repercussions will later be felt when you see more issues like this (think shot caller by French Montana) where the hip hop cat eventually sues over tracks created by sampled records. Just a matter of time people because publishing pays in the long term after your phone stops ringing.

    • Anthony Smith

      No this shit is a travesty. If you dont agree mos likely your a Lil B supporting faggot that has no taste and dont know no better. Fuck your Momma and your Dyke sister. 2030 Wilson Ave St Paul Minnesota.

  • True2HipHop

    I support Pete Rock his beat was way better this beat sucks, just the sampled horns are good but the rest is lame. Pete stay up man don't worry your original & this man isn't (whoever produced it). Lupe is the man but he should have had more respect for you.

  • youknowmySteez

    "Who ever Re-created that didn't do a good job @ all." Pete Rock was right about one thing... this version sucks balls, Lupe is alright but whoever re-created the beat... terrible.

  • Intelligent Lil B

    "It's so hard for folks to make original music, I possess that, but these dudes are scared of that and this is supposed to be HIP HOP?" Lmao at that quote, no disrespect to Pete Rock but i think his overeacting here. Firstly, Sampling, even though is un original, has been part of Hip Hop since before I was born. Secondly, TROY aint even totally original. Lol that song sampled Tom Scott's cover of "Today" by Jefferson Airplane. So I dont know what his going on about. If it was his beat that he made totally all on his on id understand. But getting angry because some one sampled your song that you sampled is fucking stupid!!! Further more if you an upcoming artist, dont use samples WHOOP SWAG!!

    • Anonymous

      sampling is an artform in itself. lets give these stuck up critics a song to flip and see how it comes out.

  • krzymyk

    hypocrite....TROY uses samples its-self...he should stop being a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    only hiphopdx gets shitted on by its user.

  • iamhiphop

    I'm a fan of both Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco, but c'mon, son (in Ed Lover's voice). Sampling is a part of hip-hop since the 70s; its nothing new. I'm sure Lupe will do the track justice with his single. Pete Rock should've listened to the song before getting angry.

  • DAA

    Nobody should be able to sample someone else beat without the original producers permission

    • @DAA

      Yeah homie, you probably don't know shit about what Pete Rock is saying, or the fact that Pete Rock sampled that joint himself. SMH, peeps just commenting just for the sake of commenting.

    • Anonymous

      It wasnt Pete Rocks beat in the first place

  • Anonymous

    I dont see why they are trying to discredit Lupe when they do this shit every day in the mainstream and no one says shit! And those tracks are actually horrible. This is just another attack on music with a message or a ploy to make this not make the album. I smell some fishy shit going on. HHDX needs to just post the single like they do with every other track instead of trying to start controversy, not your little bottom link, post the actual song in the single section and lets get this thing moving.



  • Anonymous

    pete rock is acting like somebody's discrediting him from making the song. Everyone knows TROY..its legacy is untouched why is he so mad??? Lupe did the beat justice just like the original.

  • Anonymous

    damn thats some pretty weak shit funny cause the show goes on was a complete rip off of another song aswell

  • RTJ00

    Its called sampling and its been part of Hip Hop for a long ass time! Now post up the single.

  • Burmy

    *Fouad from Family Guy voice* Oh-HO! It's funny because T.R.O.Y. was originally sampled from Tom Scott's saxophone cover of Jefferson Airplane's "Today". Hypocrisy, it amuses me!

  • Anonymous

    So you dont post the single but you post this?! I call bullshit! Post the track DX! Instead of trying to start some bullshit! Fuck ass niggas

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