Action Bronson Sued $70,000 For Canceled European Tour Dates

Clockwork Music alleges that Action Bronson kept a deposit for dates he would never perform.

Queens, New York emcee Action Bronson was accused of accepting money for services never provided in a May 14 lawsuit. reports that Clockwork Music, a European booking agency, is suing the DXnext alum for nearly $70,000 for canceled 2012 European tour dates.

The damages are related to deposits for seven shows, which Clockwork alleges, were never returned after the dates were later canceled. Bronson has yet to release a comment.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Streets

    Action Bronson live June 8th at Club Red in Tempe, AZ... contact for $15 presale tickets.

  • Anonymous

    Steroid Abuse, Heart Disease and Deadbeat Dad rap... wow. Wake us up when Bronson can see his feet again...

  • Seb

    Real hip hop heads know that what Bronson is doing is real sh!t. He has that NY flow that hasn't been heard for years.. Rap is about flow, cleverness, wit and style, noe of you haters know sh!t about rap... Obviously there was more to the Europe tour thing than is all of you know, so stfu... BRONSON'S KILLING IT!!!....

    • Seb

      Bit from who?.. his breath control is immaculate, id like an example?... It's funny how when people don't like a rapper they make his obesity or looks an issue.. u wouldn't say that about pun or big would ya?.. how can u compare 80s and 90s beats of Biz to now either?.. Besides, Harry Fraud, Tommy has, Static etc all are producing top notch beats! Why is content necessarily so important, its all about delivery..

    • Anonymous

      Flow = Brontsein bit it. Clever = Bronstein did add more cooking references to rap, credit where it's due. The rest is sports and sexist bullshit, BORING. Style = 350 pound sack of shit in a 175 pound bag with man cankles and lousy breath control, yeah that' "style." Bronson is obese Biz Markie of 2012 but even that makes him sound more interesting than he is. Biz had way better beats also.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this fat fuck changed his name to 2 CHINZ!!! As for "raw," maybe if this retard used condoms he'd have greater quality control, not that he has any real "content" except for weed, food, sports and misogyny. Of course if I weighed 400 lbs and had the hands of a child, I'd try to forget everything too.

  • Anonymous

    you people dont even recognise real hip hop. you lot love your shitty kendrick lamar and odd future and all these other wack new rappers with their garbage suburban type flows, but you all fail to recognise the real raw hip hop that was once dominating during the 80s and 90s and Action Bronson is among tha few that still releases raw shit! he only been rappin for 5-6 years and he already shittin on your fav rappers!

  • Anonymous

    "Riley was my Grandfather's name" For a second I thought you were named after Pat Riley. That would have been so cool.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe a drug addled dipshit like Bronstein would act so irresponsibly. Forget his music-- it is utterly forgettable-- but it's fucking embarrassing this guy has ANY fans, unless you sell him weed or food!! Also, Statik beats are GARBAGE, all of them, and Bronstein never should have gone off steroids. Granted, he never should have started 'roids but the damage was done. PAY YOUR DEBTS!!


      To say something that stupid that Statik beats are garbage, you obviously know nothing about what hip hop is. Make a valid opinion you homo.

  • Anonymous

    please stop posting about this guy....

  • dj nemesis

    my dream is to tour in europe, this man cancels them smh...lost respect for bronson

  • Steve

    Cancelled his Toronto show as well...trend?

  • Anonymous

    Dude cancels shows left & Right, he cancelled one in chicago cause he threw a fit that they Hyatt wouldnt let him smoke weed in the hotel and the other guests were complaining..... I wouldnt know if he hadnt of cried about it on twitter all night, lol Grow up and find another hotel Douchebag

  • Valentino

    He will pay for this. The streets is watchin. They lookin for him all across Europe.

  • Anonymous

    Hah hah. I have nothing good to say about Bronstein musically-- obese dipshit weed music with the same three 'jokes' run into the ground over and over and over and over again with 98.7% dogshit beats BUT... This 'lawsuit' sounds fugazy. Bronstein isn't handling his own biz on this shit nor should he: if there's some sychophant amateur booking his bloated ass, it's THEIR responsibility to make this up according to the contracts. Let's see what Bronstein says when he wakes up.

    • Riley

      I do make better beats. Riley was my Grandfather's name and I was named after him. Now how do you feel? Do you feel like a big man now making fun of my dear old Grandfather?

    • Anonymous

      hey riley u limp wristed faggot with a girls name, why dont u make some better beats

    • Anonymous

      silly riley

    • Riley

      @ Osirus Statik Selektah beats suck, lol , everything he ever made sounds like he found a sample aand made a beat out of it in 5 minutes. I actually like Bronson but Well Done was shit beatwise, give me Dr Lector anyday Statik even brags about the rushed material he makes "Yeah Man, I'm trying to get Bun B to hang out at my crib this weekend so we can make an album in 2 days!!!" Less is more, quality over quantity, the best things in life take time, etc etc Pick your Cliche and they all fit for that dude

    • Osiris

      Ur either a hater or don't know anything about music. I get if you not feeling the homie that's cool, I think he is nice but "dog shit beats" statik selektah did a whole album for this dude so wtf are you saying??

    • Collector

      he betta have my bread

    • Anonymous

      First he bites Necro, now he bites Tyson... Of course, looking at his distended everything (minus the tiny hands), it's easy to say Bronson will bite ANYTHING.

    • A. Bronson


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