Yelawolf Talk "Country Cousins" with Big K.R.I.T., Possible Shady 2.0 Album

Yelawolf gives an update on his project with Big K.R.I.T. and the possibility of a Shady 2.0 LP.

The Daily Chiefers recently caught up with Yelawolf to talk about his recent ruptured spleen. During the interview, Yela gave fans an update on his long-awaited collaborative mixtape with fellow XXL Freshmen Class of 2011 Big K.R.I.T. Country Cousins.

Nearly two years in the making, Yela explained that what was once supposed to be a one-off collab has evolved into a more thought-out project. He explained that while it's frustrating that it's taken so long, he would rather the quality of the music be better than the tape's time frame.

"We've been talking about that shit forever it seems like," Yela explained. "I just actually talked to K.R.I.T. the day before yesterday. We're both obviously down to do it, we're just always out grinding. I personally wanted to sit down in the studio and knock it out, but at this point, we might as well be doing an album. I definitely don't want to go and just throw anything out there; it would have to be the best that we could actually put together, and that doesn't happen often in a week. Sometimes it does…but it's hard to do it. Now, I'm growing more and more picky, too, about beats and songs."

Catfish Billy also spoke on the possibility of a Shady 2.0 group album, a la G.O.O.D. Music's upcoming LP. He explained that while he knows that each other members of the new Shady unit are hard at work on their own individual projects, a project of that nature is a serious possibility. 

"I know Slaughterhouse is working on some shit. Last I heard, that project is wrapping up and coming out," he said. "Of course, my project Love Story [we're] recording this summer…as far as the unit, us putting out a project collectively, it's a definite a possibility. But I can't really say when, where. The Shady family, we're all working out here."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Love Story for FeFe.

  • jaceshadoe

    the re-up was prob. the best album by an record lable i've heard. Besides RuffRyders back in the day, not to many lables can pull off an dope roster ablum like Shady. Shady 2.0 would be dope if they dropped it 3rd/4th quarter of this year. Shady 2.0 vs. G.O.O.D. Music vs. YMCMB??? Too easy for Shady.

  • Ant Banks

    There's a lotta fake players out there, talking about Ant Banks you know what I'm saying? But I ain't tripping though

  • Paul Rosenberg

    Shady 2.0 Album would be INSANE Eminem 50 Cent Slaughterhouse Yelawolf D12

  • Anonymous

    yela is one of the sickest in the game right now hands down cant wait for his new album but em dident promote his album like he should have radioactive could have been a hudge album it had alot of radio hit records on it and some street records very well balanced!

  • jesterxxl

    Shady 2.0 album Shady, SH, 50, Yela, Ca$his, Dre & I'm sure D12 artists will contribute along with Obie

    • rjflk;da

      Obie maybe on a collab, because no matter how supportive of Shady 2.0 he is (and he really seems genuinely supportive), he's not on Shady anymore. If Shady 2.0 album comes out, I'm sure that D12 will be put on, Eminem surely doesn't wanna let them die.

    • renakiss

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  • Anonymous

    the best fuckin news ever KRIT Yela album along with shady 2.0 compilation WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • drew

    Yela, I know your goal for Radioactive was to get the shit on the radio, but your old fans are disappointed, and you did not get on the radio. Radio-type rap did not get you on Em's label, and it's not what made you popular. I admit, Radioactive was OK, but it fell short of what we all know you can do. I'm glad to here that your next album is going to be less about radio play. After all, your fans want the old Yela, the Alabama country scenes, whiskey, shotguns, double time raps, box chevy's, and the like. Collab with Tech and Rittz and maybe some Twista or a Bone Thug member. I'm looking forward to seeing how to do on your next album.

    • Anonymous

      good thing he personally read this comment, and will do exactly as you say, since you speak for all of his fans, and know all about music

  • Mac Dre

    If Mac Dre was alive Yelawolf & BIG KRIT would be irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is he wearing? Is he like the host of a childrens tv show? I love yela but this sh!t has to stop..

  • mike

    wut a bunch of racist assholes u people are.last time i checked we are all human.stop thinking so hateful.

  • bmoc

    shady 2.0 album would be wild

  • Ain't Knowing Shit

    What is Shady 2.0?

  • Rashad Abdul Mahana

    It's funny how white people say rap is for black people only. That's one of the many reasons why we hate you so much, because you act like you're one of us.

    • Anonymous

      there are white muslims too

    • YHWH

      It's pretty clear Rashad has some unresolved issues he needs to deal with. The guy below him is also a lost soul. Allah simply means ALL-LAW. In other words, YOUR SAVIOR doesnt exist. What does exist is your hatred towards white people, which is really SELF-HATE. The World will never be at peace until we ALL realize that WE ARE ALL one

    • i never owned anyone

      rashad, the fact that your fighting for segregation in music makes me disapointed in your parents. i listened to MLK growing up. and i learned from him. malcom x was tricked by a false profit, never follow someone that follows a false idol. p.s. MLK was following a false idol too

    • i never owned anyone

      where i was born black people are not accepted. but then later on i moved to a town where i was the minority, white people werent accepted there, atleast thats how it felt. long story short, learn to break away from the group and make your own opinion, youll be happier. and hate to trash yur religion but islam was truly created oppress white people in islamic area's. christianity was(is) used to control anyone it has captured.

    • Anonymous

      ^^im gona pray for you, clearly you need it

    • Call Me Terrorist I Don't Care I Will Kill You All

      I truly belive in Allah and I truly belive that he, in his good time, will remove all white folks from the planet earth

  • Anonymous

    Krit betta not fuck wit this guy. Yela blows

  • Anonymous

    I literally feel sorry for this dude.... he doesnt know the jokes on him???

    • hes ok

      hes fine, cause he drove away from this interview in a car worth more than your life, or it might of been the box chevy(which is still worth more than your life)

  • #nomixing

    Rap music is for black ppl only #fact

  • Young King

    Maaan a Shady 2.0 album would be dope.. better than the self made series (obviously)and better than the G.O.O.D Music abum (Pusha T, and CyHi are great competition though the Shady 2.0 album would have to consist of Dre beats also Mr. Porter beats(not all) and would have to feature Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Yelawolf, 50, Banks, Kendrick, Jay Rock and Hayez being that they're all under the same roof.. so it might as well be a Shady/Aftermath Album and it's only propper that the album title should be "The Takeover"

  • ark

    KRIT, Please don't do an album with this kid and hurt your credibility.

    • Anonymous

      How would it hurt KRIT's credibility. Yelawolf is a very original mc with good lyrics and a great flow to compliment him.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE RELEASE A SHADY 2.0 ALBUM (Em sign a couple more people though its not really 2.0 with just 2 acts) and I'm definatly looking forward to this Krit/Yelawolf album.

    • fda

      well a 2.0 album would probably also have D12 and 50 Cent too. Thats 10 people for an album (D12 being 4 people [Eminem, Fuzz, Kuniva and Swift] and Slaughterhouse being 4 [Royce, Crooked, Joey, Joell], 50 Cent and Yelawolf).

  • Yelawolf Supports The KKK


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