Olivia Signs With Jerry Wonda's Wonda Music Label, New Album On The Way

Former G-Unit member Olivia is now a part of Jerry Wonda's Wonda Music imprint.

Singer Olivia has reportedly been signed to a new deal. According HipHop-N-More, Olivia has been signed by Jerry Wonda's Wonda Music label. The site also confirms that Olivia will drop her first Wonda Music full length debut Show the World late this year in a joint deal with Dollaz Unlimited.

Jerry Wonda is an acclaimed producer who has also worked with the like of The Fugees. He has also participated in the careers of Shakira, Lupe Fiasco and Akon

Olivia has been a part of Love & Hip Hop, a VH1 reality show. She first made news by being signed to J Records but was later more known as a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. She became a target for shots by G-Unit rivals including Game who dissed her during his G-Unot campaign. 

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  • Goddess Ambrosa

    I love you Olivia, always knew you can do big things, we all have to fail before we can get it right.... That's how we learn. You are beautiful and Talented and I play your music all the time.... I want to hear more music like December and So sexy

  • illone

    She is no Ameriie, but saying she looks like a man? A bit over the top.

  • 50 cent

    Washed up. going from label to label and being on a lame played out reality show that's been done 40 times just to get rec. ima bout to bizzounce

  • bklynsfynest2000

    on the real no one is checking for olivia....I'm not being mean or a hater or none of hat but seriously other than candy Shop and her time with 50 tell something else you dig about her? She seems like cool people, she alright looks wise but I don't see her going no further than keri hilson did, or teirra mari or Lil Mo or any other c list r&b acts. the music biz is brutal....Olivia should probably take some acting lessons and try that route....TV one, BET and Bounce channel always hiring...

  • Oliver

    I just wanna clear the air that i am in fact a man

  • Anonymous

    One of the most beautiful black women in the showbiz and an exceptionally talented singer. Her shelved album under G-Unit (titled "Behind Closed Doors") was a great effort, I hope this next one will outperform it. Only thing I still can't decice after all these years is that her boobs are real or not. I tend to stick to latter, but who knows, right?

  • ro

    I would still hit it from the back

  • S H A R Pnd

    Good for her...as watered down and cookie cutter as r&b is theres no reason why she cant get a shot like all these other flat note singing broads...on another note, why is it that internet dudes talk about chicks like you fuck super models and better? like you would even have a shot! Ol lame ass niggas man without free internet porn and party girls showing it all half you niggas wouldnt know what a piece of ass even looked like! knock it off smh

    • Alf Capone

      sorry my nig. she still looks like a man. if ur attracted to her thats cool. thats ur thing. u saying niggas dont get actual attractive women doesnt change the fact that her face has very masculine features. its cool u like what u like, we like what we like

  • Anonymous

    She is a good singer...

  • Alf Capone

    she looks like a man. not becuz game says she does. she just looks like a man

  • Olivia Ain't Shit

    This bitch is never gonna have sucess she's lucky she was on "Candy Shop" but after that she's gone

    • ALOOF

      damn your name is olivia aint shit? wtf? is it THAT serious bro...or are you a female? talk about deep seeded hatred man whew...

  • haha

    "Yayo's is a bitch, buck is a bitch, banks is a bitch, olvia is a bitch, no Olivia's a man ha god damn!"

  • So Iceyy

    You go gurl! You do you n F da haters!

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