The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 4/23/2012

This week Slaughterhouse takes the cake with Nas and Wiz Khalifa right behind them, plus some Jadakiss mixtape leaks help out.

April was a relatively easy month. Musically, some good stuff happened (Kanye started what we thought were going to be more G.O.O.D. Fridays - not so much), but there could have always been more. As May starts this coming week and the summer nears, hopefully we'll get more of the music we were promised back at the beginning of 2012. This week brought some good stuff, but the mainstays are really here to stay. At least for a little while longer.

Wiz Khalifa Works Hard, So Does Nas

Slaughterhouse made the top spot this week with the Cee-Lo Green assisted "My Life." It always seems like when this crew drops a new song, it shoots right to the top (remember "Hammer Dance" did?). So while their victory this week is a pretty big deal, Nas' check in at #2 with "Daughters" is equally impressive since it just arrived two days ago. Nasty Nas has dropped a few songs now ("The Don" and "Black Girl Lost Pt. 2"). With Life Is Good coming in July, these leaks will keep on coming and probably keep shooting to the top. As Wiz gears for O.N.I.F.C., his latest "Work Hard, Play Hard" got some really good leverage this week at #3. Expect more leaks from him too. The repeats are once again with Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre with "The Recipe" at #6 and Kanye West's "Theraflu" with DJ Khaled closing the list at #10.

Jadakiss' Consignment Is Here, So Is a New Kid Cudi Track

It's no surprise that Jadakiss fans really want his Top 5 Dead Or Alive album to come already. While Kiss is probably aware of that, he's still not above holding fans over with some free music. He dropped his Consignment mixtape yesterday, and with it came some some big tunes. At #4 is the Fabolous and Lloyd Banks assisted "Respected." Then Al Qaeda Jada strikes again at #7 with Wale, Styles P, and French Montana on "Paper Tags." Wale and French also showed up at #9 with Diddy and Mase on the "Slight Work Rmx." Up one at #8 was the surprise Kid Cudi track "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey." Lastly, at #5 we have Warren G, the late Nate Dogg and Game on "Party We Will Throw Now." Goodbye April, hello May.

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 4/23/2012

1. Slaughterhouse f. Cee-Lo Green - My Life

2. Nas - Daughters

3. Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard

4. Jadakiss f. Fabolous & Lloyd Banks - Respected

5. Warren G f. Nate Dogg & Game - Party We Will Throw Now

6. Kendrick Lamar f. Dr. Dre - The Recipe

7. Jadakiss f. Wale, Styles P & French Montana - Paper Tags

8. Kid Cudi - Dennis Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey

9. Wale f. French Montana, Diddy & Mase - Slight Work Rmx

10. Kanye West f. DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris - Theraflu


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  • Fuck Bitches That Act Shady

    fuck them ain't nobody buy their bullshit shit's gonna flop

  • Lumba

    Wow a lot of good songs this week! It's great to see Slaughterhouse and Nas at the top of the list.

  • ilikevideo


  • Capital Hater

    That's two songs counted for Laughterhouse's album with Shady 2.0 . Eminem might of sucked on Yelawolf's album, but he's bombing on Slaughterhouse's though.

  • Anonymous

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE > TECH N9NE (who hasn't been on this list for a while!?) WOW hahahaa I really really thought that his world record breaking tour would at least help put him on this list. I'm baffled.

    • db

      could be cos this is most popular singles and Tech's album came out a month ago? Or that his album isn't out till Nov 8th? Whereas Slaughterhouse's album's out in just over a month.

  • 50 cent

    check out my new single Remain Calm. Paris sexy as is on it. it's hot. LETS GO!!

  • Shady 2.0 Takeover


    • Fuck Bitches That Act Shady

      fuc yall Laughterhouse ain't shit I wanna see those bitches selling more than 2Pac then I might shut the fuck up

    • Lumbajacked

      Actually, Mr. Negative, this is one album that I plan on purchasing.

    • HHFAN

      Slaughterhouse isn't taking over s**t. All you "real" hip hop fans will be downloading their music the day it drops. People with disposable income decide what's popular. Since, in the words of J.Cole "You act like 10 bucks is 10 grand.", SH won't be selling.

    • truth0000004

      They are taking over, of course they are, 4 of the hottest emcees in the game, Joe Budden putting the best music out in hip hop, all around, lyrically, substance, the whole package, Em one of the best to do it if not the best to do it, Joe Budden paving his way as one of the best, anyone who knows hip hop knows shady and the slaughterhouse boys is the most serious dream team in hip hop since the Wu.

    • Anonymous

      taking over what? the hip hop comments section? get a grip nigga that dont mean shit.

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