Chicago Police Bar L.E.P. Bogus Boys From Performance

The L.E.P. Bogus Boys react to Chicago PD banning the duo from performing at an upcoming show in the Windy City.

The L.E.P. Bogus Boys were dealt some bad news yesterday when they were informed that the Chicago Police Department had barred them from performing at an upcoming A$AP Rocky show on May 3. Now, the Windy City duo take to the radio to explain why police have banned them from performing.

In a recent interview with Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot and Fake Shore Drive's Drew Barber, the L.E.P. Bogus Boys explained that police felt that some of the group's lyrics contain violent imagery that it would be dangerous for them to perform at Chicago's House of Blues. They added that while they understand that crime is a major problem in Chi-Town, it is poverty that causes it, not music.

"We received an email from Don C,  [West's] manager [who] was promoting the show at the House of Blues, saying that Chicago Police are shutting L.E.P. down," they explained. "[The] circumstances are not known, 'cus we've performed already three times at the House of Blues, no violence, not trouble…they said that due to the violence that's happening around [and] the type of music that we make [we can't perform]."

They added, "The situation that's going on in Chicago is not about music. If you're going to target music, you might as well target television. It's poverty; there's no jobs, there's no eating. You have to contribute that to the violence. It has nothing to do with the music or what have you…right now, I guess we're going to have to protest and actually go into the city of Chicago and explain to people…we're doing music, we're not promoting violence."

Check out a stream of the full interview below.

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  • ilikevideo


  • timmmt

    I don't know these rappers. But somethings fishy here. I go to a ton of hiphop and metal shows at the House of Blues Chicago (the two genres with most violence in their lyrics). There's gotta be something else here that we are missing. It doesn't add up otherwise. Police gotta have a personal vendetta against them for some reason. Also, a few weeks ago we had an issue at the Congress Theater with a Chief Keef/Twista show with a brawl outside. That might have to do with this.

  • Anonymous

    There Name is Bogus Boys, sounds a lil too close to Bogish boys which is a GD set on the southside, I'm sure thats there primary reason for doing this

  • chronwell

    Yall gonna have to protest.Show em yall RBG wit it!

  • gat

    first time i'm seein smth like that. Was mobb deep ever banned by police for Hell On Earth? (projects is a fronyline and the enemy is one time). Shit! All them rappers always be like that to them cops. Why now?

  • yo

    not surprising since one of their videos shows them shooting cops at the end lol

  • Mr Flamboyant

    An upcoming "chow". Good job. But this is some bs. Just is pitiful what the Chicago PD is doing.

  • ac'

    isnt this violating their first amendment rights or some shit?!?

  • Asapvt

    They responded to this ludicrous situation with upmost respect for the city, authorities and their immaturity. In a city plagued with a smorgasbord of issues, who's not and who's performing should be less of an issue then who's actively defacing the community. I'm glad they intend on protesting, the police should know this is the type of reaction that causes and instigates violence and upheavals, not the music.

  • Anonymous

    Good work Chicago PD. I have tons of respect for police officers. It isn't an easy job. They are just trying to keep everybody safe. Stay safe boys.

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