J. Dilla Vinyl Collection Reportedly For Sale At Detroit Record Store

After finding 8,000 records and some vintage beat tapes in an abandoned storage unit, the owner of UHF Records is offering J. Dilla disciples a piece of history.

Late producer/emcee J. Dilla (p/k/a Jay Dee) was a renowned record collector, which he sampled in his decade-plus career with Slum Village, Jaylib and others. The Detroit Daily News has reported that what is believed to be a bulk of that collection is presently for sale at an area record shop.

The collection which is being sold at UHF Records in Detroit's Royal Oak neighborhood includes approximately 8,000 records, ranging in value from common albums to some notable rarities. The store owner, Jeff Bubeck noted that the records were acquired from an abandoned storage unit. In addition to the vinyl contents were numerous cassette tapes, some reportedly labeled "JayDee Beats."

Bubeck claims to have been in contact with Stones Throw Records, where Dilla released albums before his 2006 death from Lupus complications. Bubeck claims to have also contacted the J Dilla Foundation, whom he says has been unresponsive. The store has part of the collection on sale now, following Saturday's Record Store Day retail holiday.

Read the full Detroit Daily News piece.

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  • sam uk

    for anyone keeping tabs on this story: http://www.j-dilla.com/2012/05/02/j-dillas-mother-get-unreleased-tapes-artifacts-manuscripts/ seems like he did the right thing! kudos.

  • Asapvt

    The store owner was wise to acquire the storage unit. It also gives the opportunity for the records to get in hands that will treat them as they should be. He tried to contact the foundation; without response, that was above and beyond what he's required to do in the situation.

    • sam uk

      Reads in the article like he just stole them from this abandoned unit. If he knows that they belong to Dilla, then he should return them to his family, not sell them for profit. If he does sell them then give the cash to his mam. This sounds like some fucking sales tactic, the guy is probably desperate for some business and this is just some very distasteful publicity stunt.

  • K-Will

    Man, all those records that reportedly belong to Dilla. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, and those records genuinely are Dilla's, then they're crazy. That shit should be stored in a museum or a hall of fame or something. They just can't do that to a person on such a level as Dilla's. I hope they know what they're doing...

  • Yusef

    *buys direct ticket from LA to Detroit*

  • KeVLaW

    Very strange alrite, great chance for genuine fans to get themselves a piece of hip-hops history, great chance for dirtbags to sell his beats to big labels for a massive profit, hopefully people have enough respect for Dilla not to do this

  • NastyNas4Life

    I don't know if this is true, but if it really is then that's fucking ridiculous and disrespectful to a Legend. This fool is trying to make money off of some Legend's record collection, fucking stupid.

  • sam uk

    What? He acquired 8,000 of Dilla's records and some of his beat tapes from an 'abandoned storage unit'. Bollocks. This is a crazy story.. for a start, why would Dilla's family and friends let his collection and some of his tapes be left in a storage unit... which was seemingly just left OPEN (yeahhhh) for anyone to just take. I mean...really? This story has is a total wtf.

  • noahc313

    I'm pretty sure Dilla had a plan for his unreleased material as he knew his death was coming. I'm not quite sure if he ever knew how much more celebrated of an artist he would become in the years following his death. Either way the music he made that he wanted released is in the right hands.

  • SpareFoot

    So Dilla's crates are getting sold? At least it's going through the proper mediums and will likely go to a head who cares about his collection and will properly value it. I agree that the posthumous albums would be against his wishes, but like, do you think Dilla - RIP - would really care if his crates get sold after his death?

  • TheRula

    This is flat out ridiculous... see this is what happens when you have the wrong people in control of the estate, and the wrong people making moves, against the wishes of the dead. I hate to say it but if someone is going to put out a posthumous album with artists that Dilla Dawg wouldn't fuck with and never fucked with, i'm not even surprised that this is happening. The same cat's on that proposed rebirth to Detroit album let this go down, I'm definitely not supporting that project now. WOW what a way to appreciate the undisputed champion of this shit., wow.

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