Mase Explains Genesis Of Wale's "Slight Work" Remix, Relationship With Diddy

Mase says that French Montana orchestrated the remix and that he has no problems with Diddy.

Wale surprised listeners yesterday with the remix to his hit “Slight Work,” which featured Mase alongside Diddy, French Montana and Meek Mill. Calling in to Hot 97 to speak with Funkmaster Flex, Mase explained that French Montana was the one who orchestrated his involvement in the remix and how they worked together in an Atlanta, Georgia studio.

“I think it was French, man. A lot of love goes out to French. I don’t know why he was repping me so strong, but he was showing me Harlem love. He ain’t even from Harlem, it’s crazy. It was really French,” he said. “I was on the ‘New York Minute’ record with him and Kiss, and then after that, we was in the studio. We totally opposite, but he just showed me wild love. I rock with who rock with me.”

He said that French called Wale and they invited Mase out to the studio, but it wasn’t simple to lay down the cut. “He called Wale one time and Wale was like, come to the studio. I was in Atlanta and then I just came through and they was just blowing so hard in the studio, smoking all loud, I couldn’t even get my verse out, they kept laughing at me. I came back the next day and was like, ‘I’m ready now.’ He was like, you ready now? They threw me in the booth. Diddy got on it, everyone else got on it.”

As for his relationship with Diddy, who appears on the remix with Mase, he says that he they “surprised each other” in contributing to the cut and that they have no problem with one another. “Nah, we surprised each other. Diddy, it is Diddy. To this day, I tell people I don’t have no issues with him. I think a lot of times we get put on the other side of each other, just because of history. He’s one of the biggest contributors who ever gave to the church. We’re probably cooler than I thought.”

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  • china

    hope he can get an album out with those nice beats they got. He should be hunger as fuck,but only time will tell

  • Tony

    You idiots Rap is Music you half Christian half religious nuts are always yapping,... He s human he can be who ever the fuck he wants to be dude has street cred he held Harlem down he is from the era of Big L Biggie PAC Jay Z , he is going to hell for making music? Fuck outta here everybody has mistakes you fickle as rap fans need to stop... Fuck a comment section you idiots have no jobs no homes no life just a Internet connection or at ur local library typing shit just because... Mase getting money and in America you can get it don't knck the hustle period.. You can believe in God and admit to our sins I thought that aw the chistian way ? None of you live effect lives fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    "one of the biggest contributors who ever gave to the church" Wonder if the car bought with those church tidings is parked in the church parking lot, or across the street.

  • Violator

    Most of the comments on youtube were actually commenting on Mase's verse on the track. On this site, it's just a bunch of haters making rape jokes. It's true, hiphop ain't dead, the fans just suck

  • hypestyle

    Tell Ma$e to stop ripping people off with the prosperity-gospel/word-faith routine, keeping people in church for four-hours at a time, locking the doors when its time to tithe, not accepting less than a $20 per person when the holidays roll around.. shameful!! He was more honest when he was a rapper talking about how he wanted to be rich.. one more thing-- since "Pastah" Mase still claims Harlem as his upbringing, what the hell is he doing giving his sermons in a fake Southern accent, trying to be his mentor Creflo Dollar?!? Have some standards!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you , you ain't never been hot

  • Anonymous

    fuck mase , you aint been hot since 96 nigga shut the fuck up

  • Sensaye252

    These rappers are weirdos man. One day they're gay, the next they're straight. One day they're a preacher, the next they're in the studio smokin' weed and fuckin' bitches. These niggas are willing to bend whatever direction the money is in. The true definition of snake ass niggas. One day the real story is gonna come out on Mase, because SOMETHING happened to this fool. Either someone told him he had to leave NY or he couldn't live, or he moved away in order to be gay without nobody knowing, or he caught a disease...or SOME shit. Whatever it was, these harlem niggas ain't sayin' a word about it, but they know. I always felt Mase was a nice MC, but my hyposcrisy only goes so far, and I can't support someone who is taking advantage of people through religion, that's just a whole 'nother level of grimey.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Only reason Mase is playing nice with Diddy is to make some money to pay his taxes he owes to the government. I fail to see how he can go from Murda Mase to preacher back to Mase then preaching again and now back to Mase. Dude seriously needs to make up his mind or keep his finances in check.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    I can translate what Mase really meant to say when talking about Diddy "please diddy let me out that bootleg, back alley contract I signed with you. I realize that you are slowly sucking me dry and you allow me a few crumbs t live on cause you know I probably got maybe one more decent record in me and you realize ain't nothing on bad boy right now. Red cafe won't see the lite of day and as for French, well I know you signed him just to up your street cred and keep the hate down for a minute. At least till the world realizes french ain't gonna see the lite of day either. Anyways please diddy let me go, you let the Lox go, you let faith go, you let 112 go, you let Black Rob go, you let G dep go, don't do me like you did Biggie you still raping him him and he dead. " sincerely Mase

    • bklynsfynest2000

      if you think Diddy claws ain't still in mase you either blind or don't keep up with news. Diddy has all of mase's publishing. Diddy get's a cut of whatever deal mase makes with anyone other than bad boy. that is fact. This is why Ross can't sign him and why 50 coldnt sign him unless they gave Diddy some of the dough...

    • Anonymous

      Diddy been let him outta that contract. void that comment

  • Anonymous

    A man from church doesnt do a song with the devil Diddy.

  • Alf Capone

    didnt this nigga get caught with a tranny? gay ass nigga

  • truth

    "Hes one of the biggest contributors who ever gave to the church. Were probably cooler than I thought." No wonder Mase & Diddy are cool; Diddy is still paying Mase's salary, along with the rest of his congregation.

  • Pimp C

    I guess he's tired of riding around Atlanta with that young BOY!

  • jg

    Mase isss BACK! I'm hoping he will drop an album or at least a mixtape this time around

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