Rick Ross Pulled Over For Marijuana By Police While On Yacht

Rick Ross gets a visit from the cops while on his yacht in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were seemingly very close to arresting Rick Ross and the rest of the people on the Miami rapper's yacht earlier this week.

TMZ reports that officers flagged down Ross' boat on Thursday (April 19) after noticing the odor of weed.

Police boarded the vessel and conducted a search, but were unable to find anything.

A representative for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission indicated that a member of Ross' crew admitted to smoking weed on board and throwing it overboard when he saw the police.

The representative indicated that because the officers were unable to find any marijuana on board, no arrests were made and there will be no further investigation.

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  • Darius

    Somebody had an anchor and tied all the weed on it and dumped that sh*t in the ocean when cops came! #funny

  • HAHA

    OWNAGE!!! But anyway fuck fear drink beer!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big dumb ass nigga..nigga the message in your music solidifies that you are a DEVIL go to hell Fat Boy.

  • Anonymous

    Adam - You must be one of those fried brain celled, mush heads I was referring to. You probably just woke up at noon.

    • deadboy90

      Get your facts right. The only real danger of smokin is if you do it ALL DAY EVERY GODDAMN DAY FOR YEARS. Then it can start causing serious stuff like schizophrenia symptoms but who does that really?

    • GoReadABook

      haha why the fuck are you on a hip-hop website? You embody arrogance and ignorance. Marijuana doesn't kill brain cells moron. Smoking ANYTHING does to an incredibly minor extent, as it temporarily stymies the flow of oxygen to the brain. However this, compared to the frequency with which everyday life destroys braincells through happenings such as hitting your head, holding your breath underwater, or working yourself up into a blind fury about physiological issues you don't understand, results in such miniscule variance that no difference could even be recorded. Furthermore, brain cells regenerate. The people who know least about the negative consequences marijuana use are most often the ones who blindly attack it, and always the ones who have never in fact tried it. There are cons, but they are entirely comprised of adverse social implications and are never a matter of marijuana being physiologically harmful. Stop being such a brainwashed systemized controlled human being. You embarass me.

  • Anthony

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  • John-Boy

    Must have been a lot of weed if it was able to over take the smell of fried chicken wings, pizza, and all the other shit his fat ass eat.

  • Shaoilin styleg

    They probably let him go cuz they worked together back in the day!!! Ross is the biggest fraud in the game. Absolutely no love for this fat ugly ass nigga

  • ETK

    man they legalized it for one day on 4/20 in Canada and shit was dope.. some motherfuckers oughta take note

  • Anonymous

    "nice to see they are spending their time trying to stomp out a harmless drug" That harmless drug is turning the brain cells of today's youth into mush. The biggest mistake society makes is assuming marijuana is harmless. It may not be as flashy as coke, but clearly it's more of a problem in terms of people aren't hiding it like they do coke. Go to any high school and I bet every other kid has a joint in their pocket.

  • jr88

    hhhhmmmmm...i bet ross still has friends in the police station that will give dude a pass

  • LA Bud Smoke


  • trilla

    i see a lot of people poking fun at ross because he was an officer of the law and there is a good chance he didn't do a lot of the things he raps about. don't get me wrong, i think ross is a fraud too but at the same time 90 percent of rappers do the exact same thing. ice cube wasn't a gangster. he was a kid from the suburbs who grew up in a nice house with both parents. Tupac wasn't a thug from the west coast. he was a book worm from the east coast. lil wayne isn't a gang member. he was rich and famous before he even hit puberty. 50 cent is still rapping about robbing, killing and drug dealing even though he's been a multi millionaire for almost a decade. Eminem made his living off of talking about raping women, serial killing and a bunch of other stuff that he never did. i don't mind people making fun of ross but most of the other rappers in the game are just as fake as he is.

    • @trilla

      Get officer Ricky's Dick out your mouth.

    • trilla

      its amusing how butt hurt u kids are that you're favorite MC's are just as fake as officer ricky. get 2pac and eminem's balls out of your mouth.

    • Yo

      Whether Ross was an officer or not, he still sucks.

    • wwwtheKONGLISTcom

      Whaaat?! You mean to tell me that Eminem never murdered or raped anyone?! Wait. You mean to tell me he wasn't "The one man on the planet that'll drive off of the Grand Canyon. Hop out of a Grand Am and land in it handstandin'?!" HOLY -ISH! All this time, I thought it was really real! Thank you so much for exposing him and all these frauds! Their credibility has been damaged for life thanks to you! Much appreciation for uncovering the truth..."fake" gangster rappers man...I won't believe in anything they spit anymore! SMLH

    • Anonymous

      Shit, He aint lying. 2Pac or not

    • Anonymous

      Dissing Pac to defend Ross Lol fucking idiot get the fuck outta here with that shit

  • Anonymous

    I can't help but think that if that yacht had been full of rich white men then the cops wouldn't have taken a second glance, nice to see they are spending their time trying to stomp out a harmless drug when cocaine enters the country by the ton. Ross is a douche though.

    • Anonymous

      i'll deeefinitely give you that, if it were rich white people they wouldn't hesitate to wave and go away...its some bullshit

  • Nobody

    Gunplay the smart one by tossing the weed overboard.

  • prez

    how about "Rick Ross pulled over by police for marijuana scent on yacht"..even the titles fucking grammatically incorrect i aint even gonna read the article

  • Anonymous

    I heard he Pound-Slapped the Sheriff

  • Blue fish

    Rick Ross got money so that mean Power so that means Sweept under the Gug go to www.Streetleaguemovement.com to see what I mean

  • agent 0

    william robert aka rick ross is a special op agent for the feds he is under cover as a drug kingpin he is te real hip hop police.

  • Anonymous

    willy is so gangsta

  • Anonymous

    Cops dont arrest cops.

  • Anonymous

    he just flashed his badge at it was all good after that

  • Anonymous

    He's more credible than Nas now.

    • Lol

      On the real he always step to his enemies bout beef earlier dis year it was a murder at his crib Dre bout him a watch suge wanna kicks HIS ASS AND NOW HE ON A BOAT WITH WEED!!! he's more CREDIBLE THEN ALL THESE RELEVANT RAPPERS RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

    • Anonymous

      Aha very good.

  • Anonymous

    the police feard the beef with ross coz he might dis them on his punch line

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Officer Ross just staying blazed to help him with the seizures, fuck the haters.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know about that. My mechanic used to have seizures but ge only got them when he was on probation. Once he started smoking weed again they stopped. So maybe tobacco smoke causes seizures

    • Anonymous

      idiot smoking will cause a seizure or even worse a stroke

  • Anonymous

    why is this shit illegal?

  • kennyken

    man fuck this kind of news. hhdx can yall become a hiphop site again? or will i give yall to the white folks? man come on!

  • Ricky Rozay

    Fucking pigs always tryin to get niggas and bust em. Fuck Miami pd a bunch of faggot ass crooks. Rozay says winnin! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cmon son

      Niggas always doing illegal ish tho. Im tired of people crying about race when a lot of our people get wrapped up in illegal activity. KEEP IT REAL! You can't cry racism if you are breaking the law and get approached by cops. GTFOH Call it racism when you are minding your own business, not breaking any laws and THEN the cops try to arrest you.

  • jaceshadoe

    Officer Ricky called it in for the guests of honor........just tell the TRUTH.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure he just showed them his badge and they went on about their buisness

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